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Lexmark Network Adapter

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 11K0819

Optra 10/100 Ethernet Network Adapter

Lexmark 12G6090


Lexmark 12T0048

Adapter, Coax (Power Cable And Adapter

Lexmark 12T0091

Adapter, Twinax (Power Cable And Adapter

Lexmark 12T0241

TWINAX Adapter For SCS

Lexmark 1364915

FONT Card Adapter

Lexmark 13A0294

Internal Adapter For SCS

Lexmark 13A3546

AC Adapter DB

Lexmark 14B5060

Optra T Series 10/100 Ethernet NIC

Lexmark 14T0145

Network Wireless Adapter USB 802.11 Print Server

Lexmark 16A0010

MARKNET PROPrinter PRO 1 EXT. Server Adapter 10BaseT NO AC

Lexmark 21J0080

21J0065 Scanner PCI Adapter Card 21J0080

Lexmark 40X0248

Coax/Twinax Adapter For SCS

Lexmark 40X2610

Hard Disk With Adapter - 40+ GB

Lexmark 43H2466

TRI-Port Adapter Card

Lexmark 44D0090

Optra T Series 10/100 Ethernet NIC

Lexmark 44H0008


Lexmark 56P0162

Cable, Parallel 1284 C-B Adapter

Lexmark 56P1419

Hard Disk, With Adapter 20+GB

Lexmark 56P1424

Optra Forms Hard Disk With Adapter (20+GB

Lexmark 56P1435

External Serial Adapter

Lexmark 56P2243

802.11g Wireless Print Adapter (International

Lexmark 56P3926

802.11g Wireless Print Adapter (US, Canada, Mexico

Lexmark 99A0424

Infrared Adapter

Lexmark 99A0467

Parallel 1284-C Adapter

Lexmark 99A0515

Disk, Hard Without Adapter Card

Lexmark 99A0560

Tri-Port Adapter (Serial, LocalTalk And Infrared

Lexmark ADP-25FB

Power Adapter 30V, .83A 13D0300