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Compaq Computer Parts - Page 101

Part # Description Price

Compaq 810093-001

2 Port External UTP Switch

Compaq 810093-002

NeTell 2 Port Switch F/2000/3000

Compaq 810095-001

1008 8-Port (In Black) 10Base-T Un ...

Compaq 810095-002

In Black) 1009 8-Port 10Base-T & 1 ...

Compaq 810095-007

In Black) 1009 9-Port 10Base-T Unm ...

Compaq 810096-001

16 Port 10 Base-T Unmanaged Repeat ...

Compaq 810102-001

CompaqQ Transceiver 10Base-Fl to 1 ...

Compaq 810106-001

12 Port 100Base-TX REPEATER HUB

Compaq 810112-001

HUBView For NMS 1.1 Diskette Netel ...

Compaq 810114-001

In Black 10/100 Switch 12 Port (12 ...

Compaq 810115-001

In Black) 6-Port 10/100 Switch 5-f ...

Compaq 810117-001

In Black) 6 Port Switching HUB 5-f ...

Compaq 810137-001

24 Port 10/100 HUB (In Black) (MIC ...

Compaq 810155-001

Networth 100Base-FX Smart Uplink FX/ST

Compaq 810197-001

Hub Module 12 Port 10 Base-T Hose ...

Compaq 810215-001

EISA FDDI Server Controller Single ...

Compaq 810216-001

EISA Dual - Attach FDDI Server Con ...

Compaq 810218-001

EISA Dual - Attach FDDI over UTP S ...

Compaq 8120-1369

Mint Gray 17 AWG 8120-1369

Compaq 8120-6903

Power Cord (Black), 4.5m Long, L6- ...

Compaq 8120-6961

PDU DAISY CHAIN Power Cable; C20 T ...

Compaq 8120-8376-5

Power Cord, 7.3FT, STRAIGHT SOCKET ...

Compaq 8121-0812

3M (9.8Ft) Power Cable 3-Wire

Compaq 812776-B21


Compaq 825709

Intel PRO/1000F Server Pack 5 CAL

Compaq 82577A6

2.5GB IDE Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 82580A5

2.5GB IDE Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 83-120011-20

Inverter Board 12.1 Presario Serie ...

Compaq 83-120050-0000

AMBIT Inverter w/Cable For 254108- ...

Compaq 83-120050-1000

AMBIT Inverter w/Cable For 254108- ...

Compaq 83-50058-0000

56K Modem

Compaq 8312002610

LCD Display Inverter Board 14.1 TF ...

Compaq 83201D6

Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 83240D3

Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 84-33259-03

HSG80 FC Controller For Fibre Chan ...

Compaq 8510-00223A-378


Compaq 8510.098

EUROPEAN 10AMP 8FT 2 Power Cable R ...

Compaq 875963865

Memory 64MB PCG-F500 SODIMM

Compaq 887-4341-00

2m DVI-D to DVI-D Cable ( Black

Compaq 887-6673-00

Molex NVIDIA Quadro4 DVI Cable Wit ...

Compaq 8D300L0

300GB 10K SCSI 68pin Drive

Compaq 8K036J0

Hard Disk Drive, MAXTOR, SCSI, 36G ...

Compaq 8K036L0

36.4GB U320 15K SCSI 68-Pin

Compaq 90-0102-1C

4Port etherflex Card

Compaq 901018-00-13

EXTREME Board 51040 G12SXI SWTICH ...

Compaq 904906-001

4.0GB HardDisk

Compaq 91024U3

10.0GB Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 91024U4

10GB IDE 3.5

Compaq 916506-07


Compaq 930290

ProLiant Fan Assembly 3000/550 P200

Compaq 930332

Fan For PL3000

Compaq 930333

Fan Module P200

Compaq 930437

Fan Module P200

Compaq 930586

Hot Plug Fan

Compaq 9432FTX-SC

Board NIC

Compaq 955563-001


Compaq 956563-001


Compaq 968182-101

Drive Cage/Caddy StorageWorks TL88 ...

Compaq 968216-101

Tape Drive Shuttle

Compaq 968239-004


Compaq 968249-101

Drive Motor Cable TL891 TL881 DLT ...

Compaq 968458-102

Genuine Rack Mounting Kit (Rails) ...

Compaq 968686-101

External SCSI Cable M100

Compaq 968706-101

SCSI Cable

Compaq 968706-104

External SCSI Cable

Compaq 969066-102

MSL5000 Cable

Compaq 970035-005

MSL5000 Cable

Compaq 970160-16

ISA Controller 25-PIN EXT. SCSI Port

Compaq 972364-104

External SCSI Cable

Compaq 972384-101

42inch 15pin Flex Shutlle Cable TL ...

Compaq 972840-101

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Compaq 972840-102

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Compaq 972968-101

6Ft RS232 DB9 M/F Serial Interface ...

Compaq 973027-101

Power Supply

Compaq 980003-021

DeskPro 2.1GB Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 99210418-0329

400MHz P11 Processor ARM 7800

Compaq 9C12AD-C


Compaq 9C6004-065

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB Hot-Swap SCSI

Compaq 9C6007-032

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB Hot-Swap SCSI

Compaq 9J4003-035

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB Hot-Swap SCSI

Compaq 9J4008-037

Hard Disk Drive, 9GB

Compaq 9J4008-046

Hard Disk Drive, 9GB

Compaq 9J6003-036

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB Hot-Swap SCSI

Compaq 9J8005-046

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB WIDE ULTRA2 ...

Compaq 9J9006-024

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB U/WIDE SCSI

Compaq 9K8006-024

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB 10K RPM WID ...

Compaq 9K8006-038

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB 10K ULTRA2 ...

Compaq 9L6001-031

Hard Disk Drive, 9GB U2 7200 RPM H ...

Compaq 9L6002-031

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB WIDE ULTRA ...

Compaq 9L9005-023

Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 9L9006-040

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB 10K WIDE UL ...

Compaq 9L9006-045

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB Hard Disk D ...

Compaq 9M9002-001

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB IDE 3.5 Dri ...

Compaq 9M9002-030

Hard Disk Drive

Compaq 9MB066-033

Hard Disk Drive, 72GB SAS 15K

Compaq 9N2011-003

Hard Disk Drive,18GB 7.2K U80 80-P ...

Compaq 9N3011-033

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB U/WIDE SCSI ...

Compaq 9N7004-029

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB Hard Disk Dr ...

Compaq 9N9001-042

Hard Disk Drive, SCSI 18.2GB 80-Pi ...

Compaq 9N9001-043

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB 10K RPM WI ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Compaq 9P2006-022

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB 15K U/WIDE ...

Compaq 9P5004-030

Hard Disk Drive, 17GB IDE

Compaq 9P9004-032

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB U3 10K SCSI ...

Compaq 9R3004-030

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB

Compaq 9R4005-030

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB 3.5' '9X3005044

Compaq 9R4005-430

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB IDE

Compaq 9R4007-530

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB IDE

Compaq 9S3003-020

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB 7200 RPM, IDE

Compaq 9T3005-029

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB 68pin 15K U3

Compaq 9T3006-029

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB 15K U/WIDE ...

Compaq 9T3015-021

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB U320 15K SCS ...

Compaq 9T4006-023

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB 15K U/WIDE ...

Compaq 9T5004-033

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB 40-Pin FC Drive

Compaq 9T7002-130

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB IDE ATA Drive

Compaq 9T9001-030

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB 10K U/WIDE SCSI

Compaq 9U3001-030

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB 10K U160 U ...

Compaq 9U3002-054

Hard Disk Drive, 18GB, U160, 10K, ...

Compaq 9U8004-027

Hard Disk Drive, 72.8GB, 15K, FC 4 ...

Compaq 9U8005-029

Hard Disk Drive, 72GB 68pin 15K SCSI

Compaq 9U9004-027

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB 15K FC Drive

Compaq 9U9005-029

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB - 15K U320 ...

Compaq 9V2004-027

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB Fibre Chann ...

Compaq 9V2006-041

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB 10K U320 SC ...

Compaq 9V3004-027

Hard Disk Drive, 72GB 10K 1 Fibre ...

Compaq 9V3005-029

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB 68pin U4 SCSI

Compaq 9V4005-025

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB Hard Disk Dr ...

Compaq 9V4005-030

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB U320 10K SCSI

Compaq 9W2003-031

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB IDE

Compaq 9W2005-030

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB ATA

Compaq 9W2005-031

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB

Compaq 9W7006-038

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB 15K U320 P ...

Compaq 9X3005-044

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB SCSI 10k

Compaq 9X3005-144

Hard Disk Drive, 300GB 10K SCSI 68-Pin

Compaq 9X4004-144

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB 15K FC Drive

Compaq 9X5006-130

Hard Disk Drive, 72.8GB U320 15K H ...

Compaq 9X6005-044

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB U320 15K S ...

Compaq 9X6005-144

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB U320 15K S ...

Compaq 9X6066-033

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB 15K SAS Plug ...

Compaq 9Y3001-030

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB ATA IDE

Compaq 9Y4066-131

Hard Disk Drive, 72GB Pluggable Se ...

Compaq 9Z3006-058

Hard Disk Drive,18GB 15K U320 80-P ...

Compaq A03549-B21

12/24GB DAT 8 Internal

Compaq A093-60001

System Backplane, w/Slots For Cell ...

Compaq A1280-66502

PCI U160 64B SCSI Card

Compaq A1354A

UPS, PowerTRUST II-LR, 2.0kVA, 140 ...

Compaq A1356A

Power Supply, Power TRUSTII-LR, UP ...

Compaq A1359-60001

Network Adapter, PowerTRUST II-LR, ...

Compaq A1359A

Network Adapter, PowerTRUST II-LR, ...

Compaq A1658-60027


Compaq A1658-62018

Cable SCSI .9MTR 68PIN Hard Disk D ...

Compaq A1658-62020

Cable SCSI 2.5 MTR 68PIN Hard Disk ...

Compaq A1658-62024

SCSI-FWD 68-PIN Terminator

Compaq A170360003

Multifunction I/O Board w/SCSI/Par ...

Compaq A170360005

Memory Extender Board 8/9X7; F; G; ...

Compaq A1751-60003

Processor PCA

Compaq A20264-001


Compaq A2232A

32MB Memory Module For 9x7/G/H/I

Compaq A23065-B22

9.1GB Hard Disk Drive

Compaq A2307F3T

230W ATX Power Supply

Compaq A2375-60054

Memory Carrier For K Class

Compaq A2375-63003

K-Class Drive Power Cable (A3353A, ...

Compaq A28276-B21


Compaq A28278-B21


Compaq A28280-B21


Compaq A2840-60201

PS/2 Keyboard Assy (QUARTZ GRAY, 1 ...

Compaq A28417-B21

18.2GB Pluggable WIDE ULTRA SCSI-3 ...

Compaq A28420-B21

36GB WIDE-ULTRA SCSI-3 10K RPM 1.6 ...

Compaq A2874-66005

FAST/WIDE Differential SCSI-2 GSC/ ...

Compaq A2969A

HSC FWD SCSI-2 Host Adapter

Compaq A2990A

HSC 4-Slot Expansion Upgrade

Compaq A2992A

Memory Carrier Board For K-Class

Compaq A3027A

128MB Memory Kit For K-Class (2x64 ...

Compaq A3183A

4MM DAT Tape Drive DDS-2

Compaq A3234A

SIMM 16MB For Disk Array Model 30F ...

Compaq A3240A

2GB Disk Drive Module (5063-5398

Compaq A3261A

180 MHz PA 8000 CPU With 2MB Cache ...

Compaq A3262-60047

Processor, CPU, HP 9000/DX70 160MHz

Compaq A3312A

HA Storage System (JAMAICA Disk Array

Compaq A3318A

2.0GB Hot-Swap 7200 RPM Disk Drive ...

Compaq A3320A

4.3GB 7200 RPM FWD, Hot Plug

Compaq A3326A

Hot Plug Fan Module

Compaq A3396A

4.2GB Disk Drive Module

Compaq A3398-60014

128MB Memory DIMM

Compaq A3402A

EISA LAN Card w/ 10Base-T & 100VG/ ...

Compaq A34111-B21

Battery 8 Cell Li-Ion For ARMADA M700

Compaq A3452A

120MHz PA RISC 7200 CPU 2MB For KX20

Compaq A34538-90-16


Compaq A34538-90

Fan For ML570

Compaq A34623-57CQ1A

ProLiant 5500 Fan Assy

Compaq A34623-57CQ2A

Fan Assy X3 12VDC

Compaq A34751-90

Fan For DL590

Compaq A3481A

9000 D310/1-WAY (100MHz, PA-7100LC

Compaq A34835-57

ProLiant DL360 G2 Cooling Blower

Compaq A3517A

2GB Disk Drive For HASS (SE

Compaq A3518-67004

24M Controller For AUTORAID 12H

Compaq A3583A-7

CBL, Fibre OPTIC, SW Multimode, 2m ...

Compaq A3639-60014

N4000 Left I/O Backplane

Compaq A3639-60025

System Board ( Motherboard ) PIRA ...

Compaq A3640A


Compaq A3647-67001

4.3GB DIFF FW SCSI Hot-Plug Hard D ...