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Dell Computer Parts - Page 11

Part # Description Price

Dell 1243E

Assembly CPU, 80523, 450MHz, ECC, ...

Dell 1244D

Hard Disk Drive, 12.9GB, IDE

Dell 1249C

Card, Interface, I/O, LVD, 14.1 LCD

Dell 124KR

Processor, CPU 1G CUMINE P245

Dell 124XC

Int. Latitude LS 400

Dell 125233

D500 Palmrest Assy

Dell 12541

Hard Disk Drive, 18GB

Dell 12552

Hard Disk Drive, 2.1GB

Dell 1255U


Dell 12571

Drive, FDD, 1.44, Latitude C610

Dell 12573

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB

Dell 1258D

Assembly Cover, LHS, MICROT, DVNCI

Dell 12591-01S-4V9Z

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB

Dell 12623

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 1263U


Dell 1264E

Kit Modem ACC 56.6 INT PCI DEN

Dell 12651

Turtle, S425E, F5

Dell 1268C

Kit, Docking Station, SSD, Inspiro ...

Dell 126EE

Service, CPU, 500MHz, 256K, PGA2, B0

Dell 126RJ

256MB, 100MHz, (350

Dell 1271D

PRM, 80523, 400M, 1M, Slot2 SVR

Dell 127409-B21

Kit, INTG Management Display

Dell 12774

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 12781

Power Supply, 150W

Dell 12782

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 127WX

64MB, 8X64, PC133, 168P

Dell 12800

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 1280R

Adapter, PCI, Fibre Channel, 1GB, ...

Dell 1282C

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 1284D

Bezel, Front, Plastic, DVD, Toshib ...

Dell 12851

A/C Adapter, Latitude XPI/P75

Dell 1288C

Adapter, Cable, Network, RJ45/RJ45

Dell 1289T

SKT, DIMM, 168, 90D, G, 3V, Board, ...

Dell 128FW

Card (Circuit), Network, Ethernet, ...

Dell 128GT

Drive Tray

Dell 128MB

128MB, DDR, 266MHz

Dell 12901

Board Network 10/100 PE

Dell 1292D

BBN LKG BTM Plastic LCD I350

Dell 1292U

Board, Interposer, PowerEdge 2450

Dell 12951-0027

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell 12987

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 1298T

Cord, Power, 250V, 10FT, SJT, C20-C13

Dell 129RG

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC

Dell 12DEW

Processor, CPU, 650MHz, PIII

Dell 12DVR

Processor, CPU, 466MHz, Celeron, L ...

Dell 12FVN

SubAssembly PRM, 667M, CUMINE, PWS

Dell 12HFM

Kit, Latch, Base Module, Latitude C600

Dell 12HHBTL-A


Dell 12KDY

Bezel, LCD, 14.1, Blue, IBM, Inspi ...

Dell 12M8C


Dell 12MT

Card, Network, PCI, Fibre Optics, ...

Dell 12NUX

SVC, CPU Module, 600MHz, 133, OptP ...

Dell 12PCU

Modem Kit SI UC117 Kit DOC Card MDM

Dell 12RMU

Kit Modem V.90 DFV DIM NTH RS3

Dell 12TVD

Video Card, 4MB, PCI, ATI Rage XL, LP

Dell 12UEU

LAT CPT/CPX/C600/800/L400 8X D

Dell 12UMR

Hard Disk Drive, 5GB, 9.5mm, IDE, ...

Dell 12WEJ

Processor, CPU, 667MHz, PIII w/MMX ...

Dell 12Y48


Dell 12YPV

Heatsink, Custom, Fibre Channel-Pl ...

Dell 1304M

PREC 220 20GB IDE 3.5 Hard Disk Drive

Dell 130IMP

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Optical Drive, ...

Dell 130NK

Modem, V90, Internal, Data Fax, SILVER

Dell 130YM

Hard Disk Drive, 20.4GB, 3.5, IDE, ...

Dell 1310P

Touchpad Assembly Hard Disk Drive ...

Dell 13132

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB Latitude LXPI ...

Dell 13150

System Board ( Motherboard ) w/Snd ...

Dell 13171

3FT USB 2.0 Cable TYPE A/B

Dell 13172

6FT USB 2.0 Cable TYPE A/B

Dell 131HU

Processor PRM PIII-CUMINE 850 256K ...

Dell 131JD

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 680M, 12X, ...

Dell 132-YW-E179

EVGA 790I FTW, LGA775, DDR3, INTEL ...

Dell 1321R

Processor, CPU, Service, 500MHz, P ...

Dell 13225

System Board ( Motherboard ) PII, ...

Dell 13232

Palmrest Assembly 13.3, Inspiron 3000

Dell 13238

Video Card, 1MB, DRAM, NTX11-G1, HZN11

Dell 1323U

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB, 3.5, Atla ...

Dell 13253

64MB, 8X64, 168P, PC66

Dell 13260

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 13266


Dell 13278

5.25 White Bezel Blank

Dell 13279

CAM, DR BAY, Hard Disk Drive, EVT

Dell 13280

Precision case part

Dell 13281

PWA, Control Panel, MiniTower

Dell 132FK

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 132FP

Cable, Video, UXGA, 15 LCD

Dell 132FX

CD-ROM Optical Drive

Dell 132GG

Assembly Fan, PowerEdge 2550

Dell 133-467460-006

180RA7 SCSI B Assy DG7DTW 133-4674 ...

Dell 1330U

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 1334U

Processor, CPU, 500MHz, Celeron, O ...

Dell 13400

Cable, USB 2.0, 10ft, Type A/B

Dell 1341U

Assy HSG Fan P245

Dell 1342D

Assembly Floppy Drive, Int/Ext., M ...

Dell 1342R

Assembly Cable, 10M, FL100 Cluster

Dell 1343D

Inverter Board, 14.1 LCD, Inspiron ...

Dell 134XN

Processor, CPU, 566MHz, 80526, 128 ...

Dell 134YC

Base, w/Memory Cover, Inspiron 8000

Dell 1351U

Processor Subassy PRM 80526 733 HL ...

Dell 13550

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 135HE

SVC, CPU, 933MHz, 133MHz

Dell 13682

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 1369050

Keyboard, 101

Dell 136CV

Keyboard 105 6P SWE NMB RD SB

Dell 1372E

Assembly Cable, SER, 9P, 6, Male/F ...

Dell 1375C

QI DVD-Rom Q1 PCI Decoder

Dell 1375U


Dell 13798

Hard Disk Drive, 9GB, SCSI, 3.5, U ...

Dell 1379D

S-Video to TV (RCA) output Cable

Dell 1381P

DVD/CD Optical Drive Combo, I, F5

Dell 1383R

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 1386R

RAID Key, PowerEdge 4400

Dell 1389W

Cover Assy BTM Base CNR

Dell 139099-ARA0535


Dell 13913

TB, 150/250M, F5, HH, EXP STA

Dell 1393E

Card, I/O, INTFC, INVRTR, 13.3, I7K

Dell 13940

Video Card, 1MB, 6-Bit, VGA

Dell 1394C

Video Card, 128MB, AGP, Velocity 1 ...

Dell 1397651

PS/2 Keyboard, QuietKey, IYL1395100

Dell 1399D

Bracket, MET, LF, LCD, 14.1, I7K, IBM

Dell 139CW


Dell 13CFY

CD-RW Optical Drive Subassy CD-RW ...

Dell 13DCF

Drive Assy Subassy CD FD 32X TSHBA ...

Dell 13DDC

Kit, MDM, V.90, D/F/V, DIM, AUT, RS

Dell 13DFE

Cable, Data SCSI, 68P, 4M, ADIC

Dell 13DYW


Dell 13EWX

Processor, CPU 566 CU S L GX100 EUR

Dell 13G075178050H2


Dell 13G0870

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, SATA

Dell 13GND71AM010-1-AOB-0862-1EB

ALIENWARE, AREA-51, M17X - R1, CPU ...

Dell 13GND71AP1001

AREA 51-M M17X-R1, Hard Disk Drive ...

Dell 13H5264

Cord, Power, 2 Prong, ThinkPad T20

Dell 13HPX

System Board ( Motherboard ) Inspi ...

Dell 13HTH

Card (Circuit), Controller, Voltag ...

Dell 13JNV

Assembly Bezel, 12.1, Dark Grey, I ...

Dell 13JPJ

128MB, 100M, 16X72, PowerEdge 2550

Dell 13KEV

FlatPanel Monitor/Keyboard, 14in., ...

Dell 13M23

Processor, CPU, I5-460M, 2.53, 3MB ...

Dell 13NHJ

Kit, Rackmount Conversion, PowerEd ...

Dell 13NPY

Kit Modem V90 DFV IRE SPN RS2

Dell 13NUX

Processor, CPU, 667MHz, PIII Xeon, ...

Dell 13NWC

Hard Disk Drive, 36.4GB, U160, Hot ...

Dell 13PUJ

Cable SI Cable I ATA66 M MT 2 DROP

Dell 13RMM

Keyboard 88 SWE FIN C600 I400

Dell 13VCV

Hard Disk Drive, 5GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell 13VDD

Power Strip, Inspiron 8100

Dell 13WXV

Speaker Kit SPKR 230V 50H NMB605 EUR

Dell 13YPV

Processor, CPU, 1.4GHz, 512K, 400, ...

Dell 14000

MNL, Network Adapter, 8B, WD, ENET

Dell 1400A

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive, 8X

Dell 1401T

Adapter Kit Adapter COMM Modem TLA ...

Dell 1404-0310


Dell 14053

Board, CPU, 486-DX250

Dell 14057

Board, Planar, 333P, U, 1.2, w/CPU

Dell 1405R

Processor, CPU, 600MHz, PIII, 256K ...

Dell 14061

Board, Backplane, 325P

Dell 14064

Card (Circuit), Network, ISA, TR

Dell 14086

Board, Memory, 386/486

Dell 14090

Controller, EISA/Keyboard/Mouse/VGA

Dell 1409D

Board, 16 Slot Memory, PowerEdge 6 ...

Dell 140DC

Processor, CPU, 700MHz, PIII, SVC, ...

Dell 140KU

SubAssembly PRM, 750M, 512K, SLT2

Dell 1414D

Card (Circuit), Video, 16MB, PCI, STB

Dell 14171

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 14176

System Board ( Motherboard ) 386SX-16

Dell 14195

LCD Display Screen, 14.1

Dell 1420V

Keyboard, Inspiron 5000

Dell 1421C

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 14245

TB, 525M, F5, HH, NN, M/L/FS

Dell 1424D

PWA, 5 PCI Riser, OptiPlex GX100/GX120

Dell 1424T

Metal Slider For Battery Release Latch

Dell 1426531

DACFL-4-32M-MYL D080032-32 Dis Arr ...

Dell 142666-4063

Adapter, Ethernet, PNP MPX

Dell 1427D

Ethernet Card, PCI, 3C905C

Dell 1428U

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 142EU

Assy Assy CHAS 230W PREPD RBT 1.

Dell 1430638-05

Inverter Board

Dell 1430C


Dell 1432D

Floppy Drive, Swappable, Inspiron 3500

Dell 14339

DIMM, 128MB, 66MHz, 16X64, 4K, 168

Dell 1434P

Hard Disk Drive, 10.1GB I IBM CRNA

Dell 1435C

Keyboard, 104, 6P, RubberDome, CMOS3

Dell 1439R

Assembly Hard Disk Drive Cage, 1X2 ...

Dell 143CD

Processor, CPU, SVC, 80526, 600MHz ...

Dell 143NV

Inverter, 13.3 LCD, Latitude CPIA

Dell 1440T

Processor, CPU, 500MHz, PIII Xeon, ...

Dell 14414

LED/Status Indicator Board w/ Cable

Dell 1444U

Cable Cable Assy SC DPLX FC LG WV 2M

Dell 1450P

FOOT, RBR, Black, CS

Dell 1450U

TrueMobile USB2.0 Adapter

Dell 1452D

Cable, Flex, LCD, 13.3, Inspiron 3 ...

Dell 14535

Board, Need For Speed 2 XBX

Dell 1454D

Base, Inspiron 3500

Dell 14550

Controller, RAID, PCI, SCSI, Perc 2

Dell 14558

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 1457C

Tapte, 10/20GB, Travan TR5

Dell 14584

Video Card, PCI, 4MB, PCI2304C/32

Dell 14593

Cable, Wakeup-on-Lan, PCI

Dell 145FM

Processor, CPU, 80526, 850, 256K, ...

Dell 1460A

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive, 8X