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Dell Computer Parts - Page 120

Part # Description Price

Dell H0409

Plate, Mounting, Front, I/O, Plast ...

Dell H0424

Video Card, Radeon VE, 32MB, FH

Dell H0425

Fuser Exit Sensor

Dell H0431

Smart Button Sensor

Dell H0433

Cable Drawer, Advanced System Mana ...

Dell H0434

Printer, Assembly CHG, Roller, GDE ...

Dell H0435

Printer, Assembly CBL, PRTH, S2500

Dell H0436

Solenoid, Paper Feeder

Dell H0438

D-Roll Tray 1 Shaft Assembly

Dell H0442

EMC ATA Controller Copper EMC H0442

Dell H0445

Assembly PWA, FC4700, 2GB, XP, 8.47.02

Dell H0453

DVD+RW, 2X, D-Module

Dell H0455

DVD+RW, 2X, D-Module

Dell H0483

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell H0539

Dual Fan & Shroud Assembly RJ, 3.0

Dell H055M

Assembly Chassis, MSMT, OEM, 760, ...

Dell H0563

TRANS, TIP31C, Power, NPN, 100, TO220

Dell H057N

Power Supply, 300W, Vostro 220, HP ...

Dell H058F

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H058N

Power Supply, 250NPFC, ECS, HIPRO

Dell H0593

UC526-00, SRV, GST, NT4, GX260

Dell H05TJ

SANblade 8GB Single Port Fibre PC

Dell H0620

Kit, CBL, I/O, FPR, 2100MP

Dell H0622

Video Card, 32MB, GeForce4 440 Go ...

Dell H0632

Heatsink Assembly For Northwood (8 ...

Dell H0633

Fan & Shroud Assembly For Northwoo ...

Dell H063C


Dell H064C

Assembly Door, PCMCIA, Plastic, TA ...

Dell H0656

Card, Memory, PDA, 256MB, SDIG, CLEM

Dell H0657

Card, Memory, PDA, 512MB, CFII, Clem

Dell H0665

USB Cable, From Computer to Monito ...

Dell H066C

Assembly Door, Battery, Plastic, B ...

Dell H0678

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC, ...

Dell H0683

Power Supply, 330W, PFC, 20+4PN, S ...

Dell H069C


Dell H069H

Flat Panel, 22, 2208WFPF, T0, DAO

Dell H0716

SVC, Printer, S2500

Dell H0718

Fan, 40X40mm, 12V, PowerConnect 6024

Dell H072C

H072C, RJ Door, TAN, XFR. 2

Dell H073F


Dell H0749

Kit, CHAS, Switch, 24PRT, 6024, INTL

Dell H074G

Assembly Cover, Back, LCD, WWAN, B ...

Dell H074K

Assembly Card, Graphic, NVIDIA, G94

Dell H074M

Dell H0750

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H0754

SVC, Printer, P1500

Dell H0756

SVC, KIT, Printer, A940

Dell H0768

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell H0769

Battery, Laptop

Dell H080C


Dell H083H

Card, PLN, DT, DMV, A100, MB

Dell H086H

Card, PLN, DT, G31, A180, MB

Dell H0913

Printhead And Cable SVC

Dell H0914

Main Drive Assembly SVC

Dell H0915

SVC, Toner CartridgeOpen-Close Lid ...

Dell H0918

Printer, Door-FLAP, STK, CNTL, S2500

Dell H091G

Adapter, AC, 36W, 12V, RMAD

Dell H0923

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H092P

PRO/1000 VT Quad Port Server Adapt ...

Dell H0935

Power Supply, 42W, FLEX-PT, FC2, EMC

Dell H0936

Adapter, Switch Box, Sorage, FC2, ...

Dell H093G

Card, Network, PCI-E4, ENET, 5709, ...

Dell H0941

TRAY, Keyboard, Metal, W/BTN, M300

Dell H0950

Audio Jack Plug

Dell H0952

Modem MPCI

Dell H0954

Kit, Card, Network, MPCI, 2.4GHz, ...

Dell H095G

22 in Widescreen E2209WG, Flat Panel

Dell H095M

Assembly Cable, USB, MCR, XPS, 435T

Dell H0969

Heatsink Retention Assembly Dimens ...

Dell H096M

Assembly CBL, I/O, TOP, AUD, XPS, 435T

Dell H0970

Base, 300M

Dell H0975

Base Cover, Latitude X300

Dell H098M

Assembly Bracket, XPRS, HANKS

Dell H0K8D


Dell H1006

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell H1007

Processor, CPU, 2.4GHz, 400MHz, PE175

Dell H1008

Processor, CPU, 3.0GHz, 400MHz, PE175

Dell H101M

Assembly CBL, BDG, XPS, 435T

Dell H103H

Assembly Palmrest, Plastic, IMR, S ...

Dell H1051

PWA, Backplane, SCSI

Dell H1057

Base, TSMT, 2.26, 533, GX270N, NRSR

Dell H1068

PCI-X Riser PWA V1

Dell H1091

I/O Board Video 2USB, PowerEdge 1850

Dell H1099

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell H109R

Power Supply, 130W, WISTRON, HIPRO

Refurb - $179.95

Dell H1105

System Board ( Motherboard ) INTG ...

Dell H1111

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell H1112

Processor, CPU, 2.6GHz, P4 SVC, D Step

Dell H1113

Processor, CPU, 2.5GHz, P4 SVC

Dell H1114

Processor, CPU, 2.4GHz, P4 SVC

Dell H1115

Processor, CPU, 2.2GHz, P4 SVC

Dell H1116

Processor, CPU, 2.0GHz, P4 SVC

Dell H1117

Processor, CPU, 1.9GHz, P4 SVC

Dell H1118

Processor, CPU, 1.8GHz, P4 SVC

Dell H1119

LCD Display Screen, WUXGA, 15.4, I ...

Dell H1120

LCD Display Screen, WSXGA+, 15.4", ...

Dell H1121

SVC, LCD, WXGA, 15.4, I8500

Dell H1122

Inspiron 8500 Bottom Plastics SVC

Dell H118D

Assembly Bezel, Front, 410, VOSD

Dell H1192

CD-RW Optical Drive, 48X, MG

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell H11LHN1

PRECISION T3500, XEON W3570 2.80G ...

Dell H1216B53S+P

1GB 2Rx16 PC2-5300S Hynix

Dell H1216B64S+P

1GB 2Rx16 PC2-6400S Hynix

Dell H121D


Dell H1229

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell H1233

Kit, Rapid Rail, KMM, 1U

Dell H1234

Kit, Versa Rail, KMM, 1U

Dell H1251

Hard Disk Drive, 18GB, S, U320, 15 ...

Dell H1252

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, S, U320, 10 ...

Dell H1290

System Board ( Motherboard ) INTG ...

Dell H1291

System Board ( Motherboard ) INTG ...

Dell H1293

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H1306

PowerVault Fibre Channel Tray

Dell H1309

Processor, CPU, Heatsink

Dell H1330

Assembly Speaker, Dual, Box, P2

Dell H1340

Bezel, Plastic, DVD+RW, PHPS-CP, ABCS

Dell H1370

Bezel, LCD, 15, Latitude D505

Dell H1371

Center Hinge/LED Cover Power Bar, ...

Dell H1374

Bezel Assy HNG CNTR Cover NBK 510M

Dell H1375

Cover, Back, LCD

Dell H1396

Paper Feed Roller With Gear, SVC

Dell H1398

SVC, Charge Roller With Brackets, ...

Dell H139K

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H141N

Card, NV9400GT, 512, APR, H141N

Dell H1424

Printhead And Cable, SVC - P1500

Dell H1425

Interlock Cover, SVC - P1500

Dell H1426

D-Roller, P1500

Dell H1427

Auto Sheet Feeder, SVC - P1500

Dell H1428

Reference Plate Assembly SVC

Dell H1429

MPF, SVC (With D-Roll, Gear, Solenoid

Dell H1430

Tray 1, SVC (With Guides, Damper, ...

Dell H1431

Terrminal Assemblies SVC

Dell H1438


Dell H144C

SANblade 8GB Dual Port Fibre PCI-E

Dell H1480

Processor, CPU, Northwood 80532, 2 ...

Dell H1483

Processor, CPU, Northwood 80532, 2 ...

Dell H1487

System Board ( Motherboard ) INTG ...

Dell H1489

System Board ( Motherboard ) INTG ...

Dell H1490

System Board ( Motherboard ) INTG ...

Dell H1491

Processor, CPU, Northwood 80532, 3 ...

Dell H1494

Processor, CPU, 80532K 2.66GHz 512 ...

Dell H1506

GX260 Top Cover

Dell H150G


Dell H1559

LAT D800 Bottom Base

Dell H155J


Dell H1577

Printer, LUB, NYOGEL, 744, P1500

Dell H157C


Dell H158F

Assembly Bracket, Hard Disk Drive, ...

Dell H1591

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC

Dell H1593

Processor, CPU, 1.7GHz D80

Dell H1594

SVC, Processor, CPU, 1.6GHZ, D800

Dell H1597

Processor, CPU, 1.4GHz D800

Dell H1598

Processor, CPU, 1.3GHz D800

Dell H1599

Assembly Bottom Base, Latitude D800

Dell H1603

Processor, CPU, 2.2GHz, P4 SVC, C- ...

Dell H1606

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, IDE, 7.2K, ...

Dell H1607

Printer, FUSER, Roller, BKUP, BRG, X2

Dell H162K

LCD Display Screen, 15.6FHard Disk ...

Dell H1636

Cover, Plastic, LCD, V2, 1100

Dell H1638

Cover, Plastic, LCD, V2, 5100

Dell H1639

System Board ( Motherboard ) A/V, ...

Dell H1640

Control Panel Assembly With Cable ...

Dell H165N

Processor, X2, 7450, 2.4, 512X2, 2 ...

Dell H1663


Dell H1667


Dell H167H

Assembly ENCL, BLDE, M610

Dell H1739

Board, Backplane DaughterCard, SCSI

Dell H1752

Card, Modem, Wireless, Mini PCI

Dell H1754

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell H175H


Dell H175K

PE1950 Side Riser Board H175K w/ N ...

Dell H1783

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H178C

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H1803

Plug For Powered USB Port on 8500

Dell H1813

RAID Key, ROMB, PowerEdge 1850/2850

Dell H1848

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, IDE, 7.2K, 2MB

Dell H185T

Assembly PLMRST, 1318

Dell H1864

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell H187T


Dell H1908

Assembly Base, Notebook, OEM, 510M

Dell H1914

Board, SCSI, 2X3 Backplane, PowerE ...

Dell H1915

Card Assy CARR PDB P6650 FXCN

Dell H191K

Processor, CPU, P8400, 2.26, 3MB, ...

Dell H1922

Cartridge, TAPE

Dell H1927

R360, 256MB (Dual Slot Card), UHMG ...

Dell H199H

SVC, Processor, T9400, 2.53, 6MB, ...

Dell H2002


Dell H200H

Card, MM, TVT14, NB, INT, DVB-T

Dell H2052

Card, RAID Controller, SATA, 64MB, ...

Dell H2058

Battery, LAT, Primary, 12C, SONY

Dell H2066

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, 2.5

Dell H2084

DIMM, 512MB, DDR2, 400M, ECC, 32X7 ...

Dell H208N

Vostro 420 Power Switch / Indicato ...

Dell H2092

Kit Cable FLEX INT PV160T EM-3

Dell H2094

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, Samsung

Dell H209H


Dell H2187

SCSI Channel B (Backplane) to Chan ...

Dell H2188

Power Cable Assembly For Periphera ...

Dell H220P-00

Power Supply, 220W

Dell H220P-01

Power Supply, 220W