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Dell Computer Parts - Page 121

Part # Description Price

Dell H222H

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H2243

Memory DIMM 512 400M 64X72 8K ECC 184

Dell H2246

Card Card Control ANLG LIB Motor P ...

Dell H226C

Assembly Carrier, Hard Disk Drive, ...

Dell H229M

Assembly PNL, CNTL, FRT, LCD, R310

Dell H230N-00

Power Supply, 230W

Dell H230P-00

Power Supply, 230W

Dell H234K

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H234M


Dell H235K


Dell H2362

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Optical Drive

Dell H2366

Modem, 56K, EXT, USROB

Dell H2368

UPS, 450VA, 120V, Ext.

Dell H2369

Battery, 14.8V, 8 Cell, Lithium

Dell H2370

Power Supply, 550W, PFC, 12VDBL, H ...

Dell H2378

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H238C

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H238J

Assembly Cover, HNG, Plastic, XT2

Dell H2401

System Fan Assembly PowerEdge 2850

Dell H2405

POLE, D, 2X20, SER, Black

Dell H2406

Power Supply, VERFN

Dell H2408

Cable, PTCH, RJ45, NTWK, 5FT, Black

Dell H2409

Cable, Interface, USB to Serial

Dell H2420

Cable, I/O, RJ45, PTCH, BLUE, 14-FOOT

Dell H2421

Cable, I/O, RJ45, PTCH, RED, 25-FOOT

Dell H243J

Assembly Cable, LVDS, W/Camera, LC ...

Dell H243K


Dell H2442

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 16X, MG

Dell H244J

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H244M

Printer, LS, DAO, LV, 1235CN

Dell H2470

Adapter Kit Adapter AC AUTO-AIR IT ...

Dell H2479

Adapter Kit Adapter AC AUTO-AIR SA ...

Dell H2494

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 9.5mm, 2.5, ...

Dell H2515

Cable Assy Cable SATA MB SHORT

Dell H2516

Adapter Adapter SFP O LW FC2-SWT 3 ...

Dell H251K


Dell H251M

Assembly INVRTR, CCFL, LCD, Notebo ...

Dell H2525

Processor, 80536, PMD, 745, BGA, B1

Dell H2539

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H253H

Assembly Cable, SATA, Hard Disk Dr ...

Dell H2569

3 Foot Flat Power Cord (For D-Seri ...

Dell H257J

TMEM, KX960, KPMG, H257J

Dell H2599

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 9.5MM

Dell H259N

Assembly Cable, SATA Hard Disk Dri ...

Dell H2605

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, 9.5mm, 5.4K

Dell H2606


Dell H2609

Kit Rack V-Rail 3U PE1655 UNI

Dell H262C

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H2641

Assy Assy Base 300M PPC2K3 ENG MIC

Dell H266H

DS, MEDIA, SLC, OEM, Notebook, XT2

Dell H2677

Kit, Rack, GND, +Door/SDE, 24U, EMF

Dell H2678

Power Supply, 250W, PFC, SATA, (P27)

Dell H267K

System Board ( Motherboard ) Studi ...

Dell H268G

Assembly PWA, PLN, TPM, ESG, ROW, ...

Dell H268K

Assembly Base, Notebook, UMA, 1735, V2

Dell H2699

6F, Power Cord, A/C, 110V, P65, US

Dell H26TH


Dell H2703

Card, Voltage Regulator Module (VRM

Dell H2723

Assy Assy Base 300M PPC2K3 ITL MIC

Dell H2740

Assy Assy Base 400M PPC2K3 ITL MIC

Dell H275P-00

Power Supply, 275W

Dell H275P-01

Power Supply, 275W, SFF

Dell H277K

Assembly PWA, PLN, UMA, 1535, V2

Dell H2801

Adapter, CON, KMM, Switch, RJ45-Serial

Dell H280E

Power Supply, 280W, GX755

Dell H280P-00

Power Supply, 280W

Dell H280P-01

Power Supply, 280W

Dell H281K

Assembly PWA, PLN, DISC, 1535, V2

Dell H282K

Assembly Base, Notebook, DISC, 153 ...

Dell H2845

Kit, Rapid Rail, PowerEdge 2850

Dell H2846

Kit, Versa Rail, PowerEdge 2850

Dell H2847

Kit, 2-Post Rail, PowerEdge 2850

Dell H284M

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H288M

Card, Interface, IFB, MEZZ, FI, Bl ...

Dell H2955

Power, 220V, 6FT, KOR, APCC

Dell H2956

Floppy Drive Cable Assembly

Dell H2965

Hard Disk Drive, 30GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell H2971

PowerEdge 2850 Rear Fan Bracket H2 ...

Dell H2972

Panel, Filler, Plastic, TB, PE2850

Dell H2975

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H2978

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H2993


Dell H2FC0

Card, Graphic, 256MB, M1710, G71

Dell H2KJN

SVC, Assembly Cover, WLAN-TV, WHT, ...

Dell H2NK2

Assembly CON, SATA, ODD, 13P, 1569

Dell H3009

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell H3012

Fan, PowerEdge

Dell H3014

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell H301T

Bezel, WX+, NO-NO, R/H, MKP, V2

Dell H3028

Assembly Bezel, TSMT, Precision PWS370

Dell H302F

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H305N-00

Power Supply, 305W

Dell H305P-001

Power Supply, 305W

Dell H305P-00

Power Supply, 305W, (P58

Dell H305P-01

Power Supply, 305W, (P38

Dell H3099

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell H313M

Assembly TRAY, PLNR, PESC1435

Dell H3155

PWA, I/O Legacy, SCSI, V3, PowerEd ...

Dell H3172

DIMM, 512, 400M, 64X72, 8, 240, 1RX4

Dell H3186

Power Supply, Dual +12v Output w/B ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell H3189


Dell H318D

Hard Disk Drive, 120GB, FFS, 2.5, ...

Dell H319R


Dell H320G

SVC, Assembly DVD /-RW, 8, SATA, TSST

Dell H3212

Assembly Cable, TB, PERC, PowerEdg ...

Dell H3235

PWA, Power Distribution Board (PDB ...

Dell H3237


Dell H323J

Assembly Card, Controller, MCR, XP ...

Dell H3251

Video Card, 128MB, ATI

Dell H325T

Assembly DVDRW, 16X, HH, HLDS, DVDM

Dell H3262

Hinge, Cover, Plastic, LCD, V2, 11 ...

Dell H3263

FP631-00, SRV, GST, XP, FR, W360

Dell H3270

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 SXGA, TFT ...

Dell H3272

Assembly Back Cover, 14.1 LCD

Dell H3309


Dell H3325

1GB, 400MHz, DDR, DIMM

Dell H3339

Subassy LCD 15XG LG 115

Dell H3364

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H336F

Hard Disk Drive, 120GB, S2, 5.4K, ...

Dell H337F

Hard Disk Drive, 160GB, S2, 5.4K, ...

Dell H3397

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, SCSI, U320, ...

Dell H339F

Hard Disk Drive, 320GB, S2, 5.4K, ...

Dell H341D

Assembly CHAS, L6, MBSF, 960, EPA, TPM

Dell H344N

System Board ( Motherboard ) E6500

Dell H344R

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 1 ...

Dell H345R

Assembly DVD, 16X, SATA, HH, PLDS

Dell H3517

Power Supply, 320W, PowerEdge 1750 ...

Dell H352H

Assembly Chassis, Rack, SYSM, V3

Dell H3538

Top Plastic Cover, Metroplex, Rome

Dell H3556

Processor, CPU, 2.66GHz, 512K, FCP ...

Dell H355F

Battery, Primary, 85WHR, 9, LITH, ...

Dell H356N

IN1910N 18.5" HD Widescreen Monito ...

Dell H3592

Assembly Housing, ABAY, DMOD, TRTY

Dell H3604

Ground, Thermal, Plastic, HW-RAID, ...

Dell H361N


Dell H3630

Assembly PLT, PLN, TMD, ESG

Dell H3636

Assembly Base, Switch, 24-Port, GB ...

Dell H3674

HDL, Fan, 60MM, PE2850

Dell H3676

Assembly PWA, CPU-CART, V1.5, 66X0

Dell H367T

Hard Disk Drive, 300GB, 10,000 RPM ...

Dell H371J

Assembly Power Supply, 580W, RDNT, ...

Dell H3725

PERC320, Precison PWS

Dell H3728

D/Bay External Module USB Cable

Dell H372D


Dell H3730

Toner, 6K, REGLR, 17XX

Dell H3771

Primary CPU Shroud Assembly P2780/ ...

Dell H3773

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell H3783

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, IDE, 7.2K, ...

Dell H3806

LCD Display UNIT Subassy LCD 15 XG ...

Dell H3814

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 16X, IDE, I ...

Dell H3821

Assembly PWA, FC4700, 1GB, XP, 8.49.02

Dell H3823

R70 w/DMS-59, 128MB, PCI-E, OPGA2, FH

Dell H3838


Dell H3840

Auxilary Blower Fan For High End P ...

Dell H384M

Processor, CPU, W3540, 2.93/4.8, 8 ...

Dell H385T


Dell H3864

LCD Display UNIT Subassy LCD 14.1X ...

Dell H386C

Tape Backup, SYMT, DBase

Dell H3873

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, IDE, 7.2K, ...

New - $99.95
Refurb - $59.95

Dell H3896

Processor, CPU, SVC, Northwood, 3. ...

Dell H3897

Processor, CPU, SVC, Northwood, 3. ...

Dell H389H

Assembly CBL, PDB, DATA, T710

Dell H3924

TrueMobile 5100 GPRS PCMCIA Modem ...

Dell H3973

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, ...

Dell H3975

PWA, I/O Board, PowerEdge 6600

Dell H3977

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, Latitud ...

Dell H3978


Dell H3HYF


Dell H3V9M

Assembly DVDRW, 8X, SATA, P/H, HLDS

Dell H4005

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell H4007

Chassis Assy Base X30 312MHz SPN

Dell H4018

Base, X30, 312MHz, ENG, EMEA

Dell H4032

256MB, 533, 32X64, 8K, 200

Dell H4033

512MB, 533GHz, 64X64, 8K, 512

Dell H4034

1GB, 533, 128X64, 8K, 200

Dell H4065

LTO-2, Module Kit, PowerVault PV132T

Dell H411M

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, SFX, 8X, I ...

Dell H413C

Assembly Palmrest, Plastic, WW, 1310

Dell H414C

Assembly Palmrest, Plastic, W/Fing ...

Dell H415N

Inspiron 1440 1750 Li-ion Battery ...

Dell H4160

INSTL, Hard Disk Drive, BLNK, WW

Dell H4166

Assembly Cable, SVID, 17-23, LCDTV

Dell H416C

Assembly Door, CPU, Plastic, Black ...

Dell H416N

Battery, Primary, 32WHR, 4C, LITH, ...

Dell H4170

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell H425H

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 1 ...

Dell H426H

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 1 ...

Dell H4271

Assembly SVC Base X3 400M WIFI ENG SAF

Dell H4278

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell H4287

512MB, 333MHz, DDR, DIMM, 512Mbit

Dell H4316

Processor, CPU, 2.4GHz, Celeron, I ...

Dell H433C

Assembly Hard Disk Drive, 120GB, 5 ...

Dell H4357

Laptop KeyBoards

Dell H4372

Keyboard, 87, US, D Pointing, AZM

Dell H4380

Card, Planar, PowerEdge 7250, 4P, 4U

Dell H4383

Card, Riser, 4U, PowerEdge 7250

Dell H4388

Card, Interface, Backplane, SCSI, ...

Dell H4390

Card Card MEM RSR 4U PE725

Dell H4392

Card, I/O, 4U, 4P, PowerEdge 7250

Dell H4393

Card, Interface, MPLN, 4U, 4P, Pow ...