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Dell Computer Parts - Page 135

Part # Description Price

Dell IE831

100/200GB LTO-1 SCSI LVD Loader w/ ...

Dell IH817

Bezel, 14.1 LCD

Dell IM745

Keyboard, Inspiron 8500

Dell INVC632

PWA, Board, Inverter

Dell IT500583


Dell ITSV50D

LCD Display Screen, 12.1

Dell ITXG76H

LCD Display Screen, 14 XGA

Dell J0016

USB & Audio I/O Front Panel

Dell J0045

LCD Display Harness, Inspiron

Dell J0050

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell J0061

Tape Drive SI Tape Backup AIT 35 7 ...

Dell J0067

Assembly Cable, Harness, Spliter, SATA

Dell J007J

Keyboard, 82, US, ENG, S-PTG, WIN, YM

Dell J0081

Assembly SHRD, PRC, TDD

Dell J0123

Bezel, Latitude X300

Dell J0126

Modem, Card, Network, Broadcom, GB ...

Dell J0138

Keyboard 85 UK BLDE2

Dell J0145

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell J0146

Keyboard Tray, Latitude

Dell J014G


Dell J014P

Assembly Cover, Back, LED, Black, ...

Dell J0155

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell J015G

Apacer SDM I 22-pin 90 Degree Stan ...

Dell J015J

Assembly DVDRW, 8, SATA, TSST, RED

Dell J0162

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell J0163

Keyboard 85 FR BLDE2

Dell J0165

Keyboard 85 SPN-C BLDE2

Dell J0168

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 XGA

Dell J0178

Smart Card Reader Keyboard, 104, U ...

Dell J0198

DIMM, 128MB, 400M, 16X64, 8K, 184

Dell J0201

DIMM, 256MB, 400M, 32X64, 8K, 184

Dell J0202

DIMM, 512MB, 400M, 64X64, 8K, 184

Dell J0203

DIMM, 1G, 400M, 125X64, 8K, 184

Dell J0204

DIMM, 1G, 333M, 125X64, 8K, 184

Dell J0284

SRV, SW, Intel, INF, 4590T

Dell J0291

Hinge, CAP, Notebook, Left, 300M

Dell J0293

Transfer Roller

Dell J0295

Front Cover

Dell J0296

Printer, Cover, Door, DELL, MPF, S2500

Dell J0301

Left Side Cover

Dell J0303

Main Drive Motor

Dell J0306

Paper Feed Main Gears No. 1, S2500

Dell J0307

Charge Roller

Dell J0313

Printer, Assembly Fuser, 110V, S2500

Dell J0316

Stepper Motor Assembly

Dell J0322

Cable Main Harness, S2500

Dell J0328

Printer, SENSOR, TONER, S2500

Dell J0340

Front I/O Panel With Cable, SD, Op ...

Dell J0352

Printer, D-RLLR-TRAY1, PAPER, S2500

Refurb - $59.95

Dell J0354

Printer, Assembly CHG, Roller, GDE ...

Dell J0355

Printer, RLLR/Housing, PAPER, Feed ...

Dell J0356

Cooling Fan, S2500

Dell J0358

Low Volt Power Supply (LVPS Card

Dell J036N

Power Supply, 300W, Inspiron 530 5 ...

Dell J0372

Assembly PWA, FC4700, 1GB, XP, 8.47.02

Dell J037N

Battery, RSRV, 60WH, 6C, LITH, SDI

Dell J038N

Power Supply, 250W, Vostro 220s St ...

New - $99.95
Refurb - $59.95

Dell J040G

EMEA, Card, P217F, PCI-E16X, FH

Dell J042N

Assembly Bezel, Front, MT, WHT, GENEVA

Dell J0436

Power Supply, 250W

Dell J045N


Dell J0464

LCD Display Screen, 15

Dell J047N


Dell J050N

Assembly Bezel, Front, ST, WHT, GENEVA

Dell J051K

Assembly PWA, PLN, W/MZR, PET710, INTE

Dell J0524


Dell J0529

Cover, Front, Power Supply, Plasti ...

Dell J052N

Assembly Bezel, Front, ST, PINK, G ...

Dell J0531

Fan, 92X38mm, 12V 2.0

Dell J055N

Assembly Bezel, Front, ST, GRN, GENEVA

Dell J057N

Cover, CHAS, RMV, ST, 545S

Dell J0592

System Board ( Motherboard ) Audio ...

Dell J0602

Power Supply, 360W, PFC, 12V-DBL, ...

Dell J0622

Card, Graphic, 128MB, R350, Dimension

Dell J0649

Assembly Bracket, Metal, Switch, P ...

Dell J0661

PWA, Control, SCSI, V2 Assembly Ca ...

Dell J067G

Assembly VID, PCI-E, NVID, 290, LP

Dell J0686

PWA, Riser, PCI Board, PowerEdge 2650

Dell J068F

Assembly Chassis, TWR, MET, 3.5, P ...

Dell J0701

Assembly Cable, Control Panel, 4P, ...

Dell J0711

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell J0716

Assembly Hinge, Center, Cover, Lat ...

Dell J0718

Bezel, LCD, D500

Dell J073N

Cover, CHAS, RMV, ST, 535S

Dell J075D

Processor, T2390, 1.86GHz, 1MB, 2C ...

New - $99.95
Refurb - $49.95

Dell J0791

DVI to VGA Dongle, Digital Video I ...

Dell J080G

Assembly DVD, 9.5, TRAY, SATA, HLDS

Dell J0840

Assembly Speaker, TDD

Dell J0845

Tray, Rack, SPS, CX200

Dell J0846

TrueMobile 1300 802.11b/g MiniPCI ...

Dell J0848

Adapter, Wireless Laptop PCI 2.4GHz

Dell J084N

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB 15K 2.5" SAS

Dell J0850

Base Cover, Inspiron 300m/Latitude ...

Dell J0861

Assembly Cable, Hard Disk Drive, I ...

Dell J0862

Assembly Cable, IDE, 2nd, Precisio ...

Dell J0880

Video Card, Quadro NVS 280 DMS-59, ...

Dell J0896

Rail Kit Rack Rail 1U V-Rail EMC

Dell J0957

SCSI Cable Assembly 2-Drop

Dell J0966


Dell J0973

Hard Disk Drive 146G S U320 10K 1I ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell J098T

Assembly Bezel, TOP, SXPS, 8000

Dell J0997

Sound Blaster Audigy II (Viola) Wi ...

Dell J099T

Assembly Cover, LT, SXPS, 8000

Dell J0DM0

Assembly Heatsink, GFX, AMD, ANAKIN

Dell J1001

Case, SLP, Leather, Notebook, V2

Dell J100D

KIT, Power Supply, PSXXXX

Dell J101N

Power Supply, 360W, PFC, FXCN, LITEON

Dell J1026

Heatsink Assembly For CPUs to 2.8GHz

Dell J102J


Dell J102N

Power Supply, 350W, Studio XPS 435MT

Dell J1043


Dell J1045

I/O LEGACY PowerEdge 6600 V2

Dell J1046

Kit Assy ENCL Cable THRU AC V3 660

Dell J1048

Assembly PWA, Control Panel, Power ...

Dell J1055

RAID Key, PowerEdge 2600

Dell J105C

F9541 / NF467 / H9122 / G9146 / MF ...

Dell J1061

LCD Display UNIT Subassy LCD 14.1 ...

Dell J111M


Dell J1121


Dell J1136

Cable, I/O, 68P/VHDCI, SCSI, 2FT, ...

Dell J1149-L

Processor, CPU, 2GHz, Celeron

Dell J1149

Processor, CPU, 80531, 2.0GHz, 128 ...

Dell J1164

Memory DIMM 1G 266MHz 128X72 8K184 1U

Dell J12.002.C.00

Board, Inverter, LCD, 14, Latitude CPT

Dell J1205

Processor, CPU 3.0G 400MHz PE460

Dell J1226

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, ...

Dell J126H

Assembly Cover, LCD, IMR, Black, W ...

Dell J1284

Assembly Palmrest, Latitude, C610

Dell J130D

Hard Disk Drive Bracket Assembly

Dell J130T

Vostro 420 Power Supply 350W DPS-350VB

Dell J1312

Fan, 60X60X25, 12V, LNR

Dell J131J

Processor, CPU, W5580, 3.2/6.4, 8M ...

Dell J1345

20/40GB, TR40, HH P400 IDE, Tape D ...

Dell J1379

Battery, CCC, 11.1V, 6 Cell, CYLD, ...

Dell J1409

DIMM, 1G, 266M, 128X72, 8K184, R25

Dell J1437

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell J1448

36GB 10K Hard Disk Drive

Dell J145K

Card, VID, UDP, NCP3000V2S, S160

Dell J145N

Processor, CPU, X2, 7550, 2.5, 512 ...

Dell J1471

Heatsink & Fan Assembly For All Pr ...

Dell J1488

Shroud, Mounting, LF, Plastic, CPU ...

Dell J1489

60GB, 2.5, 7.2K, IBM, 08K0849, 13N680

Dell J148K

LCD Display Screen, 15.6HDF+, LED, ...

Dell J1493

Mouse SI MSE MS OPT WHL RED K8100005

Dell J1508

Assembly Bracket, Control Panel, P ...

Dell J1520

SATA Power 4 drop

Dell J1524

Battery, Lithium, Inspiron

Dell J1535

ROMB Card Drac 4

Dell J1540

Power Supply, 500W, PFC, V2, Power ...

Dell J155F

PERC 6/E 512MB SAS Controller

Dell J155J


Dell J1568

PWA, Control Panel, PowerEdge 750

Dell J157J

Assembly Cover, LT, XPS, 435T/9000

Dell J1590


Dell J1595

SVC, Printer, USB, H6000II, GRY

Dell J1602

SVC, Reader, MINI, TRK1-2-3, PS/2, ...

Dell J1609

SVC, Power Supply, Printer, CLR

Dell J1618

Processor, CPU, 1.7GHz, Celeron, SVC

Dell J161M


Dell J1631

I/O RAID Key, PowerEdge 2650/4600

Dell J1644

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, D-Module

Dell J1679

Network Card, Dual Pro1000, Gigabi ...

New - $99.95
Refurb - $49.95

Dell J168C


Dell J1697

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell J1717


Dell J1718


Dell J1722

Assembly Cable, HSYNC, M5200N

Dell J1723

Assembly Cable, CLS, Cover, M5200N

Dell J1724

Upper ReDrive Deflector Assembly - ...

Dell J1725

Panel, DFLTR, INR, SHEET, 500, M5200N

Dell J1726

Plate, Ground, Gear

Dell J1733

Lower Front Cover

Dell J1734

Laser Cover (Top Cover

Dell J1739

ARM, Right, Transfer Roll - Intrepid

Dell J1742

Bezel Assy BZL MET PNT FRT 650 Cel ...

Dell J1746

Lever, LNK, Gear, REL, M5200N

Dell J1747

MPT Paper Out Flag - Intrepid

Dell J1749

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 5.4K

Dell J174K

Processor, CPU, P8700, 2.53, 3MB, ...

Dell J1752

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB 5.4K FRES 510M

Dell J1754

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB 5.4K FRES D60

Dell J1756

Charge Roller

Dell J1758

Feeder, Align, Paper, Assembly M5200N

Dell J1759

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB 5.4K FRES KAP

Dell J1764

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB 5.4K FRES D40

Dell J1765

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 5.4K, SFX, ...

Dell J1804

Assembly BRKT, WALL, W/TSH, RJ

Dell J1806

Flat Panel Display, 17, D, E172FPT ...

Dell J180K

Processor, CPU, P9500, 2.53, 6MB, ...

Dell J180N

Assembly Cover, BCVR, Black, M17X

Dell J1814

Kit, Cable, I/O, INT, 212, BF3

Dell J1817

Processor, CPU, 1.13GHz Celeron, S ...

Dell J1820

Processor, CPU, 1.20GHz Celeron, S ...

Dell J1821

Processor, CPU, 1.06GHz PIII, SVC, A

Dell J1828

Processor, CPU, 1.06GHz PIII, SVC, ...

Dell J1829

Processor, CPU, 1.13GHz PIII, SVC, ...

Dell J1832

Processor, CPU, 1.13GHz PIII, SVC, ...

Dell J1834

Processor, CPU, 1GHz PIII, SVC, B ...

Dell J1835

Processor, CPU, 1GHz PIII, SVC, B- ...

Dell J1836

Base, T, 3.4G, P4PD-800, PE700