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Dell Computer Parts - Page 14

Part # Description Price

Dell 18612

Hard Disk Drive, 3.2GB, IDE, 3.5, ...

Dell 18614

Cable, Data, 40P, EIDE

Dell 18615

Cable, Data, 40P, EIDE, OptiPlex, ...

Dell 18616

Cable, Data, 34P, Internal, Floppy ...

Dell 18617

Cable, Data, 34P, Internal, Floppy ...

Dell 18618

Cable, Data, 34P, Internal, Floppy ...

Dell 18619

IDE Cable - 2 Connections

Dell 1864C


Dell 1864U

Palmrest Assembly w/Touchpad

Dell 18660

PWA, Planar, Backplane

Dell 18666

System Board ( Motherboard ) AT, 386

Dell 1867P

Service, Assembly 12.1 LCD, Sharp, ...

Dell 1870P

SubAssembly PRM, 450, HL, 80523, OPPLX

Dell 1872R

DIMM, 512MB, 133M, 64X72, 8K, R, S

Dell 1873T

10/100 Base T, Dongle 3K020

Dell 18764

SIMM, 2, 80N, 512X32, FP, 72

Dell 1876C

CARR FRT Plastic Hard Disk Drive D ...

Dell 18778

DIMM, 256MB, 168P, PC100 Parity, REG

Dell 18780

Hard Disk Drive Subassy 4.0G 12.5M ...

Dell 18781

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, Sony MPF920-F

Dell 18783

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, Sony MPF920F

Dell 1878C

Board, Touchpad

Dell 1879R

Latch, Slider, LCD

Dell 1880D

Keyboard 105 6P DEN W95 MECH CMOS4

Dell 1880U

Kit, Rack Mount, PowerEdge 4300/6300

Dell 1881R

Heatsink & Fan Assembly Foldfin

Dell 1881T

Bezel, 14.1 LCD, Storm Grey

Dell 1882E

Bracket Assy Bracket Fan CLP KLNGR D

Dell 18836

Hard Disk Drive, 80MB, I, F2, TH, ...

Dell 1884D

Processor, CPU, 400MHz, 1M, PowerE ...

Dell 18872

RES, 11.3K, 1/10W, 1%, THKFLM, 0805

Dell 188TD

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell 1891E

Keyboard 88 RUS CRNA EMEA

Dell 1894W

Battery, Inspiron 5000

Dell 1897D

Latch, REL, Plastic, OPT, Inspiron ...

Dell 18AGHz5124001525V

Processor, CPU, 1.8GHz, P4

Dell 18GGC

Processor, CPU, SVC, 733MHz, B0

Dell 18GHW

C840 Power Button Panel Board

Dell 18LSDT6472G133B1


Dell 18NMH

Board, 2X3 Backplane, U3, w/Daught ...

Dell 18P8155

LTO Ultrium 2, Loader Ready

Dell 18PMU

Cover Cover Assy CHAS OPPLX TJD

Dell 18PYP

PV120T DLT4000 Autoloader Desktop ...

Dell 18RXU

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1G, 1, 68P, U16 ...

Dell 18TFP

Assy Assy CHAS MT PFC 2.0 EMEA

Dell 18THT-A00

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, Slim, L ...

Dell 18THT

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, Latitude C

Dell 18TMX

Processor, CPU, 1.5GHz, 0K, 400MHz ...

Dell 18TPC

Keyboard, 87, Latitude C600

Dell 18VDDT6472G-202B1


Dell 18VDDT6472G202B1

512MB, DDR, 200MHZ, CL2, ECC, PC16 ...

Dell 1900C

Cable, Data, 50P, Internal, S, Ter ...

Dell 1904R

Processor, CPU, 550MHz, PIII

Dell 19057

Cable, PRight, SER OPT, 220V

Dell 1905FP

LCD Display Screen, DELL, 1905FP, ...

Dell 19065

32MB 4x64 3.3V EDO DIMM

Dell 1907FPT

UltraSharp 1907FPt - Flat panel di ...

Dell 1907FPVT-U

LCD Display Screen, DELL, 1907FPVT ...

Dell 1907FPVT

1907FPV - LCD display - TFT - 19" ...

Dell 1907FP

LCD Display Screen, Dell, 1907FPT, ...

Dell 1908C

RAID Memory, 64MB, PC100

Dell 1908FPB

Monitor 19" Display TFT LCD Viewab ...

Dell 1908FPC

1908FP - LCD display - TFT - 19" V ...

Dell 1908FPT

LCD Display Screen, DELL, 1908FPT, ...

Dell 1908WFPF


Dell 19095

64MB, 100MHz, 8X72, 4K, 168P

Dell 19097

128MB, 16X72, 168P, 100M, 4K

Dell 19098

Cable, Data, SCSI, PowerEdge 4300

Dell 1909W-S

LCD Display Screen, DELL, OPT 960, ...

Dell 1909WF

1909W - LCD display - TFT - 19" Vi ...

Dell 190WY

SVC, Assembly PWA, MB, REV2, I3800

Dell 19119

Removable Media Storage, 100MB, I, ...

Dell 19141

Kit, Floppy Drive, 1.2MB Ext., w/C ...

Dell 19143


Dell 19160

Adaptec ASC-19160 Ultra160 PCI SCS ...

Dell 1917U

Mini-PCI Door Cover

Dell 1920

ZIP Drive, 100MB, Latitude CP/CPI

Dell 1928U

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 1930V

Processor, CPU, SVC, 667MHz, 133, ...

Dell 1933E

Metal, LCD, Left, SADDLE, 15.0, I7K

Dell 19403

System Board ( Motherboard ) 4XXSE

Dell 19416

Memory DIMM, 128MB, SDRAM, PC100

New - $59.95
Refurb - $39.95

Dell 19417

DIMM, 32MB, PC100, 4X64, 4K, 168

Dell 19418

DIMM, 64MB, PC100, 8X64, 4K, 168

Dell 1941P

Bracket, Metal, Palmrest, Support

Dell 19432

DIMM, 32MB, PC100, 4X72, 4K, 168

Dell 19434

DIMM, 64MB, PC100, 8X72, 4K, 168

Dell 19437

Kit, 32MB, 2X16

Dell 19451


Dell 19476

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 194MJ


Dell 194VJ

Tape, MGT, FW-UPG, PowerVault PV13 ...

Dell 19556

Assembly PWA, Fan/Speaker, CISPRII ...

Dell 1961C

Power Supply, 145W, 3V, 20+6P, 1.2A

Dell 1966C

Processor, CPU, 300MHz, 512K, ECC

Dell 196C

Clip, Standoff, Hook

Dell 196MJ

Fan, CPU (Between APR & USB Port O ...

Dell 19702

Floppy Drive, Slim Drive, Precisio ...

Dell 1970E


Dell 1971U

Hard Disk Drive, 20.4GB, IDE, 7.2K

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 19724

Power Switch, w/Cable, PowerEdge 1300

Dell 1974T

Assembly Rack, CMA-SL, P8450, W

Dell 1977047A-93

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 1977047A43

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 1977047B-65

TEAC / CD-224E Black Bezel Slim 24 ...

Dell 1977047C-D0

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 19770


Dell 19786

Battery, Main, NIMH, 320N+

Dell 1978C

Cage, PCMCIA, Slot, Inspiron 7000

Dell 1978T


Dell 1978U

CPort II, Docking Station

Dell 19792

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 19793

System Board ( Motherboard ) 486DX

Dell 1980D

Keyboard 105 6P GER W95 MECH CMOS4

Dell 1982T

ZIP Drive, 100MB, 3.5, IDE, Int.

Dell 1983D

Disk, Blank, LS120, F3, 3Pack

Dell 19851

Outlet 8-15A 230V EMF W LCK PLG

Dell 1985R

Assembly Fan 92X39mm, Precision PWS530

Dell 19861

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 19877

PCMCIA Card Modem 56K PCMCIA FF PS ...

Dell 1987P

Bracket Bracket EXT Rack MTG FRT 4U

Dell 1987R

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 198EJ

Assembly Cable, Internal TB/Connec ...

Dell 198EN

CD-ROM Optical Drive Subassy CD 65 ...

Dell 198FF

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 198TG

Assembly Fan, 80MMX25MM, TSMT

Dell 1990-165-0031

LCD Display Screen, 12.1, Without ...

Dell 1998U

LCD Display Screen, 15, Inspiron 5000

Dell 199CN


Dell 199XY

CORD, Power, 240V, 6F, AC, C5, ARG

Dell 19CFK

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 19CKF

Assembly LCD Back Cover, SXGA+, In ...

Dell 19EKD

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, Int., L ...

Dell 19EXF

SVC, Button, EJCT, MODULE, C600/I4000

Dell 19FEM

CD-RW Optical Drive, 40X, IDE

Dell 19GTH


Dell 19HMG

Cover LCD Insert Top Wood Grain Co ...

Dell 19K4885

Card, NIC, 10/100, Ethernet, IBM

Dell 19MET

Cable Cord Power 250V 10FT HAR COMPAL

Dell 19NHG


Dell 19NPK

Kit, Stand, Left/Right, Field Serv ...

Dell 19PCF

Processor, CPU, 700MHz, PIII, MMC2 ...

Dell 19PFE

Kit Rack MTG Hardware PDU GNRC

Dell 19TCD

Bracket, Metal, Latitude C800

Dell 19TUY

Hard Disk Drive, 6.4GB, 3.5, ATA-6 ...

Dell 19VYX

Kit, Switch, BOX, 1X8, V1.4.0, EMEA

Dell 19WJW

Card, Modem, 56K, NIC, 10/100, Com ...

Dell 19XGX

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell 19YRD

Modem, 56K, V.90, PCI

Dell 1B01MG

Inspiron 518 519 Black Front Panel ...

Dell 1C062

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 1C074

Keyboard, 88

Dell 1C076

Keyboard 88 SVN C600 I4K R2

Dell 1C130

Removable Media Storage, Zip Drive ...

Dell 1C174


Dell 1C180

CD-ROM Optical Drive Subassy CD 65 ...

Dell 1C196

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB, 9.5mm, ATA-100

Dell 1C211

16X DVD IDE Drive

Dell 1C225

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, IDE

Dell 1C282

Card SI Card MADGE T-RING Adapter 16 4

Dell 1C342

Bracket, MTG, Fan, PowerEdge 250

Dell 1C347

Assembly Dual Fan, PowerEdge 2500

Dell 1C35L030AVV207-0

20GB 7.2K IDE 3.5 Hard Disk Drive

Dell 1C35L146UCDY10-0

146GB 10K 68PIN U320 Hard Disk Drive

Dell 1C379

Assembly PLT, PLN, Satellite, TJD

Dell 1C395

1024 X 768) XGA 14.1 IN. TFT LCD S ...

Dell 1C395

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 XGA

Dell 1C462

Cable, Data, 20P to 10P, FD to Bac ...

Dell 1C464

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB Secondary, 4.2K

Dell 1C490

Leather Carrying Case - Elite

Dell 1C515

Palmrest, Inspiron 8500W

Dell 1C538

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell 1C553

Openmanage ATF 4C209 1C553

Dell 1C700

Kit, Rapid Rail

Dell 1C704

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 1C724

Assembly Data Cable, S3, Backplane ...

Dell 1C736

Processor, CPU, 1GHz, PIII, Copper ...

Dell 1C750

Cable SI Cable Audio 4 PIN

Dell 1C829

Cover, Base, Plastic, TJD, OptiPlex

Dell 1C844

Assembly Cover, Chassis, Small Des ...

Dell 1C853

Cover, FRNT, Input/Output, Door, S ...

Dell 1C879

9GB U160 7.2K 80-PIN 1IN Hard Disk ...

Dell 1C923

Assembly CHAS, 330W, RBT, PFC, PWS, MG

Dell 1D033

LCD Display Screen, 12.1, SHARP, I2500

Dell 1D057

Video Card, Matrox, Meteor2

Dell 1D063

Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5, Mode Lev ...

Dell 1D171

Power Supply, 250W, PFC, RR1PS/2

Dell 1D187


Dell 1D197

System Board ( Motherboard ) ATI, ...

Dell 1D256

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 1D262

Dual AC Power Dist. Unit/Kit

Dell 1D366

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 680M, 16X, ...

Dell 1D396

Battery, 59WHr, 14.8V, 8Cell, Lithium

Dell 1D3HG

Card, Graphic, 256MB, I9400, G71

Dell 1D430

Kit, External Speakers, 110, Harma ...

Dell 1D51J

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, S ...

Dell 1D619

PWA, Backplane, PowerEdge 1550/ Po ...

Dell 1D702

10/20GB, SCSI, 50P, Tape Drive, Se ...

Dell 1D722

Case, Port, Slim

Dell 1D732

Video Card, 16MB, ATI Rage 128 Pro ...