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Dell Computer Parts - Page 140

Part # Description Price

Dell JD616

Battery, Primary, 4C, Lithium

Dell JD622

PE6850 Backplane Assy

Dell JD634

LAT D620 56WHR 6-Cell Main BAT

Dell JD648

D620 35WHR 4-Cell Main Battery

Dell JD675

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JD716

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JD717

SVC, PFR, Printer, 5100CN, EMEA

Dell JD725

SVC, Cable, RS232, 9P, SCANR, SYMBOL

Dell JD739

SCSI Controller Card

Dell JD741

Floppy Drive Cable Assembly Skydive

Dell JD744

IDE Cable Assembly Secondary

Dell JD745

Power Supply, 750W, PFC, DELTA, ULD

Dell JD760

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, ...

Dell JD775

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JD841

1394 Cable Assembly Metroplex

Dell JD844


Dell JD850

Fan And Shroud Assy For PCI Cards, ...

Dell JD854

Assembly Cover, RMVBL, PWS, 49

Dell JD880

Palmrest, B120/B130/1300/120L (Inc ...

Dell JD924

Controller Card, Main, 1600N

Dell JD958

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell JD959

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell JD960

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell JD961

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell JD974

Assembly Carrier, Hard Disk Drive, K2

Dell JD975

Hard Disk Drive Door, B120/B130/13 ...

Dell JD976

Memory Door, B120/B130/1300/120L

Dell JD978

System Board ( Motherboard ) SATA, ...

Dell JD981

Sub Assembly LCD, 14.1WXGA, B120 B ...

Dell JD991

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell JD992

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell JF006

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JF060

2.66GHz 2X1M 667MHz DC MP

Dell JF100

Metal Front Bezel Assembly PWS

Dell JF106

Assembly Cover, BTM, BCL

Dell JF109

Tape Backup, 36/72GB, HH, External ...

Dell JF110

36/72GB DAT72 Internal Tape Drive, ...

Dell JF125

Cable, IDE, VID, USB, P6850

Dell JF152

LCD Display Screen, 17, WUXGA, GWV ...

Dell JF155

Palmrest Assy (Incl. Standard Touc ...

Dell JF201

Power, 125, 1M, C7, 2P, D, JPN

Dell JF224

Assembly PWA, I/O, SER/PS2, FH, ULD

Dell JF239

Assembly CDRW/DVD, 48X, HH, HLDS, 05

Dell JF240

Base Assembly DISC, 128, D820

Dell JF242

Bottom Plastic Base Assy

Dell JF295

LCD Display Screen, 12.1", WXGA, G ...

Dell JF298

LCD Display Screen, 12.1", WXGA, TFT

Dell JF339

4GB Dual Ports Fibre PCI-E

Dell JF340

QLogic 4GB Optical Dual Channel HB ...

Dell JF377

LCD Display Screen, 15.4", WSXGA+, ...

Dell JF383

15 LCD Display, Laptop

Dell JF442

SI, EMEA, Assembly CRU, 80GB, SATA1

Dell JF470

Notebook, SWI, 1300, EMEA

Dell JF495


Dell JF496

SI, CRD, DATA, OSS, 777304-01

Dell JF507

FX 1400, 128MB, TV & Dual DVI Outs ...

Dell JF561

Module, Hard Disk Drive, 40G, 5.4K ...

Dell JF571

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, SATA, 2.5", ...

Dell JF65G


Dell JF660

ESM4 DaughterCard, V3, FC955/GC281

Dell JF665

Sanbao Exch Unit Base

Dell JF782

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JF791

SI, Assembly Hard Disk Drive, Carr ...

Dell JF806

Memory DIMM Riser, Front, PWS

Dell JF807

Memory DIMM Riser, Back, PWS

Dell JF852

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JF930

CORD, PWR, 220, 2M, C7, 2P, D, SAF

Dell JF940

Assembly Switch Box, FC4, SGL, PRG ...

Dell JF948


Dell JF954

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 8X, NEC, MLKA

Dell JF957


Dell JF976

Shroud Assy And Cable guide, Plast ...

Dell JF987

Card, Graphic, 256MB, NV41GL, M70, ULD

Dell JFC9T

LCD Display Screen, 16FHD, RED, 16 ...

Dell JFJ29

Panel, Filler, CD, Black, MSMT, T110

Dell JG059

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JG091

Processor, CPU, 3.6GHz, 1MB, 667MH ...

Dell JG166

Battery, Additional, 42W, 6C, Powe ...

Dell JG168

Battery, Primary, 42W, 6C

Dell JG172

D420 Main Battery 6C 42W

Dell JG176

Battery, Additional, 28W, 4C, Powe ...

Dell JG181

Battery, Additional, 28W, 4C

Dell JG210

Kit, Card, NTWK, DW350, Bluetooth

Dell JG225

Printer, IJ, 924, AIO, ENG

Dell JG226

Printer, IJ, 924, AIO, ICON

Dell JG231

System Board ( Motherboard ) DT, ...

Dell JG282


Dell JG336

Assembly FUSER, 220V, 3110/3115CN

Dell JG346

Assembly FDR, Paper, 550, 3110CN

Dell JG367

256MB Graphics Card, M58, XPS M201 ...

Dell JG373

Adapter, CON, COMM, X50/X51

Dell JG394

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JG399

Hard Disk Drive, 300GB, 10K, FC2, ...

Dell JG416

SPR, CTRG, DOWN, HOLD, 5210/5310

Dell JG432

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JG438

Assembly PK ARM, SHEET, 500, 52/5310

Dell JG441

Heatsink, VGA, Notebook, I9400, G70

Dell JG454

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC F ...

Dell JG455

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC F ...

Dell JG456

CVR, LAMINATED, LF, OTR, 5210/5310

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell JG486

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JG501

Filler, Panel, FAN, ML6000

Dell JG520

System Board ( Motherboard ) PE1855

Dell JG523

Plastic Swingset For 1KW Memory Riser

Dell JG573

Mobile Broadband PCI Wireless Card

Dell JG575

PWA, Backplane, 1X10, SCSI, PowerE ...

Dell JG665

PCI Serial Controller

Dell JG768

Battery, Primary, 66W, 9C, Power D ...

Dell JG815

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 LCD Bezel ...

Dell JG816

15.0 LCD Bezel, D520

Dell JG821

LCD Display Screen, LG, MID, D520

Dell JG840

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell JG901

Hinge, Right, LCD, 14.1, Notebook, ...

Dell JG917

Battery, Primary, 66W, 9C

Dell JG988

PE 1650 Front Bezel

Dell JH044

100GB Hard Disk Drive, 5.4, SATA, D620

Dell JH045

80GB Hard Disk Drive, 5.4, SATA, D620

Dell JH084

Power, 125V, 4MTR, Switch, 4XXX

Dell JH088

Switch Box, FC2, 16PVL2, 4400, MDTA

Dell JH109


Dell JH161

HUB, 6PRight, Power, POS, SMARTM

Dell JH238

Processor, CPU, SVC 3.4G 800MHz N0

Dell JH248

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, D-MOD, FEET

Dell JH252

TEAC CD-ROM Optical Drive CD-224E ...

Dell JH291

LCD Display Screen, 17", WUXGA, Glossy

Dell JH297

Cable Assy For SAS Hard Disk Drive ...

Dell JH300

16X, DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, SATA, ...

Dell JH313

Assembly CAGE, Riser, MND, PCI, DUAL

Dell JH314

Hard Disk Drive, 100G, SATA, 9, 54 ...

Dell JH406

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JH429

Assembly CHAS, WLDMNT, MET, PE860

Dell JH466

Graphics Card, 512, UHMGA14

Dell JH471

Ati Radeon X600 256MB PCI Express ...

Dell JH500

Cable, 44-Pin, 15", PowerEdge 860

Dell JH544

PWA, Backplane, ENCL, SAS, MD1000, V2

Dell JH545

Card, Switch, DGTL, KVM, BLADE, ROHS-C

Dell JH574

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JH651

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JH665

Bracket, MTG, Bezel, Plastic, PWS, ...

Dell JH669

Bezel, MTG, Top, Tank, PowerEdge S ...

Dell JH716

200GB Internal LTO2-LC Tape Drive, ...

Dell JH724


Dell JH878

PWA Control Panel Assy PE2950

Dell JH879

PCI-E Center Riser Assy PE1950 & P ...

Dell JH901


Dell JH902

KIT, Card, Daughterboard, PV22XS, SBUS

Dell JH903

Xeon E5430 Quad-Core 2.66GHz 12MB ...

Dell JH908

KIT, Speaker, USB, ZLX, A225, Blac ...

Dell JH966

24X DVD/CD-RW Combo, M1210

Dell JH994

Power Supply, 305W PFC, Delta

Dell JH9YD



Assembly DVDRW, SATA, R5400, PLDS

Dell JHY65

PWA, EXP, Backplane, SV, 2.5, S99, ...

Dell JJ-P00112

SIIG CyberParallel Parallel Ad

Dell JJ001

FSD, USB, 256MB, 2.0, DTI/256

Dell JJ003

4M VHDCI to SCSI Cable

Dell JJ004

KIT, Cable, TSH, PV22XS, 4M, W2W, V2

Dell JJ011

PE6850 R-Rail Kit

Dell JJ013

Power Edge 2800 Rail Kit

Dell JJ014

2U Versa Rail Kit

Dell JJ018

KIT, Rack Rail, 2-POST, 2U, SL

Dell JJ032

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JJ097

Video Card, ATI, PCIE, X800XL

Dell JJ101

Video Adapter

Dell JJ122

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell JJ162

Memory Card Reader, USB, Black

Dell JJ170

Assembly FD, 1.44M, 3MD, NEC, MCSF ...

Dell JJ171

Right LCD Bracket, Metal, M1210

Dell JJ179

Power Supply, 930W, RDNT, Artesyn

Dell JJ217

KIT, Adapter, Card, Switch, SFP, F ...

Dell JJ304

SVC, Processor, 335, CPDN, G1

Dell JJ312

MDM, CRD, 1815DN

Dell JJ349

PWA, Daughterboard, SV, DELL

Dell JJ364

PE28/6800 PERIPHERAL BAY With 1X2 ...

Dell JJ366

PE2850 2+3 Daughter CRD

Dell JJ368

Assembly PWA, I/O, PE2800, MSI

Dell JJ369

Assembly PWA, I/O, PowerEdge 2850/ ...

Dell JJ371

Assembly PWA, CP, SV, PowerEdge 28 ...

Dell JJ372

Assembly PWA, CP, SV, PowerEdge 28 ...

Dell JJ373

PWA, Control PNL, SV, PE1850, V2

Dell JJ379

Kit, Cable, DRAC, P29/1950

Dell JJ398

Bezel, Black, BTM, MCSF, OPTI

Dell JJ433

Assembly Bezel, Plastic, TANK, PESC440

Dell JJ442

Bezel, Plastic, Top, Black, MSMT, ...

Dell JJ443

LCD Display Screen, 14.1WXGA, LED, ...

Dell JJ446

Cover, Chassis, FXD, Black, OPTI, ...

Dell JJ448

Bezel, Plastic, TOP, Black, MCSF, OPTI

Dell JJ449

Bezel, Plastic, Black, BTM, OPTI, MSMT

Dell JJ460

CDRW/DVD, 48, 05, SATA, Black

Dell JJ461

ATI X1300 Pro, PCI-e X16, 256MB, D ...

Dell JJ465

Video Card, 128MB, Radeon X1300, F ...

Dell JJ556

Cable, DNGL, FRT, PE1855

Dell JJ599

Kit, PNL, BLNK, Rack, 1U, CLP

Dell JJ605

Gigabit Ethernet Card

Dell JJ606

Sub Assembly MECH, FCPASSTHRU, PE1855

Dell JJ615

UMA Bottom Plastics SVC, 6400

Dell JJ616

Discrete Bottom Plastics SVC, 6400

Dell JJ617

Keyboard, SVC - US/English

Dell JJ618

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell JJ619

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...