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Dell Computer Parts - Page 173

Part # Description Price

Dell P661D

Assembly DVDRW, 8, SATA, E4300, TSS

Dell P662F

Hard Disk Drive, 1TB 7.2K 3.0Gbps SAS

Dell P663R

System Board ( Motherboard ) SV, R ...

Dell P6699

Processor, CPU 2.5GHz 1M 400MHz SKF

Dell P670F

Power Supply, 305W, PFC, Dimension ...

Dell P670M


Dell P6710

Processor, CPU 2.0GHz 2MI 400MHz SKF

Dell P6729

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, ...

Dell P6731

2K Toner Yellow Cartridge, 3000/3100CN

Dell P673K

Card, PLN, ESG, MB, TPM, T310

Dell P6746

Cable, FC, LC to SC, 5M, Multi

Dell P6750

Cable Cable FC LC-LC 3M Multi

Dell P6751

PowerConnect 5316M 6 Port Gigabit ...

Dell P6792

G01C01, INFO, GNRC, T6585

Dell P67HD

Card, PLN, PWS, T1500, MB

Dell P6859

MOD, LCD, 15XG, IDT, CNXT, 1150, VAS

Dell P685R

Assembly Cover, SDE, ALX, Black, L ...

Dell P691R

Assembly Heatsink, UMA, Z600

Dell P6959

Video Card, 32MB XGI

Dell P695G

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P6989

Keyboard, 120, Black, TRK, 2, TPAD ...

Dell P6FNY

Card, Graphic, 256MB, I9400, G71

Dell P6VH0

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, S ...

Dell P701K

Assembly FAN, Front, CPU, MSMT, T1 ...

Dell P701N

Bezel, Plastic, BLU-R, Black, 1520

Dell P702X

S1909WX 19-inch Widescreen Flat Pa ...

Dell P7048

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB, 15K, Fibre ...

Dell P704D

Assembly Cable, SATA, Hard Disk Dr ...

Dell P704X

DIS, Flat Panel, 19, S1909WXF, DAO ...

Dell P7051

400/800GB LTO3 ExternalSCSI Tape Drive

Dell P7055

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell P7059

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell P708C

Assembly CHAS, USFF, 140GB, L6

Dell P7098

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell P7102

Assy Assy /Cage /RSR /TJD /3.0 /170L

Dell P7117

Assembly PWA, ENG, PMD, 750, TAA, D410

Dell P7118

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell P7125

D610 Modem CONEXANT RD02D110

Dell P713W

PRight, IJ, P713W, AIO, ENG

Dell P714F

CPU Fan Assembly, 12V, Bon Jovi BJMT

Dell P714M

Assembly PWA, SU9300, 2G, S/W, ADAMO

Dell P7158

Adapter Base /APT /DW4350 /EUR

Dell P715M

Battery, Primary, 40WH, 6C, LITH, ...

Dell P7204

Assembly Fan, Bracket, 120X38mm, 1 ...

New - $79.95
Refurb - $49.95

Dell P7214

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 9.5mm, 5.4K ...

Dell P725R


Dell P727G

Assembly Bezel, Front, Black, XPS, ...

Dell P727R

LCD Display Screen, 15.6HDF+, WLED ...

Dell P731J


Dell P733N

Assembly Door, CPU, Plastic, Black ...

Dell P735K

Assembly PNL, Front, I/O, MNTW, 435MT

Dell P7363

PWA, 1X6 Backplane, PowerEdge 2600 ...

Dell P737F


Dell P743D

System Board ( Motherboard ) DISC, ...

Dell P745C

Flat Panel, 22W, E228WFP, Black, GSA

Dell P7464

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 8X

Dell P7587

Processor, CPU, 2.8GHz, 533MHz, 1M ...

Dell P7594

Processor, CPU, 80546, P4, PM, 532, E0

Dell P7609

Processor, CPU, 80546, P4, PM, 538, E0

Dell P761C

Assembly CHAS, MNTW, PFC, L6, ASUS

Dell P762R

Assembly Cover, CON, RJ45, Z600

Dell P7647

VRM, SVC, 12V, 9.1, PowerEdge 26000

Dell P7665

Card, MM, AUD, 1394, SB0358

Dell P767F


Dell P768R

Assembly Cable, CNTL, BLTH, FPC, Z600

Dell P769J

LCD Display Screen, 17WUXGA, W/O, ...

Dell P771R

Assembly PLMRST, Keyboard, US, Z600

Dell P7721

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell P7724

Kit, SVC PRC 2.8G 1M 800MHz

Dell P7726

Kit, SVC PRC 2.53G Celeron 533MHz

Dell P772G

Assembly HLDR, DW365, BLTH, E4200

Dell P7730

Kit, SVC PRC 3.4G 1M 800MHz

Dell P7733

Kit, SVC /PRC /3.8G /1M /800MHz

Dell P7741

RN, 7.3, DLX

Dell P775F

Assembly FAN, 88X85X17, 12V, Power ...

Dell P778K

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P7793

Assembly Cage, Mounting, PCI-Fan, ...

Dell P7796


Dell P7818

100GB LTO1 Internal Tape Drive, V1 ...

Dell P7819

200GB LTO Internal Tape Drive, Pow ...

Dell P7853

Remote Control Kit For Media Cente ...

Dell P7875

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 16X, Dual ...

Dell P787F

Assembly Bracket, BLWR, Memory, Ri ...

Dell P787N

Processor Board, Inspiron Mini 10

Dell P7894

Processor, CPU, 1.4GHz, 1MB, 360, ...

Dell P7897

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P78TK


Dell P7923

Cover, CHAS, LF, Plastic, TMD, XPS-G4

Dell P7924

Cover, RT, Power Supply, Plastic, ...

Dell P7928

D-Port REP Docking Station

Dell P792R

Assembly Chassis, 4HD, L5, R510

Dell P7933


Dell P7942

Adapter, Card, Wireless, USB 2.0

Dell P7947

Hard Disk Drive, 160GB, SATA, 7.2K ...

Dell P7957

Processor, CPU, 80547, Prescott P4 ...

Dell P7958

Processor, CPU, Prescott P4, 64bit ...

Dell P7959

Processor, CPU, Prescott P4, 64bit ...

Dell P7960


Dell P796H

Assembly BD-RE, 6X, HH, HLDS

Dell P7976

System Board ( Motherboard ) Preci ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell P7996

System Board ( Motherboard ) C4 Tu ...

Dell P7VPM


Dell P7WFV

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P8010

Rack, DMX800, EMC, ARMY

Dell P8013

Power Supply

Dell P8014

System Board ( Motherboard ) A/V/N ...

Dell P8015

Assembly PWA, Power Distribution B ...

Dell P8016

Processor, CPU, Heatsink/Shroud Assy

Dell P8043

System Board ( Motherboard ) 4 Soc ...

Dell P8044

PWA (7) 64Bit (1) PCI

Dell P8057

System Board ( Motherboard ) X1

Dell P8072

Processor, CPU, Prescott P4 Kit, 5 ...

Dell P809D

Assembly Enclosure, Controller, DX ...

Dell P8101

Bezel, Top, Tank, Dimension 9100

Dell P8105

Bezel, Tank, DIM, 9100, 910

Dell P8106

LCD Display Panel, Filler, FDD, TANK

Dell P8110

Processor, CPU, Prescott Extreme E ...

Dell P8116

Assembly Bezel, Removable, Tank, D ...

Dell P8129B

Assembly APR, D/POR, WW, QTA

Dell P8129

Assembly APR, D-Port, QTA

Dell P8132

Card, PCI, AT-2701FX/MT-001

Dell P8133

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P8172

Video Card, PCI, QUADRO4, VCQ, #2

Dell P8192

Front Fan/Shroud Assembly

Dell P820F

Assembly Battery, Reserve, Noteboo ...

Dell P822F

PWA, Daughterboard, XPRS, 1545

Dell P8254

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P8264

Adapter, Power, Carrier, MP3

Dell P8285

Stand, Holder, Auto, DJ, Mini

Dell P8292

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, SATA, WD-XL ...

Dell P8294

MOD, Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, S, #2, ...

Dell P8300

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell P8311

MOD, Card, VID, PCI-E, NV280

Dell P832F


Dell P834C


Dell P8353

Assembly Heatsink, MSMT

Dell P8359

SI, 5751, Assembly DIS, LCD, 15, #5

Dell P835D

System Board ( Motherboard ) w/TV ...

Dell P8363

Assembly CHAS, PREPD, TANK, L5, PE430

Dell P83FP

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P8401

Power Supply, 375W, (P45

Dell P8402

Fan Assembly

Dell P8403

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell P8407

Power Supply, 230W, PFC, Delta, MT

Dell P8413

Power Supply, 275W

Dell P8417

Assembly Carrier, Hard Disk Drive, ...

Dell P8437

Optional PCI-e Riser PWA V2, D2201 ...

Dell P8476

PWA, I/O, Front Panel, Chassis

Dell P8477

Control Panel, OptiPlex GX280

Dell P847P

EMEA, Card, GTX285, U435P

Dell P8480

Front USB Audio I/O Panel Power Bo ...

Dell P8482

PWA, LED Board

New - $49.95
Refurb - $29.95

Dell P848K

EMEA, Card, UNI, PCI, FH, H461K

Dell P849D

SI, 797182, DVD, RSTR, DMS

Dell P850X


Dell P8596

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 2.5, 4.2K

Dell P859J

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P859X

PWA, Controller, LCD, LED, 1WXGA, ...

Dell P8605

Processor, CPU, 3.6GHz, 560, 1 MB, ...

Dell P8606

Processor, CPU, 2.8GHz, 520, 1MB, ...

Dell P8611

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell P864H


Dell P864X

Assembly Battery, Primary, 2.2, 6C ...

Dell P8650

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P865H


Dell P867H

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P868X

Assembly Cover, Hinge, Plastic, 1210

Dell P8719

MOD, PRC, 2ND, 3.2G, 2M, XNI, TMD

Dell P874H

Bracket, Support, Assembly 1U, MOU ...

Dell P8753

SubAssembly LCD, 14.1 XGA, D510, H ...

Dell P875G

Assembly DVD, SATA, 12.7, TSST, ESG

Dell P877G

DIMM, 1GB, 800, 128X64, 8, 240, ETT

Dell P8780

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell P8781

Assembly Bottom Plastic

New - $59.95
Refurb - $39.95

Dell P8782

Door, Memory, Latitude D510

Dell P878C

Battery, Primary, 56WHR, 6C, LITH, SDI

New - $129.95
Refurb - $89.95

Dell P880G


Dell P8817

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P8823

Power Supply, 280W

Refurb - $299.95

Dell P8828

Card, PCI-E, SYSK, SK-9E21D

Dell P882X

Assembly Base, Bottom, Cover, 1210

Dell P884G

Assembly DVDRW, SATA, 12.7, PLDS, E

Dell P888D

Assembly Base, U7700, 12, LED, XT, CCC

Dell P88VY


Dell P890H


Dell P8912

SubAssembly LCD, 14 XGA, D510, HingeU

Dell P891G

Cover, Chassis, RMV, 220, VOSD

Dell P8947

Assembly Bracket, Mounting, Left, ...

Dell P894G

Cover, Chassis, RMV, 220S, VOSD

Dell P8957

PNL, FILLER, Controller, MET

Dell P895C


Dell P895J


Dell P895N

Kit, Keyboard, USB, US, KG900, T1

Dell P896H

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell P8971

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, 5.4K, SFX, ...

Dell P8YVW

LCD Display Screen, 16FHD, WHT, 16 ...

Dell P9002

LCD Display Panel, OPT, SHRD, Fan, ...

Dell P9003

Hard Disk Drive, 40G, 9.5MM, 5.4K, ...

New - $99.95
Refurb - $69.95

Dell P901C

Panel, ACS, Bottom, Metal, BL, MBAV

Dell P904C

Assembly Cable, W/O, Camera, LVDS, ...