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Dell Computer Parts - Page 18

Part # Description Price

Dell 1Y357

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, FC, 10K

Dell 1Y379

SATA Hard Disk Drive Data Cable Mi ...

Dell 1Y393

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 1Y397

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X L ...

Dell 1Y412


Dell 1Y415

Enclosure, Chassis, CX200, 3U, EMC

Dell 1Y513

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, USB, Inspiro ...

Dell 1Y520

PWA, Backplane, SCSI, 14 SCA Port, ...

Dell 1Y588

Power Supply

Dell 1Y66R

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 1 ...

Dell 1Y813


Dell 1Y843

Adapter CUS Adapter LLP DE2045-699 EUR

Dell 1YHVL41

Processor, CPU, 1.4GHz, Pentium M, ...

Dell 1r121

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 20009

Cable, 5-Drop, w/Active Switchable ...

Dell 2000T

Kit, LCD Cable, 13.3, Harness, Lat ...

Dell 2001

Smart, 16/4, PCMCIA, Token Ring Kit

Dell 20020

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2005C

Backplane, Daughter Board, SCSI, P ...

Dell 2005D

Floppy, 1.44MB, CD-ROM Optical Dri ...

Dell 20067

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB

Dell 2006D

Assembly CD, 12X, I, EXT, OEM, EMEA

Dell 2008P

Processor, SVC 350M PII SL1 SECC2 SV

Dell 200CJ

Card SI GR374 Card 3C905B AUI SLT1

Dell 200DF

Kit, Speaker, 120V/60H, NMB605

Dell 200DN

Processor, CPU, 650MHz, PIII, 256K ...

Dell 200RD

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB

Dell 200dy

Card, PLN, NEO, TPM, 780

Dell 201046-0000

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 201079-000

Palmrest w/TRackball, Latitude LXPI

Dell 201079

Palmrest w/TRackball, Latitude LXPI

Dell 20120

Cable, 4P to 6P, USB, 6FT, Small t ...

Dell 2013D

Keyboard 88 GER EURO CP EMEA

Dell 2013T

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2017U

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 2020T

Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5, Mode Lev ...

Dell 2024P

DVD-ROM/Floppy Dr. For Inspiron La ...

Dell 2024

Switch, 24-Port, 10/100

Dell 20251


Dell 20276

DVI, Digital Single Link, Video Cable

Dell 20297

Processor, CPU, EPROM 16Kx8, PRGMD

Dell 2029R

Cable, Network, RJ45, 10ft

Dell 202GU

Reserve/CMOS Battery, Latitude C600

Dell 202HD

LCD Display Screen, 15 SXGA+, Insp ...

Dell 202TV

Guard, Fan, Latitude C600

Dell 20314

Processor, CPU, 74LS00

Dell 2038U

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 6X, Int., I ...

Dell 203DG

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 2042D

Floppy Drive Cable FD INT EXT I350

Dell 2043E

Cover Plastic HNG RT 15.0 I700

Dell 2046R

Assembly Cable, Floppy Drive, 34P, ...

Dell 20484

SIMM, 256K, 80N, 256X9, PM, 30

Dell 2048U

Card, SW157, Network4.20.3299

Dell 204BA

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, 3.5, IDE, WD

Dell 2051P

Hard Disk Drive, 9GB, 3.5, IBM 34L2235

Dell 2053C

Assembly Bracket, Retainer/Retenti ...

Dell 205UW

Assembly Cable, Data, Control Panel

Dell 205VC

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, U3, 10K, 8 ...

Dell 206-30168-001

Keyboard PALMREST For KB-0168, MIC ...

Dell 2064D

Card, Audio, PCI, 128-Bit, SoundBl ...

Dell 2064P

CD-RW Optical Drive, 680MB, 24X

Dell 2065E

Power Supply, 460W, PowerVault, (P6

Dell 2065X

Assembly Power Supply, 100W, TBB

Dell 20662

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 20712

Processor, CPU, 82C211-20, PLCC84

Dell 20740

Processor, CPU, PROG, PAL, 20L10, ...

Dell 20772

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, 80-Pin

Dell 2078D


Dell 2078P

Adapter SI CP120 Kit Adapter Modem EUR

Dell 207NJ

Fan, 12V, 80X25mm, Molex

Dell 2081T

Cable, Flex, Video, D Base, 5854P

Dell 2083D

Assembly Cable, Data, 68P, LVD, 5 ...

Dell 2083T

Cover Plastic HNG LF 15.0+ I750

Dell 2085E

Cable Cable I O-RJ11 Modem AZTECH US

Dell 2089D

Assembly CPU, 450MHz, 2M, Slot 2, ...

Dell 208HJ

Processor, CPU, 80526, 600MHz, PII ...

Dell 208JF

Cover, Right, Gate, TM

Dell 2099D

Cable Cable SC DPLX FC 10M 50 125 PLM

Dell 209DW

Assembly Card, Controller, PERC2, ...

Dell 20CDW

Assembly Cable, Control, Panel, SFF

Dell 20CKU

Kit, Speaker, 120V, DMG, HK695

Dell 20EEH

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 20EXM

Hard Disk Drive, 6GB 9.5MM FJTSU I7K

Dell 20GB


Dell 20GHK

Memory DIMM 256 133M 32X64 8K 168 S

Dell 20H5Y

SVC, Assembly Cover, BK, WWAN, Bla ...

Dell 20HFM

System Board ( Motherboard ) PIII

Dell 20HXD

Processor, CPU, 650MHz, Celeron, S ...

Dell 20JPJ

Card SI SZ077 NIC Intel 10 100 WUOL

Dell 20KCK

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB 9.5MM IBM CP

Dell 20NTK

Cable SCSI 4-Port

Dell 20PKU

Bracket Bracket MTG MET RK D-Power PDU

Dell 20REW

PCMCIA Card Kit Card Network PCMCI ...

Dell 20RFK

Assembly Bezel, Right Cover

Dell 20TTT

Hard Disk Drive, 4.86GB, IDE, 9.5m ...

Dell 20TUK

PWA, Planar, Controller

Dell 20UFH

Customer Kit, Keyboard, External, ...

Dell 20UJG

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, 9.5mm

Dell 20UTK

Cable, Twisted Pair, Hard Disk Dri ...

Dell 20VNR

Hard Disk Drive, 12G 9.5MM FJTSU I5

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 20YNG

CD-RW Optical Drive, 680M, IDE, 5. ...

Dell 20YTF

Hard Disk Drive, 18GB, 3.5, 15K, S ...

Dell 2100T

SubAssembly CPU, 80525, 500MHz, 51 ...

Dell 21020

Connector, DB/HD, 15P, F, S, F, BL, TH

Dell 2103T


Dell 2104P

Adapter, Quad Channel, 10/100

Dell 21051

Key Pad, Numeric, External, Latitu ...

Dell 2107D

SVC, Cover, BTM, Base, CPIA

Dell 2109C

FOOT, RBR, BTM, Notebook, I7000

Dell 210YR

Board, DC/DC Power, Latitude CPx

Dell 21164

Processor, CPU, 400MHz, w/Fan, Alp ...

Dell 211KD

Assembly Cover, LCD, 14.1, Dark Gr ...

Dell 21200

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2121P

Floppy Drive Subassy RMS LS120 120 ...

Dell 2123C

SVC, CPU Module, PII 350MHz, MiniT ...

Dell 2124TPZZ

Inverter 15.0" UXGA (SHARP

Dell 2125E

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell 2127U

Battery, 11.1V, 59WHr, 4800MAh, In ...

Dell 21294


Dell 212UM

Fan, Heatsink (Right Bottom Corner ...

Dell 213PV

US Keyboard SVC

Dell 2141T

Keyboard, 87

Dell 2143E


Dell 2144R

PWA, Card, Riser

Dell 21469

Processor, CPU, PROG, PAL, 16L8, P ...

Dell 2149R

Keyboard 105 6P BEL RD SK800

Dell 214ME

Button, REL, Power Supply, Plastic ...

Dell 2151P

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, IDE, Maxto ...

Dell 2153R

10/20GB, Tape Backup, 5.25, HH, No ...

Dell 21542

Modem, 33.6/56K, Internal

Dell 21564

Processor, CPU, VGT7910-4056, PQFP100

Dell 21568

Connector, HSG, 2X10, F, 2MMX7, NK ...

Dell 2156P

Hard Disk Drive, 36.7GB, U3, 7.2K, ...

Dell 215FY

Rail Kit, PowerEdge 6450

Dell 215GY

Silver Modem, V90, Int., D/F, GVC, ...

Dell 215HH

Cable Cord Power 220V 2.0MTR DIS ITL

Dell 215WC

CD/Floppy, Combo, PowerEdge 2500

Dell 2161DS

KVM over IP Switch

Dell 2162C

Keyboard, 104, Quiet Key

Dell 2164E

Cable Cable I O-RJ11 Modem AZTECH ITL

Dell 216EM

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB, FC, F3, 1IN ...

Dell 217850-01

Power Supply, 300W, RDNT

Dell 2180698-20


Dell 2188P

Card, Interface, Inverter

Dell 2189U

Carrier, Hard Disk Drive, Inspiron ...

Dell 218JF

Assembly Bracket, FD, 1.0, GNRC, MG

Dell 2190R

PWA, Hot Plug, PCI, PowerEdge 4400

Dell 2194D


Dell 219FC

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, SFF, En ...

Dell 21C21

Assembly Bracket, PAD, Support, SX ...

Dell 21DEW


Dell 21DGJ

Assembly Cable, HSSDC to DB9

Dell 21GDJ

Assembly Cable, HSSDC to DB9, CU, ...

Dell 21HHW

CD-RW Optical Drive, 680M, IDE, 8X ...

Dell 21HRU

Assembly BZL, MASK, Optical, OPLX, TJD

Dell 21J1J


Dell 21KEV

Battery, 24WHr, 14.8V, 4Cell, Lithium

Dell 21KTM

Fan, CPU, 92X39mm, Precision PWS530

Dell 21NCH

Cable, IDE, Hard Disk Drive, CD-RO ...

Dell 21NUX

Battery, Lithium, 31WHR, 11.1V, La ...

Dell 21TUG

Hard Disk Drive Green Plastic Rail ...

Dell 21XFX


Dell 2202D

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, Inspiron 3500

Dell 2204E

PSION Modem Cable 45504

Dell 22069

LCD Display Screen, PowerVault PV130T

Dell 22086

CD-RW Optical Drive, 20X, IDE

Dell 2208T

Kit, Modem, Cable, Controller, Opt ...

Dell 220CF

Service, DIMM, 32MB, 66M, 4X64, 4K ...

Dell 220MP

Kit Rack 850 19IN 42U Black EMF

Dell 221-0230

Processor, CPU, 2.4GHz, P4 Xeon, 5 ...

Dell 221-0364

Processor, CPU, 2.4GHz, 400MHz

Dell 221-0774

Processor, CPU, 1.8GHz, P4, 512K 4 ...

Dell 221-1644

Xeon 2.8GHz 512k 400MHz

Dell 221-4265

PV100T DAT72 36/72GB External Base ...

Dell 221-5001

PV122T 221-5001 LTO2 AUTOMATED Tap ...

Dell 221-6166

786, 2.4G, SKT478, ATX, DL

Dell 2212D

Modem, 56K

Dell 2213

Base, LDT, 200, HD30M, FD1.2, MONO

Dell 22158

Processor, CPU, PROG, PAL, 85C220, ...

Dell 22178

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 2217D

Keyboard 88 BULG CPIA EMEA

Dell 221KD

Cover HNG LF I400

Dell 221WR


Dell 222-2100

LTO3 400/800GB External SCSI 68 PI ...

Dell 2221D

Display, MSCN, CLR, 19, D, P990, US

Dell 22222

Caddy, Hard Disk Drive, Inspiron 7 ...

Dell 2223U

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB, U3/160, 8 ...

Dell 2229P

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 222FR

PWA, Daughterboard, Power Button, ...

Dell 2239

2 Button PS2 Mouse

Dell 2240E

Card Modem 33.6K 56K INT DATAFAX EUR

Dell 22430


Dell 2243D

System Board ( Motherboard ) w/Aud ...

Dell 2243E

Processor, CPU, 266MHz, 512, ECC1, ...

Dell 2244D

Hard Disk Drive, 17.2GB, IDE

Dell 22456

Control Panel, 4XXSE

Dell 2248U

Card, NIC, PCI, 3COM 3C980C

Dell 22495


Dell 2252T

Kit, 56K/100 BaseT, Combo, RealPort

Dell 22580

Converter Voltage