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Dell Computer Parts - Page 198

Part # Description Price

Dell UD458

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell UD460

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 16X

Dell UD486

Panel, Front, MET, Chassis, TWR, P190

Dell UD490

LAT D620 14.1 WXGA LCD Panel

Dell UD491

Panel, BAFL, PCI, PWS, 49

Dell UD516

Sub Assembly LCD, VAS, 14.1WXGA, GWVA

Dell UD524

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UD525


Dell UD532B

Battery, Primary, 56WH, 6C, LITH, PSNC

Dell UD532

INSP B130/1300 BATT

Dell UD533

Battery, Additional, 29WH, 4C, LIT ...

Dell UD535

Battery, 6-Cell, 56WHr

Dell UD536

MTD, DIM, 9150

Dell UD551

4GB Single Port Fibre PCI-E

Dell UD558

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB, SCSI, U320 ...

Dell UD732

Cord, Power, 220V, 3w/3P, PTR, ISR

Dell UD783

Card, DVI-I, ATI, PCI-E, 256MB, RX6

Dell UD789

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell UD790

Memory Door, Bottom

Dell UD795

Assembly Tray, Paper, 500, 5110CN

Dell UD817

Laser 1600N Scanner

Dell UD825

Assembly Tray, 1, FDR, OPT, 5110CN

Dell UD855

Card, Controller, High VOLT PS, 5100CN

Dell UD993

Right LCD Mounting Bracket, D620


Fan, Cooling


Fan, Cooling, Inspiron 4150

Dell UF002

Card, Wireless, 1490

Dell UF017


Dell UF065

Tray, Paper, OPT, 250-SHET, 1815

Dell UF070

Interposer Board, SAS Drive

Dell UF089

Assembly Switch, ENET, 48-Port, Po ...

Dell UF103

PWA, Power Distribution Board, LVP ...

Dell UF165

Assembly Cover, Back, LCD, 6400

Dell UF167

LCD Display Coax Cable, 15.4, 6400

Dell UF171

LCD Display Latch With Spring, 6400

Dell UF226

SCSI Controller Card

Dell UF284

Keyboard, 82, FR-CAN, S-PTG, 710M

Dell UF290

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UF298

Heatsink, PowerEdge 1955

Dell UF300

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UF321

Kit, Cord, Power, AUTO-AIR, ULD, US

Dell UF345

Power Supply, PFC, DELTA, ULD, 305W-CR

Dell UF366

Adapter, CON, SIP, USB-RJ45, Switc ...

Dell UF414

Assembly Base, BTM, 6KD, MDRT

Dell UF415

PLT, LKG, BAY, Hard Disk Drive, P290

Dell UF418

1.7GHz, 390, Celeron-M, Dothan, 400MHz

Dell UF486

MSI, LWR, 3010CN

Dell UF491

Assembly Switch, 16-Port, SGL, PRG ...

Dell UF597

Base Assembly Latitude 420

Dell UF611

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UF683

Module, Cover, HINGE, Plastic, INS ...

Dell UF781

Switch Box, Network, FC4, BLNK, 50 ...

Dell UF799

Right Top Panel (Incl. 2 Buttons) M200

Dell UF800

Base Top Cover/Enclosure, Mag, M2010

Dell UF804

256MB Graphics Card, 7800 (G70), 9400

Dell UF814

256MB Graphics Card, NVIDIA GeForc ...

Dell UF886


Dell UF888

Optiplex 745 SFF Front I/O Panel Board

Dell UF938

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell UF963

Video Card

Dell UG079

I/O Controller Card, 110V, 3100CN/ ...

Dell UG089

Switch, INTERLOCK, 3110/3115CN

Dell UG096

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UG111

MSMT, E520

Dell UG136

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UG170

FRONT, 3110/3115CN

Dell UG209

PV110T 200GB Internal LTO2-LC Tape ...

Dell UG210

PV110T 200/400GB LTO-2 SCSI LVD HH ...

Dell UG260

Battery, Additional, 6C, Lithium

Dell UG267

Assembly RAIL, Mounting, SL, Switc ...

Dell UG268


Dell UG336

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell UG339

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell UG477

System Board ( Motherboard ) Quad ...

Dell UG481

SVC, Processor, 2.8G, 800, XNPAX

Dell UG484

80GB 7200 RPM 9.5MM Laptop Hard Di ...

Dell UG505

Sub Assembly LCD, VAS, 17WU, M1710EMEA

Dell UG545

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UG634

Power Supply, 550W, (P35

Dell UG679

Battery, 9-Cell, Latitude 630M

Dell UG696

SVC, Cover, BTM, Plastic, NO-WRLES, K2

Dell UG697

Keyboard, SVC, US, B120/B130/1300/120L

Dell UG698

SVC, Suspend Switch, B120/B130/130 ...

Dell UG748

350 Bluetooth Wireless Card

Dell UG775

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UG791


Dell UG795

Filler, Metal, Panel, DRIVE, ROHS

Dell UG856

CORD, Power, 125V, 8M, DAO

Dell UG891

Assembly Fan, 120X38MM, 12V, PWM

Dell UG939

Tape Drive Internal LTO2 HALF HEIG ...

Dell UG971

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UG980


Dell UG982

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell UG989

Hard Disk Drive, 80G, IDE, 9, 72, ...

Dell UH016

Assembly Cable, SATA, MB, Short, ROHS

Dell UH019

Assembly Cable, SATA, RAID, Hard D ...

Dell UH035

PE1855 McDATA4314 FC2 V2 Switch Bo ...

Dell UH041

Cable, FC, LC-SC, 3M

Dell UH042

Assembly Plate, Control Panel, ROHS

Dell UH045

Cable, FC, LC-LC, 3M, Multi, DELL

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell UH046

Cable, FC, LC-LC, 50M, MULTI, DELL

Dell UH103

Assembly Panel, Filler, 3.5 FORM F ...

Dell UH104


Dell UH112

Processor, CPU, Heatsink For Discr ...

Dell UH160


Dell UH178

Cable, LC-LC, DX, FC, 25M

Dell UH179

Assembly CHAS, L5+, PESC440

Dell UH180

Fibre LC-SC DX FC EMC 60M 200FT Cable

Dell UH183

Fibre LC-SC DX FC EMC 100-Metres Cable

Dell UH202

80GB Hard Disk Drive, 5.4K, SATA, 640M

Dell UH208

DIMM, 512MB, 128X72, 240P

Dell UH218

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, D-Series Module

Dell UH231

TRAY, Assembly MSI, Base, 5110CN

Dell UH299

LTO-2 200/400GB Tape Autoloader, S ...

Dell UH300

PowerVault PV124T VS160 Autoloader ...

Dell UH301

LTO-3 400/800GB Tape Autoloader, S ...

Dell UH304

Bracket, Hard Disk Drive, MTG, TANK, 2

Dell UH330

MTD, 9200, UK, NO, ENG, EMEA

Dell UH347

Printer Thermal ROS Assy 5100CN

Dell UH349

5100CN 120V Fuser Assy

Dell UH355

Fuser 120V 3000CN/3100CN

Dell UH475

16X, DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, SATA, ...

Dell UH512


Dell UH520

Kit, Chassis, T2RK, PowerEdge 2800, V2

Dell UH525

48X32, DVD/CD-RW Combo, HLDS, Black

Dell UH531

16X, DVD, HLDS, Black

Dell UH537

16X, DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, Dual ...

Dell UH550

48X, CD, SATA, Black

Dell UH570

19" TFT active matrix LCD display

Dell UH572

Flat Panel, 17, E177FPB, Black, DAO

Dell UH595

WHEEL, OPT, MS, D66-00027

Dell UH635


Dell UH638

PV114T LTO2 PV114T WITH 1 LTO2 Drive.

Dell UH650

Floppy Drive, 1.44M, Black, Chassi ...

Dell UH651

ATI FireGL V7200, 256MB, Dual DVI, ...

Dell UH674

Hard Disk Drive, 80GB, 8T687, D-Se ...

Dell UH700


Dell UH740

System Board ( Motherboard ) XPS-6 ...

Dell UH741

System Board ( Motherboard ) XPS600

Dell UH756

Assembly CAGE, Riser, MND, PCI, D, PS2

Dell UH789

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell UH807

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, EXT, CMS, NB

Dell UH837

KIT, Speaker, 12V, AS501, NMB, Black

Dell UH851


Dell UH852

KIT, Speaker, 120V, Black, AS501PA ...

Dell UH870

Power Supply, 305W, PFC, CELETRON, ULD

Dell UH900

16X, DVD, SATA, Black

Dell UH918

Backplane, 1X10, SCSI, PowerEdge 6 ...

Dell UH920

Backplane, 2X3, PowerEdge 6850

Dell UJ-220


Dell UJ023

Assembly Fan, HSG, 80X25MM, 12V, Black

Dell UJ039

PowerVault, PV114T, 1 X LTO2 LC HH ...

Refurb - $599.95

Dell UJ040

PV110T VS160 PowerVault 114T WITH ...

Dell UJ041

SC1420 Chassis

Dell UJ083

Heatsink, VGA, Notebook, 35W, ZRS

Dell UJ150

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UJ151

400/800GB LTO-3 SCSI LVD Loader Mo ...

Dell UJ152

CHAS, Metal, CM, 9U, ML6000, ROHS

Dell UJ175

Assembly Bracket, Hard Disk Drive, ...

Dell UJ258

Base, MSMT, CPDT, 336, OPTI, 730N

Dell UJ267

Bracket, Metal, Left, ODD, M2010

Dell UJ268

Assembly PNL, FRT, I/O, NAD, MNLD

Dell UJ271

Card, I/O, Disk-Sensor, M2010

Dell UJ338

Cable, Hard Disk Drive, SCSI, 4 DR ...

Dell UJ346

Cable, SATA, TSMT, SC1420

Dell UJ353

Processor, CPU, 80556K, XWC, 5120, ...

Dell UJ358


Dell UJ367

Assembly DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, 8 ...

Dell UJ368

8X Dual Layer, Dual FORMAT 8X DVD+/-RW

Dell UJ371

PowerConnect 5324 Layer 2 24 Pt Gi ...

Dell UJ393

PowerConnect 3424 Switch 24-Pt 10/ ...

Dell UJ394

PowerConnect 6024 L3 Switch 24 Pt ...

Dell UJ395

Assembly Sensor, SIZE, PAPER, W/SPR

Dell UJ432

Assembly Cable, FC, HSSDC2-HSSDC, 2M

Dell UJ433

Assembly Cable, FC, HSSDC2-HSSDC2, 2M

Dell UJ438

Assembly Cable, FC2, HSSDC-HSSDC, 10M

Dell UJ443


Dell UJ451

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive, SATA, Dual ...

Dell UJ460

Enclosure, CHAS, STIL, 3U, EMC, SAN

Dell UJ462

Bezel, KAT, 3U, SAN, EMC

Dell UJ465

System Board ( Motherboard ) 2GB, ...

Refurb - $999.95

Dell UJ469

Processor, CPU, & Heatsink SVC, D620

Dell UJ470

Processor, CPU, & Heatsink SVC, D620

Dell UJ475

Processor, CPU, 1.66GHz, X20, SVC, ...

Dell UJ476

Processor, CPU, 1.66GHz, X20, SVC, ...

Dell UJ494

Power Supply, 670W, SVC, Artesyn

Dell UJ495

Cover, BTM, Plastic, MSLVR, TRTY

Dell UJ500

Assembly Cover, Cable, EXTD, TRTY, 2.0

Dell UJ528

Hard Disk Drive Caddy Assembly 2.0

Dell UJ545

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell UJ564

R/V-Rail 1U Slide PE1950 V2

Dell UJ575

Cable, CNTL, LED, XPS, DZR, Rear

Dell UJ579

PowerConnect 2716 Web-managed Swit ...

Dell UJ599

KIT, CHAS, Switch, 24-Port, 3424P, ...

Dell UJ612

Power Supply, 450W, SC1425

Dell UJ662

PowerConnect 6024 L3 Switch 24 Pt ...

Dell UJ672

146GB 15K U320

Dell UJ673

Hard Disk Drive, 300GB 10K 80-Pin

Dell UJ674

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB, U320, 10K, ...

Dell UJ688

KIT, Power Supply, 470W, RDNT, Pow ...