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Dell Computer Parts - Page 25

Part # Description Price

Dell 2X396

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB, SCSI, U320, ...

Dell 2X411


Dell 2X426

Bracket, Mounting, Plastic, ROMB, ...

Dell 2X441

DIMM, 512MB, PC266, 64X72, 8K, 184 ...

Dell 2X471

Insert, Dummy, PCMCIA, Card, Latit ...

Dell 2X480

CD-RW Optical Drive, 48X

Dell 2X4WJ


Dell 2X513

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, ...

Dell 2X558

DVD-ROM Drive Subassy DVD 17G TSHB ...

Dell 2X563

Hard Disk Drive, 73.4GB, 10K

Dell 2X564

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB

Dell 2X585

Fan/Shroud Assembly For CPUs Less ...

Dell 2X664

Processor, CPU, 80531, 2.2GHz, 128 ...

Dell 2X6C1

Assembly Heatsink, INTEL, DISCRT, 1558

Dell 2X840

APR, D/Port, Inspiron, SWI, EMEA

Dell 2X963


Dell 2X976

Power, 230V, 16A, 2.5M, C19/C20

Dell 2XM3Y

Bezel, LCD, WWAN, Black, MKP, E4200

Dell 2XPW6

Assembly Bracket, LF, LCD, Noteboo ...

Dell 2XTG4

Card, Graphic, AMD, U121A

Dell 2XWK

Processor, CPU, 80526, 500MHz, 256 ...

Dell 2Y054

Power Supply, 250W, OptiPlex GX270 ...

Dell 2Y068

64MB, Video Card, GeForce4, 4200 G ...

Dell 2Y084

256MB, DDR, 333MHz, PC2700, 8K, SODIMM

Dell 2Y107

SATA Hard Disk Drive Data Cable Fo ...

Dell 2Y200

2 Keyboard Extension Cables Cable ...

Dell 2Y203

Kit, Rapid Rail, OptiPlex, KMM, 1U

Dell 2Y221

Heatsink Assy Heatsink RTNR Module 2

Dell 2Y229


Dell 2Y308

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo 24X Latitude

Dell 2Y310

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, ...

Dell 2Y311

DIS, Flat Panel, 17, D, 1703FPS, M ...

Dell 2Y315

17" Flat Panel Monitor with Stand ...

Dell 2Y320

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, Inspi ...

Dell 2Y321

Power Supply, 12V, Dual, w/Blower, ...

Dell 2Y324

Assembly Cover, Chassis, Left, Dim ...

Dell 2Y346

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, 10K, CHTH-V ...

Dell 2Y347

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB, 10K, FC, C ...

Dell 2Y358


Dell 2Y359

SDLT 320, Module Kit, PowerVault P ...

Dell 2Y365

Assembly Carriage, MGT, SDLT, Powe ...

Dell 2Y382

System Board ( Motherboard ) P4

Dell 2Y448

Video Card, AGP, ATI Radeon 9000

Dell 2Y467

Video Card, 64MB, ATI, Inspiron 8200

Dell 2Y507

Kit Rack RPD-Rail 1U NAS CUS

Dell 2Y508

Kit Rack V-Rail 1U 1P-NAS CUS

Dell 2Y509

Kit, Rail, 2 Post, 1U, NAS Storage

Dell 2Y666

Printer, USE/RTN, 5K-TONER, S2500

Dell 2Y668

Printer, REGLR, 5K-TONER, S2500

Dell 2Y669

Printer, REGLR, 10K-TONER, S2500

Dell 2Y699

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2Y710

Mounting, Plastic

Dell 2Y737

Hard Disk Drive, 250GB, IDE, 5.4K, ...

Dell 2Y744

LTO-1 Module Kit, PowerVault PV132T

Dell 2Y823

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2Y827

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2Y832

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dimen ...

Dell 2Y833

32MB Video Card, GeForce4 4200 Go ...

Dell 2Y884

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 2Y988

Keyboard, Sunrex 84, Blade 2

Dell 2YKK9


Dell 2YVP1

Card, Graphic, HD, 4870, XT, MXM, CBL

Dell 2Z24D


Dell 3-01427-02

160/320GB SDLT LVD SCSI Loader w/ ...

Dell 3-01898-01

PV132T Rev.A with Cable Board Assy

Dell 3-01903-01

PV132T Library Control Picker Assy

Dell 30-60085-18

35GB/70GB, Ext., Ultra2 Wide, Powe ...

Dell 30-80008-32

SDLT 320GB SCSI Tape Drive

Dell 30006

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 300080801

20/40GB, DLT, Library Ready Drive, ...

Dell 3000RMT3U

APC Smart-UPS 3000 Power Supply Kit

Dell 3001P

IC, PAL, 16V8B, 7NS, PLCC20

Dell 3002E

Speaker, 0.6W, 23M, Right, Noteboo ...

Dell 3002U

Cover Cover BK LCD 15.0+ I750

Dell 3007WFPQSG


Dell 300MX

Shroud, FCPGA, M/MT, GX100/110

Dell 300YV

Adapter, Wireless LAN, Aironet PCO ...

Dell 30103201

200/400GB LTO-2 SCSI LVD Loader Mo ...

Dell 30103202

200/400GB LTO-2 SCSI LVD Loader Mo ...

Dell 30103203

200/400GB LTO-2 SCSI LVD Loader Mo ...

Dell 30103204

200/400GB Ultrium LTO-2 SCSI LVD L ...

Dell 30105

PWA, Riser, 8 EISA/2 PCI, XE, 1.0

Dell 30106

PCBA, PKB, 14.4(2), Sound/Modem

Dell 3010P

Assembly Display, Cover, Top, Logo ...

Dell 30142701

160/320GB SDLT 320 SCSI LVD Loader ...

Dell 3016C

17G, 2X/20X Internal, DVDROM

Dell 3018R

Cover, Bottom, Assembly Latitude CSX H

Dell 301KK

Tape Drive Tape Backup 10 20G F5 H ...

Dell 3022E

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 3023C

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell 3023D

Kit, Card, Ethernet, 3C574-TX

Dell 3029C

Battery, Lithium, Inspiron 7000

Dell 302TR

LCD Display Screen, 14.1, CPX

Dell 302TV

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 3034T

Service, LCD Cover, Top, Mag Alloy

Dell 3036D

Card, Interface, IR, Inspiron 3500

Dell 30377

Power Supply, 100W, SDT, 5V SW

Dell 303ED

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 303F6

Adapter, AC, 75W, WISTRON, CHICONY, 3P

Dell 3042D

Carrier, Hard Disk Drive Bracket, ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 3043E

Cover, Back, 15 LCD, Inspiron 7000

Dell 30445

Operator Panel

Dell 3044D

Channel Extender, 2935D

Dell 30456


Dell 304KM

ZIP Drive RMS 100M IOM I75K

Dell 304MM

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell 30522

512K Cache, OptiPlex 4/50LE

Dell 3052D

Bracket, Metal, Left, 13.3, I3500, LG

Dell 3054D

Docking Station

Dell 3056D

Processor, CPU, SVC, 233MHz, MDES, B0

Dell 3062D

Palmrest Assembly Inspiron 3500

Dell 306451-011

Card, NIC, Ethernet

Dell 3065E

Board, SCSI Controller, PowerVault ...

Dell 3068P

Card, Planar, VXXX, Sound/Video, Rev 2

Dell 306CY

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 6X, S, 303S ...

Dell 306EM

Heatsink/Fan Assembly GX110

Dell 3078D


Dell 3078P

Slot Holder, PowerEdge 6300/6350

Dell 30802

Hard Disk Drive 320M I F3 HH NN WD

Dell 3081T

Flex Cable, Video, Samsung, 12 LCD ...

Dell 3084D

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 32X, 5.25, ...

Dell 308HW

Cable, SCSI, 68P, 18in

Dell 308JF

Panel, Filler, F5, OPPLX, MG

Dell 30993

Cord, Power, A/C, PowerEdge 6100

Dell 3099D

Cable Cable SC DPLX FC 25M 50 125 PLM

Dell 309DW

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 LCD Bezel

Dell 30AWG


Dell 30CYK

Processor, CPU, 600MHz, Celeron

Dell 30DMT

12/24, Int., DDS3 Tape Drive, Blac ...

Dell 30DMU

LCD Display Screen, 14.1"

Dell 30DPE


Dell 30DVX

SVC, Flip Chip CPU, 933 SFF, L, Op ...

Dell 30DWM

CD-RW Optical Drive, 680M, IDE, 5. ...

Dell 30FJG

Service, HSG, Top, CSX, Sharp

Dell 30GKN

PWA, Interface Board, PowerEdge 1750

Dell 30HFM

Card (Circuit), Controller, PERC3, ...

Dell 30JXN

Keyboard 105 6P FR SLTEK RD SB

Dell 30KMY

Cable, Power, SER-Fan, PE2500

Dell 30KRX

Fan, 5V

Dell 30KWK

Keyboard 105 6P POL NMB MG

Dell 30L6134

16/4 Token Ring

Dell 30L6135

Adapter, PCI, WOL, 2 Token-Ring

Dell 30MDT

12/24GB, DDS3 Tape Drive, HH, Int. ...

Dell 30MFV

Card SI Card Intel PILA 4.20.3375

Dell 30NRN

LATCPI 24X CD-ROM Optical Drive Assy

Dell 30NYY

3.5 Bracket Assy For 5.25 Bay Black

Dell 30PVF

Kit, Rack Mounting, MET, CMA, 1U, KMM

Dell 30RYP

Drive Assy Subassy CD LS120 32X TS ...

Dell 30TFW

Assembly Palmrest, Latitude C600

Dell 30TGK

Kit Modem V.90 D F V UK NZE RS2

Dell 30TTY

Fan, Sunon, DC, 5V

Dell 30UTE

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB 9.5MM IBM 15K

Dell 30VDJ

Keyboard, 105, External, Spanish/L ...

Dell 30VNH

Assembly Cable, LVDS, 18.5, 19, 320

Dell 30YRR

SCSI External TO I/O Board Cable

Dell 310-0018

Mouse LOGITEC 91289

Dell 310-0039

Keyboard, 104

Dell 310-0203

Rack Mount Keyboard Drawer, Black, ...

Dell 310-0229

Cable, Floppy, Latitude C Series

Dell 310-0278


Dell 310-0513

Kit, Rapid Rail, PowerEdge 6450

Dell 310-0517

Kit, Tower To Rack, PowerEdge 4300 ...

Dell 310-0579

1263U Rack Shelf, 4-post Rack

Dell 310-0604

Power Supply, PowerEdge 2450/2550

Dell 310-0762


Dell 310-0834

91PJX PowerVault 220S, 224F, 660F ...

New - $179.95
Refurb - $129.95

Dell 310-0949

Media Base w/FDD, X200

Dell 310-1093

A/C Adapter, Latitude C640/C840

Dell 310-1368

PowerVault 2XXS, 22XS, 224F, 660F ...

Dell 310-1461

A/C Adapter, Ext., 20V, 90W

Dell 310-1471

Kit, Rapid Rail, PowerEdge 650/165 ...

Dell 310-1472

650 1650 1750 Versa Rail Kit

Dell 310-1485

Power Supply, 500W, RDNT, PowerEdg ...

New - $99.95
Refurb - $49.95

Dell 310-1526

Keyboard, 104

Dell 310-1695


Dell 310-1747

Power Supply, 500W Power Supply

Dell 310-1748

Kit, Rapid Rail, PowerEdge 2450/25 ...

Dell 310-1767

PowerEdge 4600 tower to Rack Conve ...

Dell 310-1782

Splitter, Power Cord, 2 Way

Dell 310-1843

6650 Rapid Rail Kit

Dell 310-1900

PS/2 Scroll Mouse Black

Dell 310-1936

Mouse, 2 Button, Wheel

Dell 310-2660

LAT D600 65W AC Adapter w/ Power

Dell 310-2682

Key Pad, Numeric, Ext., Latitude C ...

Dell 310-2760

Kit, Tower To Rackmount Conversion ...

Dell 310-2784

Rail Kit, PowerVault 132T Kit - 4U ...

Dell 310-2797

Rail Kit, PowerEdge 2600 Kit - 5U for

Dell 310-2819

Power Supply, 730W, PowerEdge 2600

Dell 310-2860

A/C Adapter, Latitude D400/500/600 ...

Dell 310-2862

A/C Adapter, Latitude D500/D600/D800

Dell 310-2873

Kit, D-Docking Station

Dell 310-2874

Kit, D Advanced Port Replicator

Dell 310-2875

Port Replicator

Dell 310-2880

D/Monitor Stand, Latitude D Series

Dell 310-2940

Axim X5, Handhelds, USB, Cradle

Dell 310-3110


Dell 310-3149

A/C Adapter, 19.5V

Dell 310-3191

c600 6ft Power Cord

Dell 310-3399

A/C Adapter, Inspiron 1150/8500/8600

Dell 310-3829

Kit, Burlwood, QuickSnap, Inspiron ...