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Dell Computer Parts - Page 44

Part # Description Price

Dell 5211C

Floppy Drive FD 1.44M F3 NC 2MD TE ...

Dell 52122

Bezle, Rear, 1.0, HM

Dell 52151

Heatsink Assy Heatsink EMI CLP

Dell 5216R

Top Cover, Latitude, CPIA

Dell 521VV

SubAssembly PRM, 800, SLT1, CU, B0

Dell 5228D

LT266T CD-ROM Optical Drive PCMCIA ...

Dell 522HD

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 8X, Side-Ba ...

Dell 52327

Processor, CPU, GsL/M(+) 5133

Dell 52328

Processor, CPU, GsL/M(+) 5166

Dell 52329

Processor, CPU, GsL/M(+) 5200

Dell 5233C

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, PowerEdge 6400

Dell 5238C

Keyboard 88 TURKEY CP

Dell 523DD

Card, Riser, PowerEdge 2550

Dell 5241T

Cable, Video SCSI To VGA, 4-Way

Dell 5242D

Cable, FLEX, FD, Notebook, I3500

Dell 5243C

Japanese 88 17000 Black Notebook K ...

Dell 52471

Processor IC 8050366 200MHz PPGA296

Dell 52472

Processor IC 8050366 166MHz PPGA296

Dell 5248P

Speaker Assy SPKR 41X77MM OVAL RBT

Dell 5249U

Cable Adapter CPLR RJ-11 Modem AZT AUT

Dell 524JY

Clamp, FPC, LCD, A/B Connector, La ...

Dell 5251U

Processor Subassy PRM 80525 600 KM ...

Dell 52523

Assembly Power Supply Mounting

Dell 52525

Cable, SCSI

Dell 52526

Cable Cable DATA 68P INT S HL

Dell 52527

Cable, SCSI, 50P

Dell 5252P

Cable Cord Power 220V 6F AC 3W 3P SWI

Dell 52557

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 52558

Fan, Lower Assembly

Dell 52568


Dell 52573

LCD/Inverter, TFT, Samsung, Latitu ...

Dell 52577

Latch, Display, TFT, LXPiCD

Dell 52581

Keyboard, Latitude LXPICD/150

Dell 52585

Keyboard w/Palmrest Assembly

Dell 52587

Assembly TRackball/Switch, LXPiCD

Dell 5258D

Assembly Rail, Chassis, Right, FD, ...

Dell 5258

Base, Notebook, LXP-P90D, US, EMF, ...

Dell 52590

Assembly FD, LXPiCD

Dell 52592

Assembly CD, LXPiCD

Dell 52599

Card, CPU, LMP100, V.4A

Dell 525HE

Assembly 32 Slot Memory Card, Powe ...

Dell 52601

Processor, CPU, 133MHz, Latitude L ...

Dell 52603

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 52616

Power Supply, 700W, Hot-Swap, Powe ...

Dell 5263D

Power Supply, 200W

Dell 5264C

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 5264E

Kit Modem ACC 56.6 INT PCI AUT

Dell 5264P

LCD Display Screen, TFT, 14.1, CRN ...

Dell 52664

Hard Disk Drive, 1GB, 3.5, WDAC1100

Dell 5266P


Dell 52673

Hard Disk Drive, 2.1GB, 3.5, IDE

Dell 52674

Hard Disk Drive 3.2GB I F3 1IN NN ...

Dell 5267R

SI, CBL, TR, PCI, IBM, 34L, 76H7254

Dell 52680

Card, Serial Accelerator, Tape Dri ...

Dell 526CR


Dell 52701

Card, PWA, Service Management, ISA

Dell 5271X

Hard Disk Drive, 18GB, 3.5, 7.2K, ...

Dell 5277P

Kit, Power Cable, RDNT, PowerEdge 4300

Dell 52788

Card, 33.6K, D/F, Ethernet, RJ45, ...

Dell 5280U

Modem, 56K, Int., PCI

Dell 5285

PWA Cache, 512K, PBURST

Dell 52868

Cable, Int/Ext, PowerEdge 4100

Dell 52895

Modem, 28.8, PCMCIA, CC4288

Dell 528UG

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB

Dell 528UU

56K Fax/Modem

Dell 5290E

PWA, Daughterboard, PowerEdge 2450

Dell 5290R

PWA, Distribution Backplane Board, ...

Dell 5294R

Latitude PA6/PDX Docking Station

Dell 52964

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, MPF920-F, XP ...

Dell 5298P

Keyboard, 104, 122940-001

Dell 52DRY

Modem, V.90 D/F/V

Dell 52EEC

Modem, 56K

Dell 52EVD

Mouse, 3 Button, Midnight Gray

Dell 52GCV

Top Cover, 12.1

Dell 52GGP


Dell 52H9V

Assembly CBL, SATA, Hard Disk Driv ...

Dell 52HHP

Bezel Assembly 1U PAW10

Dell 52JRF

Kit, Cable, Power, PowerEdge 2500

Dell 52JXN

Bracket, Heatsink, HI-Power

Dell 52MTX

Assembly Cable, Control, Panel, 15 ...

Dell 52N64

Assembly HD, 120G, 54K, FFS, TSHBA ...

Dell 52PNW

Keyboard, GX110

Dell 52R7F

Assembly Base, SP9400, DTP, Black, MKP

Dell 52RKX

Black Slim-Line Floppy Drive

Dell 52RTG

Processor, CPU, 80528, 1.6GHz, 0K, ...

Dell 52TKD

Bezel, LCD, Latitude CPI A

Dell 52TPH

Card Reader, Adapter, PCI, Lucent ...

Dell 52UUT

3COM, 56K+10/100, Mini-PCI, Int., ...

Dell 52VDD


Dell 52VXJ

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 52XTU

Fan, 60X20MM, 12V, Hi Speed

Dell 5300D

Bracket, LCD, 12.1, Left, Latitude ...

Dell 5300T

Hard Disk Drive, 13.6GB, IDE

Dell 5302T

Hard Disk Drive, 20.4GB, IDE, 3.5, ...

Dell 5302U

Processor, CPU, 80524, 533MHz, 128 ...

Dell 53071

Removable Media Storage, 100MB, ZI ...

Dell 53084

LCD Display Screen, 12.1

Dell 53086

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 53093

Docking Station w/Ethernet

Dell 5310C

Hard Disk Drive, 3.2GB, I, F2, 9.5 ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 53120


Dell 5312D

Zip Drive, 100MB, 12.7

Dell 5316U

Front Bezel Cover, PowerEdge 4400, ...

Dell 5316

Adapter, AC, EXT, 18.5V, 70W, NBK

Dell 5317R

Floppy, 1.44MB, OptiPlex GX1

Dell 5317U

LCD Display UNIT, SVC LCD TFT 13.3 ...

Dell 53181

Latitude C Port II

Dell 531JU

Assembly Chassis, 6.0, Prepped, PFC HL

Dell 5320U

LCD Display Screen, 15 Color Panel

Dell 532GD

Card, Adapter, 39160, PCI/S, U160

Dell 532TH

Modem, Global, 56K, V.90, PCMCIA, ...

Dell 5330V

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, 3.5, NEC, In ...

Dell 5331D

Shroud, SPRT, DS2P, P6300/P430

Dell 5335T

System Board ( Motherboard ) w/Aud ...

Dell 5338E

Processor, CPU, 500MHz, PIII

Dell 5339C


Dell 5340P

Bezel, Back, Input/Output, Small F ...

Dell 5342R

Cable Assembly Round, 8C, 30G, 5S, 2M

Dell 5345A

Card, Riser, 2 PCI / 2 ISA, OptiPl ...

Dell 53495

Floppy Drive, OptiPlex GX Pro

Dell 534996-001


Dell 534JV

CD-RW Optical Drive SI EMEA SCSI ID 4

Dell 534JY

Voltage Regulator Module (VRM), Po ...

Dell 53510

Fan Assembly 120X38MM, P6100

Dell 53515

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB, 80P, SCSI

Dell 5352D

Inspiron 3500 24x CD-ROM Optical Drive

Dell 5353C

Cable, Data, 50P, S, Narrow

Dell 5353E

Assembly Battery, Main, 60W, Lithi ...

Dell 53543

Control Panel, PowerEdge 4100

Dell 53598

Cable, SCSI, 50P, 4DR, Int, PowerE ...

Dell 53599

Cable, SCSI Backplane, PowerEdge 6100

Dell 5359P

128MB, PC100

Dell 535FY

CDD/FDD Interposer Board, PowerEdg ...

New - $39.95
Refurb - $29.95

Dell 535TT

Board, Power Backplane, PowerEdge 6450

Dell 53601

Cable, PowerEdge

Dell 53602

Cable, Signal, PowerEdge

Dell 5361T

SVC, CPU Module, PIII 500MHz, SECC ...

Dell 5363E

PLT, Mounting, Keyboard-LCD, ENCL, ...

Dell 53650

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, NEC FD1231H

Dell 53651

Floppy Drive, OptiPlex GS, Silver

Dell 5365R

Processor, CPU, 500MHz, PIII, A2, CSXH

Dell 5365T

Processor, CPU, 600MHz, PIII, Copp ...

Dell 536CH

Ext Floppy Case

Dell 536CR

DVD-ROM Drive Assy DVD 6X I YSHBA I350

Dell 536EH

Module Sleeve (aka Doghouse

Dell 536MW

SVC, LCD, 15 XGA, Inspiron 7500

Dell 53706

Base, PoweredG6100, 200/512K, RDNT

Dell 5370U

DIMM, 128MB, Latitude CPX/CPTV/C

Dell 53715


Dell 53734

Cable, PowerEdge

Dell 53748


Dell 537645-001

LCD panel back cover assembly

Dell 537653-001

LCD panel back cover assembly

Dell 5376U

Card, Network Adapter, PCI, 3COM, HPNA

Dell 5378C

Speaker Kit SPKR MM HRMNK EUR 230V 50H

Dell 537JN

SVC, CPU Module, 533M, 512, Katmai ...

Dell 5380R

Assy Card LENS Cable IR STW I3K

Dell 53811

15/30GB, DLT2000XT, NC, Int.

Dell 53823

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 53824

Subassy PLN 5200 PoweredG4100

Dell 5382T

Power Supply, 110W

Dell 5384D

LCD Display UNIT Assy LCD TFT 12.1 ...

Dell 53865

Cable, PowerEdge, SDS 100

Dell 53867

Hard Disk Drive, 3.8GB

Dell 53889

Keyboard PN 86 ITL ALPS LXPi+

Dell 5388P

Fan, CPU, 5V

Dell 5389D

Card, Network, Ethernet, 3Com, WOL

Dell 5389E

Processor, CPU, 400MHz, PII, PowerEdge

Dell 5389W


Dell 538JC

Assembly Shroud, Fan, PowerEdge 2450

Dell 53920

Cable, PowerEdge 6100

Dell 53930

Bottom Cover

Dell 53931


Dell 53932

Assembly Bezel, LCD, SVGA, 12.1, L ...

Dell 53933

Cover, Top, 12.1, LCD, Latitude CP

Dell 53938

Docking Port, Back Cover, Latitud ...

Dell 5393T

Modem, Network, Xircom, V2, Inspiron

Dell 53943

Bezel, CD, 20X, CP

Dell 53945

FD Plastic Bottom

Dell 53949

Switch, Power, Plastic

Dell 5394C

Card, SCSI Controller, PowerEdge

Dell 53950

Latitude C Series Travel Module/Ba ...

Dell 53951

Cover, Rear, LCD, Latitude CP Series

Dell 53952

Bezel, LCD, Latitude C600

Dell 53954

Switch, Suspend, Management, Displ ...

Dell 5395P

128MB, 100MHz DIMM, Internal

Dell 53965

M2.6X5, PHH, LP, BCS

Dell 53969

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 5396P

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 5396


Dell 53972

Harness, Cable, 12.1, LCD, Latitude CP

Dell 53974


Dell 53975

Cable, Ext. Floppy Drive, Latitude ...

Dell 53977

Battery, 14.4V, 8 Cell, Lithium

Dell 53978

LCD Display Screen, 12.1, SVGA, La ...

Dell 53979

LCD Display Screen, 12.1 Panel

Dell 5398


Dell 53997

Battery, 14.8V, 8 Cell, Lithium

Dell 5399R


Dell 53CFY

Hard Disk Drive, 30GB, 12.5MM, IBM, 17