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Dell Computer Parts - Page 46

Part # Description Price

Dell 55517

Cable Kit Cable FD INT EXT I3000 US

Dell 55519

CD-ROM Optical Drive Assy CD 680M ...

Dell 55520

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 55522

A/C Adapter, Ext., 19V, 45W

Dell 5552C

Iomega 100MB Int., IDE ZIP Drive

Dell 5554P

Processor, CPU, 300MHz, PII, Latit ...

Dell 5554T

Power Supply, 145W, 3V, 20+6P, 1.2 ...

Dell 5555P

Keyboard 87 US INT CRNA EMEA

Dell 5555R

Processor, CPU, 550MHz, PIII, 512K ...

Dell 5556D

Advanced Port Replicator

Dell 5558T

Card, Graphic, 32MB, 4X, V770D, ULTR

Dell 5560D

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 5564X

Service, Assembly Palmrest, Inspir ...

Dell 55666


Dell 55667


Dell 55669

Bracket, MBD, Mounting

Dell 55692

Processor, CPU, Terminator Card

Dell 5570T

Hard Disk Drive, 6.4GB, 3.5, IDE

Dell 55717

20X CD-ROM Optical Drive

Dell 55718

Latitude CP Series Video Card

Dell 55719

Inverter Board, Latitude CP XT, LCD

Dell 55720

Harness, LCD, Latitude CPI

Dell 5572D

Assembly Heatsink, Foldfin, OLGA, ...

Dell 5574C

DLT7000 HVD, PowerVault PV120T

Dell 5578D


Dell 5578P

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, U3, 10K

Dell 55797

Card, 16/4, Token-Ring, ISA, 72H34 ...

Dell 5579T

Assembly Cable, HK595, FS, OEM

Dell 55803

Cable, Flex, Floppy, 34P

Dell 55817

Cable, Primary, Data, 40P, EIDE, S ...

Dell 55818


Dell 55819

Cable Cable DATA 40P INT EIDE HL

Dell 5581R

Assembly Cable, 50P, S, NAR, BNDL, EOM

Dell 55820

Floppy Drive Cable Single Connection

Dell 55857

Planar, LXPiCD, M133ST, WB, 0M

Dell 55868

Processor, CPU, 233MHz, PII

Dell 55879

PowerVault 51F Fan Tray 60-0210001 ...

Dell 5588C

Processor, CPU, 400MHz, Xeon, 512

Dell 55898

Cable Cable DATA 68P 3 DROP UW TERM

Dell 5589D

Bezel, 14.1, LCD, Inspiron 7000

Dell 5591D

Kit, Rail, LF/RT Side, 2U Tray

Dell 5591T

Power Supply Kit UPS 3000 230V RKM ...

Dell 5592C

Kit, SVC RSR ACTV Power Supply GN ...

Dell 5594C

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, LVD, SCSI2

Dell 5595U


Dell 55974

Card (Circuit), Video, 4MB, MIL2

Dell 55975

Card (Circuit), Video, 8MB, MIL2

Dell 5597C

Carrier, Hard Disk Drive, REM, Kin ...

Dell 55981

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB, 68P, 3.5, ...

Dell 55990


Dell 5599D

Cable, Power Supply

Dell 5599R

Assembly Fan, PowerEdge 6300/6400

Dell 559CN

Keyboard 88 POR L2 EMEA

Dell 559EF

Plastic Cable Clip - Set of 6

Dell 559PP

Panel Filler PNL F5 EVT MG

Dell 55DJJ

CD-RW Optical Drive, 32X, Dark Grey

Dell 55DYP

LCD Display Storm Grey H20 Inserts ...

Dell 55FHK

Palmrest Without Touchpad, Inspiro ...

Dell 55FKV

Controller Card, SCSI, I/O, Manage ...

Dell 55FRH

Assembly Top Cover, LCD

Dell 55FTE

Bezel, LCD, Inspiron 5000E

Dell 55FXX

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell 55GNN

ST2010Black 20-inch Hard Disk Driv ...

Dell 55GXD

Bezel, 12.1 LCD

Dell 55HHP

Intel Pro1000F Fibre Channel PCI Card

Dell 55KUU

Filler Bay, PowerEdge 2450/4350/6350

Dell 55MFN

Processor, CPU, PIII, 500MHz, UGA, ...

Dell 55MGJ

Kit Modem V.90 DFV NOR FIN RS3

Dell 55NXW

Processor, CPU, 80541, 800MHz, 2M, ...

Dell 55PJJ

Card SI EU319 Card ISDN

Dell 55RPP

Processor, CPU, 800MHz, PIII

Dell 55VJT

LCD Display Screen, w/Inverter, 14 ...

Dell 55WWY

Service, LCD Panel, 12.1 TFT, LS I ...

Dell 55XCT

Processor, CPU, 850MHz, PIII, SVC, C0

Dell 55XUC

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB, IDE

Dell 55YNY

Daughter Card w/ Battery 0mem, PER ...

Dell 55YWW

SVC, CPU Module, 550MHz, 512, Katm ...

Dell 55YXT

Botton Cover (Peanut), Including B ...

Dell 56.T33V1.001

Digitizer B141XG08

Dell 560-2625

Rail Kit, E220/420/280R

Dell 5600T

Processor, CPU, 433MHz, Celeron

Dell 56015

Modem, 33.6K, ISA, US Robotics SPo ...

Dell 56016

Power Supply, 145W, (P73

Dell 56028

Modem, 33.6/56K, Voice Accessory

Dell 5605U

Assembly Intrusion Switch, NC, 12in.

Dell 5606D

Modem/Card, Ethernet, 56K, RealPor ...

Dell 5608D

Palmrest Assembly

Dell 56092

Processor, CPU, SVC, 266MHz, 512K, ...

Dell 560MP

Adapter Kit HUB Network WRLES LUCE ...

Dell 560NY

DIMM, 2GB, 1333MHZ, 256X64, 8K, 204

Dell 560YE

Bezel, Assembly

Dell 5610CUSR


Dell 5612D

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3G I 9.5 IBM 17K

Dell 5613D

Assembly Gasket, Dimension, With O ...

Dell 56169

Card, 8226, I/O, Serial, BOCA

Dell 5616C

PWB, PLN, P6350/4350, Fan, Assy

Dell 561VH

Video Card, 64MB DDR, NVIDIA (NV10

Dell 561VV

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB

Dell 5620P

Heatsink, Inspiron 3500

Dell 56212

Hard Disk Drive, 5.1GB, w/Case

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 5623T

Card, Network, Etherlink, 10/100, ...

Dell 5624

Cover Cover PoweredG SDS10

Dell 56298

Card, Intel Pro 100B

Dell 5631C

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, 3.5, SCSI- ...

Dell 5631D

64MB, ECC, PowerEdge 6350

Dell 5631U


Dell 5631Y

Carrier, Metal, Hard Disk Drive, 1U

Dell 5632D

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 5633

Bulkhead, CON, Power Supply, SDS100

Dell 56366

Port Replicator

Dell 56368

Inspiron 3000, Port Replicator

Dell 5636T

Card, Network, 10/100

Dell 56382

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dual ...

Dell 56383

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell 563YW

CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, Int.

Dell 5640E

Hinge, RT, LCD, 14.1, CRNA

Dell 5643R

Power Supply, 400W, PowerVault

Dell 56490


Dell 56496

NVIDIA Riva, 128MB, AGP, Video Card

Dell 5649C

H/S Tray, PowerEdge 2300/2400/2450 ...

Dell 56505

Video Card, 8MB, AGP, Matrox Mille ...

Dell 56524

Door, Plastic, Bottom, RAM, Inspir ...

Dell 56529

Metal, LCD, 13.3", Notebook, I3000

Dell 56534

A/C Adapter

Dell 56535

Battery, 14.4V, 2700mAh, Inspiron

Dell 56536

Battery, Li-ion, 14.4V, 2700mAh, 2 ...

Dell 56538

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, Inspiron 3000

Dell 5655P

Keyboard, 88, GER, D-PTG, EMEA

Dell 56580

System Board ( Motherboard ) Quad ...

Dell 56584

PWA, Memory Board, 4GB, PowerEdge 6300

Dell 56587

ASSY DWG, MEM Card, 4GB, P6300

Dell 5658T

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB, 3.5, 520, F ...

Dell 5658

Tape, THRML, VIA PLT Assembly LXPI

Dell 56592

Card, Terminator, PowerEdge 6300

Dell 56593

Terminator Board

Dell 565RJ

Assembly PRM, SRV, 667M, 256K, P4400

Dell 5662C

Card, NIC, TR, PCI, IBM, 85H3410

Dell 56659

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 56669

Hard Disk Drive, 8.4GB, F3

Dell 56678

Modem, 33.6/56K, Internal

Dell 5667A

10 Display

Dell 56680

PWA, Riser, 3 PCI / 2 ISA, P6, 3.3V

Dell 56689

Sub Assembly Cover, Bottom, Plasti ...

Dell 56697

Hinge, Plastic, Cover, LF/Right, N ...

Dell 56699

Palmrest, Touchpad Assembly

Dell 566CV

Processor, CPU, 700MHz, PIII, w/He ...

Dell 566DH

Kit Modem V.90 D F V DIM BEL RS3

Dell 566J9

Assembly Heatsink, Notebook, UMA, ...

Dell 56703

Adapter, Module, C-Dock Expansion ...

Dell 56710

Cover, Back, 12.1, w/Latch, Inspir ...

Dell 56711

Cover, Back, 13.3. LCD, Inspiron 3000

Dell 56712

Front Bezel, 12 LCD, Inspiron 3000

Dell 56713

Bezel BZL Plastic LCD 13.3 I3000 IBM

Dell 5674C

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 5677T

20GB, F5, HH, S, Tape Backup Unit, ...

Dell 56808

Modem, 33.6, Int. PCMCIA, PC X2, C ...

Dell 56817

Base, Notebook, CP133, TFT, SPN

Dell 5684C


Dell 5685

TB, QIC-80, F3, HH, DMT, WHT

Dell 5691T

Cable, 12.1 LCD, 4579U

Dell 5692C

Hard Disk Drive, 2.1GB, 9.5MM, IBM, CP

Dell 5693R

Card, Hot-Plug Riser, PCI, PowerEd ...

Dell 5695W

External US, USB Keyboard, 104, MG

Dell 5698P

Bezel Assy BZL Plastic PV740N

Dell 56CTN

Kit, Key, MA, 2, Clarion

Dell 56FHK

Assembly Bezel, 12.1, Blue, Inspir ...

Dell 56FUT

Hard Disk Drive, 6.4GB, IDE

Dell 56IVV

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB

Dell 56JJP

Kit Modem V.90 D F V DIM BEL RS

Dell 56JNN

Processor, CPU, 733MHz, PIII Xeon, ...

Dell 56JVM

Base, Bottom, Latitude CSR

Dell 56JVW

Bottom Base

Dell 56KDY

Nidec TA600DC Fan

Dell 56RHG

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell 56RWX

Battery, Lithium, Main, Latitude LS

Dell 56UXR

Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5, Mode Lev ...

Dell 57007

Kit, Speaker, ACS90, AMF

Dell 57042

Cable Assembly Data, 68P, Int., LV ...

Dell 57061

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 57070

Card, 2 PCMCIA, HH, 3.5, Precision ...

Dell 57079

Cable, 12.1 LCD, Latitude CPI/CP

Dell 57081

SubAssembly Cable Holder

Dell 57082

SubAssembly Cable/Holder, TFT Sharp

Dell 57083

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 57086

A/C Adapter

Dell 5708C

Cable, FLEX, LCD, 13.3, I7000, LG

Dell 57092

Hard Disk Drive, 2.1GB, PRGM

Dell 5709T

LAT LS 128MB DIMM Module

Dell 57102

Processor, CPU, IC PROM 3COM 3C90X ...

Dell 57110

System Board ( Motherboard ) Preci ...

Dell 5721T

Cage, 1X2 Hard Disk Drive Bay

Dell 5723T

Bracket Assy Bracket BAY Hard Disk ...

Dell 5727D

PWA, Board, PC/8 ISA

Dell 572ED

Power Supply, 120/230, LCD, COMPAL

Dell 5730E


Dell 5731C

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, FC, 7.2K, ...

Dell 5732D

Cover, Plastic, RJ11, Notebook, I3500

Dell 5733R

Assembly Cable, Drop, 1 Cables, AT ...

Dell 57394

Assembly IC, CPU, 350MHz, w/Heatsi ...

Dell 57395

Assembly IC, CPU, 400MHz, w/Heatsi ...