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Dell Computer Parts - Page 68

Part # Description Price

Dell 8188D

Processor, CPU, 450MHz, HM, 80525, ...

Dell 8188W

Keyboard, 87

Dell 818FW

Palmrest Assembly Latitude C810

Dell 819035-1

DIMM, 256MB, PC133, PowerEdge

Dell 8194U

Assembly Cable, HSSDC to HSSDB

Dell 81981

System Board ( Motherboard ) LXPi, ...

Dell 81982

System Board ( Motherboard ) LXPi, ...

Dell 81990

Latch, Display, CSTN, LXPi+

Dell 81992

Video Card, PCI, MGA-MIL/4/Matrox3

Dell 81993

Assy Display F/LATTITUDE

Dell 81996

Board Audio/Speaker Latitude XPI

Dell 81997

SubAssembly Floppy Drive, F3, LXPi+

Dell 819DW

Processor, CPU PA100 650MHz CUMINE 1

Dell 81CYE

Card SI Card OCE DP1Board Version1

Dell 81GDR

System Board ( Motherboard ) N/Aud ...

Dell 81HKY

Hard Disk Drive, 13GB, I, F3, Seagate

Dell 81JWY

Hard Disk Drive, 32GB, 12.5mm

Dell 81MJT


Dell 81NVU

Voltage Regulator Module (VRM), Po ...

Dell 81TDF

Assembly Bottom Base, L2

Dell 81TXF

DVD-ROM/LS120, Combo Drive, Inspir ...

Dell 81UEM


Dell 81VFU

Keyboard, PS/2, 84, 6P, TRackball, ...

Dell 81WHH

Controller Card, PERC II, DC, 64Bi ...

Dell 81WJE

Processor, CPU, 700MHz, PIII Xeon, ...

Dell 81WVK

Processor, CPU, Flip Chip, SVC, 53 ...

Dell 81WWG

System Board ( Motherboard ) 700MH ...

Dell 81WXV

Processor, CPU, 866MHz, PIII, w/He ...

Dell 81WYR

Video Card, 32MB, HMGA2-D NVIDIA, ...

Dell 81YRR

LCD Display Screen, TFT, SVGA, 12. ...

Dell 81YYR

LCD Display Screen, 12.1 SVGA, w/I ...

Dell 82018

Processor, CPU, 8050266, 200MHz, S ...

Dell 8203P

Processor, CPU, 400MHz 128K L G1

Dell 8203T

Cable Cable Assy DATA SER PRT CON

Dell 82052

Bezel, Plastic, Hard Disk Drive, LMP

Dell 82069

Processor, CPU, 300 512 OPTI ECC HL

Dell 8206W

Assembly PWA, I/O, RT, M15X

Dell 82070

Processor, CPU, 300 512 ECC HM HTRP

Dell 8207C

System Board ( Motherboard ) PII, ...

Dell 82091

Bracket, Stop, Power Supply, MiniTower

Dell 820MX

Floppy, 1.44MB, PowerEdge 1400SC

Dell 820NK

Hard Disk Drive, 30GB, IDE

Dell 820XY

Bezel, Top, LCD

Dell 82100D3

Hard Disk Drive, 2.1GB, IDE, Maxtor

Dell 8210P

Keyboard 88 EURO NBK SPN I350

Dell 8210U

Card (Circuit), Video, Precision W ...

Dell 82116

Kit, Accelerator, Card, PCMCIA, Et ...

Dell 8212D

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 8212T

Tape Backup Drive, 20/40GB, DDS4, ...

Dell 82175

Controller, Network, 10Base T w/Cable

Dell 82186

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 82195

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 8219P

Docking Station, PDL C-Dock, Latit ...

Dell 821WE


Dell 82211

Keyboard, 85, DOM, Latitude LXPi+

Dell 822204-1

DIMM, 256MB, PC133, PowerEdge 500SC

Dell 82224

System, Planar, TFT, LMM

Dell 82247


Dell 8224T

Assembly Cable, Arm, 1U

Dell 82250

Cable, SCSI

Dell 82277

Card, 5-Slot Riser, OptiPlex GX1

Dell 82279

Processor, CPU, 2202A, SSOP30, Pow ...

Dell 82286

Cable Cable Card AWE32 PNP WVTB UP ...

Dell 82298

64MB, 60N, 8X64, 168P, 4K

Dell 8229V

Tape Backup, DDS3, S, DAT, 24GB, S ...

Dell 82325

Card, Riser, OptiPlex GX1

Dell 8232

Hard Disk Drive 4GB S F3 1.6IN SGT-720

Dell 82343

Cable Cable Power NON-RDNT PoweredG410

Dell 82345

Cable, Power, PowerEdge 4100

Dell 82346

Cable, Control Panel, PowerEdge 6100

Dell 82349

Cable, Power, PowerEdge

Dell 82356

Card, 7-Slot Riser, 3 PCI/2 ISA/2 ...

Dell 8235C


Dell 8235D

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 LCD, Lati ...

Dell 8238

Card PWA Cache SYNC 512K 5 3.3V 9NS

Dell 82390

Card, Network, Token Ring

Dell 82396

Card, Riser, OptiPlex GXA

Dell 8239

Card, Network, NIC

Dell 823CG

Assembly Latch/Speaker, LCD, Inspi ...

Dell 8240E

Assembly Bottom Base

Dell 8240Y


Dell 8242T


Dell 82436


Dell 8243D

Cover SCR LCD MYLAR Top 15 I700

Dell 8243E

Processor, CPU, 80523, 350MHz, ECC ...

Dell 8249D

Sharp LCD Right Hinge 19R 8249D

Dell 824KH

Power Supply, 200W, OptiPlex GX110/115

Dell 824XC

Video Board, Latitude C600

Dell 82501

Kit Modem 28.8 DFAX INT MULT IRE

Dell 8250N

Processor, CPU, 550MHz, Xeon, 2MB

Dell 8250R

Processor, CPU, 550MHz, Xeon, 2MB, ...

Dell 8251U

Processor Subassy PRM 80526 667 HL ...

Dell 82521

System BAORD Assy

Dell 8255U


Dell 82561

SubAssembly Planar, LXPI, P100, WB ...

Dell 82562

SubAssembly Planar, LXPI, P133, WB ...

Dell 8256D

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 82580

Adapter Adapter COMMS Modem TLADT SWI

Dell 825EY


Dell 8264P

12/24GB, DDS-3, SCSI, DAT, Seagate ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 8264U

Assembly Cable, 40P, Drop, 2 Cable ...

Dell 82650

Adapter Adapter COMMS Modem TLAdap ...

Dell 82651

Adapter Adapter COMMS Modem TLADT AUT

Dell 82662

Processor IC 8050266 166MHz PPGA296

Dell 82664

Floppy Drive, 1.44MB, PowerEdge 4100

Dell 82665

Floppy Drive, FDD, 1.44, OptiPlex GX1

Dell 82670

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 82678

Adapter Adapter COMMS Modem TLADT ITL

Dell 8267R

Interposer Board/Connector only (H ...

Dell 82701

4/8GB, Tape Drive, F5, HH, NC, Seagate

Dell 8271D

Cover Cover Assy FRT PNL P830

Dell 8272R

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, SCSI, FC, ...

Dell 8275C

DVD Decoder Card

Dell 8277R

Assembly Removable Media Storage, ...

Dell 8278P

Battery, Reserve

Dell 827JT

Power, 250V, 2.5MTR, ARG

Dell 8281U

Cable, Flex, LS120, Inspiron 7500

Dell 8286R

PWA, I/O, RAID Key, PowerEdge 2400

Dell 8287D

Card, Backplane, PowerVault PV200S ...

Dell 828F1


Dell 828FI

LCD Display Screen, 15 SVGA, 800F

Dell 828UU

Assembly Cover, Chassis, Left, Opt ...

Dell 8290R


Dell 8292D


Dell 8294U

Cable, Assembly SC, Duplex

Dell 8295U

Processor, CPU, SVC, 600MHz, PIII, ...

Dell 8296D

System Board ( Motherboard ) Slot ...

Dell 82997

Battery Kit Card PERC-D3 REPL

Dell 82CF5

Assembly FSD, USB, W/Cable, Bare, ...

Dell 82DDC

Processor, CPU, 700MHz, PIII Coppe ...

Dell 82DWM

Kit Modem V.90 D F V DIM FR RS3

Dell 82EPH

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 LCD Scree ...

Dell 82FCJ


Dell 82FUY

Card, Network, 3COM, 3C900B-FL(ST)

Dell 82HER

35/70GB Ext., DLT7000, FH, Rackmou ...

Dell 82HKY

Adapter, Serial/Parallel, ISA

Dell 82JPJ

Keyboard 105 6P UK NMB RD SB

Dell 82KEV

Assembly Data Cable, S3, Int/Ext, ...

Dell 82MXK

Assembly Cable, IDE, Primary Minitower

Dell 82PNP

Rail, Left Slide Only, PowerEdge 2 ...

Dell 82PNW

Card SI GR474 Card PCCOM PCI 4Port

Dell 82PTN

Processor, CPU, 733MHz, 256K, Slot ...

Dell 82PYV

18GB U160 10K 80P 2550 Tray

Dell 82RVJ

Assembly Cable, Antenna, Flexible

Dell 82UXX

Cable, Laptop Modem

Dell 82UYF

Modem, Mini-PCI, Internal

Dell 82WEJ

Processor, CPU, 850MHz, PIII Coppe ...

Dell 82XUC

Floppy Interposer

Dell 82YME

PWA, Power Distribution Board, PDB ...

Dell 82YPV

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB, U3, SCSI, ...

Dell 83-11172

WD 160GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.5 Hard Di ...

Dell 83-3180

DVI TO VGA Adapter

Dell 83-880153-000G

GateWay W323-UI1 Mini PCI Wireless ...

Dell 83-9317

WD 60GB IDE 9.5mm 5400 RPM Hard Di ...

Dell 83-9872

DVI TO VGA Adapter

Dell 8300T

Processor, CPU, 550MHz, 1M, Slot 2 ...

Dell 8300V

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 8301U

Rail Kit, PowerEdge 4350/6350

Dell 83035

Carrier, Hard Disk Drive, Kingston ...

Dell 8303T

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 680M, 8X, I ...

Dell 83065

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 83071

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell 83075

Cable Cable FLEX LCD 12.1 I3000 SMSNG

Dell 83076

Cable Cable WIRE LCD 13.3 I3000 IBM

Dell 83086

Processor, CPU, 266MHz, PowerEdge 2200

Dell 830YM

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, SCSI, U3/16 ...

Dell 8310R

Processor, CPU, 550MHz, 512, Slot 2

Dell 83110

Hard Disk Drive w/Case

Dell 83136

Bracket, Hard Disk Drive, EVT

Dell 83178

Cable, RDNT Power, PS/PB PowerEdge ...

Dell 83179

Cable, RDNT Power, PS/PB PowerEdge ...

Dell 83180

Cable, RDNT Power, PS/PB PowerEdge ...

Dell 83181

Cable, RDNT Power, PS/PB PowerEdge ...

Dell 83182

Cable, RDNT Power, PS/PB PowerEdge ...

Dell 83183

Bezel, 12.1 LCD, Latitide C Series

Dell 83184

Assembly Cover, Top, LCD, 12.1

Dell 83201A6

Hard Disk Drive, 3.2GB, 3.5, IDE

Dell 8320B

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 8325D

Assembly Bracket, Precision PWS620

Dell 83281

Battery, Reserve, 7.2V

Dell 832PY

Intel 733MHz PIII 256KB SL4C2 CPU ...

Dell 8330C

Processor, CPU, SVC, 266MHz, PII, NX

Dell 83336

Adapter Adapter COUPLER Modem RJ11 SWE

Dell 8334P

Hard Disk Drive, 6.4GB I IBM CRNA

Dell 83351


Dell 83353


Dell 83384

UK534, CORD, Y, Power, 230, IRE/UK

Dell 8339P

Board, Inverter, LCD, 13.3, Latitu ...

Dell 833NM

SubAssembly CPU, 933MHz, Coppermin ...

Dell 83404

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 8340R

System Board ( Motherboard ) CPI A

Dell 8344T

Fan, 3 Wire

Dell 83459

Hard Disk Drive, 3.2GB, IDE, 3.5

Dell 83489

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 834OV

LCD Display Screen, 14, Inspiron 3500

Dell 8350

Card Card Network TRING IBM PCI

Dell 83531

Fan, 12V, 90mm X 25mm, GX400

Dell 8354D

Palmrest Assembly Inspiron 3500

Dell 8355P

Assembly CRV, BTM, Plastic, EUR, L ...

Dell 83580