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Dell Computer Parts - Page 7

Part # Description Price

Dell 0H302

Card, S, Controller, DC2940, Adapt ...

Dell 0H429

Tape Backup, 25/50GB, F5, HH, NC, ...

Dell 0H681

Kit, Bracket, MTG, LF, CUSTOM

Dell 0H687

PWA, Interface, MidPlanar, 3U, 1X6 ...

Dell 0H694

Power Supply, 500W, Hot-Swap, Powe ...

Dell 0H736

Cover, Top, CHAS, PWS, TSMT

Dell 0H7457

Processor, CPU, Heatsink: 0Y4486 Y4486

Dell 0H7833

CD-ROM Optical Drive

Dell 0H7881

PowerEdge 2800/2850 System Board SUB

Dell 0H811

Cover Assy Cover CHAS Base PWS TSMT

Dell 0H817

Rail Kit, Versa. PowerEdge

Dell 0H834

20/40GB Tape Drive, STD2401LW, Black

Dell 0H835

20/40GB, DDS4 Tape Drive, HH, Ext. ...

Dell 0H8813

PowerEdge 2800/2850 System Board SUB

Dell 0H901

Assembly Cable, Interface, 40P, Ha ...

Dell 0H923

Assembly Cable, Control Panel, BM-CON

Dell 0H924

Cable Assembly SCSI, 68-Pin

Dell 0H928

CD-RW Optical Drive, 8X

Dell 0H934

20/40GB Int., DLT

Dell 0H964

Hard Disk Drive, 10G, I, 5.4K, GC, ...

Dell 0HC486

73GB U320 15k 80 pin

Dell 0HC578

PowerEdge 2800/2850 System Board SUB

Dell 0HD434

6650 Power Supply

Dell 0HDP0

Assembly PWA, PLNR, R510, TPM, V2

Dell 0HJ239

PowerEdge 2850 versa Rails

Dell 0HJ241

PE6850 Versa Rail Kit

Dell 0J034

Kit, Rapid Rail, PowerEdge 6600

Dell 0J0602

Precision 450 Power Supply

Dell 0J074

Panel, Bezel, MKD, F3, DIM, 1.0, TSMT

Dell 0J0862

18in Dell EIDE Cable (2 Devices, 3 con

Dell 0J0880

Video Card

Dell 0J1048

6650 Control Panel

Dell 0J105

Assembly Floppy Drive, w/Bay, Lati ...

Dell 0J109

INFO, SW, DVD, IVI, 3.0.58, COBA

Dell 0J127

Assembly Bezel, MKD, F3, OptiPlex, ...

Dell 0J146

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0J212

Primary Battery, 11.1V, 6 Cell

Dell 0J245

LAT C400 LI-ION Main Battery

Dell 0J256

Primary Battery, 11.1V, 6 Cell

Dell 0J268

LAT C400 Lithium, Primary, 11.1V

Dell 0J304

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo, Samsung SM-30 ...

Dell 0J344

System Board ( Motherboard ) Inspi ...

Dell 0J351

Base, Notebook, I2650, 12.1, P4, 1.5G

Dell 0J361


Dell 0J401

Assembly Cable, Hard Disk Drive, S ...

Dell 0J4020

Latitude D810 Motherboard Pent M 2 ...

Dell 0J454

OPTI GX260 1.44MB SFF Floppy D

Dell 0J539

Modem, 56K, MDC, PCTEL, GVC

Dell 0J563


Dell 0J592

Battery, Lithium, 59WHr, 14.8V

Dell 0J599

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0J605

Fan With Heatsink (this is the CPU Fan

Dell 0J630

LCD Display Screen, 15 SXGA+, C840

Dell 0J634

Hard Disk Drive, 10GB, I, 9.5MM, I ...

Dell 0J650

DIMM, 256MB, 133M, 32X64, 8K, 168P

Dell 0J651

DIMM, 128MB, 133M, 16X64, 8K, 168P

Dell 0J683

Processor, CPU, Celeron, 1.1GHz

Dell 0J686

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0J706

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0J735

Processor, CPU, 1.2GHz, 256K, 100, ...

Dell 0J741

Keyboard 88 ITL CABN EMEA

Dell 0J747

Processor, CPU, 1.6GHz, P4, 512K, ...

Dell 0J774

Kit, Cable, IDE, PowerEdge 1650

Dell 0J775

PWA, Distribution Board, Backplane ...

Dell 0J827


Dell 0J888

Slimline Floppy CD Drive Tray Powe ...

Dell 0J8K0

Cable, HEAD-LT, RT, LED, Speaker, M17X

Dell 0J973

Keyboard, 87, Inspiron 8200

Dell 0JC407

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB SATA 3.5" 72 ...

Dell 0JR6P

Assembly CBL, OPT TRAY/ENV, 5535DN

Dell 0K022

Hard Disk Drive, 6.4GB, MXT

Dell 0K038

Hard Disk Drive, 40G, MXT, EAST

Dell 0K068

Latitude C800/C810/C840 15 INCH LC ...

Dell 0K202

Rail Kit

Dell 0K204

Service, CPU, 1.5GHz, Precision PW ...

Dell 0K205

Service, CPU, 1.7GHz, Precision PW ...

Dell 0K208

Processor, CPU, SVC, 2.2GHz, PWS34 ...

Dell 0K213

Processor, CPU, SVC, 1.5GHz, PWS34 ...

Dell 0K214

Processor, CPU, SVC, 1.7GHz, PWS34 ...

Dell 0K215

Processor, CPU, SVC, 1.8GHz, PWS34 ...

Dell 0K216

Processor, CPU, SVC, 2.0GHz, PWS34 ...

Dell 0K217

Processor, CPU, SVC, 2.2GHz, PWS34 ...

Dell 0K258

Floppy Drive, Removeable, In Docki ...

Dell 0K436

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0K441

CD-RW Optical Drive 16X NEC 01 HCT

Dell 0K454

Card, UD173, Matrox, G450, AGP

Dell 0K467

Modem/NIC, PC Card, V1

Dell 0K468

Processor, CPU, 1.5GHz, P4, OptiPl ...

Dell 0K469

Processor, CPU, SVC, 1.7GHz, P4, G ...

Dell 0K471

Processor, CPU, SVC, 2.0GHz, P4, G ...

Dell 0K484

Processor, CPU, SVC, 1.5GHz, P4, G ...

Dell 0K486

Processor, CPU, SVC, 1.8GHz, P4, G ...

Dell 0K571

Base, Cover

Dell 0K595

Video Card, 16MB, P41

Dell 0K602

Controller Card, PowerVault, PV224F

Dell 0K619

Battery, Main, 7.4V, 4Cell, Lithium

Dell 0K620

Printer, LaserJet, Parallel, Brother

Dell 0K667

Bezel, 12.1 LCD, Latitude X200

Dell 0K724

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, 2.5, 9.5mm, ...

Dell 0K727

Hard Disk Drive, 30GB, I, F2, 9.5m ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 0K751

DVD/CD-RW, Combo, 8X, GX150

Dell 0K871

Assembly Bottom Base

Dell 0K876

LAT L400 40GB IDE 2.5 Hard Disk Drive

Dell 0K8803

PE2900 R/V-Rail Kit

Dell 0K898

Floppy Drive, 1.44M, F3, TH, Teac

Dell 0K907

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, IDE

Dell 0K952

256MB, 266MHz, DDR, PC2100, DIMM, ...

Dell 0K960

Heatsink Assembly P4

Dell 0K963

512MB, DDR, 266MHz, PC2100, 64X64, ...

Dell 0K968

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0K969

Processor, CPU, SVC, PIII, 866MHz, ...

Dell 0K970

Service, CPU, PIII, 1.0GHz, Inspir ...

Dell 0K971

Processor, CPU, PIII, 1.13GHz Insp ...

Dell 0K972

12.1 XGA LCD Hinge-up Assembly

Dell 0K975

Processor, CPU, PIII, 1.2GHz, Insp ...

Dell 0K978

Processor, CPU, PIII, 866MHz, C610

Dell 0K979

Service, CPU, PIII, 1.0GHz, Latitu ...

Dell 0K980

Processor, CPU, SVC, PIII, 1.2GHz, ...

Dell 0K981

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 XGA LCD, ...

Dell 0K982

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 XGA LCD, ...

Dell 0K983

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 XGA LCD, ...

Dell 0K984

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 XGA LCD, ...

Dell 0K985

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 SXGA+ LCD ...

Dell 0K986

LCD Display Screen, 14.1 SXGA+ LCD ...

Dell 0K987

Service, 14.1 SXGA LCD, Samsung

Dell 0K988

LCD Display Screen, Inverter, Cabl ...

Dell 0K989

Service, 14.1 UXGA LCD, Samsung

Dell 0K990

Service, Housing, Bottom, Plastic, ...

Dell 0K991

C610 Bottom Assy Plastics

Dell 0K992

Housing, Bottom Plastic

Dell 0K997

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dimen ...

Dell 0KPTH

Assembly Switch, MEDIA, SIZE, 5230DN

Dell 0KXM0

Assembly PWA, Front, I/O, XE

Dell 0M006

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M016

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M017

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M018

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M0251

0M0251 DELL Emulex LightPulse 2GB ...

Dell 0M044

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0M046

Processor, CPU, 80530, 1.3GHz, 256 ...

Dell 0M048

CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, BLDE, GNRC

Dell 0M075

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dimen ...

Dell 0M077

Hard Disk Drive 36GB S1 68P 10K HIT

Dell 0M099

System Board ( Motherboard ) C810

Dell 0M100

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 0M104

Fan, PowerEdge 2600

Dell 0M107

Fan Assembly

Dell 0M179

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M210

Fan (this is the Secondary Fan on ...

Dell 0M213

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0M229

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M272

Voltage Regulator

Dell 0M299

Palmrest Assembly

Dell 0M355

Rail Kit, 1U, 2GB, EMC

Dell 0M356

Rail Kit Rack V-Rail 1U 2GB-EMC

Dell 0M478

CD-ROM Optical Drive Assy CD 650M ...

Dell 0M480

Floppy Drive Cable PowerEdge 1400SC

Dell 0M495

Card, Voltage Regulator Module (VR ...

Dell 0M504

Assembly Cable, I/O, SCSI, A/B, Long

Dell 0M523

RAID Key, PowerEdge 26XxSeries

Dell 0M540

Battery, Lithium, 59WHr, 14.8V

Dell 0M5531

Gigabit Nic

Dell 0M556

Assembly Cover, Top, LCD, Notebook ...

Dell 0M560

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0M616

Cover, Bottom, Assembly Inspiron 8200

Dell 0M686

PWA, I/O, Panel, Front, GX260/27O ...

Dell 0M688

PWB, I/O, Panel, Front, Chassis, TSMT

Dell 0M689

ASSY DWG, I/O, Panel, Front, Chass ...

Dell 0M740

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell 0M743

Hard Disk Drive, 30GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell 0M746

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell 0M747

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 9.5mm, 4.2K

Dell 0M787B

Battery, 2ND, 11.1V, 6C, PLMR, D60 ...

Dell 0M787

Secondary Battery, D-Module, 48WHr ...

Dell 0M800

Power Supply, 130W, PFC, 19.5V, DS

Dell 0M804

Air Vent, Right Side

Dell 0M855

Cable, EXT, DB9-DB25, NULL-Modem, EMC

Dell 0M857

Cable, OPT, SC-SC, 10M, EMC

Dell 0M860

Cable, FC, DB-9, 5M, TWIN-AXLE, EMC

Dell 0M86G

Assembly Cable, MB-ODD, 1764

Dell 0M878

Power Supply, 800W, DC, EMC

Dell 0M886

PWA, Enclosure, 400W, DC, SPS, EMC

Dell 0M910


Dell 0M911

Controller Card, Adapter, EMC

Dell 0M912

Adapter, SFP, HBA-Card, LP-2GB, Op ...

Dell 0M913

Card, SFP, SW, OPTCL, 1P

Dell 0M916

Adapter, GBIC, XCVR, EMC

Dell 0M917

KIT, RAIL, Switch, Bezel, DELL, 2U ...

Dell 0M950

Adapter, DC, 48V, 3V, Standby

Dell 0M987

Power Supply, 730W, RDNT, PowerEdg ...

Dell 0MYMF


Dell 0N014

Rail, 2 Post, PowerEdge 1650

Dell 0N037

Palmrest Assembly w/Touchpad, D800

Dell 0N043

Video Card, 64MB, NV11, TVOUT

Dell 0N066

Battery, Lithium, Second

Dell 0N079

Service, CPU, 1.4GHz, P4, Dimensio ...

Dell 0N099

System Board ( Motherboard ) Inspi ...

Dell 0N166

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0N228

Bezel, Plastic, FT, CMB, TSHBA, MOS

Dell 0N244

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 8X, E ...