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Dell Computer Parts - Page 78

Part # Description Price

Dell 93575

Cable, Optical Flex

Dell 93577

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 17G, 2X/16X ...

Dell 935FM

Palmrest, Plastic, Left, Black, INSP

Dell 935UJ

Processor, CPU, 800MHz, 128, 100MH ...

Dell 93618

2.1GB SCSI3 80-Pin 3.5LP

Dell 93620

Hard Disk Drive, 9.1GB, 3.5, PowerEdge

Dell 93621

STR Hard Disk Drive PC 4.3G SCSI3 ...

Dell 93629

Heatsink, P54C, Wax Tape

Dell 9362R


Dell 93630

Processor, CPU, 80521EX, PGA387, 2 ...

Dell 93640

Hard Disk Drive, 850M, I, F3, #2, ...

Dell 9364J

A/C Adapter

Dell 9364U

A/C Adapter, 70W (Does not include ...

Dell 93667

Card, SGL, CPU, PowerEdge XL5166

Dell 93669

Card Card Dual PRC PowerEdge XL5166

Dell 93690

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 93694

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 936JY

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 9372P

Hard Disk Drive, 9GB, SCSI, 68P, L ...

Dell 9378D

Bezel, Front, Plastic, Display, LT ...

Dell 93793

Hard Disk Drive, 2.1GB, 3.5, IDE, ...

Dell 93794

3.2GB Hard Disk Drive QUANTUM

Dell 9379D

DIMM, 16MB, 50N, 2X72, 2K, ECC, 168

Dell 937GW

System Board ( Motherboard ) DISC, ...

New - $349.95
Refurb - $279.95

Dell 937KF

Floppy Drive Tray & Interface, Pow ...

Dell 9381P

Assembly Plate, Latch, Front, Smal ...

Dell 93832

Processor, CPU, SVC, P6/200MHz/256 ...

Dell 93835

Cable, PowerEdge

Dell 93836

Wiring Harness, PowerEdge

Dell 9383T

LCD Display Screen, 15.4, SXGA, In ...

Dell 93875

Floppy Cable

Dell 9387U

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell 93906


Dell 93910

Card, Riser, GXI

Dell 93919

SubAssembly Heatsink, CPU, HYB, CP

Dell 93920

Audio Board, Latitude CP/CPI

Dell 93921

SVC, Fan, 25X25X10mm

Dell 93923

Kit, LCD, 12.1, w/Cable & Inverter ...

Dell 93927

LCD Display Screen, 12.1, Sharp

Dell 93928

SVC, Latch, DIS, Bezel, CP

Dell 93932

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 93933

Floppy Drive, F3 IN

Dell 9394U

Hard Disk Drive, 18GB 12.5M IBM NBK

Dell 9396P

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 9396U

CD/FD, 24X, Combo Drive, Sanyo

Dell 93987

System Board ( Motherboard ) Dimen ...

Dell 939DF

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 93CMM

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 93DKX

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 93FXX

Kit, Card, 4800LT Wireless PCMCIA

Dell 93GDJ

Keyboard 105 6P UK SLTEK MECH SB

Dell 93GJY

Processor, CPU, 866MHz, 256/133, SLT

Dell 93HRU

Cable, 20P, 7.5M, Planar/Backplane ...

Dell 93JCT

Mouse, Universal Serial Bus, 2BTN, ...

Dell 93KRJ


Dell 93REP

Back, LCD Cover, Inspiron 4000/4100

Dell 93TTK

CD-RW Optical Drive Subassy CD-RW ...

Dell 93UYF

Hard Disk Drive 10G I 1N NN QTM-EA ...

Dell 93VPF


Dell 93VTP

Kit Rack Hardware 2-POST 1U

Dell 93WVK

Keyboard 105 6P NOR SLTEK MECH MG

Dell 93X21

PIII 933 Processor FLIP C

Dell 93XFJ

Xircom, Ethernet II, 10/100

Dell 93XKE


Dell 940-1500A

Cable, 15FT/5M, Interface Extension

Dell 94008

SVC, SubAssembly Back Cover/Door, ...

Dell 9400E

35/70GB, Ext. Tape Drive

Dell 94011

12/24GB, Int. Tape Backup Unit, DD ...

Dell 94035

Cable, Internal, 50P, PowerEdge

Dell 9403R

Board, 2X4 Backplane, SCSI, PowerE ...

Dell 9403W

Processor, CPU, SVC, 850MHz, w/Hea ...

Dell 94044

DIMM Module DIMM 64M 168P G 2x32M

Dell 94050

DIMM Module DIMM 256M 168P G 2x128M

Dell 9405C

Hard Disk Drive, 4.3GB, 3.5, IDE, ...

Dell 94077

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 94078

System Board ( Motherboard ) Latit ...

Dell 9410W

System Board ( Motherboard ) Preci ...

Dell 94168

PWA, U2 Backplane, PowerEdge 2300

Dell 94169

PWA, 1X6 Backplane, 80P, SCSI, 1170D

Dell 94176

System Board ( Motherboard ) P54C/ ...

Dell 941WE

Panel, Bezel, MKD, OPTICAL, OPPLX, ...

Dell 94227

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 9423T

Inspiron 7000 Series Model BAT-30I ...

Dell 94243

PWA, 1X8 Backplane, U2, SCSI, Powe ...

Dell 9426R

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 9426U

Adapter, Video, 128MB, ATI Rage, A ...

Dell 94278

3COM EtherLink III ISA TPC Adapter

Dell 9427D

Card, Network, Ethernet, PCI 10/10 ...

Dell 94287

PWA, Daughterboard, NIC, OptiPlex GXI

Dell 9428U

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 94291

Heatsink CSTM P54C/55C HL HM

Dell 942RVB

Battery, 37WHR, 11.1V, 6Cell, LS/L400

Dell 942RV

Battery, 37WHr, 11.1V, 6Cell, Lithium

Dell 9430E

Processor, CPU, 400MHz, PII w/Heat ...

Dell 9432D

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 9433R

Processor, CPU, 80253 450 M MT PLX EUR

Dell 9436R


Dell 94388


Dell 9438P

Bezel BZL Assy Plastic PV70N

Dell 94407

Card, PCI/EISA, MDG, 51-02

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 9442C

Cable, Data, S, 68P, Int., 18IN to ...

Dell 94536


Dell 9453R

IBM, 16/4 TR, PCI 2, w/WOL

Dell 94556

PCI Sound Card (CREATIVE Sound BLA ...

Dell 9455U

Card (Circuit), Multimedia, Audio, ...

Dell 9456C

Power Supply, 275W

Dell 9456X

Keyboard 105 6P DUT SLTEK RD SB

Dell 945FE

Processor, CPU, 500MHz, PIII, 256K ...

Dell 945FR

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, 9.5mm

Dell 9460P

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 9462D

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell 94641

Power Switch w/Cable & LED

Dell 9465C

Power Supply, 275W, Hot Plug, Powe ...

Dell 9465

DWG, PRB PLT, FVSe2, P54C/P54CM, 2

Dell 94686

Low Profile Bracket, OptiPlex

Dell 9472D


Dell 9476U

ES Exp Module

Dell 9478P

Hard Disk Drive, 18.2GB, SCSI

Dell 9478U

Controller, SCSI, Expander Module, ...

Dell 94841

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 9488D

Assembly Speaker, 41X71MM, OVAL, H ...

Dell 9489D

Bezel, Plastic, LCD, 14.1, I7000, LG

Dell 948TX

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 680M, 12X, ...

Dell 9490P

Hard Disk Drive, 8.4GB, IDE

Dell 9490U

Switch, 8 Port, Fibre, PowerVault ...

Dell 94934

Card, PCI, 3C339, Velocity, 3COM

Dell 9493E

Hard Disk Drive Assy Hard Disk Dri ...

Dell 94943

Hard Disk Drive, 540MB, IDE, Quant ...

Dell 94944

Hard Disk Drive, 1.08GB, IDE, 3.5

Dell 94973

Floppy Drive, OptiPlex GXL, FD-235HF

Dell 94974

Card, Wide Ultra, SCSI, PCI, Adapt ...

Dell 94975

Floppy Drive, 1.44, 3.5, OptiPlex ...

Dell 94998

Controller, 10/100, PCI, NIC

Dell 9499D

Cable, Panel, 20P, PowerEdge 6350

Dell 94DTG

Heatsink Clip - Used w/Socket Proc ...

Dell 94GRC

Video Card, HMGA2, 32MB NV15 GeFor ...

Dell 94JHI

CD Drive Black

Dell 94JJW

Card, Voltage Regulator Moduel (VR ...

Dell 94JWT

Heatsink & Fan Assembly

Dell 94KVH

PRM, CEL-CUM, 650, 128K, MMC2, BO

Dell 94NPT

Keyboard 88 TUR L2 EMEA

Dell 94NUX

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, 9.5MM, IBM, LS

Dell 94PCU

Keyboard, PS2 Connection, Media, Black

Dell 94PXC


Dell 94PXH

Cover, Top, 12.1 LCD

Dell 94RHG

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, S, Int., To ...

Dell 94RJD

Panel Kit Rack TCVR 42U Black R2K

Dell 94RKX

Panel, Filler, F5, Dimension, TSMT

Dell 94TJN

SVC, CPU, 800MHz, SFF, L, GX110

Dell 94TKJ

Assembly Bottom Cover, Latitude L400

Dell 94TXF

Processor, CPU, 700MH/2M 100 S2 512 A1

Dell 94UEM

Assembly Cable, Floppy, Minitower

Dell 94UGP

Kit, Adapter, MTWK, Wireless, Airo ...

Dell 94VTM1

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 94VXD

PWA, Control, Panel, EVT, Switch

Dell 94WRF

19IN, CLR, 1280X1024, Black

Dell 94YGR

Keyboard 105 6P HUN SLTEK RD SB

Dell 95-00430


Dell 950-3627

Power Supply, 200W

Dell 950-3959

Power Supply, 200W

Dell 95026

Cable, Lock, Security, Kensington

Dell 95067

Cable, Data, 34P, Int.

Dell 95071

Cage, Hard Disk Drive, MiniTower

Dell 95095

Cable Cord Power 250V 10A 3P DENMARK

Dell 95110


Dell 95129

Cable, Dual SCSI, 68-Pin

Dell 9516U

Card, Network, CBE2, Xircom, Inspiron

Dell 9519D

32X, INT, IDE, CD-ROM Optical Drive

Dell 95200

PWA, Daughter Card, PERC2, AAC-900MD

Dell 9520D

Controller Card, Daughterboard, PERC

Dell 95217

Modem, 33.6K, USR SPortster

Dell 9521P

Processor, CPU, NETPC, 450MHz, 802 ...

Dell 95220

Keyboard, 101, 6P

Dell 95265

Memory DIMM 16M 2X72 60N ECC 3V OPTI

Dell 95267


Dell 9526C

Bracket, CPU/Heatsink Holder

Dell 9526R

LCD Display Cable

Dell 9526T

Base, Assembly Inspiron 3700

Dell 95271

System Board ( Motherboard ) OptiP ...

Dell 9527R

Hard Disk Drive, 9.0GB, 7.2K, 3.5, ...

Dell 95289

Card, SI, DE038, REPKO

Dell 9529R

Processor Subassy PRM 500M PIII PWS C

Dell 952RM

Modem, 56K

Dell 9532D

DOOR, Plastic, I/O, I3500

Dell 9532

Card, Network, Etherlink III, PCI, ...

Dell 95331

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 9534D

Card, Control, LED, w/Cable, 14.1, ...

Dell 9536T

Processor Subassy PRM 80526 733 13 ...

Dell 95374


Dell 95375


Dell 95388A1RZV


Dell 95388

Keyboard, Latitude XP/XPI/XPI

Dell 9538D

Cover, Back, 14.1 LCD, IBM

Dell 9538R

CBLAssembly DB9/DB9, FC, 1.5M, 30AWG

Dell 953NR

Kit, CBL, PWR, PDB, PE2500

Dell 954009

12V Fan

Dell 9541

Card, Planar, P5XX, DIM, OEM

Dell 95420


Dell 9542R

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 9548C

Shield, EMI, Expansion Bay, 1.6