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Dell Computer Parts - Page 8

Part # Description Price

Dell 0N264

PLT, PLN, 1.0, GX240

Dell 0N282

Back Cover, Plastic, 14.1 LCD

Dell 0N30W

LCD Display Screen, Cable, 15 INSP ...

Dell 0N355

Assembly Bottom Cover, Base

Dell 0N372

Rear Fan, 24V, 5100CN

Dell 0N380

Power Supply, 250W, Dimension 4500 ...

Dell 0N401

LCD Display Bezel, 600M

Dell 0N409

LCD Display Back Cover 14.1, 600M

Dell 0N411

Door, Memory, Latitude C610

Dell 0N466

HSG, B2 Base, Latitude D600

Dell 0N477

Door, Plastic, Fan, Chassis, M2P4

Dell 0N530

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, IDE, 5.4K, ...

Dell 0N531

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, IDE, 5.4K, ...

Dell 0N537


Dell 0N603

Card, Network, FBR, 3COM, 3C905B-FX

Dell 0N651


Dell 0N753

Card, Plextor, G450, SMT

Dell 0N785

SPCR Plastic RSR

Dell 0N803

Base, Bottom, Inspiron 2600

Dell 0N869

Assembly Flex Cable, 14.1 LCD, M2

Dell 0N876

Harness, Cable, Flex, LCD

Dell 0P011

Processor, CPU, SVC, 2.2GHz, P4, N ...

Dell 0P014

Cord, Power, 15A, 125V, 10FT, C14-C19

Dell 0P020

Fan & Shroud Assembly MiniTower, 2 ...

Dell 0P030

Multi-Media Cable Kit

Dell 0P092

Hard Disk Drive, 18G, S, U320, 15K ...

Dell 0P098

SVC, Northwood CPU, 2.0GHz, 400MHz ...

Dell 0P099

SVC, Northwood CPU, 2.2GHz, 400MHz ...

Dell 0P107

Power Supply Assy Power Supply 126 ...

Dell 0P108

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 2.5, IDE, L ...

Dell 0P148


Dell 0P158

System Board ( Motherboard ) Power ...

Dell 0P159

Card SI EMEA Card AGP G550 SMT

Dell 0P173


Dell 0P177

Harness, Cable Latitude X200

Dell 0P304

Tape Drive Kit Tape Backup 110G NN ...

Dell 0P308

Video Card, 64MB, DDR, AGP, Radeon ...

Dell 0P391

Cable, I/O, CAT5, 7FT, YLW

Dell 0P505

800MHz 4MB Cache 7150

Dell 0P531

40GB IDE Hard Disk Drive

Dell 0P586

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 5.4K, Latit ...

Dell 0P587

Kit CHAS 384MB PV715N 320G

Dell 0P590

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB 5.4K SIR C60

Dell 0P614

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0P615

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0P696

CD-RW Optical Drive, 650M, I, 24X, ...

Dell 0P767

Video Card, 32MB, FH, MRMGA4, Rade ...

Dell 0P770

Video Card, NVIDIA, Full Height

Dell 0P784

Processor, CPU, 1020, BGA456, P64H ...

Dell 0P7F6

LCD Display Screen, 17WU, RGBE2E, ...

Dell 0P835

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 680M, 16X, ...

Dell 0P916

System Board ( Motherboard ) Preci ...

Dell 0P973-C

1GB PC2100 Memory Clone

Dell 0P973

DIMM, 1GB, 266M, 125X64, 8K, 184

Dell 0P978

DIMM, 1GB, 266M, 125X72, 8K, ECC, 184

Dell 0PV61

DIMM, 2G, 1600, 256X64, 8, 240, XMP

Dell 0R025

Power Supply, 450W, QTA

Dell 0R027

Cover Cover MEDIA BAY

Dell 0R057

Palmrest Assembly Latitude C640

Dell 0R101

Latch, Battery, M2

Dell 0R110

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R113

CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, IDE, SFF

Dell 0R115

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R139


Dell 0R146

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0R149

Cover, Bottom, Assembly Latitude C400

Dell 0R160

Primary Battery, 48WHr, 11.1V, 6 C ...

Dell 0R163B

Battery, MDS, 11.1V, 6C, CYLD, SONY

Dell 0R163B

Battery, MDS, 11.1V, 6C, CYLD, SONY

Dell 0R163

Battery, 12.6V, 6 Cell, Lithium

Dell 0R1NF

Assembly Speaker, Notebook, PHTM

Dell 0R215

Cord, Power, 15A, 125V, 10, 5-15/C13

Dell 0R222

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R271

Battery, Primary, 28WHR, 3C, LITH, ...

Dell 0R291

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 9.5mm, 5.4K ...

Dell 0R325

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0R331

Battery, Lithium, Inspiron 9100

Dell 0R334

A/C Adpater, 50W (Includes Cord Ma ...

Dell 0R356

Cable, Interface, ULTRA, ATA133

Dell 0R397

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R450

CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, Fixed Ba ...

Dell 0R457

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, Fibre Channel

Dell 0R458

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, FC, F3, 15K ...

Dell 0R459

Hard Disk Drive 73GB FC F3 10K SGT ...

Dell 0R476

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R489


Dell 0R500

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R501

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, ...

Dell 0R502

System Board ( Motherboard ) 1.2GH ...

Dell 0R503

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 16X, ...

Dell 0R507

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0R512

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, Ultra3, U32 ...

Dell 0R513

Hard Disk Drive, 146GB, SCSI, U320 ...

Dell 0R533

Sound Blaster Live, Multi-Media, A ...

Dell 0R575

DVD-ROM Optical Drive, 16X, IDE, 5 ...

Dell 0R619

Hard Disk Drive, 72GB, 10K, U320, ...

Dell 0R649

CD-RW Optical Drive, 680M, IDE, 5. ...

Dell 0R656

DIMM, 256MB, 2100M, 256X128, A2, I ...

Dell 0R657

Top Cover

Dell 0R703

Assembly PWA, Interface, CD/FD, Po ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 0R708

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Optical Drive, ...

Dell 0R717

Cable, I/O, 7FT, KMM, CAT5, RJ45

Dell 0R788

Processor, CPU, Northwood 80532, 2 ...

Dell 0R806

System Board ( Motherboard ) A/V/N ...

Dell 0R809

Processor, CPU, 80531, 1.9GHZ

Dell 0R854

Tray w/Bezel, Hard Disk Drive, D600

Dell 0R856

Keyboard, 105, 6P

Dell 0R858

Keyboard, 105, 6P, French Canadian

Dell 0R884

Processor, CPU, 1.7GHz, 400MHz

Dell 0R925

CD-ROM Optical Drive Assy CD-RW DV ...

Dell 0R931

Drive Caddy, w/Bezel, 600M

Dell 0R933

PowerVault 128T LTO1 Tape Autoload ...

Dell 0R945

100GB, Ext. Tape Drive, PowerVault ...

Dell 0R946

Kit, TB, 100G, NN, EXT, LTO, INTL, V4

Dell 0R999

PV110T DDS5 36/72GB External SCSI ...

Dell 0RH3H

Assembly Carrier, FLEX, AUR

Dell 0RKF6

FAN, COOLING, DX, 5350/553X

Dell 0RXMX


Dell 0S2344PAL4BGH

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0S2347PAL4BGH

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0S2423PDS6DGN

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0S8346PAL4BGH

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0SA2218GAA6CX

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0SA2222GAA6CX

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0SA8216GAA6CY

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0SP2216GAA6CX

Processor, CPU, Processor

Dell 0T005


Dell 0T069

LCD Display Screen, 15.4 WXGA, Ins ...

Dell 0T071

LCD Display Screen, 15.4 WUXGA, In ...

Dell 0T0857

PowerVault 112T with 1 VS80 DLT DRIVE

Dell 0T1452

PowerVault 100T DLT VS 80 INTERNAL

Dell 0T1453

PowerVault 100T DLT VS 80 EXTERNAL

Dell 0T162

Keyboard, 104-Key, PS/2

Dell 0T181

Assembly Latch, Bottom, Notebook, ...

Dell 0T2058

2GB Adapter

Dell 0T215

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0T271

Processor, CPU, 1GHz, P350

Dell 0T3K4

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0T428

Kit, Rack, MTG, HW, PDU

Dell 0T442

Assembly INSR, LCD, IRJDE, I4150

Dell 0T449

Assembly Bracket, Control Panel

Dell 0T475

Kit Rail V-Rail CUS PV112T

Dell 0T477

Kit Rail 2-PST CUS 1U PV112T

Dell 0T481

Power Supply, -48VDC, PowerEdge 2650

Dell 0T485

Palmrest Assembly Inspiron 5100

Dell 0T550

Assembly Stand, Dimension, TJD

Dell 0T577

APCSmart UPS 3000

Dell 0T600

Cover, Bottom Base, Inspiron 4150

Dell 0T606

System Board ( Motherboard ) 845GB ...

Dell 0T607

LCD Display Screen, VAS, C840, 15, ...

Dell 0T609


Dell 0T631

LCD/Palmrest Insert Kit - Black Le ...

Dell 0T636

LCD/Palmrest Insert Kit - Robins E ...

Dell 0T673

Hard Disk Drive, 60GB, 2.5

Dell 0T728

Battery, Lithium, 59WHR, 14.8V

Dell 0T730

CD-RW Optical Drive, 24X, SFF

Dell 0T795

Cable, 3 Prong, Inspiron 8500, 110 ...

Dell 0T798

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0T799

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0T834

PDU, 100-240V 12A

Dell 0T865

Floppy, 1.44MB, USB

Dell 0T908

Keyboard 88 IBPOR D-PTG D-FMLY R2

Dell 0T962

Hard Disk Drive Mounting Bracket, SD

Dell 0TMY1

Assembly Cable, LVDS, W/Camera, 1761

Dell 0TNHH

Assembly PWA, PDB, T310 V2

Dell 0U003

Battery, 14.8V, 4 Cell, Lithium

Dell 0U033

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0U091

Battery, 14.8V, 12 Cell, Lithium

Dell 0U093

Battery, 14.8V, 12 Cell, Lithium

Dell 0U151

Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5, Mode Lev ...

Dell 0U189

40G IDE 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive

Dell 0U231

Processor, CPU, Fan & Bracket Asse ...

Dell 0U232

System Board ( Motherboard )

Dell 0U234

Palmrest Insert Kit - Midnight Gray

Dell 0U243

Palmrest, Inspiron 8200

Dell 0U276

Base, TSMT, DIM4500, 4P677, LOCAL

Dell 0U298

CD-ROM Optical Drive Optical Drive ...

Dell 0U326

Heatsink, SVC Heatsink PGA 2X4.0X81.05

Dell 0U329

Service, Memory, ROMB, 128MB, Powe ...

Dell 0U3569


Dell 0U3990

73GB U320 15k Hot-Plug

Dell 0U400

Kit, PDU, 13, 120V, 16A, MA

Dell 0U407

Hard Disk Drive, 20GB, IDE, 5.4K, ...

Dell 0U408

Hard Disk Drive, 30GB, IDE, 5.4K, ...

Dell 0U414

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Optical Drive, 4G, 3 ...

Dell 0U427

Kit Cable I O INT 212

Dell 0U432

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Dell 0U532

Heatsink Assembly For 3.06GHz & Fa ...

Dell 0U535

Heatsink Assembly For 3.06GHz & Fa ...

Dell 0U605

DIMM, 128, 133M, 16X72, 4K, 168, REG

Dell 0U621

Hard Disk Drive, 36GB, U320, 80P, ...

Dell 0U622

Hard Disk Drive, 73GB, S, U320, 10 ...

Dell 0U632

Enclosure, CHAS, CHAM-2, 4U, EMC, SAN

Dell 0U633

Assembly Fan, 12V, Dual, CHAM-2, EMC

Dell 0U634

Rail, Mounting, CXXXX, LF, EMC

Dell 0U636


Dell 0U638

LTCH, Locking, CHAM-2, SPS, EMC

Dell 0U720

Hard Disk Drive, 40GB, 2nd, Toshib ...

Dell 0U774

Video Card

Dell 0U804

Connector, TERMR, 8P, HSSDC, G