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IBM Computer Parts - Page 428

Part # Description Price

IBM 701X2540

320MB SCSI-1 Disk Drive

IBM 701X2603

Int CD-ROM Optical Drive-2 Drive ( ...

IBM 701X2604

Int CD-ROM Optical Drive-2 Drive ( ...

IBM 701X2605

Diskette Drive - Black Bezel

IBM 701X2616

Int Quad Speed CD-ROM Optical Drive

IBM 701X2618

Int 8-Speed CD-ROM Optical Drive

IBM 701X2619

Int 20-Speed CD-ROM Optical Drive

IBM 701X2624W

Int 32-Speed CD-ROM Optical Drive ...

IBM 701X2628

Int 48x SCSI-2 Auto-dock CD-ROM Op ...

IBM 701X2630

Int 1.2GB QIC Tape Drive

IBM 701X2633

IDE CD-ROM Optical Drive (Black bezel)

IBM 701X2636

Int 150MB QIC Tape Drive

IBM 701X2646

Power GXT500D Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2648

GXT150P 2D Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2650

Power GXT150M Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2657

PCI S15 Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2660

Power GXT150L Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2702

Multipro Attach Cable V.35

IBM 701X2704

Multipro Attach Cable X.21

IBM 701X2712

Power Gt4xi-24 Bit Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2724

FDDI Single-Ring Adapter

IBM 701X2734

Keyboard Mouse Adapter (JXX)

IBM 701X2735

HIPPI Adapter Card

IBM 701X2741

PCI Syskonnect FDD1 LP-SAS

IBM 701X2743

PCI Syskonnect SK-Net UP-SAS

IBM 701X2755

Block Multiplexer Channel Adapter

IBM 701X2756

ESCON Control Unit Adapter

IBM 701X2759

S/370 Channel Emulator/A

IBM 701X2767

Power GXT150 Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2770

Colour Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2796

Power Gt4 24-Bit Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2801

5086 Attachment Adapter

IBM 701X2802

5085 Attachment Adapter

IBM 701X2820

Power GXT1000 System Adapter

IBM 701X2823

Power GXT2000P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2825

Power GXT3000P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2826

Power GXT4000P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2827

GXT6000P 3D Graphics Adapter (Type ...

IBM 701X2831

Int SCSI-2 Controller

IBM 701X2836

SCSI-2 to Single-Port 8-Bit Device

IBM 701X2837

SCSI-1 to Dual 8-Bit Device

IBM 701X2838

SCSI-2 to Dual 8-Bit Device

IBM 701X2839

GXT110P 2D Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2840

DEV to DEV Dual 8-Bit

IBM 701X2843

Power GXT6500P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2848

Power GXT135P Graphics Accelerator

IBM 701X2852

GXT255P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2853

GXT800P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2854

GXT500P Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X2859

GXT800P with Textured Graphics

IBM 701X2866

Serial Optical Channel Cable 6m

IBM 701X2873

ARTIC960RxD Quad DTA Cable

IBM 701X2892

Terminator For FC 2426

IBM 701X2909

18.2GB F/W Ultra SCSI Disk Drive ( ...

IBM 701X2911

9.1GB Ultra SCSI Hot Swap Disk

IBM 701X2920

PCI Token-Ring Adapter

IBM 701X2931A

ISA 8-Port Interface Cable

IBM 701X2931

ISA 8-Port Adapter Card RS-232

IBM 701X2942

ARTIC960 8 Port X.21 Cable

IBM 701X2945

Terminal Cable EIA-422 (65ft)

IBM 701X2951

V.24 Cable

IBM 701X2961

ISA X.25 CoProcessor/2

IBM 701X2962-9L

PCI 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter

IBM 701X2963

TurboWays 155 PCI UTP ATM Adapter

IBM 701X2965

X.25 Attach Cable X.21 3m

IBM 701X2967

X.25 Attach Cable V.35 3m

IBM 701X2968

PCI 10/100MBPS Ethernet LAN Adapter

IBM 701X2969

PCI GigaBit Ethernet SX Adapter

IBM 701X297140P

ISA 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter

IBM 701X2975

10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet PCI Ad ...

IBM 701X2978

X.25 Attach Cable V.35 6m

IBM 701X2984

TurboWays 100 ATM Adapter

IBM 701X2987

PCI Ethernet AUI/RJ-45 Adapter

IBM 701X2988

Turboways 155 PCI MMF ATM Adapter ...

IBM 701X2989

TurboWays 155 ATM Adapter

IBM 701X2990

3270 Emulation Adapter

IBM 701X2991

3270 Emulation Adapter

IBM 701X2992

TP/AUI Ethernet LAN Adapter

IBM 701X3010

9.1GB SCSI-2FW Disk Drive

IBM 701X3027

9.1GB 10K RPM Ultra SCSI Disk

IBM 701X3074

9.1GB SSA Hot Swap Disk Drive (25m ...

IBM 701X3079

9.1GB 10K SSA Disk Drive

IBM 701X3083

2.2GB SCSI-2FW Hot-Swap Disk Drive

IBM 701X3095

2.1GB Ultra SCSI Disk Drive

IBM 701X3107

Serial Fan-Out Cable

IBM 701X3109

SCSI Ext Port to SCSI Int 6-Pack

IBM 701X3119

36.4GB F/W Ultra SCSI Disk Drive 1 ...

IBM 701X3124

Serial/Serial Cable (Drawer/Drawer)

IBM 701X3128

36.4GB 10K RPM Ultra3 H/S Disk 270

IBM 701X3129

36.4GB Ultra3 SCSI Disk Drive 10K ...

IBM 701X3130

SCSI Device to Device Cable

IBM 701X3139

Int Disk to Ext SCSI Cable

IBM 701X3143

Remote IO (RIO) Cable - 6.0m

IBM 701X3147

RIO-G Cable 3.5m For 7311 DX0

IBM 701X3151

Clustered Server Control Panel to

IBM 701X3157

18.2GB Ultra3 SCSI Drive Hot-Plug

IBM 701X3158

36.4GB Ultra3 SCSI Hot-Plug Disk

IBM 701X3159

73.4GB Ultra3 SCSI Hot-Plug Drive

IBM 701X3169

36.4GB 10K RPM Ultra2 SCSI Disk

IBM 701X3254-G

RIO-G Cable Bracket

Part # Description Price Cart

IBM 701X3254

RIO Cable Support Brackets

IBM 701X3263

18.2GB Ultra3 SCSI H/S Disk Drive ...

IBM 701X3275

146.8GB 10K RPM Ultra3 SCSI Disk

IBM 701X3281

73.4GB 15K 80-Pin U320 SCSI Hard D ...

IBM 701X3607

Powerdisplay 17

IBM 701X3925

9-25 Pin Serial Converter Cable

IBM 701X4012T

32MB SIMM Memory

IBM 701X4040

0.5MB L2 Cache Memory

IBM 701X4060

Dials/Tablet/LPFK Serial Cable 2m

IBM 701X4073

Memory Board 32-Position (M80)

IBM 701X4075

Memory Board 16-Position

IBM 701X4081

8MB SIMM Memory

IBM 701X4093

Memory Expansion Feature

IBM 701X4098

Memory Expansion Feature

IBM 701X4100A


IBM 701X4100

1024MB (2x 512MB) DIMMs 200 Pin 10 ...

IBM 701X4107


IBM 701X4113


IBM 701X4114


IBM 701X4116X4

16MB DIMM Memory (Quad)

IBM 701X4116

16MB DIMM Memory

IBM 701X4119


IBM 701X4120


IBM 701X4132X4

32MB DIMM Memory (Quad)

IBM 701X4149

64MB SDRAM DIMM 168-PIN Memory

IBM 701X4150

128MB SDRAM DIMM 168-PIN (150)

IBM 701X4157S

256MB SIMM Memory Card

IBM 701X4164

64MB DIMM Memory

IBM 701X4168

128MB DIMM Memory

IBM 701X4171

512MB R1 Memory (4X128MB)

IBM 701X4173

1024MB R1 Memory (4X256MB)

IBM 701X4190

1024MB Memory Cards (4 X 256MB)

IBM 701X4208

Power Gt1 Graphics Adapter

IBM 701X4218

Token-Ring Adapter Cable

IBM 701X4221

Ethernet BNC Interface

IBM 701X4223

Ethernet 10Base2 Transceiver

IBM 701X4234

13W3 to 13W3 Graphics Cable

IBM 701X4235

15 Pin to 13W3 Graphics Cable

IBM 701X4236

13W3 to 3W3 Graphics Cable

IBM 701X4237

15 Pin to 13W3 Graphics Cable

IBM 701X4240

DDC 13W3 to 13W3 Graphics Cable

IBM 701X4242

6ft 15 Pin D to 15 Pin D Extender

IBM 701X4246

IDE 2-Drop Connector Cable

IBM 701X4247

SCSI 2-Drop Int SCSI to Backplane

IBM 701X4248

SCSI Connector Cable & RPTR Card

IBM 701X4249

SCSI 3-Drop B/P to Media Bay

IBM 701X4250

6-Slot Riser to 2x Media Bay Cable

IBM 701X4257(1)

SCSI Bus Cable to DASD 12 Pack

IBM 701X4257(2)

SCSI Bus Cable to DASD 12 Pack

IBM 701X4259

SCSI 3-Drop Integral SCSI to Media

IBM 701X4260

SCSI 2-Drop Connector Cable &

IBM 701X4306

604E 166MHz CPU Card 512MB L2

IBM 701X4308

604 133MHz CPU Card

IBM 701X4313

604E 166MHz CPU Card 1MB L2

IBM 701X4315

233MHz Pluggable Processor Chip

IBM 701X4319

2-Way RS64 II 340MHz Proc Card

IBM 701X4341

604E 233MHz CPU Card

IBM 701X4344

604E 233MHz CPU Card

IBM 701X4349

170 333 MHz Power3-II Processor

IBM 701X4350

Gto Graphics Accelerator Adapter

IBM 701X4358

1-Way 604e3 332MHz Processor Board

IBM 701X4359

2-Way 604e3 332MHz Processor Board

IBM 701X4360

400MHz Power3-II Processor

IBM 701X4361

1-Way 375MHz Power3-II Processor

IBM 701X4362

2-Way 375MHz Power3-II Processor

IBM 701X4365

2 Way 375MHz Power3-II Processor

IBM 701X4446

1024MB (4 X 256MB) DIMMs 208-Pin

IBM 701X4447

2048MB (4 X 512MB) DIMMs 208-Pin

IBM 701X4449

8192MB (4 X 2048MB) DIMMs 208-Pin

IBM 701X4451


IBM 701X4453


IBM 701X4599

PCI Blind Swap Cassette Universal

IBM 701X4951

PCI 4 Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

IBM 701X4959

Token-Ring PCI Adapter (Type 9-Y)

IBM 701X4961

PCI 4-Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

IBM 701X4962

10/100 Mbps Ethernet II Adapter

IBM 701X5008


IBM 701X5016A


IBM 701X5064A


IBM 701X5064


IBM 701X5200

2-Way RS64 III 500MHz Proces 4MB L2

IBM 701X5201

1-Way RS64 III 450MHz Process Card

IBM 701X5203

4-Way RS64 III 500MHz Proces 4MB L2

IBM 701X5204

4-Way RS64 III 450MHz Process Card

IBM 701X5206

6-Way RS64 III 500MHz Process Card

IBM 701X5210

2-Way RS64IV 750MHz Processor

IBM 701X5212

2 Way SMP 600Mz RS64-IV Processor

IBM 701X5221

6-Way RS64 IV 750MHz Processor Card

IBM 701X5301

Dual 604 CPU Card 0.5MB L2 Cache

IBM 701X5309

1/450 MHz Power3 II Processor

IBM 701X5319

6 Way SMP 450MHz RS64-III Proc (L)

IBM 701X5320

600MHz 6-way SMP RS64 IV Processor

IBM 701X5322

1-Way 333MHz Power3-II Processor

IBM 701X5700

GigaBit Ethernet SX PCI-X Adapter

IBM 701X5701

10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter

IBM 701X5703

PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI

IBM 701X5707

Dual-Port Gigabit SX Ethernet PCI-X

IBM 701X6001

SPCN Cable 2m For 7311 DX0

IBM 701X6003

MCA Expansion Board

IBM 701X6006

Power Control Cable 2m