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IBM Computer Parts - Page 569

Part # Description Price

IBM Feature_Code_0588

PCI-X Expansion Unit in Rack

IBM Feature_Code_0595

PCI-X Tower Unit in Rack

IBM Feature_Code_0601

Direct Attach-2743

IBM Feature_Code_0602

Direct Attach-2760

IBM Feature_Code_0603

Direct Attach-2744

IBM Feature_Code_0607

Direct Attach-4838

IBM Feature_Code_0608

Direct Attach-4745

IBM Feature_Code_0609

Direct Attach-2772

IBM Feature_Code_0610

Direct Attach-2773

IBM Feature_Code_0611

Direct Attach-2765

IBM Feature_Code_0612

Direct Attach-2766

IBM Feature_Code_0613

Direct Attach-2742

IBM Feature_Code_0614

Direct Attach-2793

IBM Feature_Code_0615

Direct Attach-2794

IBM Feature_Code_0616

Direct Attach-2805

IBM Feature_Code_0617

Direct Attach-2806

IBM Feature_Code_0620

Direct Attach-5700

IBM Feature_Code_0621

Direct Attach-5701

IBM Feature_Code_0623

Direct Attach-2849

IBM Feature_Code_0624

Direct Attach-5702

IBM Feature_Code_0625

Direct Attach-5704

IBM Feature_Code_0626

Direct Attach-2787

IBM Feature_Code_0627

Direct Attach-2780

IBM Feature_Code_0628

Direct Attach-5703

IBM Feature_Code_0629

4Gbps Fibre Channel (1-Port

IBM Feature_Code_0630

PCI-X 1Gbps iSCSI TOE-Copper

IBM Feature_Code_0631

PCI-X 1Gbps iSCSI TOE-Optic

IBM Feature_Code_0632

PCI USB 2.0 Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_0633

Graphics Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_0634

128-port ASYNC Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_0635

SDLC/X.25 - 2-port Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_0637

100/10Mbps 4-port Ethrnt Adp

IBM Feature_Code_0638

SSA (40MB/s) Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_0639

128MB SSA Adapter Memory

IBM Feature_Code_0640

Fast Write Cache Option

IBM Feature_Code_0641

PCI-X U320 SCSI Disk Ctl

IBM Feature_Code_0642

PCI Ultra-3 RAID Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_0645

Direct Attach-5712

IBM Feature_Code_0646

Direct Attach-5716

IBM Feature_Code_0647

PCI-X Disk/Tape Ctlr No IOP

IBM Feature_Code_0648

PCI-X Disk Ctlr-90MB No IOP

IBM Feature_Code_0649

Direct Attach-5583

IBM Feature_Code_0650

Direct Attach-5778

IBM Feature_Code_0651

Direct Attach-5782

IBM Feature_Code_0654

Direct Attach-5800

IBM Feature_Code_0696

#5096 Equivalent

IBM Feature_Code_0709

Flexible Thermal Settings For NEBS ...

IBM Feature_Code_0719

Load Source Not in CEC

IBM Feature_Code_0720

Load Source in #0595/5095

IBM Feature_Code_0721

Load Source in #5094/5294

IBM Feature_Code_0725

Load Source in #5786/5787

IBM Feature_Code_0838

#3676 Load Source Specify

IBM Feature_Code_0839

#3677 Load Source Specify

IBM Feature_Code_0900

1W Serv Feat 520 1X8950

IBM Feature_Code_0901

1W Serv Feat 520 1X8951

IBM Feature_Code_0902

1W Serv Feat 520 1X8952

IBM Feature_Code_0903

1W Serv Feat 520 1X8953

IBM Feature_Code_0904

1W Serv Feat 520 1X8954

IBM Feature_Code_0905

2W Serv Feat 520 1X8955

IBM Feature_Code_0906

1W Serv Feat 520 1x8327/30

IBM Feature_Code_0909

1/2W Serv Feat 525 1x8330

IBM Feature_Code_0910

1/4W Serv Feat 550 2x8312

IBM Feature_Code_0915

1/4W Serv Feat 550 2X8958

IBM Feature_Code_0919

1/2W Serv Feat 570 1X8961

IBM Feature_Code_0920

2/4W Serv Feat 570 2X8961

IBM Feature_Code_0921

2/4W Serv Feat 570 2X8971

IBM Feature_Code_0922

5/8W Serv Feat 570 4X8971

IBM Feature_Code_0924

9/12W Serv Feat 570 6X8971

IBM Feature_Code_0926

13/16W Serv Feat 570 8X8971

IBM Feature_Code_0928

2/16W Serv Feat 570 8X8971

IBM Feature_Code_0930

1/2W Serv Feat 570 1X8971

IBM Feature_Code_0934

2/4W Serv Feat 570 2x8338

IBM Feature_Code_0935

4/8W Serv Feat 570 4x8338

IBM Feature_Code_0936

8/16W Serv Feat 570 8x8338

IBM Feature_Code_0937

2/16W Serv Feat 570 8x8338

IBM Feature_Code_0938

1/4W Serv Feat 570 2x8338

IBM Feature_Code_0939

1/8W Serv Feat 570 4x8338

IBM Feature_Code_0940

8/16W Serv Feat 1x8966/73

IBM Feature_Code_0941

16/32W Serv Feat 2x8966/73

IBM Feature_Code_0943

32/64W Serv Feat 4x8966/73

IBM Feature_Code_0944

4/32W Serv Feat 2x8966/73

IBM Feature_Code_0946

8/16W Serv Feat 595 1X8981

IBM Feature_Code_0947

16/32W Serv Feat 595 2X8981

IBM Feature_Code_0952

32/64W Serv Feat 595 4X8981

IBM Feature_Code_0953

8/16W Serv Feat 595 1x8968

IBM Feature_Code_0954

16/32W Serv Feat 595 2x8968

IBM Feature_Code_0955

32/64W Serv Feat 595 4x8968

IBM Feature_Code_0958

2/16W Serv Feat 595 1x8968

IBM Feature_Code_0959

4/32W Serv Feat 595 2x8968

IBM Feature_Code_0970

1W Serv Feat 520 1x8325/27

IBM Feature_Code_0975

1W Serv Feat 520 1x8325/27

IBM Feature_Code_1120

Decline Electronic Service Agent I ...

IBM Feature_Code_1269

282.25GB 15k RPM Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1292

300GB 15k RPM Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1800

GX Dual Port- RIO-2 Attach

IBM Feature_Code_1801

HSL-2 Ports - 2 Optical

IBM Feature_Code_1802

GX Dual Port- 12X Channel Attach

IBM Feature_Code_1806

Dual Port RIO-2 I/O Hub

IBM Feature_Code_1807

HSL-2 Ports - 2 Optical

IBM Feature_Code_1809

GX Dual-port 4x HCA

Part # Description Price Cart

IBM Feature_Code_1810

GX Dual-port 4x HCA

IBM Feature_Code_1811

GX Dual-port 4x HCA

IBM Feature_Code_1820

PCI-X Dual-port 4x IB HCA

IBM Feature_Code_1827

Serial-UPS Conversion Cable

IBM Feature_Code_1828

1.5 Meter 12X to 4X Channel Conver ...

IBM Feature_Code_1829

0.6 Meter 12X Cable

IBM Feature_Code_1830

1.5 Meter 12X Cable

IBM Feature_Code_1834

8.0 Meter 12X Cable

IBM Feature_Code_1840

3.0 Meter 12X Cable

IBM Feature_Code_1841

3 Meter 12X to 4X Channel Conversi ...

IBM Feature_Code_1842

10 Meter 12X to 4X Channel Convers ...

IBM Feature_Code_1845

Operator Panel

IBM Feature_Code_1846

Operator Panel

IBM Feature_Code_1847

Processor Cable, Two-Drawer System

IBM Feature_Code_1848

Processor Cable, Three-Drawer System

IBM Feature_Code_1849

Processor Cable, Four-Drawer System

IBM Feature_Code_1876

L200P Flat Panel Monitor

IBM Feature_Code_1889

80GB VXA-2 Tape Drive

IBM Feature_Code_1892

VXA-320 160/320GB Internal Tape Drive

IBM Feature_Code_1893

36.4GB 10,000 RPM, Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1894

73.4GB 10,000 RPM, Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1895

146.8GB 10,000 RPM, Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1896

36.4GB 15k RPM Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1897

73.4GB 15k RPM Disk Unit

IBM Feature_Code_1900

4.7 GB IDE Slimline DVD-RAM Drive

IBM Feature_Code_1903

IDE Slimline DVD-ROM Drive

IBM Feature_Code_1905

4 GB Single-Port Fibre Channel PCI ...

IBM Feature_Code_1908

Dual Channel SCSI RAID Enablement Card

IBM Feature_Code_1910

4 GB Dual-Port Fibre Channel PCI-X ...

IBM Feature_Code_1912

PCI-X DDR Dual Channel U320 SCSI A ...

IBM Feature_Code_1913

PCI-X DDR Dual Channel U320 SCSI R ...

IBM Feature_Code_1930

1024MB (2x512MB) DIMMs, 276-PIN, 5 ...

IBM Feature_Code_1931

2048MB (2x1024MB) DIMMs, 276-PIN, ...

IBM Feature_Code_1932

4096MB (2x2048MB) DIMMs, 276-PIN, ...

IBM Feature_Code_1934

8192MB (2x4096MB) DIMMs, 276-PIN, ...

New - $199.95
Refurb - $99.95

IBM Feature_Code_1954

4-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X A ...

IBM Feature_Code_1955

36/72 GB 4mm Internal Tape Drive

IBM Feature_Code_1957

2 Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI-X Adap ...

IBM Feature_Code_1959

10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet Low P ...

IBM Feature_Code_1968

73.4 GB 10,000 RPM U320 SCSI Disk ...

IBM Feature_Code_1969

146.8 GB 10,000 RPM U320 SCSI Disk ...

IBM Feature_Code_1970

36.4 GB 15,000 RPM U320 SCSI Disk ...

IBM Feature_Code_1971

73.4 GB 15,000 RPM U320 SCSI Disk ...

IBM Feature_Code_1972

146.8 GB 15,000 RPM U320 SCSI Disk ...

IBM Feature_Code_1973

300 GB 10,000 RPM U320 SCSI Disk D ...

IBM Feature_Code_1974

PCI-X Dual Channel U320 SCSI Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_1975

PCI-X Dual Channel U320 SCSI RAID ...

IBM Feature_Code_1977

2 Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI-X Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_1978

Gigabit Ethernet-SX PCI-X Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_1979

10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet PCI-X ...

IBM Feature_Code_1980

Power GXT135P Graphics Accelerator ...

IBM Feature_Code_1981

10 Gigabit Ethernet -SR PCI-X Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_1982

10 Gigabit Ethernet-LR PCI-X Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_1983

2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX Etherne ...

IBM Feature_Code_1984

2-Port Gigabit Ethernet-SX PCI-X A ...

IBM Feature_Code_1985

10/100 Mbps Ethernet PCI Adapter II

IBM Feature_Code_1986

1 Gigabit iSCSI TOE PCI-X on Coppe ...

IBM Feature_Code_1987

1 Gigabit iSCSI TOE PCI-X on Optic ...

IBM Feature_Code_1990

Dual Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethe ...

IBM Feature_Code_2498

PCI 4-Channel Ultra3 SCSI RAID Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2591

External USB 1.44 MB Diskette Drive

IBM Feature_Code_2634

16X/48X(max) IDE DVD-ROM Drive

IBM Feature_Code_2640

IDE Slimline DVD-ROM Drive

IBM Feature_Code_2732

PCI Serial HIPPI Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2737

PCI USB 1.1 Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2738

2-Port USB PCI Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2739

Optical Bus Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2742


IBM Feature_Code_2743

PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA

IBM Feature_Code_2744

PCI 100Mbps Token-Ring IOA

IBM Feature_Code_2749

PCI Ultra Mag Media Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2757

PCI-X Ultra RAID Disk Ctrl

IBM Feature_Code_2760

PCI 1Gbps Ethernet UTP IOA

IBM Feature_Code_2763

PCI RAID Disk Unit Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2765

PCI Fibre Channel Tape Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2766

PCI Fibre Channel Disk Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2768

PCI Magnetic Media Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2772

PCI Dual WAN/Modem IOA

IBM Feature_Code_2773


IBM Feature_Code_2780

PCI-X Ultra4 RAID Disk Ctrl

IBM Feature_Code_2782

PCI-X RAID Disk Unit Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2787

PCI-X Fibre Chan Disk Ctlr

IBM Feature_Code_2793

PCI 2-Line WAN w/Modem

IBM Feature_Code_2794

PCI 2-Line WAN w/Modem (CIM

IBM Feature_Code_2805

PCI Quad Modem IOA

IBM Feature_Code_2806

PCI Quad Modem IOA (CIM

IBM Feature_Code_2843


IBM Feature_Code_2844


New - $119.95
Refurb - $49.95

IBM Feature_Code_2847

PCI IOP For SAN Load Source

IBM Feature_Code_2848

Power GXT135P Graphics Accelerator

IBM Feature_Code_2849

Power GXT135P Graphics Accelerator ...

IBM Feature_Code_2886

Optical Bus Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2887

HSL-2 Bus Adapter

IBM Feature_Code_2888

HSL-2/RIO-G Ports - 2 Copper

IBM Feature_Code_2890

PCI Integ Netfinity Server

IBM Feature_Code_2891

PCI Integ xSeries Server

IBM Feature_Code_2892

PCI Integ xSeries Server

IBM Feature_Code_2893

PCIe 2-Line WAN w/Modem

IBM Feature_Code_2894

PCIe 2-Line WAN w/Modem CIM

IBM Feature_Code_2895

128MB Server Memory