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Lenovo Computer Parts - Page 3

Part # Description Price

Lenovo 41A9761

1060W power supply - 2P For ThinkS ...

Lenovo 41D0722

DMS59 Dual-VGA Dongle, 41D2399

Lenovo 41D1816

Intel Pentium 4 CPU, Processor 519 ...

Lenovo 41D3721

Floppy Disk Drive Without Bezel

Lenovo 41D3724

3.5 inch 1.44MB 2 mode floppy disk ...

Lenovo 41N3043

Gemplus - SMART card reader - Expr ...

Lenovo 41N3111

180W, small desktop power supply

Lenovo 41N3319

48x CD-ROM Optical Drive

Lenovo 41N3409

225W Power supply (SFF)

Lenovo 41N3409


Lenovo 41N4034

41N4034 Sata Blu-Ray rom/HD DVD-ro ...

Lenovo 41N5270

3000 J105 (type 8459) Front I/O (U ...

Lenovo 41N5285

Front panel audio/USB cable assembly

Lenovo 41N5315

Front rotating cage assembly Think ...

Lenovo 41N5316

Front bezel assembly

Lenovo 41N5322

M55 Bezel kit

Lenovo 41N5323

ThinkCentre M55 (type 8801) - Mech ...

Lenovo 41N5347

Planar Shield (945G, 945GZ) Covers ...

Lenovo 41N5665

90W A/C Adapter

Lenovo 41N5666

Battery 41++ 9CELL

Lenovo 41N5672

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit 41 ...

Lenovo 41N5676

9CELL Battery For 3000/N100

Lenovo 41N8050

Front bezel For ThinkCentre M57p ( ...

Lenovo 41N8052

Bezel Assembly For A60

Lenovo 41N8062

ASM Rear ThinkCentre SFF Motherboa ...

Lenovo 41N8078

FDD EMC Shield

Lenovo 41N8079

Fan, rear with grommets and grill

Lenovo 41N8080

Shield, 5.25 EMC

Lenovo 41N8243

Heatsink For AMD Sempron and Athlon

Lenovo 41N8260

Fan Sink For Lenovo 3000 J200 (typ ...

Lenovo 41N8276

PCI Riser card bracket assembly

Lenovo 41N8296

Martell Bezel assembly

Lenovo 41N8460

90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter - Pow ...

Lenovo 41R0061

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R0076

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R0138

Speakers 2W Silver/Black with AC A ...

Lenovo 41R0163

HLDS GGW-H20N 4xHH SATA Blue-Ray B ...

Lenovo 41R2511

Thermal Sense Cable

Lenovo 41R2902

Pocono Interposal Card ThinkCentre M55

Lenovo 41R3185

U.S Power cord For ThinkCentre

Lenovo 41R3196

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R3197

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R3221

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R3300

4Pin SATA cable, 2H 100mm latch (P ...

Lenovo 41R3304

DVI cable For RS690 low-profile

Lenovo 41R3316

DVI cable For RS690 low-profile

Lenovo 41R3328

SATA cable (120mm)

Lenovo 41R3342

DVI-I(M)-VGA(F) cord

Lenovo 41R4309

L1 Tip For Motorola Series Phones: ...

Lenovo 41R4310

L2 Tip For Nokia Phones 1910-0320

Lenovo 41R4311

L3 Tip For Audiovox, Kyocera, Moto ...

Lenovo 41R4313

L5 Tip For Samsung Phones 1910-0323

Lenovo 41R4315

L7 Tip For Palm 1910-0325

Lenovo 41R4316

L8a Tip For RIM Blackberry and Sel ...

Lenovo 41R4317

L9 Tip For Generic USB 1910-0327

Lenovo 41R4318

L10a Tip For Apple iPod and iPhone ...

Lenovo 41R4322

AC Adapter

Lenovo 41R4343

L16 Tip For Samsung Phones 1910-0333

Lenovo 41R4359

Vertical PC and Monitor Stand - Mo ...

Lenovo 41R4371

Dual Charging Cable For 90W Slim A ...

Lenovo 41R4394

L11 Tip For Nokia Phones 1910-0328

Lenovo 41R4409

L15 Tip For Samsung Phones 1910-0332

Lenovo 41R4412

L16 Tip For Samsung Phones 1910-0333

Lenovo 41R4429

ThinkPad W700 170W AC Adapter

Lenovo 41R4474

Vertical PC and Monitor Stand II - ...

Lenovo 41R4481

L10a Tip For Apple iPod and iPhone ...

Lenovo 41R4487

20V Tip For Airline Power, 41R4489

Lenovo 41R4515

90W AC Adapter - Power Adapter - A ...

Lenovo 41R4519

90W AC Adapter - 3000 N500/G530 Se ...

Lenovo 41R4523

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R5475


Lenovo 41R5490

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 41R5495

assembly (USB, audio, 1394)

Lenovo 41R5502

E-Series Server Fansink

Lenovo 41R5517

SATA cable (optical disk drive)

Lenovo 41R5521

Bezel Kit, Remy

Lenovo 41R5530

Cover Assembly (access panel), Remy

Lenovo 41R5532

Speaker, Switch, LED, and bracket ...

Lenovo 41R5533

Front Panel Cable Assembly (USB, a ...

Lenovo 41R5540

Heatsink, Acoustic Solution For Th ...

Lenovo 41R5552

SAS Hard Disk Drive Filler For Thi ...

Lenovo 41R5555

Cable assembly, SAS Controller Har ...

Lenovo 41R5563

Heatsink Dummy Filler

Lenovo 41R5597

Rail Kit, Remy with Filler For Thi ...

Lenovo 41R5657

Front panel cable assembly (USB, a ...

Lenovo 41R5793

Keyboard Bezel

Lenovo 41R5798

Modem DAUGHTER CARD (0687)

Lenovo 41R5798

Modem daughter card (MDC)

Lenovo 41R5804

3000 V200 Heatsink assembly

Lenovo 41R5807

Hard Disk Drive slot cover

Lenovo 41R6035

65W/95w Heatsink For ThinkCentre M ...

Lenovo 41R6202


Lenovo 41R6206

Front panel assembly

Lenovo 41R6219

Shell Assembly 310

Lenovo 41R6220

Cover Assembly ThinkCentre A55/M55

Lenovo 41R6238

Bezel kit, Rocky S3 Without IBM logo

Lenovo 41R6239

CHASSIS For 9690

Lenovo 41R6243

Bezel assembly - ThinkCentre A61

Lenovo 41R6249

System fan assembly

Lenovo 41R6250

I/O shield assembly

Part # Description Price Cart

Lenovo 41R6252

CPU support module

Lenovo 41R6253

Hard Disk Drive tray assembly

New - $49.95
Refurb - $29.95

Lenovo 41R6260

Front bezel assembly For ThinkCent ...

Lenovo 41R6269

LENOVO SYSTEM FAN - Rear Fan 4 pin

Lenovo 41R6291

Hard Disk Drive Tray - ThinkCentre ...

Lenovo 41R6359

Front fan assembly - ThinkCentre M57p

Lenovo 41R6394

M55e Plastic bezel kit

Lenovo 41R6407

AMD 89W & 65W 4Pin Heatsink

Lenovo 41R6408

ThinkCentre A57 (9851) Bezel Assembly

Lenovo 41R7517


Lenovo 41R7519


Lenovo 41R7520


Lenovo 41R7521

HINGES (0687)

Lenovo 41R7523


Lenovo 41R7524

CAMERA (0687)

Lenovo 41R7525


Lenovo 41R7530


Lenovo 41R7532


Lenovo 41R7552

Bluetooth cable Lenovo notebooks

Lenovo 41R7612

3000 N200 DIMM Cover with Screws

Lenovo 41R7645

3000 V200 Launch board

Lenovo 41R7783

LCD front bezel For type 0769, 15W ...

Lenovo 41R8388


Lenovo 41R8448

Genuine 3000 N200 LCD Cable Assembly

Lenovo 41R8451

3000 N100 15.4 inverter Board PK07 ...

Lenovo 41R8510

Cable kit (includes SATA data cabl ...

Lenovo 41R8514

Heatsink, Athlon/Sempron For Think ...

Lenovo 41R8515

A61e Shield Kit

Lenovo 41R8518

Hard Disk Drive tray

Lenovo 41R8545

M57 Heatsink

Lenovo 41R8551

Front bezel For A61e

Lenovo 41T1609

System Board ( Motherboard ) 10/10 ...

Lenovo 41T1742

ATHLONG64 3200+ 2.2GHZ/512K S754

Lenovo 41T3106

Integrated camera Thinkpad T400/R400

Lenovo 41T4104

Pentium 4 524 CPU, Processor with ...

Lenovo 41T4966

Intel Celeron D CPU, Processor 356 ...

Lenovo 41T4968

Intel Celeron D CPU, Processor 356 ...

Lenovo 41U2977

ThinkCentre - Memory - 1 GB - DIMM ...

Lenovo 41U3015

: PS/2 2 Button Ball Mouse

Lenovo 41U3023

Wireless Mouse No Receiver

Lenovo 41U3143


Lenovo 41U4820

ThinkPad Tablet Tether - Stylus te ...

Lenovo 41U5008

ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse - s ...

Lenovo 41U5027

3000 SERIES N200 9CELL 15.4INCH WI ...

Lenovo 41U5251

ThinkStation - Memory - 1 GB - DIM ...

Lenovo 41U5252

ThinkStation 2GB PC3-8500 1066MHz ...

Lenovo 41V9042

Base cover assembly 1843, 14.1in WW

Lenovo 41V9121

Fingerprint Reader Cable Assembly ...

Lenovo 41V9127

ASM Fingerprint cable with CPU, Pr ...

Lenovo 41V9139

ASM Fingerprint cable with CPU, Pr ...

Lenovo 41V9486

ASM ClearPlate Sticker For ThinkPa ...

Lenovo 41V9729

Lower case assembly, x60s

Lenovo 41V9770

T60 Speaker assembly (15in)

Lenovo 41V9784

Magnesium frame For ThinkPad Z60t

Lenovo 41V9908

Palm rest assembly (with fingerpri ...

Lenovo 41V9961

Base cover assembly For 1951 (15.0 ...

Lenovo 41V9962

Base cover assembly For 1952 (15.0 ...

Lenovo 41V9963

Base cover assembly For 1953 (15.0 ...

Lenovo 41W0747

SL410 CDRW/DVD-RW Internal Drive - ...

Lenovo 41W1064

ThinkPad Z61t camera module, FPC type

Lenovo 41W1066

IBM Z61m Integrated Camera, PCB Type

Lenovo 41W1123

Inverter Card

Lenovo 41W1125

Inverter card For ThinkPad R60/e

Lenovo 41W1126

Inverter card For ThinkPad R60/e

Lenovo 41W1138

CPU assembly, Intel Core Duo CPU, ...

Lenovo 41W1140

Intel Core Solo CPU, Processor T13 ...

Lenovo 41W1157

Function Board For Lenovo 3000 N10 ...

Lenovo 41W1160

Inverter card

Lenovo 41W1162

3000 C100 Modem daughter card (MDC)

Lenovo 41W1163

Lenovo 3000 V100 Bluetooth daughte ...

Lenovo 41W1202

Intel Celeron M CPU, Processor 420 ...

Lenovo 41W1204

YEC Inverter card 14W For 0689

Lenovo 41W1280

3000 C100 Function board

Lenovo 41W1281

3000 C100 LED board

Lenovo 41W1313

S-Video Card

Lenovo 41W1314

Function Board For Lenovo 3000 N10 ...

Lenovo 41W1315

VGA connector card

Lenovo 41W1317

Sumida Inverter card 14W For 0689

Lenovo 41W1318

3000 N 100 15 LCD SL INvertor

Lenovo 41W1321

SYSTEM Board 3000 12W INTEGRATED ( ...

Lenovo 41W1322

Lenovo 3000 V100 Inverter card

Lenovo 41W1331

Integrated camera

Lenovo 41W1332

5-1 Digital Media Reader Board For ...

Lenovo 41W1333

Launch Board For Lenovo 3000 V100, ...

Lenovo 41W1395

Inverter card For 3000 C200 15" di ...

Lenovo 41W1411


Lenovo 41W1438

3000 C200 VGA connector card

Lenovo 41W1440

3000 C200 LED board

Lenovo 41W1482

R61e inverter card

Lenovo 41W1494

Function board

Lenovo 41W1499

USB sub card For ThinkPad T60, T60 ...

Lenovo 41W1499

USB sud card ThinkPad T60(8744)

Lenovo 41W2115

Cover, strip (E cover)

Lenovo 41W2639

Lenovo 3000 V100 Heatsink assembly

Lenovo 41W4507

ASM Power Button/Hotkey panel For ...

Lenovo 41W4511

Cooling Fan - 3000 C200 41W5225

Lenovo 41W4512

ASM Heatsink For ThinkPad

Lenovo 41W4516

ASM Hard Disk Drive Tray with pull ...

Lenovo 41W4579

ThinkPad X60s DIMM door kit

Lenovo 41W4790