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Lenovo Computer Parts - Page 4

Part # Description Price

Lenovo 41W4816

3000 C100 LCD Front Bezel

Lenovo 41W4820

3000 C100 Bottom cover assembly

Lenovo 41W4821

3000 C100 Keyboard Cover Strip

Lenovo 41W4822

3000 C100 PC Card slot

Lenovo 41W4825

3000 C100 Dimm slot cover

Lenovo 41W4838

ThinkPad Z61t Hinge

Lenovo 41W4868

Palm Rest Assembly , Without finge ...

Lenovo 41W4874

Base cover For 9453

Lenovo 41W4881

Base cover For 0672

Lenovo 41W4882

Base cover For 0673

Lenovo 41W4885

ThinkPad Z61m LCD front bezel asse ...

Lenovo 41W5008

ASM ThinkPad Z61t LED light cover

Lenovo 41W5009

ASM ThinkPad Z61t LED lights cover ...

Lenovo 41W5067

ASM ClearPlate Sticker For ThinkPa ...

Lenovo 41W5069

ASM ThinkPad Z61m LED light cover

Lenovo 41W5074

ASM ThinkPad Z61p LED lights cover

Lenovo 41W5181

Intel Celeron M CPU, Processor 410 ...

Lenovo 41W5193

14" Base cover assembly

Lenovo 41W5200

Forcecon Fan with Brushless Motor ...

Lenovo 41W5206

PC Card slot assembly For Z61e

Lenovo 41W5208

3000 N 100 15 LCD REAR COVER

Lenovo 41W5209

LCD front bezel 14W, Without camera

Lenovo 41W5211

3000 N 100 15 LCD FRT BEZEL

Lenovo 41W5212

LCD front bezel For type 0768, 15W ...

Lenovo 41W5213

Hinges 14W For 0689

Lenovo 41W5217

Top Cover assembly 14W C cover, Wi ...

Lenovo 41W5218

Top Cover assembly 14W C cover, wi ...

Lenovo 41W5221

Bottom cover assembly 14W (D cover ...

Lenovo 41W5222

Bottom cover assembly, 15W (D cove ...

Lenovo 41W5224

PC Card slot

Lenovo 41W5226

CPU Thermal module For type 0689 a ...

Lenovo 41W5227

DIMM slot cover - 0768 3000 N100

Lenovo 41W5231

Fan 15W, Discrete

Lenovo 41W5232

Thermal module slot cover For MT06 ...

Lenovo 41W5233

Hard Disk Drive slot cover For 300 ...

Lenovo 41W5243

ASM ThinkPad Hard Disk Drive Cover

Lenovo 41W5250

ASM Metal bracket For ThinkPad

Lenovo 41W6368

LCD Rear Cover For Lenovo 3000 V10 ...

Lenovo 41W6369

LCD Front Bezel For lenovo 3000 V1 ...

Lenovo 41W6370

Hinges For Lenovo 3000 V100, V200 ...

Lenovo 41W6373

Base Cover For Lenovo 3000 V100 (A ...

Lenovo 41W6374

Middle Cover For Lenovo 3000 V100, ...

Lenovo 41W6376

Fan For Lenovo 3000 V100

Lenovo 41W6379

DIMM slot cover For Lenovo 3000 V1 ...

Lenovo 41W6380

Hard Disk Drive Cover For Lenovo 3 ...

Lenovo 41W6409

Thermal Device and Fan(Descrete)8744

Lenovo 41W6431

ASM Rear LCD cable cover For ThinkPad

Lenovo 41W6547

ThinkPad memory cover

Lenovo 41W7427

Speaker assembly

Lenovo 41W8034

Genuine 3000 N100 LED Card

Lenovo 41X1081

ThinkCentre 2GB PC2-6400 NP DDR2 S ...

Lenovo 41X1354

Thinkcentre A53 Motherboard

Lenovo 41X1421

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+, ...

Lenovo 41X2089

Internal USB memory card reader

Lenovo 41X3540

48x CD-ROM Optical Drive, black, W ...

Lenovo 41X3732


Lenovo 41X4255


Lenovo 41X5743

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, Processor E6 ...

Lenovo 41X6399

DMS59 to Dual-DVI Dongle 41X6398

Lenovo 41X7777

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3600+, ...

Lenovo 41Y9016


Lenovo 41Y9081

Blower DIMM blocker For System x34 ...

Lenovo 42C7507

Hard Disk Drive fan assembly (for ...

Lenovo 42R4357


Lenovo 42R9799

Heatsink & Fan Assy

Lenovo 42R9800

Keyboard Bezel Assembly For ThinkP ...

Lenovo 42R9852

Structure frame (14.1-in For WWAN)

Lenovo 42R9883


Lenovo 42R9900

ASM ThinkPad T60 LED lights cover ...

Lenovo 42R9901

ASM ThinkPad T60 LED lights cover ...

Lenovo 42R9957

Magnesium base frame with speakers ...

Lenovo 42R9984

Fan Bracket

Lenovo 42T0077

Inverter card (15in) XGA

Lenovo 42T0079

Inverter Card (15in) SXGA+/UXGA, T60

Lenovo 42T0101

Intel Core Duo CPU, Processor T250 ...

Lenovo 42T0171

LCD inverter card For ThinkPad X41 ...

Lenovo 42T0215

ThinkPad x60s System Board Intel c ...

Lenovo 42T0327


Lenovo 42T0431

LCD panel, 14.1-in. SXGA+

Lenovo 42T0510

12.1 WXGA Matte laptop LCD screens ...

Lenovo 42T0524

LCD panel, 14.1-in. WXGA (1280X800 ...

Lenovo 42T0536

LCD Panel - 15.4" WXGA Glossy

Lenovo 42T0542

W700 LCD panel, 17.0-in. WUXGA

Lenovo 42T0585

Second LCD panel, 10.6-in. WXGA, W ...

Lenovo 42T0593

Lenovo Thinkpad 14.1" WXGA TFT LCD

Lenovo 42T0619

LCD panel, 10.1-in. WSVGA For Idea ...

Lenovo 42T0625

15.4 inch WXGA LCD screen - Lenovo ...

Lenovo 42T0629

LCD panel, 15.4-in. WXGA Glare

Lenovo 42T0631

15.4 inch WXGA (1280 x 800) LCD - ...

Lenovo 42T0636

LCD ASSY T400s 14" WXGA+

Lenovo 42T0648

LCD module, 14.0-inch HD glare For ...

Lenovo 42T0688

LCD module, 15.6-inch HD glare, SL510

Lenovo 42T0741

LCD module, 15.6-inch WXGA HD LED- ...

Lenovo 42T0743

LCD module, 15.6-inch HD+ LED-back ...

Lenovo 42T0755


Lenovo 42T0783

IdeaPad G550 15.6" WXGA HD (1366 x ...

Lenovo 42T0806

Modem daughter card

Lenovo 42T0823

Wireless Broadcom 802.11bg PCI-E M ...

Lenovo 42T0825

Wireless LAN PCI-EXPRESS 11a/b/g/n

Lenovo 42T0843

Wireless Lenovo 11abgn Wireless LA ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Lenovo 42T0855

Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG Mini-PC ...

Lenovo 42T0867

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Lenovo 42T0875

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Lenovo 42T0979

ThinkPad 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini P ...

Lenovo 42T0991

Intel Turbo Memory 2-GB Minicard

Lenovo 42T1029

SATA, 9.5MM, - Hard Disk Drive - 1 ...

Lenovo 42T1102

SATA 9.5mm 160GB 2.5in 5400 RPM Ha ...

Lenovo 42T1307

HARD DR 120.0GB 5400 RPM 2.5" 9.5M ...

Lenovo 42T1545

SATA Hard Disk Drive, 160 GB, 9.5 ...

Lenovo 42T1571

ThinkPad - Hard Disk Drive - 320 G ...

Lenovo 42T1573

Hitachi - Hard Disk Drive - 250 GB ...

Lenovo 42T2021


Lenovo 42T2441


Lenovo 42T2517


Lenovo 42T2521

DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 12.7 mm

Lenovo 42T2523

DVD-RAM/RW drive, 12.7 mm For Thin ...

Lenovo 42T2533

DVD BURNER For R400/R500/W700/W700DS

Lenovo 42T2535

DVD BURNER For R400/R500/W700/W700DS

Lenovo 42T2539

ThinkPad Blu-ray Burner Ultrabay E ...

Lenovo 42T2599

DVD BURNER (43R8781) 43N3229

Lenovo 42T2605


Lenovo 42T3004

Icelantic KeyBoard For ThinkPad T6 ...

Lenovo 42T3070


Lenovo 42T3080

Keyboard, Mobile Italian ThinkPad ...

Lenovo 42T3106

R61 Integrated camera

Lenovo 42T3108

Integrated camera For ThinkPad R61 ...

Lenovo 42T3118

Keyboard NMB German

Lenovo 42T3144

Keyboard French Canadian (Acnor) - ...

Lenovo 42T3145

Canadian French (058) R61/T61 14.1 ...

Lenovo 42T3147

belgian Keyboard For ThinkPad R61, ...

Lenovo 42T3155

Hebrew Keyboard For ThinkPad R61, ...

Lenovo 42T3160

Keyboard- ThinkPad R61 / T61 14.1i ...

Lenovo 42T3164

ThinkPad Keyboard - Finnish, Swedish

Lenovo 42T3174

Brazilian Portuguese Keyboard For ...

Lenovo 42T3275

Keyboard - French, Canadian 42T3243

Lenovo 42T3280

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lenovo 42T3288

Keyboard- ThinkPad R61 / T61 14.1i ...

Lenovo 42T3340

French Canadian keyboard For Lenov ...

Lenovo 42T3341

German Keyboard For Lenovo Laptops ...

Lenovo 42T3343

French, European Notebook Keyboard ...

Lenovo 42T3345

Finnish, Swedish Keyboard For type ...

Lenovo 42T3348

Italian Notebook Keyboard For N100 ...

Lenovo 42T3351

NBK KEYBOARD V200, N100, N200, N50 ...

Lenovo 42T3358

NBK KEYBOARD For type 0769 CZECH, ...

Lenovo 42T3361

N100 Slovenian Notebook Keyboard F ...

Lenovo 42T3362

Slovak Keyboard For type 0769

Lenovo 42T3363

Keyboards For V100, V200 JAPANESE

Lenovo 42T3366

Spanish/Latin American KEYBOARD - ...

Lenovo 42T3403


Lenovo 42T3405

3000 N200 Keyboard French/Canadian ...

Lenovo 42T3409

Dutch Keyboard For type 0769, Sub ...

Lenovo 42T3412

NBK KEYBOARD N100, N200, N500, V20 ...

Lenovo 42T3413

NBK KEYBOARD For N100, N200, N500, ...

Lenovo 42T3415

Keyboard For type 0769 BELGIAN, Su ...

Lenovo 42T3416

NBK KEYBOARD N100, N200, N500, V20 ...

Lenovo 42T3428

NBK KEYBOARD V200, N100, N200 JAPA ...

Lenovo 42T3431

Spanish/Latin American KEYBOARD - ...

New - $99.95

Lenovo 42T3469

French, Canadian X61 Tablet, SUB 4 ...

Lenovo 42T3470

Keyboard, Mobile German ThinkPad X ...

Lenovo 42T3472

X61 Tablet Keyboard French, Europe ...

Lenovo 42T3477

Keyboard -ThinkPad X60 Tablet, X61 ...

Lenovo 42T3481

X61 Keyboard Portuguese

Lenovo 42T3483

Keyboard, Mobile Russian Thinkpad ...

Lenovo 42T3488

Keyboard -ThinkPad X60 Tablet, X61 ...

Lenovo 42T3497

Keyboard -ThinkPad X60 Tablet, X61 ...

Lenovo 42T3533

French, Canadian (058) Keyboard Fo ...

Lenovo 42T3542

Spanish keyboard For Thinkpad X60 ...

Lenovo 42T3564

Integrated camera For ThinkPad X300

Lenovo 42T3566

ThinkPad X301 Touchpad Buttons

Lenovo 42T3603

Lenovo German Keyboard - Thinkpad X300

Lenovo 42T3611

Lenovo Spanish Keyboard - Thinkpad ...

Lenovo 42T3631

Brazilian Portugese Keyboard For T ...

Lenovo 42T3632

Lenovo Icelandic Keyboard - Thinkp ...

Lenovo 42T3671

Keyboard, Mobile U.S. English x200 ...

Lenovo 42T3674

IBM German Keyboards For X200

Lenovo 42T3679

Norweigan Keyboard For x200, x200 ...

Lenovo 42T3680

ThinkPad X200 Tablet, X201 Tablet ...

Lenovo 42T3688

Hebrew Keyboard For x200, x200 Tab ...

Lenovo 42T3702

Brazilian Portuguese Keyboard For ...

Lenovo 42T3737

Keyboard, Mobile U.S. English x200 ...

Lenovo 42T3739

ThinkPad French Canadian Keyboard, ...

Lenovo 42T3741

UK English Keyboard For x200, x200 ...

Lenovo 42T3744

Finnish/Swedish Keyboard For x200, ...

Lenovo 42T3745

Norweigan Keyboard For x200, x200 ...

Lenovo 42T3749

Belgian Keyboard For x200, x200 Ta ...

Lenovo 42T3768

Brazilian Portuguese Keyboard For ...

Lenovo 42T3773

Keyboard BX NMB Germany

Lenovo 42T3779

Keyboard service parts - ThinkPad ...

Lenovo 42T3805

French/Canadian Keyboard For SL300 ...

Lenovo 42T3810

Finnish/Swedish KeyBoard For Think ...

Lenovo 42T3866

Keyboard CNY BX US English

Lenovo 42T3871

ThinkPad SL300 SL400 SL400C SL500 ...

Lenovo 42T3872

German keyboard For ThinkPad SL400 ...

Lenovo 42T3873

UK English keyboard For ThinkPad S ...

Lenovo 42T3877

Norwegian keyboard For ThinkPad SL ...

Lenovo 42T3878

Danish keyboard For ThinkPad SL400 ...

Lenovo 42T3903

Numeric keypad For ThinkPad W700, ...

Lenovo 42T3939

Thinkpad Keyboard Canadian French ...

Lenovo 42T3943

Danish Keyboard For T500, r500, W5 ...

Lenovo 42T3945

ThinkPad T500 and W500 French Keyb ...