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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 10

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 12C0837


Lexmark 12C0840


Lexmark 12C0850

Kit Assembly CLEANING

Lexmark 12C0860


Lexmark 12C0865


Lexmark 12C0875


Lexmark 12C0876

X) Belt

Lexmark 12C0877

X) Belt

Lexmark 12F8597


Lexmark 12G0003

Card Cover/w/ EMC Shield

Lexmark 12G0011

Optra E310 User's Guide

Lexmark 12G0013

Controller UNIT

Lexmark 12G0014


Lexmark 12G0015


Lexmark 12G0016


Lexmark 12G0017

SCSI Cable, 2 m (M-50-pin to M-50-pin

Lexmark 12G0018

Cable Assembly SCSI, RICOH 1M

Lexmark 12G0019


Lexmark 12G0021

Extender, Paper Support

Lexmark 12G0022

Support, Paper E310

Lexmark 12G0023

Cover Assembly Cooling AIR/STACK

Lexmark 12G0024

Stacker Assy Paper

Lexmark 12G0025

Support, Open Cover

Lexmark 12G0026

Front Cover Assembly, 4044 E310

Lexmark 12G0027

Cable Assembly Operator Panel

Lexmark 12G0029

Tray, Front Exit

Lexmark 12G0030

Button, Operator Panel

Lexmark 12G0031

Lens, Operator Panel

Lexmark 12G0032

Panel, Operator

Lexmark 12G0034

Cover Assembly Cooling AIR/STACK

Lexmark 12G0035

Tray Assembly Paper E310

Lexmark 12G0037

Cover, Lower Front

Lexmark 12G0039

Cover Right SIDE

Lexmark 12G0040

Cover, Left Side

Lexmark 12G0041

Cover, Top

Lexmark 12G0042

Main Drive Assy E310

Lexmark 12G0044

Motor Assembly Main

Lexmark 12G0045

Board Assembly Cover Open Sensor E310

Lexmark 12G0046

Printhead Assy E310

Lexmark 12G0047

Solenoid, Pick Roller Clutch E310

Lexmark 12G0048

Roller, Transfer

Lexmark 12G0049

Bearing Assembly Transfer Roller Right

Lexmark 12G0050

Sensor Assembly Input Paper Feed/S ...

Lexmark 12G0051

Flag, Paper Exit Sensor E310

Lexmark 12G0052

Contact Assembly HV-Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G0053

Contact Assembly HV-Main

Lexmark 12G0056

Frame Assembly Lower E310

Lexmark 12G0057

LED Assembly Pre-Transfer E310

Lexmark 12G0058

Gear, Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G0059

Spring, Print Cartridge Lock

Lexmark 12G0060

Lever, Cover Open Sensor E310

Lexmark 12G0061

Cover, Fuser Lamp Wiring

Lexmark 12G0062

Pad Assembly Pick Roller

Lexmark 12G0064

Separator Assembly Paper

Lexmark 12G0065

Clutch Assembly Pick Roller

Lexmark 12G0066

Bearing, Left Pick Roller Shaft

Lexmark 12G0067

Roller Assembly Pick E310

Lexmark 12G0068

Spring, Pad Assembly Rear

Lexmark 12G0069

Bearing Assembly Transfer Roller Left

Lexmark 12G0070

Roller Assembly Input Paper Feed E310

Lexmark 12G0071

Flag, Paper Sensor Present

Lexmark 12G0072

Separator, Secondary Paper E310

Lexmark 12G0073

Sensor, Paper Present

Lexmark 12G0074

Fuser Assy 110 V dc E310

Lexmark 12G0075

Fuse, Thermal

Lexmark 12G0076

Thermistor, Hot Roll E310

Lexmark 12G0077

Bearing, Left Hot Roller

Lexmark 12G0078

Lamp, Fuser, 110 V ac E310

Lexmark 12G0079

Hot Roll, Fuser

Lexmark 12G0080

Bearing, Right Hot Roller

Lexmark 12G0081

Gear, Fuser Hot Roller

Lexmark 12G0082

Plate, Hot Roll Ground

Lexmark 12G0083

Bearing Assembly Backup Roller

Lexmark 12G0084

Roller Assembly Exit Paper Feed

Lexmark 12G0086

Roller, backup

Lexmark 12G0087

Board Assembly HVPS E310

Lexmark 12G0088

Board Assembly Interconnect E310

Lexmark 12G0089

Board Assembly Engine/LVPS-110 V a ...

Lexmark 12G0090

Fuse, Power Supply-110 V ac

Lexmark 12G0091

Board Assembly Engine/HVPS-220 V a ...

Lexmark 12G0094

CA CONTRL E310 001 0012G3786

Lexmark 12G0095

Cable Assembly Engine/LVPS Board t ...

Lexmark 12G0096

Cable Assembly Engine/LVPS to HVPS ...

Lexmark 12G0098

Cover Assembly Rear

Lexmark 12G0099

Cable Assembly Printhead to HVPS

Lexmark 12G0100

Cable Assembly Engine/LVPS Board t ...

Lexmark 12G0107

Cable Assembly Power Switch E310

Lexmark 12G0108

Bracket, Controller Board Mounting

Lexmark 12G0109

Guide, HV Contact

Lexmark 12G0112

Packet, WT Op Panel Overlay

Lexmark 12G0113

Cable Assembly Fuser Lamp

Lexmark 12G0114

Panel, SIMM Access

Lexmark 12G0116

MAC Ready Cable

Lexmark 12G0118


Lexmark 12G0119

Pad Assembly Friction Left E310

Lexmark 12G0120

Pad Assembly Friction Right E310

Lexmark 12G0121

Spring, Pad Assembly Lower

Lexmark 12G0122

Fuser Assy 220 V dc E310

Lexmark 12G0123

Roller Assembly ReDrive

Lexmark 12G0124

Lamp, Fuser, 220 V ac E310

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 12G0125

Frame, Upper E310

Lexmark 12G0126

Guide, Paper Stacker

Lexmark 12G0127

Post, Separator Assy Spring

Lexmark 12G0128

Fan, Cooling

Lexmark 12G0130

Cover, Pick Roller Access

Lexmark 12G0152

Housing, Cover Open Sensor E310

Lexmark 12G0153

Spring, Cover Open Sensor

Lexmark 12G0154

Lock, Print Cartridge, Left

Lexmark 12G0155

Lock, Print Cartridge, Right

Lexmark 12G0156

Roller, Fuser Exit Center

Lexmark 12G0157

Spring, Detack Finger

Lexmark 12G0158

Spring, Fuser Exit Roller

Lexmark 12G0159

Spring, ReDrive Roller

Lexmark 12G0160

Gear, ReDrive, Idler #2

Lexmark 12G0161

Gear, ReDrive, Idler #1

Lexmark 12G0165

Roller Assembly Fuser Exit/ReDrive

Lexmark 12G0166

Bearing, Fuser Exit Roller

Lexmark 12G0167

Gear, Fuser Exit Roller

Lexmark 12G0171

Roller, Fuser Exit

Lexmark 12G0172

Shaft, Fuser Exit Roller

Lexmark 12G0173

Code Module (EPROM), Engine Board

Lexmark 12G0174

Bushing, Exit Paper Feed Roller

Lexmark 12G0175

Cover Assembly Cooling Air/Stacker

Lexmark 12G0176

Cover, Tray

Lexmark 12G0180


Lexmark 12G0181

Latch, Front Exit

Lexmark 12G0182

Power Supply 5V BRICK

Lexmark 12G0210

Main Logic Card Dust Cover

Lexmark 12G0211

Paper Guide MyLar Strip

Lexmark 12G0212

Gears, Parts Packet (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0213

Cover Assembly With Logo, (Top) (4 ...

Lexmark 12G0214

Board And Bracket, Sub Logic (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0215

Cable, Sub Logic Board (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0216

Main Logic Board Without ROM (HV) ...

Lexmark 12G0217

Main Logic Board Without ROM (LV)( ...

Lexmark 12G0218

Toroid (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0220

Motor, Auto Gap (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0221

Side Frame Assembly (Left) (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0222

Serial Port Card And Bracket Assy ...

Lexmark 12G0223

Serial Port Card to Main Logic Boa ...

Lexmark 12G0224

Printhead (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0225

Cable, Printhead And Retainer (422 ...

Lexmark 12G0226

Cover, Rear (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0227

ROM Kit (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0228

Carrier Motor Cooling Fan (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0229

Bracket, Auto-Gap Motor (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0230

Bracket, Carrier Motor (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0231

Motor, Carrier Assy (4227-200

Lexmark 12G0232

Carrier Assy With Belt & Head Cool ...

Lexmark 12G0238

Scanner Color AVISION 810C

Lexmark 12G0251

Solenoid, MPF Pick Roller

Lexmark 12G0252


Lexmark 12G0253

Cover, Top

Lexmark 12G0254

Support, Paper

Lexmark 12G0255

Cover, Left Side

Lexmark 12G0256

Cover, Right Side

Lexmark 12G0257

Cover, Rear

Lexmark 12G0258

Cover, Exit

Lexmark 12G0259

Duct, Fuser Cooling Air

Lexmark 12G0260

Cover, Upper Front M410

Lexmark 12G0262

Cover, Left Hinge

Lexmark 12G0264

Hook, Upper

Lexmark 12G0265

Spring, Upper Hook

Lexmark 12G0266

MPF Input Tray, Optra M-410/412

Refurb - $49.95

Lexmark 12G0267

Link, Spring

Lexmark 12G0268

Stop, End

Lexmark 12G0269

Spring, End Stop

Lexmark 12G0274

Frame, Base

Lexmark 12G0275

Arm, IC Locate, Right

Lexmark 12G0276

Arm, IC Locate, Left

Lexmark 12G0277

Spring, IC Locate Arm, Right

Lexmark 12G0278

Spring, IC Locate Arm, Left

Lexmark 12G0279


Lexmark 12G0280

Guide, Front Paper

Lexmark 12G0281

Guide, Middle Paper

Lexmark 12G0282

Brush, Erase

Lexmark 12G0283

Frame, Left Side

Lexmark 12G0284

Cable & Fan Assembly Cooling

Lexmark 12G0285

Duct, Fuser Cooling Air

Lexmark 12G0286

Cover, Inner Air Duct

Lexmark 12G0288

Frame, Right Side

Lexmark 12G0289

Contact, HVPS Drum

Lexmark 12G0290

Contact, HVPS Drum

Lexmark 12G0291

Contact, HVPS Charge

Lexmark 12G0292

Pin, Cartridge Locate

Lexmark 12G0293

Spring, Cartridge Locate

Lexmark 12G0294

Plate Assembly MPF

Lexmark 12G0295

Lever, Input Sensor

Lexmark 12G0296

Guide, Paper

Lexmark 12G0298

Printhead, Complete M410

Lexmark 12G0299

Roller Assembly MPF Pick

Lexmark 12G0300

Shaft Assembly MPF Pick Roller

Lexmark 12G0301

Feeder Assembly MPF

Lexmark 12G0302

Cover, Gear

Lexmark 12G0303

Aligner Assembly Paper Feed

Lexmark 12G0304

Door, Rear

Lexmark 12G0307

Roller, Upper ReDrive

Lexmark 12G0308

Lower REDrive Roller

Lexmark 12G0309

Deflector, Paper

Lexmark 12G0310

Belt, ReDrive Roller