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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 11

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 12G0311

Base, 250-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 12G0312

Plate, Lift

Lexmark 12G0313

Guide, Right Paper

Lexmark 12G0314

Buckler, Corner

Lexmark 12G0315

Guide, Rear Paper

Lexmark 12G0316

Cover Assembly Corner Buckler

Lexmark 12G0318

Spring, Lift Plate

Lexmark 12G0319

Holder, Lift Plate

Lexmark 12G0320

Spring, Lift Plate Holder

Lexmark 12G0321

Drive Assembly Main M410

Lexmark 12G0322

Shaft Assembly Pick Roller

Lexmark 12G0323

Roller, Pick

Lexmark 12G0324

Coupling, SpLine Drive

Lexmark 12G0325

Drive Assembly Developer

Lexmark 12G0326

Hot Roll, Fuser

Lexmark 12G0327

Roller, Fuser Backup M410

Lexmark 12G0328

Lamp, 115V M410

Lexmark 12G0329

Lamp, 220V M410

Lexmark 12G0330

Bushing, Hot Roller

Lexmark 12G0331

Finger, Detack

Lexmark 12G0332

Gear, Hot Roller

Lexmark 12G0334

Clip, Gear Retaining

Lexmark 12G0335

Bushing, Backup Roller

Lexmark 12G0336

Spring, Roller Bushing M410

Lexmark 12G0337

Stand, Bushing Spring

Lexmark 12G0338

Frame, Left Fuser

Lexmark 12G0339

Frame, Right Fuser

Lexmark 12G0340

ASM, Cover, FSR, M410/M412

Lexmark 12G0341

Contact, Lamp to Fuse

Lexmark 12G0342

Contact, Fuser Lamp, Front

Lexmark 12G0343

Contact, Fuser Lamp, Rear

Lexmark 12G0344

Spring, Detack Finger

Lexmark 12G0345

Wiper, Fuser

Lexmark 12G0346

Gear, Fuser Idler

Lexmark 12G0347

Guide, Fuser Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G0348

Lever, Paper Exit Sensor

Lexmark 12G0349

Spring, Exit Sensor Lever

Lexmark 12G0350

Guide, Fuser Paper Entry

Lexmark 12G0351

Fuser Assembly 115V 0012G3982

Lexmark 12G0352

Fuser Assembly 220V

Lexmark 12G0354

Roller, Transfer

Lexmark 12G0355

Pin, Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G0356

Arm, Left Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G0357

Arm, Right Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G0358

Bushing, Right Roller

Lexmark 12G0359

Spring, Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G0360

Roll Assembly CHARGE 0099A1017

Lexmark 12G0361

Arm, Left Charge Roller

Lexmark 12G0362

Arm, Right Charge Roller

Lexmark 12G0363

Bushing, Left Charge Roller

Lexmark 12G0364

Pin, Charge Roller Arm

Lexmark 12G0365

Link, Developer Drive Engage

Lexmark 12G0366

Base Plate, HVPS

Lexmark 12G0367

Frame, Upper LVPS

Lexmark 12G0368

Cover, LVPS Connector

Lexmark 12G0369

Card Assembly LVPS 110V

Lexmark 12G0370

Fuse, 4A, 110V

Lexmark 12G0371

Fuse, 12A, 110V

Lexmark 12G0372

Card Assembly HVPS 220V

Lexmark 12G0373

Fuse, 2A, 220V

Lexmark 12G0374

Fuse, 6.3A, 220V

Lexmark 12G0375

Frame, Lower LVPS

Lexmark 12G0376

Card Assembly HVPS

Lexmark 12G0377


Lexmark 12G0378

Card Assembly Engine M410

Lexmark 12G0379

Card Assembly Interconnect

Lexmark 12G0380

Contact, Ground

Lexmark 12G0381

Shield, Controller Board

Lexmark 12G0382

Cover, Controller Board Shield

Lexmark 12G0383

Shield, Interface Board

Lexmark 12G0384

Shield, Engine Board

Lexmark 12G0385

Cover, Blank Bus

Lexmark 12G0386

Base, 500-Sheet Paper Tray

Lexmark 12G0392

Slider, Rear Paper Guide

Lexmark 12G0393

Guide, Right Paper

Lexmark 12G0394

Pad, Pick Roller Friction

Lexmark 12G0396

Spring, Lift Plate Holder

Lexmark 12G0397

Base, 500-Sheet Feeder M410

Lexmark 12G0398

Frame 500 Sheet Drive

Lexmark 12G0399

Roller, 500-Sheet Pick

Lexmark 12G0400

Shaft Assembly 500-Sheet P. Roller

Lexmark 12G0402

Lever Assembly Tray Bias

Lexmark 12G0403

Roller Assembly Alignment

Lexmark 12G0404

Lever, Tray 1 Inserted

Lexmark 12G0405

Spring, Tray bias

Lexmark 12G0406

Guide, Paper

Lexmark 12G0407

Cable, Tray 2 Interconnect

Lexmark 12G0408

Card Assembly Tray 2 M410

Lexmark 12G0409

Motor Assembly Tray 2 M410

Lexmark 12G0411

Cable, Solenoid

Lexmark 12G0412

Cable, Rear Door & Exit Sensor

Lexmark 12G0413

Cable, Thermistor & Mirror Motor

Lexmark 12G0416

Cable, Erase LED

Lexmark 12G0417

Cable, MPF Paper Present Sensor

Lexmark 12G0418

Cable, Paper Input Sensor

Lexmark 12G0419

Cable, Main Motor

Lexmark 12G0420

Cable, HVPS

Lexmark 12G0421

Cable Assembly Tray 2

Lexmark 12G0422

Cable, Printhead

Lexmark 12G0423

Support, Cartridge

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 12G0424

Hinge, Left

Lexmark 12G0425

Link, Left Hinge

Lexmark 12G0426

Pin, Hinge

Lexmark 12G0427

Hinge, Right

Lexmark 12G0428

Link, Right Hinge

Lexmark 12G0429

Cover, MPF Latch

Lexmark 12G0430

Latch, MPF Tray

Lexmark 12G0431

Spring, MPF Latch

Lexmark 12G0435

Optra M410/412 User's Guide

Lexmark 12G0436

Cover, Internal Gear

Lexmark 12G0437

Bail, Optional Front Paper

Lexmark 12G0438

Bail, Main Rear Paper

Lexmark 12G0439

Holder, Rear Paper Bail

Lexmark 12G0440

Panel Assembly Operator, 110V

Lexmark 12G0441

Panel Assembly Operator, 220V

Lexmark 12G0442

Card Assembly Cover OPEN

Lexmark 12G0446

Guide, Upper Fuser Entry

Lexmark 12G0448

Gears, Tray 2 Idler Parts Packet

Lexmark 12G0449

Cable, Tray 1 Sensor

Lexmark 12G0450

Cable, Tray 2 Ground

Lexmark 12G0453

Cover, Lamp

Lexmark 12G1000

Base, ANP

Lexmark 12G1001

Switch, micro

Lexmark 12G1002

Switch, micro

Lexmark 12G1003

Motor Assembly OPC Drive

Lexmark 12G1004

Motor Assembly Developer Drive

Lexmark 12G1005

Core, Ferrite

Lexmark 12G1006

Clip, Edge

Lexmark 12G1007

Switch, Door

Lexmark 12G1008

Fan, Main

Lexmark 12G1009


Lexmark 12G1010

Cover, Cable

Lexmark 12G1011

Block Assembly Grid, 2

Lexmark 12G1040


Lexmark 12G1041

Plate, OHP Detecting Reflection

Lexmark 12G1042

Printhead Assy

Lexmark 12G1043

Pipe, Center

Lexmark 12G1044

Sheet, Duck, 1

Lexmark 12G1045

Sheet, Transfer Guide

Lexmark 12G1051

Shield, Mylar, HVPS

Lexmark 12G1052

Pad, Packing, Ground, A

Lexmark 12G1053

Pad, Packing, Ground, B

Lexmark 12G1054

Block, Mid Transfer Unit Pressure

Lexmark 12G1055

Plate, Bottom

Lexmark 12G1056

Lock, Pickup, Pressure

Lexmark 12G1057

Bracket, Sensor

Lexmark 12G1058

Cover, Side, Left

Lexmark 12G1059

Bracket, Pickup

Lexmark 12G1060

Holder, Resist Bushing

Lexmark 12G1061

Holder, Cable

Lexmark 12G1062

Plate, Discharge Needle

Lexmark 12G1063

Plate, Resist Spring Pressure

Lexmark 12G1064

Frame, Feed

Lexmark 12G1065

Plate, Carriage Side, Left

Lexmark 12G1066

Plate, Carriage Side, Right

Lexmark 12G1067

Holder, Carriage Home Position Sensor

Lexmark 12G1068

Plate, Pressure, Right

Lexmark 12G1069

Plate, Pressure, Left

Lexmark 12G1070

Plate, Cable Guide/Exit Sensor Mou ...

Lexmark 12G1072


Lexmark 12G1073

Holder, Middle Transfer, Lower Rt.

Lexmark 12G1074

Holder, Middle Transfer, Upper Rt.

Lexmark 12G1075

Support, ADU, Rear

Lexmark 12G1076

Plate, ADU Support, F

Lexmark 12G1077

Holder, Ozone Filter

Lexmark 12G1078

Plate, Operator Panel Support

Lexmark 12G1079

Hinge, Cover

Lexmark 12G1080

Plate, Pressure

Lexmark 12G1081

Plate, Pressure

Lexmark 12G1082

Plate, Bearing Pressure

Lexmark 12G1083

Plate, Spring

Lexmark 12G1084

Holder, Ozone Filter, 2

Lexmark 12G1085

Support, ADU, Rear Left

Lexmark 12G1086

Plate, Hinge Mounting

Lexmark 12G1087

Plate, Paper Exit, 2

Lexmark 12G1088

Holder, Pinch Roller

Lexmark 12G1089

Holder, Pinch Roller, 2

Lexmark 12G1090

Plate, Side, Right

Lexmark 12G1091

Plate, Side, Left

Lexmark 12G1092

Stay, Front

Lexmark 12G1093

Holder, Switch Plate, Rear

Lexmark 12G1094

Plate, Latch Support

Lexmark 12G1095

Plate Assembly Sub, A

Lexmark 12G1096

Cover, Rear

Lexmark 12G1097

Cover, Cable

Lexmark 12G1098

Cover, Cassette Front

Lexmark 12G1099

Cover, Carriage Pressure

Lexmark 12G1100

Cover 1, Heat-insulating

Lexmark 12G1101

Cover, Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G1102

Cover 2, Heat-insulating

Lexmark 12G1103

Cover, Toner Level/Cartridge Detection

Lexmark 12G1104

Cover, Cable, 3

Lexmark 12G1105

Cover, Cable 4

Lexmark 12G1106

Cover, LVPS

Lexmark 12G1107

Cover, Harness, 5

Lexmark 12G1108

Cover, Harness

Lexmark 12G1109

Cover, Rear Side Bracket

Lexmark 12G1110

Case, LVPS

Lexmark 12G1111

Cover, LVPS

Lexmark 12G1112

Cover, Controller Board