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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 14

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 12G1531

Support, Legal

Lexmark 12G1532


Lexmark 12G1533

Panel, Rear

Lexmark 12G1534

Panel, Tray Front

Lexmark 12G1535

Tray, Bypass, 1

Lexmark 12G1536

Tray, Bypass 2

Lexmark 12G1537

Tray, Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G1538

Tray, Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G1539

Cover, Hinge

Lexmark 12G1540

Guide, Paper

Lexmark 12G1541

Guide, Paper, Left

Lexmark 12G1542

Guide, Paper

Lexmark 12G1543

Tape, Carriage Protection

Lexmark 12G1544

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1545

Seal, Color, Black

Lexmark 12G1546

Seal, Color, Cyan

Lexmark 12G1547

Seal, Color, Magenta

Lexmark 12G1548

Seal, Color, Yellow

Lexmark 12G1549

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1550

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1551

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1552

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1553

Seal, Color, Black

Lexmark 12G1554

Seal, Color, Yellow

Lexmark 12G1555

Seal, Color, Magenta

Lexmark 12G1556

Seal, Color, Cyan

Lexmark 12G1557

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1558

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1559

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1560

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1561

Panel Assembly Operator 0012G3520

Lexmark 12G1562

Board Assembly Engine

Lexmark 12G1563

Sensor, Belt Home Position, PCB

Lexmark 12G1564

Sensor Assembly Resist Sensor Board

Lexmark 12G1565

Sensor Assembly Toner Level/Cartri ...

Lexmark 12G1566

Board Assembly Waste Toner Sensor

Lexmark 12G1567

Sensor, Cassette Size/Paper Detect ...

Lexmark 12G1568

LED, Discharge PCB

Lexmark 12G1569

Board Assembly Option Interconnect

Lexmark 12G1570

HVPS, 110V

Lexmark 12G1571

HVPS, 220V

Lexmark 12G1572

Board Assembly HVPS

Lexmark 12G1573

Board Assembly Controller

Lexmark 12G1574

Board Assembly LVPS, Paper Tray Option

Lexmark 12G1575

Card Assembly High Voltage Power 0 ...

Lexmark 12G1576

Cable, HTT Fu Lamps - Interlock S2

Lexmark 12G1577

Cable, LINT

Lexmark 12G1578

Cable, TE

Lexmark 12G1579

Cable, CST

Lexmark 12G1580

Cable, MK 2

Lexmark 12G1581

Cable, HF

Lexmark 12G1582

Cable, KU

Lexmark 12G1583

Cable, CRF

Lexmark 12G1584

Cable, Sensor

Lexmark 12G1585

Cable, HVPS

Lexmark 12G1586

Cable, MK 1

Lexmark 12G1587

Cable, OP

Lexmark 12G1588

Cable, AC

Lexmark 12G1589

Cable, VH

Lexmark 12G1590

Cable, EVL

Lexmark 12G1591

Cable Assembly HTU

Lexmark 12G1592

Cable, Printhead

Lexmark 12G1593

Cable, HTT

Lexmark 12G1594

Cable, MSN

Lexmark 12G1595

Cable, SVL

Lexmark 12G1596

Cable, Operator Panel

Lexmark 12G1597

Cable, VINT

Lexmark 12G1598

Cable, HT-Low Voltage Power Supply ...

Lexmark 12G1599

Cable, OM

Lexmark 12G1600

Cable, OC

Lexmark 12G1601

Cable, OP

Lexmark 12G1602

Cable, OV

Lexmark 12G1603

Cable, OPS

Lexmark 12G1604

Cable, OAC

Lexmark 12G1605

Cable, ADM

Lexmark 12G1606

Cable, ADP

Lexmark 12G1607

Cable, ADSW

Lexmark 12G1608

Cable, ADL

Lexmark 12G1609

Cable, ADB

Lexmark 12G1610

Cable, ADT

Lexmark 12G1611

Cable, ADSN

Lexmark 12G1612

Cable, ADMT

Lexmark 12G1613

Cable, ADRV

Lexmark 12G1614

Cable, OAC

Lexmark 12G1615

Cable, TFS

Lexmark 12G1616

Plate Assembly Fulcrum, Right

Lexmark 12G1617

Plate Assembly Fulcrum, Left

Lexmark 12G1618

Stay Assembly Motor Mounting, A

Lexmark 12G1619

Bracket Assembly Drive

Lexmark 12G1620


Lexmark 12G1621

Base Assembly Idler Pulley

Lexmark 12G1622

Shaft Assembly Paper Feed Gear

Lexmark 12G1623

Motor Assembly Carriage Unit

Lexmark 12G1624

Plate Assembly Motor Mounting

Lexmark 12G1625


Lexmark 12G1626

Motor Assembly Fuser Drive

Lexmark 12G1627

Stay Assembly Motor Mounting, C

Lexmark 12G1628

Lever Assembly C1

Lexmark 12G1629

Lever, Assembly C2

Lexmark 12G1630

Plate, Paper Feed Side, Right

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 12G1631

Needle Assembly Discharge

Lexmark 12G1632

Feed Assembly Complete Unit

Lexmark 12G1633

Actuator Assembly Door Switch, 1

Lexmark 12G1634

Plate Assembly Door Switch Pin

Lexmark 12G1635

Block Assembly Grid, 1

Lexmark 12G1636

Stay, Belt Sensor

Lexmark 12G1637

Bracket, Door, Switch

Lexmark 12G1638

Case, Ozone Filter

Lexmark 12G1639

Pad Assembly DFP

Lexmark 12G1640

Shield Assembly SC PCB

Lexmark 12G1641

Pad Assembly DFP

Lexmark 12G1642

Plate Assembly Gear

Lexmark 12G1643

Plate Assembly Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G1644

Holder Assembly Sub Lock

Lexmark 12G1645

Holder Assembly Main Lock

Lexmark 12G1646

Arm Assembly Gear

Lexmark 12G1647

Bracket Assembly Gear 2

Lexmark 12G1648

Plate, Fixing, A

Lexmark 12G1649

Plate Assembly Sub, B

Lexmark 12G1650

Plate Assembly Sub, C

Lexmark 12G1651

Bracket Assembly Sensor/Switch

Lexmark 12G1652

Motor Assy

Lexmark 12G1653

Motor Assy

Lexmark 12G1654

Plate Assembly Sub

Lexmark 12G1655

Frame Assembly Guide

Lexmark 12G1656

Bracket Assembly Gear, 1

Lexmark 12G1657

Disc Assembly Limiter

Lexmark 12G1658

Motor Assembly Paper Feed

Lexmark 12G1659

Plate Assembly Paper Feed Drive

Lexmark 12G1660


Lexmark 12G1661

Plate Assembly Fuser, Left Side

Lexmark 12G1662

Plate Assembly Fuser, Right Side

Lexmark 12G1664


Lexmark 12G1665

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G1666

Coupling Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 12G1667


Lexmark 12G1668

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1669

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1670

Sensor, Temperature/Humidity

Lexmark 12G1671

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1673

Socket, AC Power Input

Lexmark 12G1674

Clutch, Magnet

Lexmark 12G1675

Clutch, Magnet

Lexmark 12G1676

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1678

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1679

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1680

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 12G1682

Switch, Main Power On/Off

Lexmark 12G1684

Lamp, Fuser 115V

Lexmark 12G1685

Lamp, Fuser 220V

Lexmark 12G1686

Standoff, Controller Board Assy

Lexmark 12G1687

Bushing, Cord

Lexmark 12G1688

Pin, Dowel

Lexmark 12G1689

Pin, Dowel

Lexmark 12G1690

Pin, Dowel

Lexmark 12G1691

Pin, Dowel, Shaft 50Z/22Z

Lexmark 12G1692

Pin, Dowel

Lexmark 12G1693

Pin, Dowel, Paper Feed Drive Gear ...

Lexmark 12G1694

Pin, Dowel Reverse Roll Shaft Assy

Lexmark 12G1695

MarkNet N2001e Ethernet 10/100Base ...

Lexmark 12G1696

Card Assembly INA 10Base 2/T

Lexmark 12G1697

Card Assembly INA TOKEN RING

Lexmark 12G1698

Optra C710 Fuser 110V With Lamp

Lexmark 12G1699

Optra C710 Fuser 220V With Lamp

Lexmark 12G1702

SIMM, Code Overlay

Lexmark 12G1703

Interconnect Card

Lexmark 12G1704


Lexmark 12G1706


Lexmark 12G1708

Board, Controller Level 2

Lexmark 12G1709

Transfer Roller

Lexmark 12G1710

RIP Card Assembly

Lexmark 12G1762

Assy Controller UNIT

Lexmark 12G1828

Guide, Cable E310

Lexmark 12G1830

MarkNet X2030t Token-Ring 4/16, 3 Port

Lexmark 12G1833

MarkNet X2011e Ethernet 10/100Base ...

Lexmark 12G1834

Universal Power Supply

Lexmark 12G1835

PAD Assembly ADF, FJ

Lexmark 12G1836

Kit Assembly PICK RollS, FJ

Lexmark 12G1837

Tray Paper Exit, FJ

Lexmark 12G1840

ASM E310 111.03 ROM S

Lexmark 12G1841

ASM E310 111.03 ROM+1

Lexmark 12G1842

ASM E310 111.03 ROM+2

Lexmark 12G1843

ASM E310 111.03 ROM+4

Lexmark 12G1846

Cover, Front w/English Overlay E310

Lexmark 12G1847

Cover, Right Side

Lexmark 12G1850

Cover, Op Panel Cable

Lexmark 12G1851

SIMM OptraImage Printer

Lexmark 12G1852


Lexmark 12G1853


Lexmark 12G1860

Cable Assembly Op Panel & Cover Op ...

Lexmark 12G1865

PCB, Engine, 4069-T616/T616N

Lexmark 12G1869


Lexmark 12G1871


Lexmark 12G1872

Card Assembly Controller 0012G3783

Lexmark 12G1874

Cover, Front w/English Overlay E312

Lexmark 12G1875

4069-T616 Engine Card

Lexmark 12G1877

Main Drive Assy E312

Lexmark 12G1878

Board Assembly Cover Open Sensor E312

Lexmark 12G1879

Printhead Assy E312

Lexmark 12G1881

Lever, Cover Open Sensor E312