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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 18

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 12G3756

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G3757

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G3758


Lexmark 12G3761


Lexmark 12G3763

Modem 4 PACK

Lexmark 12G3764

NONModem English

Lexmark 12G3765

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G3766

Modem 5 PACK

Lexmark 12G3767

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G3776

Frame, Fuser E310

Lexmark 12G3777

Frame, Fuser E312

Lexmark 12G3781

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G3782

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 12G3783

Board Assembly Controller E312, E3 ...

Lexmark 12G3784

Card Assembly Controller

Lexmark 12G3786

Board Assembly Controller E310

Lexmark 12G3800

Power Supply Unit, HV

Lexmark 12G3801

Power Supply Unit, LV

Lexmark 12G3802

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2480 LV

Lexmark 12G3803

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2481 LV

Lexmark 12G3804

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2490 LV

Lexmark 12G3805

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2491 LV

Lexmark 12G3806

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2480 HV

Lexmark 12G3807

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2481 HV

Lexmark 12G3808

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2490 HV

Lexmark 12G3809

Board, Logic Without EPROM (2491 HV

Lexmark 12G3810

Operator Panel Assy (248X

Lexmark 12G3811

Operator Panel Assy (249X

Lexmark 12G3812

Module EPROM

Lexmark 12G3813

Module, EPROM (249X

Lexmark 12G3814

Support, ASF Cut Sheet w/ Guides ( ...

Lexmark 12G3817

Frame, Left Side (2480, 2481

Lexmark 12G3818

Frame, Left Side (2490, 2491

Lexmark 12G3819

Frame Right SIDE

Lexmark 12G3820

Guide, Paper Assy (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3821

Guide, Paper Assy (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3822

Roller, Lower Feed (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3823

Roller, Lower Feed (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3824

Sensor, Paper Present

Lexmark 12G3825

Platen (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3826

Platen (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3827

Separator, Paper (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3828

Separator, Paper (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3831

Plate, Tension Pulley Assy

Lexmark 12G3832

Roller, Upper Feed (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3833

Roller, Upper Feed (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3834

Sub Frame, Right Side

Lexmark 12G3835

Roller, Lower Pinch (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3836

Kit, ESD Ground (2490, 2491

Lexmark 12G3837

Carrier Unit (2481

Lexmark 12G3838

Carrier Unit (2480

Lexmark 12G3839

Carrier Unit (2491

Lexmark 12G3840

Carrier Unit (2490

Lexmark 12G3841

Carrier Roller Set

Lexmark 12G3842

Motor Assembly Line Feed w/Bracket

Lexmark 12G3844

Plate, Frame Support (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3845

Sensor, Home Position

Lexmark 12G3846

Motor Assembly Carriage w/Bracket

Lexmark 12G3848


Lexmark 12G3849

Frame, Left Side Tractor

Lexmark 12G3850

Frame, Right Side Tractor

Lexmark 12G3851

Shaft Set, Tractor (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3852

Shaft Set, Tractor (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3853

Kit, Tractors Left And Right

Lexmark 12G3854

Tractor Unit (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3855

Tractor Unit (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3856

Cover, Bottom (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3857

Cover, Bottom (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3858

Cover, Ribbon Access Unit (2480

Lexmark 12G3859

Cover, Ribbon Access Unit (2481

Lexmark 12G3860

Cable, Power Supply (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3861

Cable, Power Supply (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3868

Cover, Ribbon Access Unit (2490

Lexmark 12G3869

Cover, Ribbon Access Cover (2491

Lexmark 12G3870

Cover, Option

Lexmark 12G3871

Cover, Top (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3872

Cover, Top (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3873

Cover Assembly Front Unit (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3874

Cover Assembly Front Unit (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3875

Cover, Front Guide (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3876

Cover, Front Guide (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3877

Guide, Left Paper

Lexmark 12G3878

Guide, Right Paper

Lexmark 12G3881

Overlay Pack, Operator Panel (248X

Lexmark 12G3882

Overlay Pack, Operator Panel (249X

Lexmark 12G3883

Cable, Operator Panel

Lexmark 12G3885

Plate, Serial Interface Card

Lexmark 12G3887

Kit, ESD Ground (2480, 2481

Lexmark 12G3888

Cable, Printhead (2481

Lexmark 12G3889

Cable, Printhead (2480

Lexmark 12G3890

Cable, Printhead (2491

Lexmark 12G3891

Cable, Printhead (2490

Lexmark 12G3892

Bracket Carrier Motor

Lexmark 12G3893

Hopper, ASF Right (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3894

Printhead Assy (2480, 2481

Lexmark 12G3895

Printhead Assy (2490, 2491

Lexmark 12G3896

Springs Parts Packet

Lexmark 12G3897

Lever, Paper Select Lever

Lexmark 12G3898


Lexmark 12G3900

Shaft, Carrier (2480, 2490

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 12G3901

Shaft, Carrier (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3902

Holder, Platen

Lexmark 12G3903

Kit, Fuse (LV

Lexmark 12G3908

Support, ASF Cut Sheet w/ Guides ( ...

Lexmark 12G3909

Sensor, Top-Of-Form

Lexmark 12G3911


Lexmark 12G3912

Support, ASF Paper Right

Lexmark 12G3915

Support, ASF Paper Left

Lexmark 12G3916

Hopper, ASF Left

Lexmark 12G3918

Cover, ASF Left

Lexmark 12G3920

Cover, ASF Right

Lexmark 12G3921

Cover Front ASF TR2

Lexmark 12G3922

Plate, Frame Support (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3923

Table, Tractor 2 Paper w/ Guides ( ...

Lexmark 12G3926

Tractor And Frame Assembly Tractor ...

Lexmark 12G3927

Frame Assembly Tractor/Frame

Lexmark 12G3928

Cover, Tractor 2, Right

Lexmark 12G3929

Card, Serial Interface Card With Plate

Lexmark 12G3930

ASF/TR2 Front

Lexmark 12G3931

Kit, Head Gap Adjustment

Lexmark 12G3932

Holder, Lower Pinch Roller Shaft, ...

Lexmark 12G3933

Lever, ASF Paper Load

Lexmark 12G3934

Link, ASF Paper Load

Lexmark 12G3935

Holder, Lower Pinch Roller Shaft, Left

Lexmark 12G3936

Cable, Serial Interface Cable

Lexmark 12G3937

Plate, Carrier Assy (2480, 2490

Lexmark 12G3938

Plate, Carrier Assy (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3939

Stand, Paper

Lexmark 12G3940

Sensor, Pull Tractor

Lexmark 12G3941

Sensor, Paper Select

Lexmark 12G3942

Kit, Pull Tractor Actuator

Lexmark 12G3943

Roller, Lower Pinch (2481, 2491

Lexmark 12G3944

Frame, ASF Side Left

Lexmark 12G3945

Frame, ASF Side Right

Lexmark 12G3969


Lexmark 12G3970


Lexmark 12G3972

Op Panel Overlay, English

Lexmark 12G3978

MANUAL Service MAN Optra W810

Lexmark 12G3980

Fuse, Thermal

Lexmark 12G3982

Optra M410 Fuser Assembly 115V (Ma ...

Lexmark 12G3983

Optra M410 Fuser Assembly 220V (Ma ...

Lexmark 12G3984

Optra M412 Fuser Assembly 115V (Ma ...

Lexmark 12G3985

Optra M412 Fuser Assembly 220V (Ma ...

Lexmark 12G3990

Scanner Complete, 232/242 GSA

Lexmark 12G3991

Scanner Complete, 433/443 GSA

Lexmark 12G3992

Scanner FlatBED ONLY, 301, GSA

Lexmark 12G3993

Card Assembly MARKNET N 100FX-MTRJ

Lexmark 12G3994

Card Assembly MARKNET N 100FX-SC

Lexmark 12G3995

Card Assembly MARKNET N 100FX-ST

Lexmark 12G3996

Card Assembly MARKNET N 10FL-MTRJ

Lexmark 12G3997

Card Assembly MARKNET N 10FL-ST

Lexmark 12G3998

Card Assembly MARKNET N 10FL-ST

Lexmark 12G3999

Cover, Operator Panel Front w/ Ove ...

Lexmark 12G4000

Cover Printer, Top

Lexmark 12G4001

Stop, Paper

Lexmark 12G4002

Cover, Connector

Lexmark 12G4003

Operator Panel Assy

Lexmark 12G4004

Cover, Fuser

Lexmark 12G4005

Fan, Fuser

Lexmark 12G4006

Cover Printer, Front

Lexmark 12G4007

Hinge, Cover

Lexmark 12G4008

Cover, Printer Inner Front

Lexmark 12G4009

Duct, Air

Lexmark 12G4010

Switch, interlock Assy

Lexmark 12G4011

Strap, Cover Support

Lexmark 12G4012

Kit, Tray 2 Mounting

Lexmark 12G4013

Cover, Printer Inner LH

Lexmark 12G4014

Cover, Printer RH

Lexmark 12G4015

Cover Assembly Printer Rear Upper

Lexmark 12G4016

Cover Printer, Rear Lower

Lexmark 12G4017

Tray Assembly Paper

Lexmark 12G4018

Kit, Paper Tray Cables

Lexmark 12G4019

Switch Assembly Paper Size

Lexmark 12G4020

Motor Assembly Paper Tray

Lexmark 12G4021

Sensor, Photo

Lexmark 12G4022

Guide, Tray 1

Lexmark 12G40231


Lexmark 12G4023

Stop, Tray F

Lexmark 12G4024

Stop, Tray R

Lexmark 12G4025

Spacer, L

Lexmark 12G4026

Link Stop, Tray 1

Lexmark 12G4027

Spring, Torsion

Lexmark 12G4028

Kit, Sensor Actuator

Lexmark 12G4029

Feeder Assy Paper

Lexmark 12G4030

Kit, Tray 1 Clutch

Lexmark 12G4031

Kit Feed Roller

Lexmark 12G4032

Guide, Paper Feed Out

Lexmark 12G4033

Spring, Extension

Lexmark 12G4034

Exit Assembly High Paper Retard

Lexmark 12G4035

Guide, Tray 2

Lexmark 12G4036

Link Stop, Tray 2

Lexmark 12G4037

Kit, Tray 2 Clutch

Lexmark 12G4038

Guide, Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G4039

Exit Assembly Tray 2 Paper

Lexmark 12G4040

Kit, Tray 2 Exit Gear

Lexmark 12G4041

Kit, Feed Drive Repair

Lexmark 12G4042

Cover, MP Feeder Front

Lexmark 12G4043

Cover, MP Feeder Rear

Lexmark 12G4044

Feeder, MP Feeder

Lexmark 12G4045

Cover, MP Feeder Top