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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 22

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 12G6441

Cyan Terrminal contact Assy

Lexmark 12G6442

Terrminal, contact spring

Lexmark 12G6443

ITU bias spring

Lexmark 12G6445

Rear Transfer Bellcrank, Black

Lexmark 12G6446

BOR Housing Assy With Motor

Lexmark 12G6447

Friction buckler

Lexmark 12G6448

MPF Cable

Lexmark 12G6449

MPF Cable Cover

Lexmark 12G6450

MPF Door Assy

Lexmark 12G6451

MPF autocompensator pick Assy

Lexmark 12G6452

MP Feeder Door Cover

Lexmark 12G6453

Frame bias latch

Lexmark 12G6454

Frame bias spring

Lexmark 12G6455

Frame bias latch Cover

Lexmark 12G6456

Sensor Mount Bracket

Lexmark 12G6457

MPF Support Bracket Cover

Lexmark 12G6458

MPF Support Bracket spring

Lexmark 12G6459

MPF Support Bracket

Lexmark 12G6460

Door hinge restraint

Lexmark 12G6461

Paper out/low sensor

Lexmark 12G6462

MPF Bracket Assy

Lexmark 12G6463

MPF Drive Gear

Lexmark 12G6464

MPF Drive Gear shaft

Lexmark 12G6465

MPF Drive Gear bushing

Lexmark 12G6466

Paper size sensing link

Lexmark 12G6467

Paper size sensing spring

Lexmark 12G6468

Paper size sensing Bracket

Lexmark 12G6469

Waste container latch

Lexmark 12G6470

Waste container latch spring

Lexmark 12G6471

Tray interlock bellcrank

Lexmark 12G6472

Tray interlock Bracket

Lexmark 12G6473

PICK Assembly Primary 500 Tray

Lexmark 12G6474

PICK Assembly Primary 500 Tray

Lexmark 12G6475

PICK Assembly Primary 500 Tray 001 ...

Lexmark 12G6476

Paper level sensing Assy

Lexmark 12G6479


Lexmark 12G6480

Registration Motor

Lexmark 12G6481

Registration plate Assy

Lexmark 12G6482

Gear, staging reduction #1

Lexmark 12G6483

Gear, staging idler

Lexmark 12G6484

Gear, reference plate Drive

Lexmark 12G6485

Lower access jam Door Assy

Lexmark 12G6486

S2/transparency/narrow media Senso ...

Lexmark 12G6488

Transfer plate Assy

Lexmark 12G6489

Vacuum Transport Belt Assy

Lexmark 12G6490

VTB Fan gap Cover

Lexmark 12G6491

Jam access spring

Lexmark 12G6492

ReDrive Assy

Lexmark 12G6493

Upper Door hinge

Lexmark 12G6494

Waste Toner container

Lexmark 12G6495

C750, C752 Fuser 100V 500W (Japan

Lexmark 12G6496

C750, C752 Fuser Maintenance Kit 115V

Lexmark 12G6497

C750, C752 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 12G6498

C750, C752 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 12G6499

Kit Maintenance WEB OILER

Lexmark 12G6501

Kit WEB OILER Upgrade

Lexmark 12G6502

Fuser Assembly web oiler 100V 500W ...

Lexmark 12G6503

Cable, Printhead interlock/Cover o ...

Lexmark 12G6504

Cable, HVPS interlock/Cover open ( ...

Lexmark 12G6506

Bin full sensor

Lexmark 12G6507

250 output flag And retainer

Lexmark 12G6508


Lexmark 12G6509


Lexmark 12G6510

Cable tie (6 in a pack

Lexmark 12G6511

Cable tie pad

Lexmark 12G6512

Lower Front Door latch

Lexmark 12G6513

Lower Rear Door latch

Lexmark 12G6514

Fuser Assembly web oiler 115V 500W

Lexmark 12G6515

Fuser Assembly web oiler 220V 500W

Lexmark 12G6518

Motor Assembly ITU Drive 0056P1216

Lexmark 12G6523

THERMISTOR Card 0056P1198

Lexmark 12G6524

RIP Card PCBA ( NON-NET ) 0056P1187

Lexmark 12G6525

Kit Maintenance WEB OILER

Lexmark 12G6526

Cartridge Drive Assembly 0056P1214

Lexmark 12G6527

Drive Assembly CART Drive 3

Lexmark 12G6543

Web oiler index Drive Assy

Lexmark 12G6544


Lexmark 12G6545

Web oiler Assy

Lexmark 12G6546

Yellow Terrminal contact Assy

Lexmark 12G6550

500-Sheet Option Tray pick Assy

Lexmark 12G6552

Base Door Assy

Lexmark 12G6553

Pass thru sensor

Lexmark 12G6554

Paper guide

Lexmark 12G6555

500 Option deflector

Lexmark 12G6556

Cover, Frame

Lexmark 12G6557

Bellcrank lift spring

Lexmark 12G6558

Pick arm lift bellcrank

Lexmark 12G6559

Electronics / size sensing Assy Wi ...

Lexmark 12G6560

500 Base Assy

Lexmark 12G6561


Lexmark 12G6562


Lexmark 12G6563

Wall Support plate

Lexmark 12G6565

Paper level sensing Assy

Lexmark 12G6566

Paper size sensing Assy

Lexmark 12G6567

SPRING Grounding

Lexmark 12G6568

Reflector label

Lexmark 12G6569

C750 User's Guide

Lexmark 12G6749

Printer Engine Assembly

Lexmark 12G6760

Guide, Stacker

Lexmark 12G6761

Panel, Operator

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 12G6762

Cover, Front

Lexmark 12G6763

Extender, Paper Exit

Lexmark 12G6764

Cover, Top

Lexmark 12G6766

Cover, Left

Lexmark 12G6767

Cover, Right

Lexmark 12G6768

Tray Assembly Input

Lexmark 12G6769

Frame, Lower

Lexmark 12G6770

Roller, Transfer

Lexmark 12G6771

Fan, Cooling

Lexmark 12G6772

Fuser Assembly Complete, 220 V

Lexmark 12G6773

Fuser Assembly Complete, 110 V

Lexmark 12G6774

Lamp, Fuser, 220 V

Lexmark 12G6775

Lamp, Fuser, 110 V

Lexmark 12G6777

Plate, Lift

Lexmark 12G6778

Holder, Pad

Lexmark 12G6779

Pad, Main Separator

Lexmark 12G6780

Clutch Assembly Pick Roller Gear

Lexmark 12G6782

Card Assembly Input/Exit Sensor

Lexmark 12G6783

Solenoid, Pick Roller Clutch

Lexmark 12G6784

Shaft, Pick Roller

Lexmark 12G6785

Pad, Left Separator

Lexmark 12G6786

Pad, Right Separator

Lexmark 12G6788

Flag, Input Sensor

Lexmark 12G6789

Flag, Exit Sensor

Lexmark 12G6790

Card Assembly Main

Lexmark 12G6791

Power Supply, Low Voltage, 220 V

Lexmark 12G6792

Power Supply, Low Voltage, 110 V

Lexmark 12G6793

Power Supply, High Voltage

Lexmark 12G6794

Drive Assembly Main

Lexmark 12G6795

Printhead Assy Complete

Lexmark 12G6796

Cover, Operator Panel

Lexmark 12G6797

Cable, Printhead

Lexmark 12G6798

Motor, Main

Lexmark 12G6807

Plate, Flatbed Center Platen Glass

Lexmark 12G6808

Plate, Right

Lexmark 12G6809

Card Assembly Scanner Motor

Lexmark 12G6810

Switch Assembly Plate

Lexmark 12G6811

Sensor Assembly Registration

Lexmark 12G6812

Sensor Assembly Flatbed Open

Lexmark 12G6813

Card Assembly Scanner System

Lexmark 12G6814

Cable, Scanner to Controller

Lexmark 12G6815

Plate, Left DADF Platen Glass

Lexmark 12G6816

Card Assembly Charged Couple Device

Lexmark 12G6817

Cable, CCD

Lexmark 12G6818

Sensor, Automatic Paper Size (APS

Lexmark 12G6819

Lens, CCD Card

Lexmark 12G6824

Damper, Dynamic Motor

Lexmark 12G6826

Bearing, Pulley Shaft

Lexmark 12G6827

Belt, Main Drive

Lexmark 12G6828

Motor Assembly Main Drive

Lexmark 12G6829

Spring, Motor

Lexmark 12G6830

Foot, Scanner Base

Lexmark 12G6833

Power Invertor, Lamp

Lexmark 12G6834

Lamp Assembly Full Rate Carriage

Lexmark 12G6835

Cable, Full Rate Carriage Lamp

Lexmark 12G6836

Wiring Harness (J9, J30

Lexmark 12G6837

Main Scanner Wiring Harness, (J731 ...

Lexmark 12G6838

Cover Assembly Flatbed Scanner Top

Lexmark 12G6839

Panel Assembly User Interface

Lexmark 12G6840

Cover, Under Top Cover

Lexmark 12G6841

Cover, DADF Front

Lexmark 12G6842

Handle, DADF

Lexmark 12G6843

Cushion, DADF

Lexmark 12G6844

Magnet, DADF

Lexmark 12G6845

Solenoid, DADF Exit/Reverse

Lexmark 12G6846

Tray Assembly DADF Input put

Lexmark 12G6847

Door Assembly DADF Jam Access

Lexmark 12G6848

Lever, Jam Access Door

Lexmark 12G6849

Cover, DADF Top

Lexmark 12G6850

Cover, DADF Rear

Lexmark 12G6851

Plate, Lever

Lexmark 12G6852

Actuator, Jam Door Open Switch

Lexmark 12G6853

Switch, Jam Door Open

Lexmark 12G6854

Strip, Mylar Paper Guide

Lexmark 12G6856

Hinge, Left DADF

Lexmark 12G6857


Lexmark 12G6858

Plate, Hinge Loading

Lexmark 12G6859

Bracket, Retaining

Lexmark 12G6860

Card Assembly DADF Controller

Lexmark 12G6861

Cable, Scanner to DADF

Lexmark 12G6862

Gear, DADF #1

Lexmark 12G6863

Gear, DADF #2

Lexmark 12G6864

Motor Assembly DADF Registration R ...

Lexmark 12G6865

Motor Assembly DADF Main Drive

Lexmark 12G6866

Pad Assembly DADF Separator

Lexmark 12G6867

X7500 MFP Option Pick Roller Pad

Lexmark 12G6868

Linkage, DADF #1

Lexmark 12G6869

Linkage, DADF #2

Lexmark 12G6870

Cover, DADF Linkage

Lexmark 12G6871

Stop, Paper

Lexmark 12G6872

Spring, Paper Stop

Lexmark 12G6873

Shaft Assembly Roller Engagement

Lexmark 12G6874

Sensor, Pre Registration1

Lexmark 12G6875

Card Assembly Paper Present Indicator

Lexmark 12G6876

Sensor, DADF Paper Present

Lexmark 12G6877

Flag, Paper Present Sensor

Lexmark 12G6878

Kit Assembly DADF Pick Roller With ...

Lexmark 12G6879

Guide, DADF Upper Paper

Lexmark 12G6880

Sensor, Registration

Lexmark 12G6881

Spring, Tension Roller