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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 30

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 40X0121

Fuser Cover Assy Kit

Lexmark 40X0122

Fuser lamp, 115V

Lexmark 40X0123

Fuser lamp, 220V

Lexmark 40X0124

Narrow media sensor

Lexmark 40X0125

Exit sensor

Lexmark 40X0126

Parts Kit, Left side charge Roll l ...

Lexmark 40X0127

Dual Charge Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0129

Parts Kit, Right side charge Roll ...

Lexmark 40X0130

Transfer Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0131

Transfer Roll Assy Right arm

Lexmark 40X0132

Transfer Roll Right spring

Lexmark 40X0133

Transfer pivot shaft

Lexmark 40X0134

Transfer Roll Left spring

Lexmark 40X0135

Transfer Roll Left arm

Lexmark 40X0136

SupplyPower LVPS 115V 250

Lexmark 40X0137

SupplyPower LVPS 220V 250

Lexmark 40X0140

Board ASMSystem NNW 000

Lexmark 40X0141

Board ASMSystem NW 010

Lexmark 40X0142

Board ASMSystem NNW 200

Lexmark 40X0143

Board ASMSystem NW 210

Lexmark 40X0144

Board ASMSystem NNW 400

Lexmark 40X0145

Board ASMSystem NW 410

Lexmark 40X0147

Interconnect Card Assy (1 Slot), 0 ...

Lexmark 40X0148

Interconnect Card Assy (2 Slot), 2 ...

Lexmark 40X0149

Inner Shield Assembly 500-Sheet

Lexmark 40X0150

Outer Shield

Lexmark 40X0151

USB Board Assy

Lexmark 40X0152

Ethernet Shield (blank

Lexmark 40X0153

INA Flat Cover (blank

Lexmark 40X0154

Inner Shield Assy - 1 Slot, 000/010

Lexmark 40X0156

Bottom/Front autoconnect Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0157

Top autoconnect Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0159

Main Drive Motor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0160

Multipurpose Feeder Sensor Cable

Lexmark 40X0161

Ground Cable

Lexmark 40X0162

System Board ( Motherboard ) to Fu ...

Lexmark 40X0163

Fuser AC lamp to LVPS Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0165

Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X0174

Parts packet (Cable ties

Lexmark 40X0182

Wear strip

Lexmark 40X0183

Wear plate - 500-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 40X0195

Operator Panel Board Assy

Lexmark 40X0197

T64x, X642e, X644e, X646e Fuser Ma ...

Lexmark 40X0199

PrintCryption Card T64x

Lexmark 40X0200

T64x Thin Print Card

Lexmark 40X0207

EP duct

Lexmark 40X0208

Blower duct, 500-Sheet

Lexmark 40X0209

Gear #60 MPF Shield

Lexmark 40X0210

Main Fan cap

Lexmark 40X0211

Main Fan duct, 000/010

Lexmark 40X0212

Main Fan duct, 200/210, 400/410

Lexmark 40X0213

Tray bias Assy

Lexmark 40X0215

Paper lowithoutut Sensor Card Asse ...

Lexmark 40X0219

SupplyPower LVPS 115V 500

Lexmark 40X0220

SupplyPower LVPS 220V 500

Lexmark 40X0222

Outer Shield - 1 Slot, 000/010

Lexmark 40X0223

HVPS/input sensor/Toner Sensor Cab ...

Lexmark 40X0224

LVPS to System Board Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0225

Right side hand holder

Lexmark 40X0226

Fuser Cable / Connector - Fuser AC ...

Lexmark 40X0229

Narrow media Sensor Cable

Lexmark 40X0230

Exit Sensor Cable

Lexmark 40X0231

Left side hand holder

Lexmark 40X0232

ReDrive Door Assy - 500-Sheet

Lexmark 40X0233

Operator Panel outer Bezel With Le ...

Lexmark 40X0234

Operator Panel outer Bezel With Le ...

Lexmark 40X0236

Exit/narrow media Sensor Cover

Lexmark 40X0238

Narrow media flag/spring Kit

Lexmark 40X0239

Exit Sensor flag/spring Kit

Lexmark 40X0248

Coax/Twinax Adapter For SCS

Lexmark 40X0249

EP DC Fan Assy With Cable - 500-Sheet

Lexmark 40X0250

9-pin to Twinax Cable

Lexmark 40X0251

9-pin to Coax (BNC) Cable

Lexmark 40X0252

9-pin to 9-pin Cable

Lexmark 40X0310

Multipurpose Feeder pick arm Assy ...

Lexmark 40X0450

Complete ADF Assy - X644e/X646e

Lexmark 40X0451

Document Tray Assy - X644e/X646e

Lexmark 40X0452

ADF Top Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X0453

ADF Pickup Assy

Lexmark 40X0456

Pickup arm Solenoid

Lexmark 40X0457

Flatbed Scanner, X644/X646e Comple ...

Lexmark 40X0458

ADF CCD Module Assembly X644e, X646e

Lexmark 40X0460

Lower Exit guide Assy - X644e/X646e

Lexmark 40X0461

Feed Motor (ADF Feed

Lexmark 40X0462

ADF scan Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0463

ADF scan Cover

Lexmark 40X0464

ADF Front Cover

Lexmark 40X0465

ADF Rear Cover

Lexmark 40X0466

Flatbed white cushion Pressure pad

Lexmark 40X0467

Upper Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X0468

Upper Tray Cover (Paper Support

Lexmark 40X0469

Upper sub Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X0470

Left Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X0471

Right Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X0472

Left side Cover

Lexmark 40X0473

Right side Cover

Lexmark 40X0474

Front Cover

Lexmark 40X0475

Scan Cover

Lexmark 40X0476

Cover Bezel With Lexmark logo - X646e

Lexmark 40X0478

Flatbed CCD Module Assy

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 40X0479

Flatbed CCD Drive Belt

Lexmark 40X0480

Flatbed scan Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0481

Sensors Parts packet

Lexmark 40X0482


Lexmark 40X0483

Flatbed contact glass

Lexmark 40X0484

Glass Holder Assy

Lexmark 40X0485

Flatbed interconnect Card Assy - X ...

Lexmark 40X0486

Motor Driver Card

Lexmark 40X0487

Flatbed CCD Ribbon Cable

Lexmark 40X0489

Hard file Drive Assy

Lexmark 40X0490

Belt tension spring

Lexmark 40X0491

Flatbed Paper size Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X0493

Multipurpose Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X0494

LCD Display Touchscreen Display As ...

Lexmark 40X0495

Operator Panel Left Cover Assy - X ...

Lexmark 40X0496

Operator Panel Right Cover Assy - ...

Lexmark 40X0497

LCD Display Touchscreen Inverter Card

Lexmark 40X0498

Scan Control Card - X644e, X646e

Lexmark 40X0502

ADF CCD to ICC 36-pin Cable

Lexmark 40X0506

MDC to ICC 36-pin Cable

New - $69.95
Refurb - $49.95

Lexmark 40X0507

Modem 30-pin Cable

Lexmark 40X0509

Hard Disk Drive IDE 50-pin Cable

Lexmark 40X0510

Hard Disk Drive 4-pin Power Cable

Lexmark 40X0513

Flatbed Cover closed actuator

Lexmark 40X0514

Flatbed Cover closing actuator

Lexmark 40X0515

Upper Front Cover hinge Assy - X64 ...

Lexmark 40X0516

Counterbalance Spring

Lexmark 40X0519


Lexmark 40X0520

Interconnect Card Assy

Lexmark 40X0553

Switch (Door interlock

Lexmark 40X0554

Operator Panel Assy

Lexmark 40X0555

Operator Panel Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0556

USB Connector

Lexmark 40X0557

USB Connector Cover

Lexmark 40X0558

Top Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X0559

Printer Front Door Assy

Lexmark 40X0560

Front Door magnetic catch

Lexmark 40X0561

Front Door Support strap

Lexmark 40X0562

Front inner Cover

Lexmark 40X0563

Right upper Cover

Lexmark 40X0564

Right Lower Cover

Lexmark 40X0565

Cable hookup Door Kit

Lexmark 40X0566

Rear Motor Cover

Lexmark 40X0567

Rear Lower Cover (110V

Lexmark 40X0568

Option hookup Cover

Lexmark 40X0569

Media Tray catch Kit

Lexmark 40X0570

Switch (media size

Lexmark 40X0571

Vertical turn mylar guide

Lexmark 40X0572

Vertical turn guide

Lexmark 40X0573

Media Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X0574

Media Tray Front Cover

Lexmark 40X0576

Media Tray side guide Kit

Lexmark 40X0577

Media Tray side guide actuator Kit

Lexmark 40X0578

Media Tray end guide Kit

Lexmark 40X0579

Media Tray end guide actuator Kit

Lexmark 40X0580

Media Tray lift Gear Kit

Lexmark 40X0581

Media Feed unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0582

Media Feed lift Motor

Lexmark 40X0583

Tray lift coupling Kit

Lexmark 40X0585

Media Feed Drive Gear Kit

Lexmark 40X0586

Media Feed unit Front guide Kit

Lexmark 40X0587

Media out actuator

Lexmark 40X0588

Sensor (Fuser Exit, media out, med ...

Lexmark 40X0589

Sensor (pre-Feed, Tray 2 Feed-out, ...

Lexmark 40X0590

Pick Roll Assy spring

Lexmark 40X0591

Feed Roll one-way Clutch Kit

Lexmark 40X0593

Separation Roll friction Clutch Kit

Lexmark 40X0594

Feed unit Roll Kit

Lexmark 40X0595

Multipurpose Feed unit Assy

Lexmark 40X0596

MPF media out actuator Kit

Lexmark 40X0597

MPF unit Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0598

MPF Idler Gear Bracket Assy

Lexmark 40X0599

Multipurpose Feeder Front Cover

Lexmark 40X0600

Multipurpose Feeder Rear Cover

Lexmark 40X0601

MPF Transport pinch Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0603

Multipurpose Feeder pick Roll Kit

Lexmark 40X0605

MPF Transport Roll Kit

Lexmark 40X0606

MPF pick Solenoid Kit

Lexmark 40X0608

MPF Fold down Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X0609

Vertical Drive Gear Assy

Lexmark 40X0610

Switch (Left Door interlock

Lexmark 40X0612

Left Lower Door Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0613

Hinge pin

Lexmark 40X0614

Left Lower Door handle Kit

Lexmark 40X0616

Transfer Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0617

Transfer Roll Power contact

Lexmark 40X0618

PC Cartridge shutter link

Lexmark 40X0619

Transfer Roll guide Assy

Lexmark 40X0620

Left Door Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0621

Left Door Assy handle Kit

Lexmark 40X0622

PC Cartridge shutter actuator

Lexmark 40X0623

Left Door duplex entrance guide

Lexmark 40X0624

Left Door Support strap

Lexmark 40X0625

Registration Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0626

Registration Clutch

Lexmark 40X0627

Sensor (Registration

Lexmark 40X0628

Registration mylar guide Assy

Lexmark 40X0629

Transport Clutch Assy

Lexmark 40X0630

Tray 2 Feed-out Sensor guide (asse ...

Lexmark 40X0631

PC Cartridge Stop