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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 32

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 40X0846

Carriage lift Belt Kit

Lexmark 40X0847

Sensor (Stacker bin level

Lexmark 40X0848

Ball bearing 10 mm

Lexmark 40X0849

Stacker slip Clutch pulley Kit

Lexmark 40X0850


Lexmark 40X0851

Stacker bin lift Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0853

Punch unit Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0854

Punch Carriage shift Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0855

Punch Carriage Assy

Lexmark 40X0856

Sensor (punch unit side reg) Assy

Lexmark 40X0857

2/3 punch unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0858

2/4 punch unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0859

Punch media Stopper Assy

Lexmark 40X0860

Punch unit Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0861

Sensor (punch waste box set

Lexmark 40X0862

Punch waste box

Lexmark 40X0864

Sensor (punch waste box full

Lexmark 40X0865

Punch waste box set Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0866

Staple Cartridge

Lexmark 40X0867

Stapler unit Assy

Lexmark 40X0868

Stapler unit Cover

Lexmark 40X0869

Stapler Carriage Kit

Lexmark 40X0870

Stapler unit Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0871

Stapler Carriage Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0872

Stapler Carriage Rack Gear

Lexmark 40X0873

Media eject unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0874

Sub paddle

Lexmark 40X0875

Sub paddle Drive shaft Kit

Lexmark 40X0876

Media eject clamp Motor

Lexmark 40X0877

Eject clamp lever Assy

Lexmark 40X0879

Sub paddle, entrance Drive Gear 23T

Lexmark 40X0880

Bushing 6 mm

Lexmark 40X0881

Eject clamp Gear Kit

Lexmark 40X0882

Switch (eject Cover interlock

Lexmark 40X0883

Media compiler unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0886

Media eject shaft Assy

Lexmark 40X0887

Clamp paddle

Lexmark 40X0888

Bushing 6 mm

Lexmark 40X0889

Media eject shaft Gear 39T

Lexmark 40X0890

Media eject Clutch Kit

Lexmark 40X0891

Media eject Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X0892

Sensor (Lower media Exit) Kit

Lexmark 40X0893


Lexmark 40X0894

Static eliminator brush

Lexmark 40X0895

Lower media Exit Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0896

Main paddle shaft Kit (assembled

Lexmark 40X0897

Belt idler pulley

Lexmark 40X0898

Lower Exit Roll Drive pulley Kit

Lexmark 40X0899

Main paddle idler Gear Kit

Lexmark 40X0900

Main paddle Drive pulley/Gear 44/20T

Lexmark 40X0901

Lower pinch guide Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0902

Media diverter gate

Lexmark 40X0903

Buffer diverter gate

Lexmark 40X0904

Buffer upper guide Assy

Lexmark 40X0905

Buffer Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0906

Buffer pinch guide Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0907

Media entrance pinch guide Assy (a ...

Lexmark 40X0908


Lexmark 40X0909

Media entrance Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0910

Drive Motor

Lexmark 40X0911

Belt entrance, paddle, 31.6 cm

Lexmark 40X0912

Belt tensioner pulley Kit

Lexmark 40X0913

Ball bearing 6 mm

Lexmark 40X0914

Media entrance Roll Drive pulley 20T

Lexmark 40X0915

Buffer Roll Drive Gear 46T

Lexmark 40X0916

Media diverter Solenoid Kit

Lexmark 40X0917

Buffer diverter Solenoid Kit

Lexmark 40X0918

Upper media Exit pinch Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0919

Upper media Exit Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0920

Upper pinch guide Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X0921

Sensor (diverter gate

Lexmark 40X0922

Diverter gate Sensor upper Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0923

Upper media Transport Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X0924

Buffer Roll Drive pulley/Gear 53/23T

Lexmark 40X0925

Upper media Transport Roll Drive p ...

Lexmark 40X0926

Upper media Exit Roll Drive pulley ...

Lexmark 40X0927

Upper media Exit Roll Drive Gear 20T

Lexmark 40X0928

Belt (buffer Transport) 19.8 cm

Lexmark 40X0929

Belt (Exit) 27.7 cm

Lexmark 40X0930

Punch waste box full Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0931

Bridge unit Interface Card Assy

Lexmark 40X0932

Bridge unit connect Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0933

Bridge unit Interface Card Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0934

Controller Card Assy

Lexmark 40X0935

AC Power Cord Assy

Lexmark 40X0936

LVPS Card Assy

Lexmark 40X0937

Main Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0938

Main Drive Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0939

Interface Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0940

Media entrance Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0941

Buffer path Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0942

Upper media Exit Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0943

Upper media bin full Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0944

Punch Main Drive Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0945

Punch Main Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0946

LVPS Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0950

Diverter gate Sensor Lower Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X0952

Bushing 6 mm

Lexmark 40X0953

Tray lift pulley Kit

Lexmark 40X0955

Rear Lower Cover (220V

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 40X0956

W840 Fuser Maintenance Kit LV

Lexmark 40X0957

W840 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 40X0958

W840 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 40X0964

Interconnect Card Assy

Lexmark 40X0965

Media Tray separation pad

Lexmark 40X0966

Media Tray separation brush

Lexmark 40X0967

Media Tray lift one-way Clutch And ...

Lexmark 40X0968

Media Tray lift one-way shaft

Lexmark 40X0969

Pick Roll idler Gear

Lexmark 40X0970

Pick Roll Drive Gear

Lexmark 40X0971

MPF Feed Drive Gear Kit

Lexmark 40X0972

USB function removal Cover (25

Lexmark 40X0973

MPF Feed cam Gear Kit

Lexmark 40X0974

MPF Pressure pad Kit

Lexmark 40X1025

Frame Assembly carrying

Lexmark 40X1026

Exit Assembly face up

Lexmark 40X1027

Guide Assembly face-down

Lexmark 40X1028

Lamp, M erase

Lexmark 40X1029

Lamp, C erase

Lexmark 40X1030

Lamp, Y erase

Lexmark 40X1031

Lamp, K erase

Lexmark 40X1032

Fan, upper Right

Lexmark 40X1033

Fan, upper Left

Lexmark 40X1034

Rail, Base Left side

Lexmark 40X1035

Drive Unit, 120V

Lexmark 40X1036

Drive Unit, 230V

Lexmark 40X1037

Clutch, Belt up/down

Lexmark 40X1038

Sub Frame

Lexmark 40X1039

MPF Frame Assy

Lexmark 40X1040

Clutch, Registration

Lexmark 40X1041

Unit, Transfer Belt

Lexmark 40X1042

Cable Assembly Feeder

Lexmark 40X1043

Board, sensor

Lexmark 40X1044

Cable Assembly Sensor Board

Lexmark 40X1045

Board, 120V Motor Driver

Lexmark 40X1046

Board, 230V Motor Driver

Lexmark 40X1047

Fan, Power Supply

Lexmark 40X1048

Cable Assembly duplex Connector

Lexmark 40X1049

Cable, Fuser drawer

Lexmark 40X1050

Cable, Fuser Drawer (230V only

Lexmark 40X1051

Board, Printer Controller

Lexmark 40X1052

Belt, Power Supply

Lexmark 40X1053

Cable Assembly Printer Controller ...

Lexmark 40X1054

Cable Assembly 26 pin RIP Printer ...

Lexmark 40X1055

Cable Assembly Motor Interface

Lexmark 40X1056

Fuser, 120V

Lexmark 40X1057

Fuser, 230V

Lexmark 40X1058

550-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy C920

Lexmark 40X1059

Controller Board, 550-Sheet

Lexmark 40X1060

Board, duplex Interface

Lexmark 40X1061

Cable Assembly Power Supply out

Lexmark 40X1062

HCF Power Supply

Lexmark 40X1064

Exit Roller, face-down

Lexmark 40X1067

Clutch, MPF

Lexmark 40X1068

Cable Assembly 8 pin PH Controller

Lexmark 40X1069

Guide Assembly Expansion turn guide

Lexmark 40X1070

Bushing, Pressure

Lexmark 40X1071

Spring, Paper carry 2

Lexmark 40X1072

Roller, follow up

Lexmark 40X1073

Cable Assembly 36 pin RIP Harness

Lexmark 40X1074

Cable Assembly 30 pin RIP Harness

Lexmark 40X1075

Assembly Paper-Feed Base

Lexmark 40X1076

Plate, guide rocking

Lexmark 40X1077

Roller, Pickup

Lexmark 40X1078

Roller, Paper Feed

Lexmark 40X1079

Roller, separator

Lexmark 40X1080

Clutch, friction (torque limiter

Lexmark 40X1081

Clutch, Roller 6 x 10 x 14

Lexmark 40X1082

Clutch, Paper Feed

Lexmark 40X1083

Board, CK2 Daughter Board/sensor

Lexmark 40X1084

Card, CK1 Daughter

Lexmark 40X1085

Switch, turn guide

Lexmark 40X1086

Assembly Paper Feed Expansion

Lexmark 40X1087

Clutch, Paper Feed

Lexmark 40X1088

Assembly turn guide Switch Option

Lexmark 40X1089

Cable Assembly Paper Feed type 2

Lexmark 40X1090

Stepping Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X1091

Cable Assembly Expansion Paper level

Lexmark 40X1092

Cable Assembly Expansion lift Motor

Lexmark 40X1093

Gear, IDS 38

Lexmark 40X1094

Pulley, timing 20t

Lexmark 40X1095

Belt, timing S3M:177

Lexmark 40X1096

Gear, Z30

Lexmark 40X1097

Motor, Paper Tray lift

Lexmark 40X1098

Cable Assembly Paper-Feed type 1

Lexmark 40X1099

Cable Assembly Paper Tray lift Motor

Lexmark 40X1100

Cable Assembly Cassette Bottom sensor

Lexmark 40X1101

Assembly HCF/FIN D-Sub

Lexmark 40X1102

Cable Assembly finisher

Lexmark 40X1103

Bushing, turn guide

Lexmark 40X1104

Photo Interuptor (Paper Low sensor

Lexmark 40X1105

Flag, Bottom sense

Lexmark 40X1106

Clip, Paper-Feed shaft

Lexmark 40X1107

Sensor, relay

Lexmark 40X1108

Roller, relay

Lexmark 40X1109

C920 Paper Path Maintenance Kit

Lexmark 40X1111

Roller, relay Expansion Feed

Lexmark 40X1112

Assembly Drive link

Lexmark 40X1113

Cable, Registration Clutch

Lexmark 40X1114

Cable, carrying Clutch