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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 37

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 40X2385

Printer Front Door Assy

Lexmark 40X2386

Rear Lower Cover (110V

Lexmark 40X2387

Rear Lower Cover (220V

Lexmark 40X2388

Switch (Main Power

Lexmark 40X2389

Output guide

Lexmark 40X2395

USB function removal Cover

Lexmark 40X2399

USB Cable

Lexmark 40X2400

ADF Top Cover

Lexmark 40X2401

ADF pick Roller Assy

Lexmark 40X2402

Pick Roll hinge

Lexmark 40X2403

ADF Assy

Lexmark 40X2405

Mylar ADF guide

Lexmark 40X2406

ADF input Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X2407

ADF extension Assy

Lexmark 40X2408

ADF Cable

Lexmark 40X2411

Scanner Top Housing

Lexmark 40X2412

Black Flatbed stud

Lexmark 40X2413

Silver Flatbed stud

Lexmark 40X2414

CCD Assy

Lexmark 40X2415

Scanner Base Assy

Lexmark 40X2416

LVPS to Controller Card Cable

Lexmark 40X2417

Operator Panel Assy

Lexmark 40X2418

Operator Panel Cable

Lexmark 40X2420

250-Sheet Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X2421

Base Top Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X2422

Rear Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X2423

Front Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X2424

Left side Cover

Lexmark 40X2425

Upper Right side Cover

Lexmark 40X2426

Lower Right side Cover

Lexmark 40X2427

Modem Card

Lexmark 40X2428

Modem Cable

Lexmark 40X2429

Legal Extender Cover

Lexmark 40X2430


Lexmark 40X2431


Lexmark 40X2432

550-Sheet Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X2433

550-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy X3 ...

Lexmark 40X2434

Network Daughter Card

Lexmark 40X2530

Scanner, 4600 Complete Assy

Lexmark 40X2532

ADF Document input Tray

Lexmark 40X2533

Paper Stop

Lexmark 40X2534

Scanner cushion

Lexmark 40X2535

ADF upper Cover

Lexmark 40X2536

ADF outer Cover

Lexmark 40X2537

ADF Lower Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X2538

Pick Roll pad

Lexmark 40X2540

Pick Roller Assy

Lexmark 40X2541

Paper present/Feed 1 sensors

Lexmark 40X2542

Paper length sensor

Lexmark 40X2543

ADF FF to Motor/Distribution Cable

Lexmark 40X2546

Paper Feed Motor Cable (4-pin

Lexmark 40X2547

ADF Paper Feed Motor

Lexmark 40X2548

ADF Interface Board

Lexmark 40X2549

ADF Sensor Cable (6-pin

Lexmark 40X2550

ADF/CCD Motor Cable (10-pin

Lexmark 40X2551

ADF/CCD data Cable (26-pin

Lexmark 40X2552

ADF Motor/Distribution Board

Lexmark 40X2554

Operator Panel Cover

Lexmark 40X2555

Keypad Board

Lexmark 40X2556

Display Panel Assy

Lexmark 40X2557

LCM HV Inverter Board

Lexmark 40X2558

FFC Cable

Lexmark 40X2559

Flatbed Cover With glass

Lexmark 40X2561

Flatbed CCD lamp Assy

Lexmark 40X2562

Carriage Transport Belt Kit

Lexmark 40X2563

Flatbed lamp CCD Inverter Board

Lexmark 40X2564

Cover Sensor Board

Lexmark 40X2565

A1 Board With Modem

Lexmark 40X2567

Modem Board

Lexmark 40X2568

Power Supply Board

Lexmark 40X2570

Flatbed Motor Cable (16-pin

Lexmark 40X2571

Flatbed CCD Cable (36-pin

Lexmark 40X2572

Display Cable

Lexmark 40X2573

Hard Disk Drive data Cable (80-pin

Lexmark 40X2574

Modem to Scanner Control Cable (30-pin

Lexmark 40X2575

Power Distribution Cable (2+3-pin

Lexmark 40X2576

AC Power Cable (3+3-pin

Lexmark 40X2577

Hard Disk Drive Power Supply Cable ...

Lexmark 40X2578

A1 to scan Control Cable (12-pin

Lexmark 40X2579

Motor Cable

Lexmark 40X2580

Control Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X2581

AC jumper Power Cord

Lexmark 40X2582

PCI Cable

Lexmark 40X2583

PCI Cable (20 ft.

Lexmark 40X2584

Scanner PCI Card Assy

Lexmark 40X2586

Paper present/Feed 1 Ground Cable

Lexmark 40X2587

Cover Sensor Cable

Lexmark 40X2588

Control Panel Ground Cable

Lexmark 40X2590

Fuser Assy w/220 V lamp

Lexmark 40X2591

Fuser Assy w/100 V lamp

Lexmark 40X2592

Fuser Assy w/115 V lamp

Lexmark 40X2593


Lexmark 40X2596

T64x Printer Operator Panel Cover

Lexmark 40X2597

C772 Printer Operator Panel Cover

Lexmark 40X2598

ADF upper Cover sensor

Lexmark 40X2600

Jogging unit Assy

Lexmark 40X2601

Guide stack Assy

Lexmark 40X2603

Power Supply

Lexmark 40X2604

Upper limit Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X2605

Hook Rear Assy

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 40X2606

Elevator Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X2607

Exit guide Inverter Assy

Lexmark 40X2608

Unit, 3 hole punch (U.S. only

Lexmark 40X2609

Unit, 4 hole punch (not U.S.

Lexmark 40X2610

Hard Disk With Adapter - 40+ GB

Lexmark 40X2611

Modem Speaker

Lexmark 40X2612

Tractor Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X2613

ADF nylon twist lock

Lexmark 40X2614


Lexmark 40X2615

Solenoid Assy

Lexmark 40X2616

Clutch, Registration

Lexmark 40X2617

Feed Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X2618

Bracket, finisher Control Board

Lexmark 40X2619

ADF Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X2620

ADF Top Assy

Lexmark 40X2622


Lexmark 40X2628

Photo Sensor

Lexmark 40X2629

ADF Assy

Lexmark 40X2630

ADF Card

Lexmark 40X2631

CCD Assy

Lexmark 40X2632

Controller Card, X340, X340n

Lexmark 40X2634

550-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy C920

Lexmark 40X2639

Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X2640

Guide plate Assy

Lexmark 40X2644

RIP Card Assy

Lexmark 40X2660

Modem Display toroid

Lexmark 40X2661

AC Power Cord toroid

Lexmark 40X2663

Forms Card, C524n

Lexmark 40X2664

Bar Code Card, C524n

Lexmark 40X2665

Oil Fuser wiper, Black Housing

Lexmark 40X2666

Wax Fuser wiper, gray Housing

Lexmark 40X2669

Power Supply Board

Lexmark 40X2730

Operator Panel Bezel (X850e

Lexmark 40X2731

Operator Panel Bezel (X852e

Lexmark 40X2732

Operator Panel Bezel (X854e

Lexmark 40X2734

X850e, X852e, X854e ADF Maintenanc ...

Lexmark 40X2735

2x 500-Sheet Drawer, Dual Input Co ...

Lexmark 40X2736

Operator Panel Assy (Universal

Lexmark 40X2739

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X2740

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X2741

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X2742

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X2743

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X2744

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X2763

Bar Code Card, C780n, C782n

Lexmark 40X2764

Forms Card, C780n, C782n

Lexmark 40X2765

Card For IPDS And SCS/TNe, C780n, ...

Lexmark 40X2766

PrintCryption Card, C780n, C782n

Lexmark 40X2779

Black PhotoDeveloper Cover

Lexmark 40X2792

Bar Code Card, X644e, X646e

Lexmark 40X2800

Fuser Assembly 110 V

Lexmark 40X2801

Fuser Assembly 220 V

Lexmark 40X2802

Fuser Assembly 100 V

Lexmark 40X2803

Laser scanning unit (Printhead), E ...

Lexmark 40X2804

Laser scanning unit, E250d/E250dn

Lexmark 40X2806

Controller Card, E350d

Lexmark 40X2807

Controller Card, E352dn

Lexmark 40X2808

Controller Card, E450dn

Lexmark 40X2809

LCD Display Operator Panel Assembl ...

Lexmark 40X2810

LCD Display Operator Panel Assembl ...

Lexmark 40X2811

LCD Display Operator Panel Assembl ...

Lexmark 40X2812

Top Cover Right flag

Lexmark 40X2813

Cover open Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X2815

LCD Display Bezel Cover, E350D

Refurb - $69.95

Lexmark 40X2816

LCD Display Bezel Cover, E352dn

Lexmark 40X2817

Tray 2 Paper Feed tires

Lexmark 40X2818

LCD Display Bezel Cover, E450dn

Lexmark 40X2819

LV/HV Power Supply Card Assembly 110 V

Lexmark 40X2820

LV/HV Power Supply Card Assembly 220 V

Lexmark 40X2821

Duplex Drive Gear CBM

Lexmark 40X2822

Transfer Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X2823

Duplex And media Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X2824

Manual input Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X2825

Developer Drive/access Door link

Lexmark 40X2826

Main Drive Gear Assy

Lexmark 40X2828

Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X2829

Developer Drive coupling Assy

Lexmark 40X2830

Manual Feed Clutch CBM

Lexmark 40X2831

Media Feed ACM Clutch CBM

Lexmark 40X2832

Media level indicator CBM

Lexmark 40X2833

Cable assemblies

Lexmark 40X2834

Media Exit guide Assy

Lexmark 40X2835

Top Cover Assy (Includes narrow me ...

Lexmark 40X2836

Left side Cover

Lexmark 40X2837

Right side Cover

Lexmark 40X2838

Media (ACM) Drive Assy

Lexmark 40X2839

Rear upper And Lower Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X2840

Front access Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X2841

Complete duplex Assy

Lexmark 40X2842

Main Tray

Lexmark 40X2843

Optional media Drawer Assy

Lexmark 40X2844

Tray 2 Assy

Lexmark 40X2845

Pickup And manual Feed Solenoids

Lexmark 40X2846

Reversing Solenoid

Lexmark 40X2847

E250, E35x, E450 Fuser Maintenance ...

Lexmark 40X2848

E250, E35x, E450 Fuser Maintenance ...

Lexmark 40X2849

E250, E35x, E450 Fuser Maintenance ...

Lexmark 40X2852

LCD Display Bezel Cover, E250d

Lexmark 40X2853

ACM Drive shaft Assy

Lexmark 40X2854

Tray 1 wear strips