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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 38

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 40X2855

Tray 2 wear strips

Lexmark 40X2856

Narrow media sensor

Lexmark 40X2857

Upper Front Frame Assy

Lexmark 40X2858

Legal Extender dust Cover

Lexmark 40X2880

Tractor 2 Motor

Lexmark 40X2881

Tractor 2 Paper guide

Lexmark 40X2882

Tractor 2 Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X2885

Power Supply unit, HV

Lexmark 40X2886

Power Supply unit, LV

Lexmark 40X2887

Carrier Roller set

Lexmark 40X2888

ASF upper Feed Roller (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2889

ASF Lower Feed Roller (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2890

Gears And bushings Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X2893

Head Gap sensor

Lexmark 40X2894

Forms Thickness lever

Lexmark 40X2895

Left Guide, ASF/DTR

Lexmark 40X2896

Right ASF/DTR guide

Lexmark 40X2897

Operator Panel Front Cover With ov ...

Lexmark 40X2901

Carrier Motor (With BKT

Lexmark 40X2902

Paper Feed Motor (With BKT

Lexmark 40X2903

Serial Interface Card Bracket

Lexmark 40X2905

Tractor Paper guide

Lexmark 40X2906

Springs Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X2907

Paper Select lever

Lexmark 40X2908

Platen holder

Lexmark 40X2909

Fuse Kit (LV

Lexmark 40X2910

Gears And bushings Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X2911

Rear Cover

Lexmark 40X2912

Left Paper guide

Lexmark 40X2913

Right Paper guide

Lexmark 40X2914

Operator Panel Cable

Lexmark 40X2915

Serial Interface Card plate

Lexmark 40X2916

Left side Tractor Frame

Lexmark 40X2917

Right side Tractor Frame

Lexmark 40X2918

Left And Right Tractors

Lexmark 40X2919

Top-of-form sensor

Lexmark 40X2920

Home position sensor

Lexmark 40X2921

Left Lower pinch Roller shaft holder

Lexmark 40X2922

Head Gap adjustment Kit

Lexmark 40X2923

Tractor 2 Right Cover

Lexmark 40X2924

ASF Left side Frame

Lexmark 40X2927

Right Paper Support

Lexmark 40X2928

Left Paper Support

Lexmark 40X2929

ASF Left Hopper

Lexmark 40X2930

Serial Interface Card With plate

Lexmark 40X2931

Pull Tractor actuator Kit

Lexmark 40X2932

ASF Paper load lever

Lexmark 40X2933

ASF Paper load link

Lexmark 40X2934

Serial Interface Cable

Lexmark 40X2935

ASF Left Cover

Lexmark 40X2936

ASF Right Cover

Lexmark 40X2937

Paper stand

Lexmark 40X2938

Pull Tractor sensor

Lexmark 40X2939

Paper select sensor

Lexmark 40X2940

Logic Board Without EPROM (2480 LV

Lexmark 40X2941

Logic Board Without EPROM (2480 HV

Lexmark 40X2942

Logic Board Without EPROM (2481 LV

Lexmark 40X2943

Logic Board Without EPROM (2481 HV

Lexmark 40X2944

Logic Board Without EPROM (2490 LV

Lexmark 40X2945

Logic Board Without EPROM (2490 HV

Lexmark 40X2946

Logic Board Without EPROM (2491 LV

Lexmark 40X2947

Logic Board Without EPROM (2491 HV

Lexmark 40X2948

Carrier unit (2480

Lexmark 40X2949

Carrier unit (2481

Lexmark 40X2950

Carrier unit (2490

Lexmark 40X2951

Carrier unit (2491

Lexmark 40X2952

Printhead Cable (2480

Lexmark 40X2953

Printhead Cable (2481

Lexmark 40X2954

Printhead Cable (2490

Lexmark 40X2955

Printhead Cable (2491

Lexmark 40X2956

Idler Gear (2480, 2481

Lexmark 40X2957

Idler Gear (2490, 2491

Lexmark 40X2958

Tractor 2 Support shaft - Narrow

Lexmark 40X2959

Tractor 2 Support shaft - Wide

Lexmark 40X2960

Tractor 2 Board Assy With Cable An ...

Lexmark 40X2961

Tractor 2 Board Assy With Cable An ...

Lexmark 40X2962

Operator Panel Assy (248X

Lexmark 40X2963

Operator Panel Assy (249X

Lexmark 40X2964

Module, EPROM (249X

Lexmark 40X2965

ASF cut Sheet Support With guides ...

Lexmark 40X2966

Left side Frame (2480, 2481

Lexmark 40X2967

Left side Frame (2490, 2491

Lexmark 40X2968

Right side Frame

Lexmark 40X2969

Paper guide Assy (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2970

Paper guide Assy (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2971

Lower Feed Roller (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2972

Paper present sensor

Lexmark 40X2973

Platen (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2974

Platen (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2975

Paper separator (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2976

Paper separator (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2977

Tension pulley plate Assy

Lexmark 40X2978

Upper Feed Roller (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2979

Upper Feed Roller (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2980

Right side sub Frame

Lexmark 40X2981

Lower Feed Roller (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2982

ESD Ground Kit (2480, 2481

Lexmark 40X2983

ESD Ground Kit (2490, 2491

Lexmark 40X2984

ASF Pickup (Left And Right) Roller ...

Lexmark 40X2985

ASF Pickup (Left And Right) Roller ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 40X2986

Ribbon Drive Rack Gear (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2987

Ribbon Drive Rack Gear (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2988

Carrier shaft (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2989

Carrier shaft (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2990

Top Cover (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2991

Top Cover (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2992

Front unit Cover Assy (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2993

Front unit Cover Assy (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2994

Front Cover guide (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X2995

Front Cover guide (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X2996

Operator Panel overlay Pack (248X

Lexmark 40X2997

Operator Panel overlay Pack (249X

Lexmark 40X2998

Printhead Assy (2480, 2481

Lexmark 40X2999

Printhead Assy (2490, 2491

Lexmark 40X3000

Tractor shaft set (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3001

Tractor shaft set (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3002

Tractor unit (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3003

Tractor unit (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3004

ASF Right Hopper - wide

Lexmark 40X3005

Bottom Cover (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3006

Bottom Cover (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3007

Frame Support plate (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3008

Frame Support plate (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3009

Tractor And Frame Assembly Tractor ...

Lexmark 40X3010

Right Lower pinch Roller shaft holder

Lexmark 40X3011

ASF Right side Frame

Lexmark 40X3013

Ribbon access unit Cover (2480

Lexmark 40X3014

Ribbon access unit Cover (2481

Lexmark 40X3015

Power Supply Cable (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3016

Power Supply Cable (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3017

ASF cut Sheet Support With guides ...

Lexmark 40X3018

Tractor 2 Paper Table With guides ...

Lexmark 40X3019

Lower pinch Roller (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3020

Lower pinch Roller (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3021

Carrier plate Assy (2480, 2490

Lexmark 40X3022

Carrier plate Assy (2481, 2491

Lexmark 40X3023

ASF Upper Feed Roller - wide

Lexmark 40X3024

ASF Lower Feed Roller - wide

Lexmark 40X3025

Ribbon access unit Cover (2490

Lexmark 40X3026

Ribbon access unit Cover (2491

Lexmark 40X3028

Narrow Auto Feeder Assy

Lexmark 40X3029

Narrow Dual Tractor Assy

Lexmark 40X3030

Module, EPROM (248X

Lexmark 40X3033

Front Cover

Lexmark 40X3034

Wide Auto Feeder Assy

Lexmark 40X3035

Wide Dual Tractor Assy

Lexmark 40X3037

Release Slider Cam

Lexmark 40X3038

Sub Slider Cam

Lexmark 40X3039

Right Cover

Lexmark 40X3040

Cut Sheet Support With guides

Lexmark 40X3042

Extended NLS Module, Eastern Europ ...

Lexmark 40X3043

Front Cover Assy (Complete

Lexmark 40X3045

Ribbon access Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3048

Operator Panel Assy With English o ...

Lexmark 40X3049

Operator Panel Cable

Lexmark 40X3050

Cover With Cover Switch plate Swit ...

Lexmark 40X3051

Acoustic Cover

Lexmark 40X3052

Left Tractor side Frame

Lexmark 40X3053

Right Tractor side Frame

Lexmark 40X3054

Tractor pair With sensors

Lexmark 40X3055

Tractor shaft Kit

Lexmark 40X3056

Right Gear plate

Lexmark 40X3057

Paper Feed Motor Assy With Bracket

Lexmark 40X3062

Ribbon Drive And Gear plate Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3063

Belt tension pulley, plate Assy

Lexmark 40X3065

Carrier shaft

Lexmark 40X3066

Carrier Roller And spring

Lexmark 40X3070

Paper select lever

Lexmark 40X3071

Auto gap sensor

Lexmark 40X3072

Carrier plate

Lexmark 40X3073

Upper Feed Roller

Lexmark 40X3074

Paper Separator

Lexmark 40X3075

Frame Support shaft

Lexmark 40X3078

Ribbon latch

Lexmark 40X3079

Paper select sensor

Lexmark 40X3080

Right side Frame Assy

Lexmark 40X3081

Paper guide/Platen Assy

Lexmark 40X3082

Paper sensors With flags & springs

Lexmark 40X3083

Lower Feed Roller

Lexmark 40X3084

Base Assy

Lexmark 40X3086

Power Supply Fuse

Lexmark 40X3087

Power Supply Fan

Lexmark 40X3091

Tractor Cable

Lexmark 40X3092

Tractor Cable Bracket

Lexmark 40X3093

Tractor And Frame Assy

Lexmark 40X3094

Operator Panel overlay Kit

Lexmark 40X3095

Tractor Kit (Left And Right) With ...

Lexmark 40X3098

Bearing Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X3099

Spring Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X3103

Main Logic Card dust Cover

Lexmark 40X3104

Paper guide MyLar strip

Lexmark 40X3105

Gears Parts Packet

Lexmark 40X3106

Cover Assy With logo (Top

Lexmark 40X3107

Sub Logic Board And Bracket

Lexmark 40X3108

Sub Logic Board Cable

Lexmark 40X3109

Main Logic Board Without ROM (HV

Lexmark 40X3110

Main Logic Board Without ROM (LV

Lexmark 40X3111


Lexmark 40X3112

Auto gap Motor

Lexmark 40X3113

Left Side Frame Assy