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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 39

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 40X3114

Serial Port Card And Bracket Assy

Lexmark 40X3115

Serial Port Card to Main Logic Boa ...

Lexmark 40X3116

Printhead (4227-300

Lexmark 40X3117

Printhead And retainer Cable

Lexmark 40X3118

Rear Cover

Lexmark 40X3119


Lexmark 40X3120

Carrier Motor Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X3121

Auto Gap Motor Bracket

Lexmark 40X3122

Carrier Motor Bracket

Lexmark 40X3123

Carrier Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3124

Carrier Assy With Belt & head Cool ...

Lexmark 40X3125

Power Supply, 100 - 240 V ac

Lexmark 40X3126

Right Paper guide

Lexmark 40X3127

Right Hopper

Lexmark 40X3128

Left Hopper

Lexmark 40X3130

Paper stand

Lexmark 40X3131

Front Cover guide

Lexmark 40X3132

Lower pinch Roller

Lexmark 40X3133

Center Paper Support

Lexmark 40X3134

Left Cover

Lexmark 40X3135

Right Cover

Lexmark 40X3136

ASF Gear, bushings And bearing Par ...

Lexmark 40X3137

Stacking Support

Lexmark 40X3138

Left Gear Cover

Lexmark 40X3139

Extended NLS Module, Middle East C ...

Lexmark 40X3140

Power Cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Peru, Bolivia

Lexmark 40X3212

Bar Code Card T64x

Lexmark 40X3214

RIP Card Assembly EC1

Lexmark 40X3230

250-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy T6 ...

Lexmark 40X3231

250-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy T64x ...

Lexmark 40X3232

Pick arm Assy

Lexmark 40X3233

Option pass thru sensor

Lexmark 40X3234

Bin Low Sensor With Cable

Lexmark 40X3235

Side restraint - 250-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 40X3236

Back restraint - 250-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 40X3237

Base Assy - 250-Sheet

Lexmark 40X3238

5-bin Mailbox, Complete Assy T64x

Lexmark 40X3240

Dual Paper height sensor

Lexmark 40X3242

Pass thru sensor

Lexmark 40X3243

500-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy T6 ...

Lexmark 40X3244

Option pass thru sensor

Lexmark 40X3245

Bin Low Sensor With Cable

Lexmark 40X3246

Pick arm Assy - 500-Sheet

Lexmark 40X3247

Base Assy - 500-Sheet

Lexmark 40X3248

Envelope Feeder - Complete Assembl ...

Lexmark 40X3249

2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder (A ...

Lexmark 40X3252

2000-Sheet HCF Lower Control Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3254

Front Door Assy

Lexmark 40X3255

Pick arm Assy - 2000-Sheet

Lexmark 40X3262

AC External jumper Cord

Lexmark 40X3263

High-Capacity Output Stacker, Comp ...

Lexmark 40X3264

Output expander / Stacker pass thr ...

Lexmark 40X3265

Dual bin full sensor

Lexmark 40X3267

Rear Access Door Assy

Lexmark 40X3268

Output Tray Assy

Lexmark 40X3269

Horizontal Kiosk, Complete Assy T6 ...

Lexmark 40X3270

Output Expander, Complete Assy T64x

Lexmark 40X3273

StapleSmart Finisher, Complete Ass ...

Lexmark 40X3274

Stapler access Door Switch Assy

Lexmark 40X3275

Left bin level Cable

Lexmark 40X3276

Rear access Door

Lexmark 40X3277

Output Assy Tray

Lexmark 40X3278

Stapler Assy

Lexmark 40X3279

Switch Assy

Lexmark 40X3280

Vertical Kiosk, Complete Assy T63x ...

Lexmark 40X3296

Complete ADF Assy - X642e

Lexmark 40X3297

Document Tray Assy - X642e

Lexmark 40X3298

Flatbed Scanner, X642e Complete Assy

Lexmark 40X3299

Cover Bezel With Lexmark logo - X642e

Lexmark 40X3301

LCD Display mono Touchscreen Displ ...

Lexmark 40X3302

Operator Panel Left Cover Assy - X642e

Lexmark 40X3303

Operator Panel Right Cover Assy - ...

Lexmark 40X3304

LCD Display (mono) Touchscreen Inv ...

Lexmark 40X3305

Scan Control Card - X642e

Lexmark 40X3309

Upper Front Cover hinge Assy - X642e

Lexmark 40X3310

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3311

Lower Exit guide Assy - X642e

Lexmark 40X3312

Flatbed interconnect Card Assy - X642e

Lexmark 40X3313

Cover Bezel With Lexmark logo - X644e

Lexmark 40X3351

Tray Option Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3378

Card For IPDS And SCS/TNe T64x

Lexmark 40X3382

Cleaning Roller

Lexmark 40X3383

Cleaning Roller Cover

Lexmark 40X3384

Top Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3385

Right Cover

Lexmark 40X3386

Left Cover

Lexmark 40X3387

Inner Front Cover

Lexmark 40X3388

Front Cover

Lexmark 40X3389

Main Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3390

Paper Feed Clutch

Lexmark 40X3391

Registration Clutch

Lexmark 40X3393

Transfer Roller Clutch

Lexmark 40X3394

Cleaning Roller Clutch

Lexmark 40X3395

Main Drive Gear Assy

Lexmark 40X3396

Waste Toner Feeder

Lexmark 40X3397

Developer Drive Assy

Lexmark 40X3398

Waste Toner Holder Assy

Lexmark 40X3399

Toner, Receiver TTR And sender TPD ...

Lexmark 40X3400

Laser unit Assy (Printhead

Lexmark 40X3401

Right Tray guide

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 40X3402

Waste Toner Auger

Lexmark 40X3403

Waste Toner Agitator

Lexmark 40X3404

Engine Controller Board

Lexmark 40X3405

High Voltage Power Supply

Lexmark 40X3406

110 V Low Voltage Power Supply

Lexmark 40X3407

220 V High Voltage Power Supply

Lexmark 40X3408

110 V Power Supply Bracket

Lexmark 40X3409

Power Supply Fan

Lexmark 40X3410

Toner present Sensor

Lexmark 40X3411

220 V Power Supply Bracket

Lexmark 40X3412

Transfer unit

Lexmark 40X3413

Paper guide (C) Assy With Cable

Lexmark 40X3414

Paper Feed Roller

Lexmark 40X3415

Separator Pad

Lexmark 40X3416

Erase lamp

Lexmark 40X3417

Rear Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3418

Transfer Roller Assy

Lexmark 40X3421

530-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy C5 ...

Lexmark 40X3423

Operator Panel Cover

Lexmark 40X3424

Operator Panel

Lexmark 40X3425

250-Sheet Paper Tray, C500n

Lexmark 40X3426

250-Sheet Legal Tray

Lexmark 40X3428

Paper Exit Assy

Lexmark 40X3429

Bracket Assy

Lexmark 40X3430

Registration Assy

Lexmark 40X3431

Left Tray guide Assy With Cable

Lexmark 40X3432

Interlock Switch Assy

Lexmark 40X3433

Paper guide Assy

Lexmark 40X3434

Marker Sensor (OPC) Assy

Lexmark 40X3436

Network RIP (US) Board

Lexmark 40X3440

Network RIP (EC) Board

Lexmark 40X3441

Laser unit Assy lens Cover

Lexmark 40X3443

240V Fuser Cable

Lexmark 40X3459

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3460

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3461

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3462

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3463

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3464

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3477

Bar Code Card - X642e

Lexmark 40X3478

Forms Card - X642e

Lexmark 40X3479

PrintCryption Card, X642e

Lexmark 40X3482

Card, size sense

Lexmark 40X3483

HCF Interface Cable

Lexmark 40X3484

Guide, HCF

Lexmark 40X3485

Micro Switch

Lexmark 40X3486

Cable Assembly HCF Motor

Lexmark 40X3487

Cable Assembly Paper Feed sensor

Lexmark 40X3488

Cable Assembly Drawer Ground

Lexmark 40X3489

Cable Assembly I/F

Lexmark 40X3490

Cable Assembly safety Switch

Lexmark 40X3491

Cable Assembly lift Motor

Lexmark 40X3492

Cable Assembly Paper size sensor

Lexmark 40X3493

Cable Assembly sensor

Lexmark 40X3494

Cable, Paper volume

Lexmark 40X3495

Cable, up/down Switch

Lexmark 40X3499

ADF High friction pick Roll pad

Lexmark 40X3521

Bar Code Card, C770n, C772n

Lexmark 40X3522

Card For IPDS And SCS/TNe, C770n, ...

Lexmark 40X3523

Forms Card, C770n, C772n

Lexmark 40X3524

PrintCryption Card, C770n, C772n

Lexmark 40X3569

C52x, C53x Fuser Maintenance Kit LV

Lexmark 40X3570

C52x, C53x Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 40X3571

C52x, C53x Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 40X3572

Transfer Belt Assembly C53x

Lexmark 40X3573

Paper pick Mechanism Assembly C53x

Lexmark 40X3574

Low Volt Power Supply, 115/230V, C53x

Lexmark 40X3578

EP Drive Assembly C53x

Lexmark 40X3579

High volt Power Supply, C53x

Lexmark 40X3581

Front access Door Cover Assy (non- ...

Lexmark 40X3582

Operator Panel Assembly C530dn, C5 ...

Lexmark 40X3583

Operator Panel Assembly C534n, C53 ...

Lexmark 40X3585

Bezel, C532n

Lexmark 40X3586

Bezel, C532dn

Lexmark 40X3587

Bezel, C534n

Lexmark 40X3588

Bezel, C534dn

Lexmark 40X3590

Duplex Front Door Assembly C532n, ...

Lexmark 40X3592

Duplex Front Door Assembly C530dn, ...

Lexmark 40X3593

Front Door Parts Packet, C53x

Lexmark 40X3594

Exit Tray Cover, C53x

Lexmark 40X3595

550-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy C532 ...

Lexmark 40X3596

250-Sheet Paper Tray With Single S ...

Lexmark 40X3597

System Card Support Shield, C53x

Lexmark 40X3598

Cables Parts Packet, C53x

Lexmark 40X3599

MPF Paper Tray Assembly 250-Sheet, ...

Lexmark 40X3600

550-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy C5 ...

Lexmark 40X3601

Bin full Sensor With Cable, C53x

Lexmark 40X3602

Front access Door Cover Assy (dupl ...

Lexmark 40X3603

Deflector Assembly C53x

Lexmark 40X3604

Top access Cover Assy (Network), C53x

Lexmark 40X3605

Duplex Top access Assy (Network), ...

Lexmark 40X3607

Pick arm Roller

Lexmark 40X3608

Bezel, C530dn

Lexmark 40X3609

Power Cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, ...

Lexmark 40X3610

Power Cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, ...

Lexmark 40X3611

Power Cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, ...

Lexmark 40X3612

Paper Tray dust Cover With dust Co ...

Lexmark 40X3615

Deflector Assembly C53x

Lexmark 40X3616

System Network Card, C530dn, C532n ...

New - $479.95
Refurb - $249.95

Lexmark 40X3617

System Network Card, C534n