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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 40

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 40X3618

System Network Card, C534dn

Lexmark 40X3619

Top Cover camshaft Assy

Lexmark 40X3662

Hard Disk Drive Assy

Lexmark 40X3664

Drive Motor

Lexmark 40X3666

Main Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3667

CMYK PC Cartridge Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3668

Transfer Belt Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3669

CMY Developer Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3670

Developer/Transport Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3671

Developer idler Gear Assy

Lexmark 40X3672

Multipurpose Feeder / Transport Dr ...

Lexmark 40X3673

Transfer Belt steering Motor

Lexmark 40X3674

Image density Sensor Assy

Lexmark 40X3675

Media Tray catch

Lexmark 40X3676

Media Tray Slide

Lexmark 40X3677

Switch (media size

Lexmark 40X3678

Media Tray Assy Kit

Lexmark 40X3679

Media Feed unit Assy

Lexmark 40X3680

Left Lower Door Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3681

Sensor (Tray 1 Feed-out

Lexmark 40X3682

Magnetic catch

Lexmark 40X3684

Media Feed lift Motor

Lexmark 40X3685

Media Tray lift one-way Clutch

Lexmark 40X3686

Media Tray lift one-way Gear

Lexmark 40X3687

Media out actuator

Lexmark 40X3688


Lexmark 40X3689

Feed unit Roll Kit

Lexmark 40X3690

Feed Roll one-way Clutch

Lexmark 40X3691

Feed Roll one-way Gear 22T

Lexmark 40X3692

Registration/Transport Roll Assy ( ...

Lexmark 40X3693

Registration Clutch

Lexmark 40X3694

Sensor (Registration, Tray 4 Feed out

Lexmark 40X3695

Sensor (transparency detect

Lexmark 40X3696

Left Door damper idler Gear

Lexmark 40X3697

Left Door damper Assy

Lexmark 40X3698

2nd Transfer Roll Assy

Lexmark 40X3699

Sensor (Fuser Exit

Lexmark 40X3700

Left Door duplex Exit guide

Lexmark 40X3701

2nd Transfer Roll retract cam Assy

Lexmark 40X3702

2nd Transfer retract Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3703

Sensor (media on Belt

Lexmark 40X3704

Left Door damper sector Gear

Lexmark 40X3705

Standard media Exit shift Assy (as ...

Lexmark 40X3706

Standard Exit Top Cover

Lexmark 40X3707

Standard bin full actuator

Lexmark 40X3709

Multipurpose Feeder media out actuator

Lexmark 40X3711

Multipurpose Feeder pick Roll Kit

Lexmark 40X3712

Printhead Assy

Lexmark 40X3713

Waste Toner Cartridge Cover

Lexmark 40X3714

Waste Toner Cartridge Sensor Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3715

Switch (waste Toner Cartridge inte ...

Lexmark 40X3716

Waste Toner agitator Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3717

Sensor (waste Toner Cartridge full

Lexmark 40X3718

Developer interlock plate Assy

Lexmark 40X3719

CMY erase lamp Assy

Lexmark 40X3720

K erase lamp Assy

Lexmark 40X3721

Left Transfer Belt lift Assy

Lexmark 40X3722

Right Transfer Belt lift Assy

Lexmark 40X3723

Transfer Belt lift latch Assy With ...

Lexmark 40X3727

Transfer Belt lift handle Assy

Lexmark 40X3729

Transfer Belt auger Front Gear 14T

Lexmark 40X3730

Transfer Belt auger Rear Gear 18T

Lexmark 40X3731

Transfer Belt auger Assy

Lexmark 40X3732

Transfer Belt unit Assy

Lexmark 40X3733

Transfer Belt cleaner Assy

Lexmark 40X3734

Transfer Belt lift recoil spring

Lexmark 40X3735

Transfer Belt lift Rear plunger Assy

Lexmark 40X3736

Transfer Belt lift Front plunger Assy

Lexmark 40X3737

Y Toner dispense Assy

Lexmark 40X3738

M Toner dispense Assy

Lexmark 40X3739

C Toner dispense Assy

Lexmark 40X3740

K Toner dispense Assy

Lexmark 40X3741

CMYK Toner add Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3742

Developer unit Assy

Lexmark 40X3743

K Developer Carrier

Lexmark 40X3744

Y Developer Carrier

Lexmark 40X3745

M Developer Carrier

Lexmark 40X3746

C Developer Carrier

Lexmark 40X3747

Fuser Assy 110 V

Lexmark 40X3748

Fuser Assy 220 V

Lexmark 40X3749

Printhead shutter Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3750

Fuser Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X3751

Transfer Belt Drive Motor Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X3752

Rear Lower Cooling Fan Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3753

Developer/Transfer Roll HVPS Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3754

Charge Roll HVPS Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3755

5V LVPS Card Assy 110V

Lexmark 40X3756

5V LVPS Card Assy 220V

Lexmark 40X3757

Lower Print Engine Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3758

24V LVPS Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3759

24V LVPS Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X3760

CMYK Transfer Roll HVPS Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3761

Noise filter Assy

Lexmark 40X3762

Laser diode Power Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3763

Rear upper Cooling Fan

Lexmark 40X3764

AC Drive Card Bracket Assy 110 V ( ...

Lexmark 40X3765

AC Drive Card Bracket Assy 220 V ( ...

Lexmark 40X3766

Outlet Power Panel Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3768

Developer Block Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3769

Charge Roll Block Cable Assy

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 40X3770

YM Transfer Roll Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3771

CK Transfer Roll Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3772

Transfer Belt charge Cable

Lexmark 40X3773

2nd Transfer Roll charge Connector

Lexmark 40X3774

2nd Transfer charge Roll Cable

Lexmark 40X3775

DC Main Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3776

DC Rear Right Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3777

DC Rear Left Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3778

Front Door Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3779

Printhead slit glass cleaner Assy

Lexmark 40X3780

Right Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3781

Top Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3782

RIP Card access Cover

Lexmark 40X3783

Main Switch Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3784

Front Left Cover

Lexmark 40X3785

Inner Cover

Lexmark 40X3786

Main Power Switch actuator

Lexmark 40X3787

Switch (Main Power

Lexmark 40X3788

Rear blind Cover

Lexmark 40X3789

Rear Cover Assy 110 V

Lexmark 40X3790

Rear Cover Assy 220 V

Lexmark 40X3791

Rear Cover Assy 110 V

Lexmark 40X3792

Rear Cover Assy 220 V

Lexmark 40X3793

Rear Left middle Cover

Lexmark 40X3794

Rear Left Lower Cover

Lexmark 40X3795

Left Front Cover

Lexmark 40X3796

Rear Left upper Cover

Lexmark 40X3797

Duplex media Inverter Assy

Lexmark 40X3798

Left Door blind Cover

Lexmark 40X3799

Duplex unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3800

Duplex Controller Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3801

Sensor (duplex wait

Lexmark 40X3802

Duplex Drive Motor

Lexmark 40X3803

Switch (duplex Left Door interlock

Lexmark 40X3804

RIP Card Cooling Fan Cover Assy (a ...

Lexmark 40X3807

RIP Bridge Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3808

Upper Print Engine Card Chassis Assy

Lexmark 40X3811

Controller Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3812

Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3813

Media Transport Gear 23/46T

Lexmark 40X3814

Media Transport Gear 46T

Lexmark 40X3815

Media Transport Gear 33T

Lexmark 40X3816

Left Door Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3817

Sensor (Tray 2 Feed-out

Lexmark 40X3818

Tray 2 Feed-out Sensor Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3819

Tray 3/4 Feed-out Sensor actuator

Lexmark 40X3820

Sensor (Tray 3 or 4 Feed-out

Lexmark 40X3821

Switch (Tray Module Left Door inte ...

Lexmark 40X3823

Top Cover

Lexmark 40X3824

Foot Cover

Lexmark 40X3825

Right Cover

Lexmark 40X3826

Left Cover

Lexmark 40X3827

Rear Cover

Lexmark 40X3828

Media Tray 3 Assy Kit

Lexmark 40X3829

Media Tray 4 Assy Kit

Lexmark 40X3830

Switch (media size

Lexmark 40X3831

Tray Support Roller

Lexmark 40X3832

Tray 3 Front Cover

Lexmark 40X3834

Tray 3 Slide strip

Lexmark 40X3835

Tray 3 Slide Button

Lexmark 40X3836

Tray 4 Front Cover

Lexmark 40X3838

Tray 4 media Transport Assy

Lexmark 40X3840

Tray 4 upper media guide

Lexmark 40X3841

Tray 4 Lower media guide

Lexmark 40X3842

Tray 3 Feed-out Sensor Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3843

Vertical turn guide

Lexmark 40X3844

Left Door Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3845

Tray 3 lift Gear Assy

Lexmark 40X3846

Tray 4 lift Gear Assy

Lexmark 40X3847

Tray lift Gear 17T

Lexmark 40X3848

Tray lift coupling Assy

Lexmark 40X3849

Tray 4 Transport Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3850

Controller Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3851

Scanner Left Cover

Lexmark 40X3852

Scanner Right Cover

Lexmark 40X3855

Scanner Interface Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3856

Scanner Rear Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3859

Operator Panel Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3861

CCD Card/lens Assy

Lexmark 40X3862

Scanner LVPS Cooling Fan Assy

Lexmark 40X3863

Operator Panel Bezel, X940e

Lexmark 40X3864

Scanner LVPS Cable Assy 110 V

Lexmark 40X3865

Scanner LVPS Card Assy 110 V

Lexmark 40X3866

Scanner LVPS Card Assy 220 V

Lexmark 40X3867

Scanner Main Cable Assy

Lexmark 40X3868

Scanner Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 40X3871

Exposure lamp Power Supply Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3872

Exposure lamp Power Supply Ribbon ...

Lexmark 40X3873

Exposure lamp Power Supply Card in ...

Lexmark 40X3874

Exposure lamp

Lexmark 40X3875

Scanner Controller Card Assy

Lexmark 40X3878

Main stand caster

Lexmark 40X3879

ADF unit Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3880

Document Tray Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3881

ADF Front Cover Assy

Lexmark 40X3883

ADF Registration pinch/Frame Assy ...

Lexmark 40X3884

ADF Left Cover Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3887

ADF Feed/pick Roll Assy (assembled

Lexmark 40X3888

Media scan guide

Lexmark 40X3889

Media scan guide spring