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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 43

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 56P0096

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 56P0097

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 56P0098


Lexmark 56P0099


Lexmark 56P0105

T-520 UPPER Front Cover

Lexmark 56P0150

Cover, Fuser Assy With Thermistor

Lexmark 56P0159


Lexmark 56P0160


Lexmark 56P0161

RS-232-C Serial/Parallel 1284-C In ...

Lexmark 56P0162

Cable, Parallel 1284 C-B Adapter

Lexmark 56P0167

Anchor, Bracket Mounting

Lexmark 56P0168

Drive Assembly 500 Option 2

Lexmark 56P0172


Lexmark 56P0173

Black BOR Spring

Lexmark 56P0174

Cable Assembly second Transfer Voltage

Lexmark 56P0175

RIP Card 1120 4069-T520

Lexmark 56P0176


Lexmark 56P0178


Lexmark 56P0179


Lexmark 56P0180


Lexmark 56P0181

Rear V Block guide, Black

Lexmark 56P0182


Lexmark 56P0188


Lexmark 56P0189

Card Assembly RIP

Lexmark 56P0190

Card Assembly T522, 542.022

Lexmark 56P0191


Lexmark 56P0192

Card Assembly Power Distribution

Lexmark 56P0193

ADF Output Tray

Lexmark 56P0194

Flatbed Document Cover

Lexmark 56P0195

Power Supply, 24V/2.5A(60W), 100-2 ...

Lexmark 56P0197

Complete Operator Panel Assy

Lexmark 56P0198

Operator Panel Housing

Lexmark 56P0199

Bearing, Left Transfer

Lexmark 56P0211

Power Button Assy 4516-N01

Lexmark 56P0228

4516 PaperFeed Clutch ASM. (1116

Lexmark 56P0299

Card Assembly IPDS

Lexmark 56P0300


Lexmark 56P0301


Lexmark 56P0302

Card Assembly PRESCIBE

Lexmark 56P0307

Operator Panel Card Assy

Lexmark 56P0308

Flatbed LCD Inverter Card Assy

Lexmark 56P0309

Flatbed Scanner Base

Lexmark 56P0310

Cartridge contact Assembly Complet ...

Lexmark 56P0311

Cable ITU autoconnect

Lexmark 56P0312

Carrier Lock

Lexmark 56P0314

System Board ( Motherboard ) With ...

Lexmark 56P0315

Punch Assy

Lexmark 56P0316

Staple Assy

Lexmark 56P0318

Box, chad

Lexmark 56P0319

Accumulator Without Stapler

Lexmark 56P0320

Cover Front Door

Lexmark 56P0321

Top Cover (tall finisher

Lexmark 56P0322

Tray Paper

Lexmark 56P0323

Output Tray offset Motor And Gear Assy

Lexmark 56P0324

Motor Assembly ELEV Tray

Lexmark 56P0325

Motor Assy Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P0326

Flag Paper full

Lexmark 56P0327

Paper Feed Belt (40S3M888

Lexmark 56P0328

Inverter Transfer Belt (40S3M198

Lexmark 56P0329

Inverter D Drive Belt (40S3M225

Lexmark 56P0330

Paper Feed-input Belt (40S3M279

Lexmark 56P0331

Exit foam Roller Drive Belt (40S3M80

Lexmark 56P0332

Accumulator Paper Feed Belt (40S3M900

Lexmark 56P0333

Tray elevation Belt (60S6M1420

Lexmark 56P0334

Tray elevation Drive Belt (170P2M4

Lexmark 56P0335

Exit Roller Drive Belt (40S2M264

Lexmark 56P0336

Output Tray offset Drive Belt (40S ...

Lexmark 56P0337

Punch Belt (40S2M176

Lexmark 56P0338

Low Voltage Power Supply

Lexmark 56P0339


Lexmark 56P0340

Communications Cable

Lexmark 56P0341

Power Cord

Lexmark 56P0342


Lexmark 56P0343

Punch timing Sensor (OJ-541-A5

Lexmark 56P0344

Inverter timing Sensor (OJ511K-A5

Lexmark 56P0345

Punch Motor homing Sensor (GP1A73A

Lexmark 56P0346

Exit timing Sensor (EE-SPY415

Lexmark 56P0347

Jam, jogger fence homing, Tray nea ...

Lexmark 56P0348

Drop timing Sensor (OS-535223-602

Lexmark 56P0349

Accumulator homing Sensor (OS-311D-A5

Lexmark 56P0350

Paper surface Sensor (EE-SX460-P1-CHN

Lexmark 56P0351

Cover open Switch

Lexmark 56P0352

Printer Docking Switch SS-5FL-3T(10E

Lexmark 56P0354

Bracket finisher alignment

Lexmark 56P0355

Guide vertical Paper

Lexmark 56P0356

Pack magnet, strong And weak And D ...

Lexmark 56P0357


Lexmark 56P0359

Harness Cable Assy H2 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0360

Harness Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P0361

Harness Cable Assy H4 - Harness Ca ...

Lexmark 56P0362

Harness Cable Assy H5 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0363

Harness Cable Assy H6 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0364

Harness Cable Assy S1 - Stapler Ca ...

Lexmark 56P0368

Harness Cable Assy S5 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0369

Harness Cable Assy E2 - Cable E5 t ...

Lexmark 56P0370

Harness Cable Assy E3 - Cable E5 t ...

Lexmark 56P0371

Harness Cable Assy E5 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0372

Harness Cable Assy E6 - Cable E8 t ...

Lexmark 56P0373

Harness Cable Assy E7 - Cable E8 t ...

Lexmark 56P0374

Harness Cable Assy E8 - System Boa ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 56P0375

Harness Cable Assy E9 - Cable E10 ...

Lexmark 56P0376

Harness Cable Assy E10 - System Bo ...

Lexmark 56P0378

Harness Cable Assy R1 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0379

Harness Cable Assy D1 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0380

Harness Cable Assy D2 - System Boa ...

Lexmark 56P0381

Harness Cable Assy D3 - Low Voltag ...

Lexmark 56P0382

Harness Cable Assy D5 - Low Voltag ...

Lexmark 56P0383

Solenoid Inverter

Lexmark 56P0384

Accumulator Belt (hook

Lexmark 56P0385

Solenoid drop Assy

Lexmark 56P0386

Fan Assembly DC Motor

Lexmark 56P0387

Bar tip unit

Lexmark 56P0388

Tray limit Switches (Includes two

Lexmark 56P0390

Kit Docking UNIT 2 PIN

Lexmark 56P0400

Cover, Front

Lexmark 56P0401

Cover, Rear

Lexmark 56P0402

Cover, Rear Support

Lexmark 56P0405

Door Assembly Right jam access

Lexmark 56P0406

Bracket, Front attach

Lexmark 56P0407

Shield, output Option Card

Lexmark 56P0408

Output expander Assembly mechanica ...

Lexmark 56P0409

Cover, Front Control Board

Lexmark 56P0410

Bracket, attach

Lexmark 56P0411

Front Cover

Lexmark 56P0412

Rear structural Cover

Lexmark 56P0413

Cover, Left side

Lexmark 56P0414

Access Door

Lexmark 56P0415

Cover, Right

Lexmark 56P0416

Cover, Top bin

Lexmark 56P0417

Flag, bin full

Lexmark 56P0418

Bracket, attach Front

Lexmark 56P0419

Bracket ATTACH Rear

Lexmark 56P0420

Bracket Assembly bail attach

Lexmark 56P0421

Spring, static Ground

Lexmark 56P0422

Latch, access Door Front

Lexmark 56P0423

Latch, Rear access Door

Lexmark 56P0430

Duplex Card Assy

Lexmark 56P0432

Duplex Front jam Tray Assy

Lexmark 56P0433

Right jam clearance Tray Assy

Lexmark 56P0434

Right side Front Tray guide

Lexmark 56P0435

Duplex shaft mount

Lexmark 56P0437

Duplex sensor

Lexmark 56P0441

Duplex shaft Assy

Lexmark 56P0442

Duplex Exit sensor

Lexmark 56P0444

F/R backup shaft Assy

Lexmark 56P0445

40T shaft Drive F/R Gear

Lexmark 56P0447

Duplex entry shaft Assy

Lexmark 56P0449

Support decurl guide

Lexmark 56P0451

Right Backup spring Assy

Lexmark 56P0452

Left backup spring Assy

Lexmark 56P0454

Wall Support

Lexmark 56P0455

Sensor Mount plate

Lexmark 56P0456

Duplex Support plate

Lexmark 56P0457

Duplex Support Bracket

Lexmark 56P0458

Chassis Ground spring

Lexmark 56P0459

Back Support

Lexmark 56P0462

Autoconnect Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P0463

DC forward/reverse Motor Assy

Lexmark 56P0464

DC duplex Feed Motor

Lexmark 56P0465

Drive alignment shaft Assy

Lexmark 56P0466

Spur Drive Gear

Lexmark 56P0467

26T duplex Gear

Lexmark 56P0468

Pass thru spring

Lexmark 56P0470

Aligner arm spring

Lexmark 56P0472

Pass thru shaft Assy

Lexmark 56P0473

Brake pad

Lexmark 56P0474

Decurl BAC Assy

Lexmark 56P0475

Brake spring

Lexmark 56P0476

5 mm bushing

Lexmark 56P0477

Reduction Gear shaft

Lexmark 56P0479

Front decurl Assy

Lexmark 56P0480

Back Cover

Lexmark 56P0481


Lexmark 56P0482

Pulley washer

Lexmark 56P0483

Deflector actuator Assy

Lexmark 56P0490

Jumper, AC Power Cord, 1.4 m

Lexmark 56P0491

Caster, movable

Lexmark 56P0492

Caster, fixed

Lexmark 56P0493

F adjuster

Lexmark 56P0494

System Control Board

Lexmark 56P0495


Lexmark 56P0497

AC Power outlet

Lexmark 56P0498

AC Power inlet

Lexmark 56P0500

Front Cover

Lexmark 56P0501

Cover, Main CA

Lexmark 56P0503

Right side Cover

Lexmark 56P0504

Left side Cover

Lexmark 56P0505

Rear Cover

Lexmark 56P0506

Locating pin, Options Rear Left

Lexmark 56P0507

Locating pin, Options Front Right

Lexmark 56P0508

Upper Left side jam Cover

Lexmark 56P0509

Cable, Feed unit special sensors

Lexmark 56P0510

Cable, Feed unit sensors

Lexmark 56P0511

Paper size sensors Cable

Lexmark 56P0512

Cable, elevator Motor

Lexmark 56P0513

Elevator Motor Assy

Lexmark 56P0514

Options autoconnect Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P0515

Magnetic latch

Lexmark 56P0516

Sensor, Photo interrupter

Lexmark 56P0517

Options Cable Mounting plate