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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 44

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 56P0518

Flag, Paper size

Lexmark 56P0519

Flag, Paper size

Lexmark 56P0520

Flag, Paper size

Lexmark 56P0522

Spring, Paper size flag

Lexmark 56P0523

Paper Tray arms

Lexmark 56P0524

Paper Tray guide

Lexmark 56P0525

Feed unit Assy

Lexmark 56P0526

Sensors, special Optical

Lexmark 56P0527


Lexmark 56P0528

Feed Roller

Lexmark 56P0529

Feed cam

Lexmark 56P0530

Spring, Feed unit

Lexmark 56P0531

E-clips Parts Packet

Lexmark 56P0532

Bushing, 060

Lexmark 56P0533

Spring, Feed unit Front

Lexmark 56P0534

Spring, Feed unit Rear

Lexmark 56P0535

Clip, Plastic 5W

Lexmark 56P0536

Level Sensor flag

Lexmark 56P0539

Near empty Sensor flag

Lexmark 56P0540

Spring, extension

Lexmark 56P0541

Tray present lever

Lexmark 56P0542

Separation/torque Roller

Lexmark 56P0543

Cable clamp

Lexmark 56P0544

Emitter timing wheel

Lexmark 56P0547

Elevator lift Belt

Lexmark 56P0548

Elevator lift Gear

Lexmark 56P0549

Elevator lift

Lexmark 56P0550

Cable, Tray media level sensor

Lexmark 56P0551

Cable, Paper media lowithoutut

Lexmark 56P0552

Cable, autocompensator Motor

Lexmark 56P0555


Lexmark 56P0556

500-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy

Lexmark 56P0557

Card Assembly 250/500/2000 TrayO

Lexmark 56P0558

Cable, RJ11 With Toroids

Lexmark 56P0559

Cable, RJ45 With Toroid

Lexmark 56P0560

Rear ITU guide

Lexmark 56P0561

Paper size Sensor box Assy

Lexmark 56P0568

CARTRIDE Drive Motor

Lexmark 56P0569


Lexmark 56P0573

Upper Right side Cover (tall finisher

Lexmark 56P0574

Lower Tray Cover

Lexmark 56P0575

Front/Rear Lower Cover

Lexmark 56P0576

Bottom kick Cover

Lexmark 56P0577

Lower Right side Cover

Lexmark 56P0578

Tray wall Cover

Lexmark 56P0582


Lexmark 56P0584

Engine Board Assy 010/01n

Lexmark 56P0585

X) Card Assembly Engine

Lexmark 56P0586

Engine Board Assy 212/21n/23v/23e

Lexmark 56P0587

Engine Board Assy 414/41b/41e/41l

Lexmark 56P0588

Engine Board Assy 616/61n

Lexmark 56P0589

Cover, Tray 2 media

Lexmark 56P0594

Cam, BOR Front

Lexmark 56P0595

Cam, BOR Rear

Lexmark 56P0596


Lexmark 56P0597


Lexmark 56P0600

Left Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P0601

Cover Assembly Front, With Display ...

Lexmark 56P0602

Cover Assembly Front With Display ...

Lexmark 56P0603

Cover Assembly duct

Lexmark 56P0604

Top Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P0605

Right Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P0606

Duct, air

Lexmark 56P0607

Rear Exit Door Assy

Lexmark 56P0608

Cover Assembly Rear

Lexmark 56P0609

250-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy T420 ...

Lexmark 56P0610

MPF Door Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P0611

Lower MPF Housing Assy

Lexmark 56P0612

Upper MPF Housing Assy

Lexmark 56P0613

Roller Assy (MPF

Lexmark 56P0614

MPF Paper pick Gear

Lexmark 56P0615

MPF Paper Feed Cover cap

Lexmark 56P0616

Solenoid, Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P0617

RIP Card Assy

Lexmark 56P0618

Spring, D-Roller

Lexmark 56P0619

Network RIP Card Assy

Lexmark 56P0620

Cable Assembly Motor

Lexmark 56P0621

Cable Assembly Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P0622

Cable Assembly Printhead

Lexmark 56P0623

Printhead Assy

Lexmark 56P0624

Cover Switch Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P0625

Interlock Cover Switch

Lexmark 56P0626

Power Supply, 110 V

Lexmark 56P0627

Power Supply, 220 V

Lexmark 56P0628

Power Supply HVPS

Lexmark 56P0629

Cartridge contact Assy (Includes 5

Lexmark 56P0630

Fan, Cooling

Lexmark 56P0631

Cable Assembly drawer

Lexmark 56P0632

Main Drive Motor Assy

Lexmark 56P0633

Drive Assy

Lexmark 56P0634

Paper Feed Gear

Lexmark 56P0635

Assembly Motor

Lexmark 56P0636

Gears, spur

Lexmark 56P0637

Ratchet Drive

Lexmark 56P0638

Cartridge coupling

Lexmark 56P0639

Guide Bracket

Lexmark 56P0640

Charge Roller

Lexmark 56P0641

Left guide Assy

Lexmark 56P0642

Right guide Assy

Lexmark 56P0643

Transfer Roll Assy

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 56P0644

Bearings, Transfer Roller

Lexmark 56P0645

Photo sensor

Lexmark 56P0646

Lamp, Fuser (110 V

Lexmark 56P0647

Lamp, Fuser (220 V

Lexmark 56P0648

Fuser Assembly 110 V

Lexmark 56P0649

Fuser Exit Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P0650

Cable Assembly LVPS to Fuser

Lexmark 56P0651


Lexmark 56P0652

Sensor, Smart Button

Lexmark 56P0653

Toner level sensor

Lexmark 56P0654

Plate Assy

Lexmark 56P0655

Paper Sensor Bracket

Lexmark 56P0656

Paper Feed Roller

Lexmark 56P0657

Paper Feed Assy

Lexmark 56P0658

Entrance guide

Lexmark 56P0659

Bracket, shutter

Lexmark 56P0660

Paper guide Roller

Lexmark 56P0661

Tray damper

Lexmark 56P0662

Base feet

Lexmark 56P0663

Cable Assembly Main Harness Locati ...

Lexmark 56P0664

Cable Assembly output full (and Fu ...

Lexmark 56P0665

3-pin Connector

Lexmark 56P0666

2-pin Connector

Lexmark 56P0669

Pivot hinge (quantity 2

Lexmark 56P0671

Fuser Assembly 220 V

Lexmark 56P0672

Tray body Bracket (Includes 4

Lexmark 56P0673

Fuser Paper Exit guide Assy

Lexmark 56P0674

250-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy T4 ...

Lexmark 56P0675

500-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy T4 ...

Lexmark 56P0676

Fuser Exit spring

Lexmark 56P0677

Stack Control flags (output Tray f ...

Lexmark 56P0678

500-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy T420 ...

Lexmark 56P0679

Language overlay group

Lexmark 56P0680

Flap, Paper holder

Lexmark 56P0681

Tray, 250-Sheet label

Lexmark 56P0682

Output full Sensor Cable

Lexmark 56P0683

Assembly Operator Panel (white

Lexmark 56P0685

Assembly charge Roller

Lexmark 56P0686

Interlock, Cover Sensor (E320/E322 ...

Lexmark 56P0687

Switch Assembly Power (white-220V

Lexmark 56P0688

Switch Assembly Power (Black-220V

Lexmark 56P0689


Lexmark 56P0690

Assembly D-Roll (E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P0691

Pad Assembly Paper separator

Lexmark 56P0693

Backup Feed Roller Assy (Top Front ...

Lexmark 56P0694


Lexmark 56P0695


Lexmark 56P0696


Lexmark 56P0697

Card Assembly 32MB SDRAMM DIMM

Lexmark 56P0698


Lexmark 56P0813

Feeder Assembly OPT 500

Lexmark 56P0814

Roll Assembly Optional Feed

Lexmark 56P0815

Clutch, Optional FeedRoller

Lexmark 56P0816

Solenoid, Optional 250/500 Roller

Lexmark 56P0817

Joint, Optional Feeder

Lexmark 56P0822

Cover Assembly Top

Lexmark 56P0823

Cover, Upper Card Cage

Lexmark 56P0825

Cover, Right

Lexmark 56P0826

Cover, Front

Lexmark 56P0827

Cover Assembly Left

Lexmark 56P0828

Cover, Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P0833

Cable, Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P0834

Cover Assembly Rear

Lexmark 56P0835

250-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy W812

Lexmark 56P0836

Pad Assembly 250-Sheet Separator

Lexmark 56P0837

Feed Assembly Input Paper

Lexmark 56P0838

Pad Assembly MPF Separator

Lexmark 56P0839

Flag, Tray 1 Empty

Lexmark 56P0840

Cable, Engine (P12) to Tray 1 Empt ...

Lexmark 56P0841

Roll Assembly MPF Pick

Lexmark 56P0842

Gear, 23 MPF

Lexmark 56P0843

Damper, Gear Vibration

Lexmark 56P0844

Gear, Pick Up MPF

Lexmark 56P0845

Spring, Pick Up MPF

Lexmark 56P0846

Solenoid, MPF

Lexmark 56P0847

Roll Assembly Tray 1 Pick

Lexmark 56P0848

Gear, 40

Lexmark 56P0849

Gear, Pick Up Tray 1

Lexmark 56P0850

Spring, Pick Up Tray 1

Lexmark 56P0851

Solenoid, Tray 1

Lexmark 56P0854

Flag, MPF Empty

Lexmark 56P0856

Cable, Tray 1 Present Switch

Lexmark 56P0857

Guide, Tray 1 Right

Lexmark 56P0858

Guide, Tray 1 Left

Lexmark 56P0859

Holder, Tray 1 Right

Lexmark 56P0860

Holder, Tray 1 Left

Lexmark 56P0861

Tray Assembly MPF

Lexmark 56P0862

Spring, MPF Tray

Lexmark 56P0863

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 56P0864

Clamp, Cable

Lexmark 56P0865

Cable Grommet

Lexmark 56P0866

Grommet, Cable

Lexmark 56P0867

Bearing, MPF Separator Pad

Lexmark 56P0868

Guide Assembly Upper Duplex Out

Lexmark 56P0869

Flag, Duplex Output Sensor

Lexmark 56P0870

Roll Assembly Duplex Output Feed

Lexmark 56P0872

Gear, Optional Feeder Drive

Lexmark 56P0873

Bearing, Feed Roll (Left

Lexmark 56P0874

Clutch, Duplex Output Feed Roller

Lexmark 56P0875

Cable, Duplex Clutch