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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 45

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 56P0877

Guide Assembly Lower Duplex Out

Lexmark 56P0878

Roll Assembly Transfer

Lexmark 56P0879

Guide Assembly Registration Paper

Lexmark 56P0880

Guide Assembly Duplex to Registration

Lexmark 56P0881

Sensor, Toner Low

Lexmark 56P0882

Stop, Transfer Roll Assy (for ship ...

Lexmark 56P0883

Guide Assembly Transfer

Lexmark 56P0884

W812 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110V

Lexmark 56P0885

W812 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 56P0886

Latch, Left Fuser

Lexmark 56P0887

Latch, Right Fuser

Lexmark 56P0888

Cable, Engine (P15) to Fuser (100V ...

Lexmark 56P0889

Spring, Cover Open Link

Lexmark 56P0890

Link, Cover Open

Lexmark 56P0891

Cam, Cover Open

Lexmark 56P0892

Drive Assembly Main

Lexmark 56P0893

Clutch, Registration Roller

Lexmark 56P0894

Cable, Registration Clutch

Lexmark 56P0895

Guide Assembly Left Cartridge

Lexmark 56P0896

Guide Assembly Right Cartridge

Lexmark 56P0897

Printhead, Complete

Lexmark 56P0898

Card Assembly Paper Size

Lexmark 56P0899

Cable, Engine (P17) to Paper Size Card

Lexmark 56P0903

Power Supply, High Voltage

Lexmark 56P0904

Cable, Engine (P13) to HVPS

Lexmark 56P0905

Cable, HVPS Detack

Lexmark 56P0906

Cable, HVPS Transfer

Lexmark 56P0907

Power Supply, Low Voltage 100V/120V

Lexmark 56P0908

Power Supply, Low Voltage, 220V

Lexmark 56P0909

Fan, Cooling

Lexmark 56P0910

Switch, Cover Interlock

Lexmark 56P0911

Card Assembly Engine

Lexmark 56P0912

Cable, Engine (P10) to LVPS

Lexmark 56P0913

Cable, Engine (P27) to LVPS (Fuser ...

Lexmark 56P0914

Cable, Engine (P25) to MPF Empty S ...

Lexmark 56P0916

Grommet, Cable

Lexmark 56P0918

Cable, Power Inlet

Lexmark 56P0919

Cover, Optional 250 Front

Lexmark 56P0920

Cover, Optional 250 Left Side

Lexmark 56P0921

Cover, Optional 250 Right Side

Lexmark 56P0922

Flag, Optional 250 Paper Empty

Lexmark 56P0923

Card Assembly Paper Size Optional 250

Lexmark 56P0924

Roll Assembly Optional 250 Pick

Lexmark 56P0925

Guide Assembly Optional 250 Paper

Lexmark 56P0926

Cover, Optional 500 Front (LTR

Lexmark 56P0927

Cover, Optional 500 Left

Lexmark 56P0928

Cover, Optional 500 Right

Lexmark 56P0929

Flag, Optional 500 (Paper Empty

Lexmark 56P0930

Card Assembly Optional 500 Feeder (A4

Lexmark 56P0932

Roll, Optional 500 Pick

Lexmark 56P0933

Guide Assembly Optional 500 Paper

Lexmark 56P0934

500-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy (Let ...

Lexmark 56P0935

Guide Assembly Optional 500 Tray Right

Lexmark 56P0936

Guide Assembly Optional 500 Tray Left

Lexmark 56P0937

Plate Assembly Optional 500 Lift

Lexmark 56P0938

Cover, Optional 500 Tray Upper

Lexmark 56P0939

Duplex Assembly Complete

Lexmark 56P0940

Door Assembly Duplex Upper Access

Lexmark 56P0941

Door Assembly Duplex Lower Access

Lexmark 56P0942

Cover, Duplex Left Side

Lexmark 56P0943

Cover, Duplex Right Side

Lexmark 56P0944

Card Assembly Duplex

Lexmark 56P0945

Cable, Duplex

Lexmark 56P0946

Roll Assembly Duplex Feed

Lexmark 56P0947

Switch, Door Open

Lexmark 56P0948

Flag, Duplex Paper Sensor

Lexmark 56P0949

Motor Assembly Duplex

Lexmark 56P0950

Clutch, Duplex

Lexmark 56P0951

Cable, Engine (P22) to Printhead Video

Lexmark 56P0952

Card Assembly RIP

Lexmark 56P0953

Card Assembly RIP (Network

Lexmark 56P0954

Card Assembly RIP Riser

Lexmark 56P0957

Panel Assembly Operator, 120 V/220 V

Lexmark 56P0958

Kit Assembly Bin Full Sensor

Lexmark 56P0959

Cover Assembly Operator Panel With ...

Lexmark 56P0960

Kit Assembly Optional 500 Spring

Lexmark 56P0961

Cable, Engine (P15) to Fuser (220V

Lexmark 56P0962

Feeder Assembly OPT 500 Sheet

Lexmark 56P0963

500-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy (A4) ...

Lexmark 56P0964

Cover, Optional 500 Front (A4

Lexmark 56P0965

Cable, Optional 500 Feeder (LTR

Lexmark 56P0966

Cover Assembly Operator Panel With ...

Lexmark 56P0967

Panel Assembly 100V

Lexmark 56P0968

W812 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 56P0969

Card Assembly Optional 500 Feeder (LTR

Lexmark 56P1004

Engine Board Assy 001/002

Lexmark 56P1005

Engine Board Assy

Lexmark 56P1036

Maintenance Kit T520/T522 4520-XXX

Lexmark 56P1037

Maintenance Kit, T520/T522 220V

Lexmark 56P1049

Sensor, Standard bin level With Cable

Lexmark 56P1050

Cover, Right side

Lexmark 56P1051

Assembly Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P1052

Fan, Cooling (E220/E321/E323

Lexmark 56P1053

Fuser Assembly 110 V (E220/E321/E3 ...

Lexmark 56P1054

Fuser Assembly 220 V (E220/E321/E3 ...

Lexmark 56P1055

Cage, Controller (E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1056

Cover, Cage (E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1057

Cable, HVPS-J3 E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1058

Cable, input/Exit sensor-J11 E220/ ...

Lexmark 56P1059

Cable, Smart IC-J13 E220/E321/E323 ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 56P1060

Cable, Motor-J8 E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1061

Cable, LSU-J5

Lexmark 56P1062

Cable, Cover open Switch-J6

Lexmark 56P1063

Clutch Assembly Paper Feed (E220/E ...

Lexmark 56P1064

Front Cover

Lexmark 56P1065

Cover, Front - E323

Lexmark 56P1066

Base Assembly Tray 2 Complete Mode ...

Lexmark 56P1067

Bracket, Controller Card

Lexmark 56P1068

Cable, mirror Motor-J7

Lexmark 56P1069

Cable, LVPS-J1 E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1070

Overlay group, non-English overlays

Lexmark 56P1071

Card, Controller E220/E321

Lexmark 56P1072

Controller Board (RIP) E321

Lexmark 56P1073

Card, Controller E323

Lexmark 56P1074

Card, Controller E323 Network

Lexmark 56P1075

Cover, access

Lexmark 56P1076

Cover, Left side

Lexmark 56P1077

Cover, Top

Lexmark 56P1078

Assembly Rear Cover

Lexmark 56P1079

Assembly Sheet Feed (Black

Lexmark 56P1080

Interlock, Cover (E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1081

Cable, Toner sensor-J4 E220/E321/E ...

Lexmark 56P1082

Cover, Fuser (E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1083

Motor, Drive (E220/E321/E323

Lexmark 56P1084

Cover, Right side (white

Lexmark 56P1085

B/M, Rail (E220/E321/E323 only

Lexmark 56P1086

Duct, Cooling

Lexmark 56P1087

Assembly Printhead (E220/E321/E323 ...

Lexmark 56P1088

Cable, Option Tray-J15 E220/E321/E ...

Lexmark 56P1089

Base Assembly Tray 2 Complete Mode ...

Lexmark 56P1090

Tray, Tray 2 Models E220/E321/E323 ...

Lexmark 56P1091

Assembly Paper guide With Exit Tra ...

Lexmark 56P1092

Switch Assembly Power (Black-110V)

Lexmark 56P1094

Assembly Paper guide With Exit Tra ...

Lexmark 56P1096

Cover, Front, E323 (white

Lexmark 56P1097

Card, LVPS 110 V

Lexmark 56P1098

Card, HVPS 220 V

Lexmark 56P1099

Parts pack, bushings/clip/spring

Lexmark 56P1100

Cartridge, empty shipping

Lexmark 56P1101

Parallel 1284 A-C (6') Cable

Lexmark 56P1109

Card Assembly Control

Lexmark 56P1110


Lexmark 56P1114


Lexmark 56P1115


Lexmark 56P1118

Bar Code Card T62x

Lexmark 56P1119

Card Assembly BARCODE SIMM

Lexmark 56P1120

Bar Code Card C750

Lexmark 56P1121

Bar Code Card (C910

Lexmark 56P1124

Card Assembly IMAGEQUICK

Lexmark 56P1126


Lexmark 56P1128

Fuser Assembly Universal

Lexmark 56P1130

Card Assembly IPDS/SCS

Lexmark 56P1139

Board, input Tray (ITC

Lexmark 56P1142

Fuser Assembly 15/20 PPM

Lexmark 56P1143

Fuser Assembly 30 PPM

Lexmark 56P1148


Lexmark 56P1154

OP Cover Assembly

Lexmark 56P1157

Line Interface Card

Lexmark 56P1158

Power Supply

Lexmark 56P1161

Base Assembly

Lexmark 56P1170

Carrier Assembly w/Belt

Lexmark 56P1181

Line Interface Card TAWAIN

Lexmark 56P1182

Line Interface Card (PRC

Lexmark 56P1187

RIP Board Assembly non-Network, Mo ...

Lexmark 56P1188

RIP Board Assy - Network, model 50 ...

Lexmark 56P1189

Engine Board

Lexmark 56P1190

Controller Board Assy (Non Network ...

Lexmark 56P1191

Controller Board Assy (Network) 002

Lexmark 56P1192

Controller Board Assy (Non-Network ...

Lexmark 56P1193

Controller Board Assy (Network) 220

Lexmark 56P1196

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 56P1197

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 56P1198

Thermistor Card

Lexmark 56P1210

ImageQuick Card

Lexmark 56P1211

Adapter, UK phone

Lexmark 56P1213

Fuser Drive Assy w/Motor

Lexmark 56P1214

Cartridge Drive Assembly cyan/mage ...

Lexmark 56P1215

Cartridge Drive Assembly yellow

Lexmark 56P1216

ITU Motor Drive Assy With SKC Motor

Lexmark 56P1218

Cable, LVPS to RIP Card Assy

Lexmark 56P1219

Motor, Carrier (With BKT

Lexmark 56P1220

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy 520

Lexmark 56P1221

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy 52n

Lexmark 56P1222

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy 722

Lexmark 56P1223

System Board ( Motherboard ) Assy 72n

Lexmark 56P1224

Motor, Paper Feed (With BKT

Lexmark 56P1226

Card Assembly IPDS

Lexmark 56P1228

Spring Arm Bellcrank

Lexmark 56P1229

Bar Code Card W812

Lexmark 56P1230

PrintCryption Card W812

Lexmark 56P1234


Lexmark 56P1235


Lexmark 56P1237

Autocomp shaft Assy

Lexmark 56P1238

Fuser Drive Motor

Lexmark 56P1240


Lexmark 56P1246

Carrier Assembly w/Cable

Lexmark 56P1247

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 56P1256

ImageQuick Card

Lexmark 56P1260

ASF Assembly

Lexmark 56P1261

Frame Assembly MIDDLE