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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 46

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 56P1262

Housing Top

Lexmark 56P1263

Card System Board

Lexmark 56P1269

Left Cover

Lexmark 56P1272

Base Assembly w/FEET

Lexmark 56P1273

Tray Paper Exit

Lexmark 56P1274

Cover Assembly Rear w/SCAN LOCK

Lexmark 56P1295

ITU Assy

Lexmark 56P1296

Image Transfer Unit Maintenance Ki ...

Lexmark 56P1300

Cover, Fuser wick Assy

Lexmark 56P1301

Cover Assembly Laser Assembly 250- ...

Lexmark 56P1302

Cover Assembly Laser Assembly 500- ...

Lexmark 56P1303

Upper Front Cover With Lexmark logo

Lexmark 56P1304


Lexmark 56P1305

Hinge, upper Front Cover

Lexmark 56P1306

Cover, Right side, 250-Sheet outpu ...

Lexmark 56P1307

Cover, Right side 500-Sheet output ...

Lexmark 56P1308

Latch, upper Cover

Lexmark 56P1309

Cover Assembly Lower Front

Lexmark 56P1310

Operator Panel Assy 110V

Lexmark 56P1311

Operator Panel Assy 220V

Lexmark 56P1312


Lexmark 56P1313


Lexmark 56P1314

Shroud, Fan, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1315

Shroud, Fan, 200/210/400/410

Lexmark 56P1316

Flag, output Paper level, 200/210/ ...

Lexmark 56P1317

Duct, Left Stacker, 250-Sheet, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1318

Duct, Main cap

Lexmark 56P1319

Support, Right Stacker plate, 200/ ...

Lexmark 56P1320

Right side Frame Assy

Lexmark 56P1321

Left side Frame

Lexmark 56P1322

Frame, EP Module, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1323

Flag, Paper out 500-Sheet Tray, 20 ...

Lexmark 56P1324

Flag, Paper out 250-Sheet Tray, 00 ...

Lexmark 56P1325

Pick arm Assy (500-Sheet) 200/210/ ...

Lexmark 56P1326

Pick arm Assy (250-Sheet) 000/010

Lexmark 56P1327

Alignment Assembly Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1328

ReDrive Assembly 500 in/500 out, 2 ...

Lexmark 56P1329

Door Assembly reDrive 500-Sheet

Lexmark 56P1330

Gearbox, w/Motor, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1331

Parts packet, bellcrank And spring ...

Lexmark 56P1332

Drive Assembly Main H

Lexmark 56P1333

Fuser Assembly 110V

Lexmark 56P1334

Deflector, inner, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1335


Lexmark 56P1336

Deflector, inner, 200/210/400/410

Lexmark 56P1337

Parts Packet, bellcrank And spring ...

Lexmark 56P1338


Lexmark 56P1339

Interconnect Board Assy 2 Slot, 20 ...

Lexmark 56P1340

Interconnect Board Assy 1 Slot, 00 ...

Lexmark 56P1341

Cover, INA Flat (blank

Lexmark 56P1342

Shield, inner Assembly 2 Slot, 200 ...

Lexmark 56P1343

Shield, inner Assembly 1 Slot. 000/010

Lexmark 56P1344

Shield, outer 2 Slot, 200/210/400/410

Lexmark 56P1345

Shield, outer 1 Slot, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1346

Parts packet (reference adjust

Lexmark 56P1347

Frame, EP Module, 200/210/400/410

Lexmark 56P1348

Kit, Fuser Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P1349

Clip, reference Ground

Lexmark 56P1350

Board, input Tray (ITC

Lexmark 56P1351

Door Assembly reDrive 250-Sheet

Lexmark 56P1352


Lexmark 56P1354

GUIDE Assembly Lower Exit

Lexmark 56P1356

Cover, clear Bezel, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1357

Transfer Roller

Lexmark 56P1358

Cover, clear Bezel, 200/210

Lexmark 56P1359


Lexmark 56P1360

Fan, Main w/Cable

Lexmark 56P1361

Toner Sensor Assy

Lexmark 56P1362

Lamp, 115V, 000/010/200/210

Lexmark 56P1363

Lamp, 220V, 000/010/200/210

Lexmark 56P1364

Fuse, For 220 V ac HVPS 6.3 a/250V ...

Lexmark 56P1365

Fuse, For 110 V ac LVPS 5 a/250V ( ...

Lexmark 56P1366

Fuse, For 110 V ac LVPS 10 a/250V ...

Lexmark 56P1367

Fuse, For 220 V ac HVPS 3.15 a/250 ...

Lexmark 56P1369

LVPS, 110 V ac, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1371

LVPS, 110 V ac, 200/210/400/410

Lexmark 56P1372

HVPS, 220 V ac, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1374

HVPS, 220 V ac, 200/210/400/410

Lexmark 56P1375

Power Supply, High Voltage

Lexmark 56P1376

Card Assembly System Network

Lexmark 56P1378


Lexmark 56P1379


Lexmark 56P1381


Lexmark 56P1382

Int. Card/autocomp Card Cable (Pap ...

Lexmark 56P1383

Cable, autoconnect Bottom

Lexmark 56P1384

Cable, Main Drive Motor

Lexmark 56P1385

Cable, Front Harness (HVPS/input s ...

Lexmark 56P1386

Cable, Laser

Lexmark 56P1387

Cable, HSYNC

Lexmark 56P1388

Cable, mirror Motor, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1389

Cable, deflector

Lexmark 56P1390

Cable, System Board to Fuser Board

Lexmark 56P1391

Sensor, Standard bin level With Cable

Lexmark 56P1394

Cable Assembly Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P1395

Switch, Cover closed w/Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P1396

Printhead Assy (Includes all Cable ...

Lexmark 56P1398

Sensor, MPF Cable

Lexmark 56P1399

Smart Cartridge contact Assy w/Cable

Lexmark 56P1400

Cable, autoconnect Top, 000/010

Lexmark 56P1401

Cable, autoconnect Top, 200/210/40 ...

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 56P1402

Optra T63X 4060 NARROW MEDIA Cable ...

Lexmark 56P1405

Cable, AC Fuser lamp to LVPS

Lexmark 56P1406

Card Assembly Paper wt/Paper lowit ...

Lexmark 56P1408

Cartridge Fan

Lexmark 56P1409

T630, T632 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110V

Lexmark 56P1412

T630, T632 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 56P1413

T630, T632 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 56P1414

250-Sheet Duplex Unit, Complete Assy

Lexmark 56P1415

Wiper Assembly wet

Lexmark 56P1416

500-Sheet Duplex Unit, Complete Assy

Lexmark 56P1417

16MB Flash Card

Lexmark 56P1418

32MB Flash Card

Lexmark 56P1419

Hard Disk, With Adapter 20+GB

Lexmark 56P1424

Optra Forms Hard Disk With Adapter ...

Lexmark 56P1427

Optra Forms 32MB Flash Card

Lexmark 56P1428

Optra Forms 16MB Flash Card

Lexmark 56P1431

Card Assy MARKNET X2011E Ethernet

Lexmark 56P1432

MarkNet X2012e Ethernet 10/100Base ...

Lexmark 56P1433

MarkNet X2031e Ethernet 10/100Base ...

Lexmark 56P1434

MarkNet X2030t Token-Ring 4/16, 3 Port

Lexmark 56P1435

External Serial Adapter

Lexmark 56P1437

Adapter Parallel 1284-B Card

Lexmark 56P1438

Japanese Font Card

Lexmark 56P1443

Printhead Assy (Includes all Cable ...

Lexmark 56P1444

Card Assembly Communications, non- ...

Lexmark 56P1445

Card Assembly Communications, Network

Lexmark 56P1461

ImageQuick Card C750

Lexmark 56P1462

ImageQuick Card (C910

Lexmark 56P1463

Hot Roll Gear

Lexmark 56P1465

Flatbed Optical CCD Assy

Lexmark 56P1466

Flatbed CCD Lamp

Lexmark 56P1467

2000-Sheet Input

Lexmark 56P1468


Lexmark 56P1469


Lexmark 56P1470

Flatbed Lamp

Lexmark 56P1471

HCOF Control Board Assy

Lexmark 56P1472

Cable, Hard Disk to Controller

Lexmark 56P1473

Cable, 1394, 16.5 inch

Lexmark 56P1474


Lexmark 56P1475


Lexmark 56P1476

Bracket, Serial Interface Card

Lexmark 56P1482

Carrier w/Cable Assembly

Lexmark 56P1483


Lexmark 56P1484

Scanner Module JAPAN

Lexmark 56P1495

ITU loading (Yellow) Parts Packet

Lexmark 56P1496

ITU loading (Cyan) Parts Packet

Lexmark 56P1497

ITU loading (Magenta) Parts Packet

Lexmark 56P1498

ITU loading (Black) Parts Packet

Lexmark 56P1499

Cable, IEEE 1394, 180mm, 7 inch

Lexmark 56P1500

RIP Fan duct

Lexmark 56P1501

Cable, HVPS Control - Developer

Lexmark 56P1502

Cable, HVPS Control - Transfer

Lexmark 56P1503

Cable Assembly Options - Bottom/Pa ...

Lexmark 56P1504

Active restraint pad

Lexmark 56P1505

Printhead Assembly IPH9

Lexmark 56P1506

Cable, Fuser And yellow Cartridge ...

Lexmark 56P1507

Cable, C, M Cartridge Motor

Lexmark 56P1508

Cable, ITU And K Cartridge Motor

Lexmark 56P1509

Fuser Fan Assy With Cable

Lexmark 56P1510

Rear Cover

Lexmark 56P1511

Front Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P1513

ITU light Shield Assy (autoconnect)

Lexmark 56P1514

LVPS, 115V/230V Switchable

Lexmark 56P1515


Lexmark 56P1516


Lexmark 56P1517

System Board ( Motherboard ) outer ...

Lexmark 56P1518

System Board ( Motherboard ) Shiel ...

Lexmark 56P1522

MPF Door Assy

Lexmark 56P1523

MPF autocompensator pick Assy

Lexmark 56P1524

Paper out Sensor MPF

Lexmark 56P1525

Sensor Mount Bracket

Lexmark 56P1526

Pick Assy 500-Tray

Lexmark 56P1527

Registration Motor Assy With Cable

Lexmark 56P1531

Lower Right Door Assy

Lexmark 56P1532

Lower Right Door latch

Lexmark 56P1533

Lower Left Door latch

Lexmark 56P1534

Roll Assembly MACHINE Transfer

Lexmark 56P1536

Motor Assembly Lift/BOR

Lexmark 56P1537


Lexmark 56P1538

RIP Fan Assy (80 mm) With Cable

Lexmark 56P1539

Cable, Options - Stacker With outp ...

Lexmark 56P1540

Printhead interlock Cable Assy

Lexmark 56P1541


Lexmark 56P1542

Cable, pick Motor extension And Pa ...

Lexmark 56P1543

INA blank Flat Shield, use when Op ...

Lexmark 56P1544


Lexmark 56P1545

Cable, Ground

Lexmark 56P1547

Cable clip

Lexmark 56P1548

Cable, Laser - Black/magenta

Lexmark 56P1549

Cable, Laser - cyan/yellow

Lexmark 56P1550

Cable, oiler Motor Driver

Lexmark 56P1551

VTB Fan, 60 mm

Lexmark 56P1552

Motor Fuser Drive

Lexmark 56P1553

Fuser Drive Assy

Lexmark 56P1554

Media size sensing Card Assembly 2 ...

Lexmark 56P1555

Upgrade Kit WEB OILER 115V

Lexmark 56P1556

Upgrade Kit WEB OILER 230V

Lexmark 56P1557

Upgrade Kit WEB OILER 100V

Lexmark 56P1558

Web oiler Driver Board Assy

Lexmark 56P1560

Drive Assembly ITU