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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 47

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 56P1561

Cartridge contact Assembly Complet ...

Lexmark 56P1563

Card Assy - Fuser Drive

Lexmark 56P1564

System Board ( Motherboard ) Shiel ...

Lexmark 56P1565

Black Terrminal contact Assy

Lexmark 56P1566

Magenta Terrminal contact Assy

Lexmark 56P1567

Cyan Terrminal contact Assy

Lexmark 56P1568

Yellow Terrminal contact Assy

Lexmark 56P1569

Envelope Drawer, Complete Assy C752

Lexmark 56P1570

Deflector folLower Assy

Lexmark 56P1571

Plate, 500 Support Assy

Lexmark 56P1572

ITU coupler retract lever

Lexmark 56P1575

2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder, C ...

Lexmark 56P1602


Lexmark 56P1603


Lexmark 56P1604

Cable, Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P1607

Roller, cleaning

Lexmark 56P1611

Cover, cleaning Roller

Lexmark 56P1612

Cover Assembly Top

Lexmark 56P1613

Cover, Right

Lexmark 56P1614

Cover, Left

Lexmark 56P1615

Cover, inner Front

Lexmark 56P1616

Cover, Front

Lexmark 56P1617

Board, I/O

Lexmark 56P1618

Cover, I/O Board

Lexmark 56P1619

Motor Assembly Main

Lexmark 56P1620

Clutch, Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1621

Clutch, Registration

Lexmark 56P1622

Clutch, Fuser

Lexmark 56P1623

Clutch, Transfer Roller

Lexmark 56P1624

Clutch, cleaning Roller

Lexmark 56P1625

Gear Assembly Main Drive

Lexmark 56P1626

Waste Toner Feeder

Lexmark 56P1627

Motor, Developer

Lexmark 56P1628

Drive Assembly Developer

Lexmark 56P1629

Assembly waste Toner holder

Lexmark 56P1631

Sensor, Toner

Lexmark 56P1632

Laser unit Assy (Printhead

Lexmark 56P1633

Right Tray guide

Lexmark 56P1637

Auger, waste Toner

Lexmark 56P1638

Agitator, waste Toner

Lexmark 56P1639

Board, Engine Controller

Lexmark 56P1640

Power Supply, High Voltage

Lexmark 56P1641

Power Supply, 110 V Low Voltage

Lexmark 56P1642

Power Supply, 220 V Low Voltage

Lexmark 56P1643

Bracket, 110 V Power Supply

Lexmark 56P1644

Fan, Power Supply (Includes Top Co ...

Lexmark 56P1648

Sensor, Toner present

Lexmark 56P1650

Bracket, 220 V Power Supply

Lexmark 56P1651

Transfer unit

Lexmark 56P1654

Paper guide (C) Assy (Includes Reg ...

Lexmark 56P1655

Roller, Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1656

Pad, separator

Lexmark 56P1657

Lamp, erase

Lexmark 56P1659

Rear Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P1660

Transfer Roller Assy

Lexmark 56P1663

Duplex Unit, Complete Assy C510

Lexmark 56P1664

530-Sheet Drawer, Complete Assy C510

Lexmark 56P1665

530-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy C510

Lexmark 56P1666

Cover, Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P1667

Shield, INA

Lexmark 56P1668

Operator Panel

Lexmark 56P1669

250-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy C510

Lexmark 56P1670

250-Sheet Legal Tray, Complete Ass ...

Lexmark 56P1671

Fan Assembly Laser unit

Lexmark 56P1672

Paper Exit Actuator

Lexmark 56P1673

ImageQuick Card, C510

Lexmark 56P1674

Bar Code Card, C510

Lexmark 56P1675

PrintCryption Card C510

Lexmark 56P1676

Assembly Paper ramp And Stop

Lexmark 56P1677

Assembly Paper Exit

Lexmark 56P1678

Assembly Bracket (Includes marker ...

Lexmark 56P1679

Assembly Registration

Lexmark 56P1680

Left Tray guide Assy

Lexmark 56P1681

Assembly interlock Switch

Lexmark 56P1682

Paper guide Assy

Lexmark 56P1683

Assembly Toner retract

Lexmark 56P1684

Assembly marker Sensor (OPC) (Incl ...

Lexmark 56P1685

Support strap

Lexmark 56P1686

Card Board C510 Base RIP

Lexmark 56P1687

Card Board

Lexmark 56P1688

Laser unit lens Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P1731


Lexmark 56P1732

ADF Input Tray

Lexmark 56P1733

Lamp, Flatbed

Lexmark 56P1734

Cooling Fan

Lexmark 56P1741

MarkNet N2100t Token Ring Internal ...

Lexmark 56P1742

Card Assy MARKNET N2101E Ethernet

Lexmark 56P1744

MarkNet N2103fx-SC Fibre optic (10 ...

Lexmark 56P1747

System Card Assembly Stapler Option

Lexmark 56P1759

Kit, Operator Panel overlay

Lexmark 56P1760

Card Assembly INA LOWES 33.6

Lexmark 56P1771

Board System

Lexmark 56P1772

Board System

Lexmark 56P1773

Carrier Complete w/Cable Assembly

Lexmark 56P1775

Module ADF Assembly

Lexmark 56P1776

Scanner OP Panel /ASM

Lexmark 56P1777

Scanner OP Panel /ASM

Lexmark 56P1789

Scanner OP Panel Assembly

Lexmark 56P1790

Scanner OP Panel Assembly

Lexmark 56P1800

Flatbed Module

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 56P1801

Lamp, Flatbed

Lexmark 56P1802

ADF And Document Cover Assy

Lexmark 56P1803

Paper Tray

Lexmark 56P1804

Paper Tray Extension

Lexmark 56P1806

Kit Assembly Operator Panel Conversion

Lexmark 56P1812

Print Assembly Laser/mirror E232

Lexmark 56P1813

Controller Card E232

Lexmark 56P1814

Card Controller E330

Lexmark 56P1815


Lexmark 56P1816

Cover Assembly Front access (no logo

Lexmark 56P1817

Operator Panel Assembly Operator P ...

Lexmark 56P1818

Card Assembly LVPS/HVPS 110 V

Lexmark 56P1819

Card Assembly LVPS/HVPS 220 V

Lexmark 56P1821

Right Side Cover

Lexmark 56P1822

Legal Extender Cover

Lexmark 56P1823

Transfer Roll BRG, GR, HOLDR

Lexmark 56P1824

Sensor, input #1

Lexmark 56P1825

Sensor, input #2 (manual

Lexmark 56P1827

Sensor, Cover open

Lexmark 56P1829

Print Assembly Laser/mirror E330/E ...

Lexmark 56P1830

Print Assembly Laser/mirror E230

Lexmark 56P1831

Controller Card E230

Lexmark 56P1832

Cover, logo plate E332n

Lexmark 56P1833

Cover, logo plate E230

Lexmark 56P1834

250-Sheet Tray (1), White, Complet ...

Lexmark 56P1836

Cover, Front - E220 (white

Lexmark 56P1837

Cover, Front - E220

Lexmark 56P1850

Bar Code Card T63x

Lexmark 56P1851

PrintCryption Card T63x

Lexmark 56P1852

System Board/NON-Network T634

Lexmark 56P1853


Lexmark 56P1854

Printhead Assy (Includes all Cable ...

Lexmark 56P1855

T634 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110V

Lexmark 56P1856

T634 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 56P1857

T634 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 56P1858

Gearbox, w/Motor, 400/410

Lexmark 56P1859


Lexmark 56P1860

Fuser Assembly 220V w/LAMP

Lexmark 56P1861

Fuser Assembly 100V w/LAMP

Lexmark 56P1862

Cover, clear Bezel, 400/410

Lexmark 56P1863

Card Assembly PRESCRIBE

Lexmark 56P1864


Lexmark 56P1900

Card Assembly Scanner

Lexmark 56P1901

Drive Assembly Main

Lexmark 56P1902

Printhead, Complete

Lexmark 56P1903

Cable, Printhead

Lexmark 56P1904

Card Assembly LVPS/HVPS - 110 V

Lexmark 56P1905

Card Assembly LVPS/HVPS - 220 V

Lexmark 56P1906

Cable, System to Power Supply

Lexmark 56P1907

Card Assembly System

Lexmark 56P1908

Cover Assembly middle

Lexmark 56P1909

Extender, output bin

Lexmark 56P1910

Cover Assembly Cartridge access

Lexmark 56P1911

Tray Assembly Paper

Lexmark 56P1912

Cover, Left, w/Speaker

Lexmark 56P1913

Cover, Right

Lexmark 56P1914

Cover Assembly Rear

Lexmark 56P1915

Fan, Cooling

Lexmark 56P1916

Cable, Main Drive Motor

Lexmark 56P1948

Contact, High Voltage

Lexmark 56P1949

Cover, HV contact

Lexmark 56P1950

Latch, Paper Tray

Lexmark 56P1951

Actuator, Cover open

Lexmark 56P1952

Latch, Right Cartridge

Lexmark 56P1953

Spring, Cartridge latch

Lexmark 56P1954

Latch, Left Cartridge

Lexmark 56P1955

Actuator, Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1956

Actuator, Paper empty

Lexmark 56P1957

Actuator, manual Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1958

Contact, Transfer Roller

Lexmark 56P1959

Roller, Main Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1960

Bearing, Feed Roller

Lexmark 56P1961

Roller, Paper Tray Feed

Lexmark 56P1962

Roller Assembly Paper Tray pick

Lexmark 56P1963

LED, pre-Transfer

Lexmark 56P1964

Lens, pre-Transfer LED

Lexmark 56P1965

Bearing, Left Transfer Roller

Lexmark 56P1966

Spring, Transfer Roll bearing

Lexmark 56P1967

Bearing, Right Transfer Roller

Lexmark 56P1968

Roller, Registration

Lexmark 56P1969

Bearing, Registration Roller

Lexmark 56P1970

Spring, Registration Roller

Lexmark 56P1971

Solenoid, Paper Tray pick Roller

Lexmark 56P1972

Solenoid, Main Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1973

Gear Assembly pick Roller

Lexmark 56P1975

Clutch Assembly Main Paper Feed

Lexmark 56P1976

Coupling, shaft

Lexmark 56P1977

Gear, Registration Roller

Lexmark 56P1978

Gear, Roller idler

Lexmark 56P1979

Fuser, Complete, 110 V X215

Lexmark 56P1980

Fuser, Complete, 220 V X215

Lexmark 56P1983

Scanner, Complete

Lexmark 56P1984

Cable, Modem Card to System

Lexmark 56P1985

Cable, Main Drive Ground

Lexmark 56P1986

Card Assembly Modem (West Europe

Lexmark 56P1987

Card Assembly Modem (S. Africa

Lexmark 56P1988

Card Assembly Modem (Asia

Lexmark 56P1989

Card Assembly Modem (Australia

Lexmark 56P1990

Fuser, Complete, 240 V

Lexmark 56P2028

Card Assembly LVPS/HVPS - 240 V