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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 55

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 95F6885

Roller, ASF Pick-up Left And Right

Lexmark 95F6886

Roller, ASF Upper Feed

Lexmark 95F6887

Roller, ASF Lower Feed

Lexmark 95F6888


Lexmark 95F6889


Lexmark 95F6896

Roller, ASF Upper Feed

Lexmark 95F6897

Roller, ASF Lower Feed

Lexmark 95F6898

SIDE Frame (L), ASF

Lexmark 95F6899


Lexmark 95F6901

Support, Stacking

Lexmark 95F6902

Front Cover (2380 & 2390), ASF

Lexmark 95F6903

Front Cover, Wide

Lexmark 95F6941


Lexmark 95F6942


Lexmark 95F6945

Logic Card 2390-XX1 LV VO.89

Lexmark 95F6946


Lexmark 9718-PN1

UNISYS Version 1855 Laser Printer

Lexmark 99A0001

Operator Panel Assy

Lexmark 99A0003

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 99A0004

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 99A0007

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 99A0008

HINGE UP Front Cover

Lexmark 99A0009

Cover, Left Side

Lexmark 99A0010

Cover, Left Side

Lexmark 99A0011

Cover, Right Side 1250/1620/1650/2 ...

Lexmark 99A0012

Cover, Right Side 2450/2455/3455

Lexmark 99A0013

Cover, Laser Assy

Lexmark 99A0016

Cover, Fuser Wick Assy

Lexmark 99A0017

Door, Left Panel 1650/1855/2420

Lexmark 99A0018

Door, Left Panel 2450/2455/3455

Lexmark 99A0019

Door, Left Panel 1250/1255/1620/1625

Lexmark 99A0020

Cover Assembly Lower Front 2450/24 ...

Lexmark 99A0021

O-Ring, Lower Front Door

Lexmark 99A0022

Cap, MPT 2450/2455/3455

Lexmark 99A0023

Cover Assembly Lower Front 1250/12 ...

Lexmark 99A0024


Lexmark 99A0026

Tray Bias Arm Assy

Lexmark 99A0028

Spring, Tray bias

Lexmark 99A0029

Left Side Frame

Lexmark 99A0030

Fan, Main

Lexmark 99A0031

Bracket, Cover Open Switch

Lexmark 99A0033

Duct, Left Stacker 2450/2455/3455

Lexmark 99A0034

Duct, Left Stacker 1250/1620/1650/ ...

Lexmark 99A0035


Lexmark 99A0036

Spring, Cover Open Switch

Lexmark 99A0037

Frame Extension 2450/2455/3455

Lexmark 99A0038

Pan, Center Assy

Lexmark 99A0039

Roller, Developer Support

Lexmark 99A0042

Frame, EP Module

Lexmark 99A0043

TRack, Cartridge Guide RH

Lexmark 99A0044

TRack, Cartridge Guide LH

Lexmark 99A0045

GUIDE Assy Cartridge

Lexmark 99A0046

Cover, Gap 1620/1625/1650/1855/242 ...

Lexmark 99A0047


Lexmark 99A0048

SIMM Optra S 85.28 SIMM

Lexmark 99A0049

Fan, Auxiliary

Lexmark 99A0050


Lexmark 99A0051


Lexmark 99A0053

Sensor, Input

Lexmark 99A0055

Deflector, Inner

Lexmark 99A0056

Deflector, Upper PF

Lexmark 99A0058

Pad, Mounting

Lexmark 99A0060

Sensor, Paper Out Internal Tray

Lexmark 99A0062

Bracket, level sensor

Lexmark 99A0063

Switch Activate Spring

Lexmark 99A0065

Printhead Assembly 1620/1625/1650/ ...

Lexmark 99A0066

Printhead Assembly 2420/2450/2455

Lexmark 99A0067

ARM Assembly PICK, Integrated25

Lexmark 99A0068


Lexmark 99A0070

Roll Assembly PICK

Lexmark 99A0071

Multipurpose Feeder Arm Assy

Lexmark 99A0076

Pick Roll Assy

Lexmark 99A0077

Deflector Assembly MPT 1620/1650/1 ...

Lexmark 99A0078

Sensor, MPF Paper out

Lexmark 99A0079

Tray Assembly backup Roller

Lexmark 99A0080

Deflector, Lower

Lexmark 99A0081

Spring Assembly separator

Lexmark 99A0082

Plate Assembly MPT

Lexmark 99A0083

Multipurpose Tray Parts Kit

Lexmark 99A0084

Flag, MPT Paper out

Lexmark 99A0085

Tray, backup Roller

Lexmark 99A0086

Roller, backup

Lexmark 99A0087

Spring, backup Roller

Lexmark 99A0088

Cover, backup Tray

Lexmark 99A0089

Alignment Assembly Paper Feed

Lexmark 99A0091

Deflector Assembly Inner 250 1620/ ...

Lexmark 99A0104

Upper Diverter Spring

Lexmark 99A0107

Deflector, upper reDrive

Lexmark 99A0109

Deflector Assy Outer 500 2450/2455

Lexmark 99A0110

Deflector Assy Outer 250 1620/1650 ...

Lexmark 99A0111

Right side Frame

Lexmark 99A0112

Mounting Frame Assembly

Lexmark 99A0113

Pan, Drip ITC

Lexmark 99A0114

Duct, LVPS Left Side

Lexmark 99A0115

Tray Assembly 250-Sheet

Lexmark 99A0116

Tray Assembly Drive Roller

Lexmark 99A0117

Tray Assembly 250 Sheet Option

Lexmark 99A0118

Tray Assembly 250 Sheet Option

Lexmark 99A0120

Restraint Pad

Lexmark 99A0121

250-Sheet Tray wear plate

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 99A0122

Shaft Assembly Drive Roller

Lexmark 99A0123

Indicator Assembly Paper Size

Lexmark 99A0124

Plate, snap-in

Lexmark 99A0125

Frame Assembly Right side

Lexmark 99A0126

Finger, autosize

Lexmark 99A0127

Slider, autosize 250-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 99A0128

Board, input Tray (ITC

Lexmark 99A0129

Gearbox, w/Motor

Lexmark 99A0130

Gearbox, w/Motor 1620/1650/1250/12 ...

Lexmark 99A0131


Lexmark 99A0132

Drive Assembly GearBOX, w/Motor

Lexmark 99A0133

Drive Assembly GearBOX, w/Motor

Lexmark 99A0134

Shaft, Power takeoff 250

Lexmark 99A0135

Developer Drive Assy

Lexmark 99A0136

Shaft, Developer Drive

Lexmark 99A0137

Frame Assembly Left side

Lexmark 99A0138

Sensor, Standard Bin Level

Lexmark 99A0139

Controller Board Assy 2450

Lexmark 99A0140

Lamp, 115V 750W CC Red 2420/2450/2 ...

Lexmark 99A0141

Lamp, 115V 500W CC White 1250/1255 ...

Lexmark 99A0142

Retainer, Hot Roll Bearing

Lexmark 99A0143

Bearing, Hot Roller

Lexmark 99A0144

Retainer, Backup Roll Bearing

Lexmark 99A0145

Clip, Fuse Mounting

Lexmark 99A0146

Wiper Assembly Dry

Lexmark 99A0147

Roll Assembly Exit

Lexmark 99A0148

Gear, Idler

Lexmark 99A0149

Hot Roll Assy 2420/2450/2455

Lexmark 99A0150

Bushing, Hot Roller

Lexmark 99A0153


Lexmark 99A0156


Lexmark 99A0157

Gear, Hot Roller

Lexmark 99A0158

Backup Roll, CBM 28 mm

Lexmark 99A0159

Spacer, Backup Roller

Lexmark 99A0160

Backup Roll, CBM 22 mm

Lexmark 99A0161

Bellcrank, Backup Roll 2420/2450/2455

Lexmark 99A0162

Bellcrank, Backup Roll 1620/1650/1 ...

Lexmark 99A0163

Bellcrank, Backup Roll 1250/1255

Lexmark 99A0164

Guide, Fuser Entry 1620/1650/2420/ ...

Lexmark 99A0166

Guide Assembly Lower Exit w/Narrow ...

Lexmark 99A0167

Roller, ReDrive Idler

Lexmark 99A0169

Sensor, Narrow Media

Lexmark 99A0170

Card Assembly Fuser, w/THUMPER, LV

Lexmark 99A0171

Card Assembly Fuser, w/THUMPER, LV

Lexmark 99A0172

Flag, Exit Sensor

Lexmark 99A0173

Solenoid Assembly Envelope Conditioner

Lexmark 99A0175

Lamp, 220V 750W CC Orange 2420/245 ...

Lexmark 99A0176

Lamp, 220V 500W CC Black 1250/1255 ...

Lexmark 99A0177

Lamp, 100V 500W CC Yellow 1250/125 ...

Lexmark 99A0178

Lamp, 100V 750W CC Purple 2420/245 ...

Lexmark 99A0179

Transfer Roll Assy

Lexmark 99A0181

Spring, Transfer Roll Left

Lexmark 99A0183

Controller Board Assy 1650/2420

Lexmark 99A0184

Spring, Transfer Roll Right

Lexmark 99A0185

Shaft, Transfer pivot

Lexmark 99A0186

Parts Kit, Erase Lamp/Lens

Lexmark 99A0187

Controller Board Assy 1250/1620

Lexmark 99A0188

Guide, Rear Paper With retainer ar ...

Lexmark 99A0189

Frame Extension 1650/2420/1855

Lexmark 99A0190


Lexmark 99A0191

Fuse, .8A SB

Lexmark 99A0192

Card Assembly 250/500 DUPLEX OPT

Lexmark 99A0195


Lexmark 99A0196

Clamp, DC Fuser Cable

Lexmark 99A0197

Shaft, Drive Rear

Lexmark 99A0198


Lexmark 99A0199


Lexmark 99A0200


Lexmark 99A0201


Lexmark 99A0202


Lexmark 99A0203


Lexmark 99A0204

Shield, Outer 2450/2455

Lexmark 99A0205

Fuse, 220 V ac

Lexmark 99A0206

Shield, Outer 2 Slot

Lexmark 99A0207

Shield, outer 1 Slot

Lexmark 99A0208

Pulleys Parts Packet

Lexmark 99A0209

Arm Assembly pivot

Lexmark 99A0210


Lexmark 99A0211


Lexmark 99A0212


Lexmark 99A0213

Engine Board Shield Assy

Lexmark 99A0214

LVPS, 110 V ac

Lexmark 99A0215

Fuse, 110 V ac LVPS

Lexmark 99A0216

Power Supply LVPS, 110V

Lexmark 99A0217

Belt, 160G

Lexmark 99A0218

LVPS, 110 V ac

Lexmark 99A0219

Frame Assembly Top With labels

Lexmark 99A0220

High Voltage Power Supply

Lexmark 99A0221


Lexmark 99A0222


Lexmark 99A0223

Card Assembly INTERCON

Lexmark 99A0224

Shield, Interconnect Board 2450/24 ...

Lexmark 99A0226

Guide, Paper Exit

Lexmark 99A0227

Clip, Two Finger EMC Ground

Lexmark 99A0229

Shield, Interconnect Board 1625/16 ...

Lexmark 99A0230

Shield, Interconnect Board 1250/1255

Lexmark 99A0235

Shield, Inner Assy 2450/2455/3455, ...

Lexmark 99A0236

Blank Cover, Controller Cage

Lexmark 99A0237

Gear, Idler Parts Packet

Lexmark 99A0238

Shield, Inner Assy 1650/2420/1855, ...