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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 59

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 99A1517

Frame Extension, Left 500 Internal

Lexmark 99A1518

Frame Extension, Right 500 Internal

Lexmark 99A1519

Extension, 500 Input

Lexmark 99A1520

Gear, Upper ReDrive

Lexmark 99A1521

Hot Roll, 010/212/41b/41e/41l/21n/ ...

Lexmark 99A1522

Pan, Center Assy

Lexmark 99A1523

Frame Assembly EP Module

Lexmark 99A1524

Cartridge load spring

Lexmark 99A1525

Deflector, upper PF

Lexmark 99A1526

Printhead Assembly 010/01n

Lexmark 99A1527

Printhead Assembly 212/21n/23v/23e

Lexmark 99A1528

Printhead Assembly 414

Lexmark 99A1529

Printhead 99A1873

Lexmark 99A1530

Pick Arm Assy (500) 212/414/616/21 ...

Lexmark 99A1531

Multipurpose Feeder Lower deflector

Lexmark 99A1533

ReDrive Assembly Inner 500

Lexmark 99A1534

Door Assembly ReDrive 500

Lexmark 99A1535

Right side Frame

Lexmark 99A1536

250-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy

Lexmark 99A1537

Knob, Paper size

Lexmark 99A1538

Contact, RSF Ground

Lexmark 99A1540

Nut plate, Frame extension

Lexmark 99A1541

Clip, External Ground

Lexmark 99A1542

Drive Assembly Gear BOX w/ Motor

Lexmark 99A1543

Gearbox, w/Motor 010/212/01n/21n/2 ...

Lexmark 99A1544

Developer Drive Assy

Lexmark 99A1546

Shield, Gear

Lexmark 99A1547

Lamp, 115V 875W CC Gold

Lexmark 99A1548

Lamp, 220V 875W CC Silver

Lexmark 99A1549

Hot Roller

Lexmark 99A1550

Guide Assembly Lower Exit

Lexmark 99A1551

Sensor, Exit

Lexmark 99A1553

Board Assy

Lexmark 99A1554

Fuser Cable, AC

Lexmark 99A1555

Bushing, charge Roller

Lexmark 99A1556


Lexmark 99A1557


Lexmark 99A1558


Lexmark 99A1559


Lexmark 99A1560

Card Assembly RIP, Network, 01N/7

Lexmark 99A1561


Lexmark 99A1562


Lexmark 99A1563


Lexmark 99A1564


Lexmark 99A1565


Lexmark 99A1566

Engine Board Shield Assy

Lexmark 99A1567

Power Supply LVPS, 110V

Lexmark 99A1569

Shaft, Power takeoff 500

Lexmark 99A1570

Shield, Inner Assembly 1 Slot 010/ ...

Lexmark 99A1571

Shield, Inner Assembly 2 Slot 212/ ...

Lexmark 99A1573

Cable, Fuser DC EP Autoconnect to ...

Lexmark 99A1574

Cable LVPS TO Fuser T612V

Lexmark 99A1575

Cable, Fuser AC EP Autoconnect to LVPS

Lexmark 99A1576

500-Sheet Tray, Complete Assy

Lexmark 99A1577

Switch, Cover Open withoutperator ...

Lexmark 99A1578

Arm, Transfer Roll Left

Lexmark 99A1579

Guide, Upper 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1580

Flag, output Paper level

Lexmark 99A1581

Interconnect Board Assy: 1 Slot Wi ...

Lexmark 99A1582

Slider, autosize 500-Sheet

Lexmark 99A1583

Plate, 500-Sheet Tray wear

Lexmark 99A1584

Fuser Assy LV - OBSOLETE USE 99A1977

Lexmark 99A1585

Fuser Assy w/220V 875W Lamp 414/61 ...

Lexmark 99A1586

ReDrive Assembly Inner 250 010/01n ...

Lexmark 99A1587

Support, Paper

Lexmark 99A1588

Transfer plate Assy

Lexmark 99A1589

Optra T Belt Gear RELEASE LINK

Lexmark 99A1591

Guide, Fuser Entry

Lexmark 99A1592

Shroud, Fan 500

Lexmark 99A1593

Cable, Smart Cartridge

Lexmark 99A1594

Retainer, Cable

Lexmark 99A1595

Cover, Smart Cartridge Contact

Lexmark 99A1596

Contact, LSF Ground

Lexmark 99A1597

Clamp, Fuser Cable AC/DC

Lexmark 99A1598

Shield, Fuser Board

Lexmark 99A1599

Tray, Fuser AC Connector

Lexmark 99A1600

Bellcrank, Backup Roller

Lexmark 99A1601

Latch, back restraint

Lexmark 99A1602

Back Restraint, 500-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 99A1603

Cover Assembly Fuser For WAX WIPER

Lexmark 99A1604

ReDrive Assembly 212

Lexmark 99A1605

Kit, cap/stack bails 500-Sheet

Lexmark 99A1607

Interconnect Board Assy 010/01n: - ...

Lexmark 99A1608

Deflector Assembly MPT

Lexmark 99A1609

Arm, Paper out 250-Sheet

Lexmark 99A1610

Shield, Serial Blank

Lexmark 99A1611

Shield, Ethernet (blank

Lexmark 99A1612

Cable, deflector

Lexmark 99A1613

Flag, output Paper level

Lexmark 99A1616

Flag, Paper Out 500 Tray

Lexmark 99A1617

Interconnect Board Assy 212/414/61 ...

Lexmark 99A1621

Bearing, BUR

Lexmark 99A1631

Exit Roll Assy

Lexmark 99A1632

Cable, Auto Connect Bottom

Lexmark 99A1634

Top Cover Assembly Fixed 250 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1636

Base, 500-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 99A1638

Base, 250-Sheet Option

Lexmark 99A1639

Lamp, 115V 550W CC Green

Lexmark 99A1640

HVPS, 220 V ac

Lexmark 99A1641


Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 99A1642

Lamp, 220V 550W CC Brown

Lexmark 99A1643

Shroud, Fan

Lexmark 99A1644

Door Assembly ReDrive 250-Sheet

Lexmark 99A1645

Arm, Paper out 500-Sheet Tray

Lexmark 99A1646

Arm Assembly pivot

Lexmark 99A1647

Rib Assembly 250-Sheet special med ...

Lexmark 99A1648

Fuser Cable, DC

Lexmark 99A1651

Sensor, Narrow Media

Lexmark 99A1654

250-Sheet (UAT) Tray

Lexmark 99A1658

Cover, Fuser wiper cavity

Lexmark 99A1659

Bellcrank, Backup Roller

Lexmark 99A1660


Lexmark 99A1661

Fuser Assy w220V 550W Lamp 010/212 ...

Lexmark 99A1662

Support, Left Lower Stacker

Lexmark 99A1663

Support, Right Stacker Plate 0ln/0 ...

Lexmark 99A1664

Bellcrank, Roller release

Lexmark 99A1665

Deflector, Base 500

Lexmark 99A1667

Bracket, 500-Sheet Tray retention

Lexmark 99A1668

Base Assembly w/Tray BIAS, 250 D

Lexmark 99A1669

Card Assembly 250/500 DUPLEX OPT

Lexmark 99A1672


Lexmark 99A1673

Cable, D.C. Motor Tach

Lexmark 99A1674

Cover, System Board

Lexmark 99A1675

Guide Assembly Paper

Lexmark 99A1676

Sensor, Input Optical 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1677

Base Assembly w/Tray Bias 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1679

Top Cover Assembly Fixed 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1680

Guide, Return RH Lower 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1682

Guide, LH Lower Return 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1683

Optra Forms 2 MB Flash DIMM

Lexmark 99A1684

Optra Forms 4 MB Flash DIMM

Lexmark 99A1685

Optra Forms 8 MB Flash DIMM

Lexmark 99A1686

Optra Forms 16 MB Flash DIMM

Lexmark 99A1687

Stop Assembly Paper Tray

Lexmark 99A1688

Diverter arm

Lexmark 99A1689

Spring Clutch Assy

Lexmark 99A1690

Belt, 95G Lower Stacker Assy

Lexmark 99A1691

Guide, Lower Entry 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1692

Shaft Assembly Drive 3 Roll 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1693

Main Frame Assy 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1694

Guide, edge

Lexmark 99A1695

Shaft Assembly Drive 2 Roll 500 Duplex

Lexmark 99A1696

Cover, Top

Lexmark 99A1697

Cover, Right side

Lexmark 99A1698

Cover, Left side

Lexmark 99A1699

Guard, pass thru sensor

Lexmark 99A1700


Lexmark 99A1701

Tray Assembly output

Lexmark 99A1702

Stud Assembly 500 Frame

Lexmark 99A1703


Lexmark 99A1704

Gear, idler

Lexmark 99A1705

Gear, idler

Lexmark 99A1706

Tray Assembly Drive Roller

Lexmark 99A1707

Tray Assembly Drive Roller

Lexmark 99A1708

Right side Cover

Lexmark 99A1709

Cover, Left side

Lexmark 99A1710

Cover, wire

Lexmark 99A1711

Cover, Top bin

Lexmark 99A1712

Tray, Paper cap

Lexmark 99A1713

Support, Paper Tray

Lexmark 99A1714

Door, Rear access

Lexmark 99A1715

Roller Assembly Rear access Door

Lexmark 99A1716

Drive Assembly Main DC Drive

Lexmark 99A1717

Gear, Drive

Lexmark 99A1718

Cable Assembly Lower Auto connect

Lexmark 99A1719

Cable Assembly upper Auto connect

Lexmark 99A1720

Bracket, attach

Lexmark 99A1721

Deflector, Paper Top bin

Lexmark 99A1722

Deflector, Paper

Lexmark 99A1723

Shaft Assembly Drive

Lexmark 99A1724

Shaft Assembly Drive With Gear

Lexmark 99A1725

Packet, Drive shaft bushing

Lexmark 99A1726

Frame Assembly Left w/Clutch Assy

Lexmark 99A1727

Frame Assembly Right side

Lexmark 99A1728

Cam, diverter actuator

Lexmark 99A1729

Latch, diverter actuator

Lexmark 99A1730

Arbor, diverter actuator

Lexmark 99A1731

Spring, diverter actuator

Lexmark 99A1732

Solenoid, diverter

Lexmark 99A1734

Spring, static Ground

Lexmark 99A1735

Flag, bin full

Lexmark 99A1736

Cable, Dual sensor

Lexmark 99A1737

Sensor, Dual Paper height

Lexmark 99A1738

Deflector, Paper Exit w/brush

Lexmark 99A1739

Bracket Assembly bail attach w/brush

Lexmark 99A1740

Board Assembly 5-bin mailbox System

Lexmark 99A1741

Spring, diverter

Lexmark 99A1742

Sensor, 5-bin mailbox pass thru

Lexmark 99A1743

Kit, 5-bin mailbox Assy

Lexmark 99A1744

Kit, Multi-bin Stacker

Lexmark 99A1745

Cover, Left

Lexmark 99A1746

Cover, Right

Lexmark 99A1747

Cover, Front

Lexmark 99A1748

Door Assembly Rear Access

Lexmark 99A1749

Board Assembly High-capacity outpu ...

Lexmark 99A1750

Wear plate, pass thru

Lexmark 99A1751

Switch Assembly Tray sensing

Lexmark 99A1752

W820 4 MB Memory

Lexmark 99A1753

Card Assembly 8MB RAM

Lexmark 99A1754