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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 61

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 99A2081

Parts packet, Developer Drive shaf ...

Lexmark 99A2082

Fuse, For 110 V ac LVPS 10 a

Lexmark 99A2083

Fuse, For 110 V ac LVPS 5 a

Lexmark 99A2084

Engine Board Shield Assy

Lexmark 99A2087

Smart Contact Assy

Lexmark 99A2088


Lexmark 99A2089


Lexmark 99A2090

Fuse, For 220 V ac HVPS 6.3 a

Lexmark 99A2091

Fuse, For 220 V ac HVPS 3.15 a

Lexmark 99A2092

Deflector Assembly MPT

Lexmark 99A2093

4520-XXX - T52X BACK RESTRAINT 500 ...

Lexmark 99A2094

Shield, Outer 2 Slot

Lexmark 99A2095

Shield, outer 1 Slot 001/002

Lexmark 99A2150

Kit, Upper Front Cover With Labels ...

Lexmark 99A2151

ReDrive Assembly 250 in/250 out

Lexmark 99A2152

Interconnect Board Assy 1 Slot 001/002

Lexmark 99A2155


Lexmark 99A2156

Shield INNER 1 Slot

Lexmark 99A2157

Pick Arm Assy (250) 001/002

Lexmark 99A2158

Card Assembly RIP

Lexmark 99A2159


Lexmark 99A2160

4520-XXX - T52X BACK RESTRAINT 250 ...

Lexmark 99A2200


Lexmark 99A2400

Fuser Assembly 100V 520

Lexmark 99A2401

Fuser Assy w/220V 875W Lamp 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2402

Fuser Assy w/115V 875W Lamp 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2403

Fuser Assembly 100V

Lexmark 99A2404

Fuser Assy w220V 875W Lamp 722/72n

Lexmark 99A2405

Fuser Assy w115V 875W Lamp 722/72n

Lexmark 99A2406

T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 99A2407

T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 99A2408

T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 115V

Lexmark 99A2409

T622 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V

Lexmark 99A2410

T622 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 99A2411

T622 Fuser Maintenance Kit 115V

Lexmark 99A2413

UPPER Front Cover

Lexmark 99A2414

Switch, Cover Open withoutperator ...

Lexmark 99A2415

Kit, Upper Front Cover With Labels ...

Lexmark 99A2416

Kit, Upper Front Cover With Labels ...

Lexmark 99A2417

Left Side Frame Assy

Lexmark 99A2418

Frame, EP Module

Lexmark 99A2419

Block, Cartridge

Lexmark 99A2420

T520, T522 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110V

Lexmark 99A2421

T520, T522 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V

Lexmark 99A2422

Fuser Assy w/220V 630W Lamp

Lexmark 99A2423

Fuser Assy w/115V 630W Lamp

Lexmark 99A2424

LAMP 875W 100V

Lexmark 99A2425

Interconnect Board Assy: - 2 Slot ...

Lexmark 99A2426

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2427

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2428

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2429

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2430

Card Assembly NAND Flash

Lexmark 99A2431

Shield, Inner Assembly 2 Slot, 2 - ...

Lexmark 99A2432

Shield, Parallel

Lexmark 99A2433

Hinge Assembly Upper Front Cover

Lexmark 99A2436

Arm Assembly MPT

Lexmark 99A2438

Solenoid, MPT

Lexmark 99A2439

Deflector Assembly MPT

Lexmark 99A2440

Sensor, MPF Paper out

Lexmark 99A2441

Fan, Main

Lexmark 99A2442


Lexmark 99A2443

Sensor, Standard Bin Level

Lexmark 99A2444

Pick Arm Assy (500

Lexmark 99A2445

Guard, Gear

Lexmark 99A2446

Gearbox, w/Motor 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2447

Gearbox, w/Motor 722/72n

Lexmark 99A2448

Printhead Assy 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2449

Printhead Assy 722/72n

Lexmark 99A2450


Lexmark 99A2451

High Voltage Power Supply

Lexmark 99A2452

Low Voltage Power Supply, 110 V ac ...

Lexmark 99A2453

Low Voltage Power Supply, 110 V ac ...

Lexmark 99A2454

HVPS, 220 V ac 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2455

Power Supply HV

Lexmark 99A2456

Cable, Integrated Tray

Lexmark 99A2457

Cable, Front Harness

Lexmark 99A2458

Cable, Hysnc

Lexmark 99A2459

Cable, Main Drive Motor

Lexmark 99A2460

Cable, Auto Connect Top

Lexmark 99A2461

Cable, Laser

Lexmark 99A2463

Cable, Auto Connect Bottom

Lexmark 99A2464

Cable, Fuser DC EP Autoconnect to ...

Lexmark 99A2465

Solenoid Assembly Envelope Conditioner

Lexmark 99A2466

Cable, Fuser DC, Fuser Internal

Lexmark 99A2467

Guide Assembly Lower Exit

Lexmark 99A2468


Lexmark 99A2469

Exit Roll Assy

Lexmark 99A2470

Backup Roll, 22 mm, 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2471

Smart Cartridge Contact Assy

Lexmark 99A2472

Detack Assy

Lexmark 99A2474

Spacer, Cartridge Block

Lexmark 99A2477

Cable, Mirror Motor

Lexmark 99A2478

Sensor, Narrow Media

Lexmark 99A2479

Sensor, Exit

Lexmark 99A2480

T63x StapleSmart wheels Maintenanc ...

Lexmark 99A2482

Cover, Right Side 520/52n

Lexmark 99A2484

Fan, Cartridge 722/72n

Lexmark 99A2485

400-Sheet (UAT) Tray

Lexmark 99A2486


Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 99A2487


Lexmark 99A2488

Hard Disk, With Control Board 5.0+ GB

Lexmark 99A2489

Hard Disk, Optra Forms 5.0+GB or l ...

Lexmark 99A2495

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2496

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2498


Lexmark 99A2499

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2500

Cover, Left Base Assy

Lexmark 99A2501

Cover, Right Base Assy

Lexmark 99A2502

Switch, Stapler access Door Assy

Lexmark 99A2503

Cover, Stapler access

Lexmark 99A2504

Cable BIN LEVEL, Left

Lexmark 99A2505

Cover, Top Assy

Lexmark 99A2506

Top Cover bail/plate, Right side

Lexmark 99A2512

Door, Rear access

Lexmark 99A2513

Motor Assembly Drive

Lexmark 99A2515

Shaft Assembly upper Drive

Lexmark 99A2516

Deflector, upper

Lexmark 99A2517

Shaft Assembly upper Exit

Lexmark 99A2518

Shaft Assembly Lower Exit

Lexmark 99A2519

Cover Assembly ACCUMULATOR

Lexmark 99A2520

Tray, output Assy

Lexmark 99A2521

Sensor, Stapler bin empty

Lexmark 99A2522

Gear BOX Assy Drive

Lexmark 99A2523

Spring, output Tray

Lexmark 99A2524

Cable Stapler

Lexmark 99A2525

Sensor, Stapler pass thru

Lexmark 99A2526

Stapler Assembly Complete UNIT

Lexmark 99A2527

Frame Assembly Left

Lexmark 99A2528

Frame Assembly Right

Lexmark 99A2529

Guide, inner bias

Lexmark 99A2530

Cable Assembly Right Stapler bin level

Lexmark 99A2531

Switch Assembly Top Cover open

Lexmark 99A2533

Bar, upper output Tray

Lexmark 99A2534

Ground Cable, Stapler Tray bar

Lexmark 99A2537

Card Assembly Stapler Option

Lexmark 99A2538

Belt, FHT 86T

Lexmark 99A2539

Flange, pulley

Lexmark 99A2540

ReDrive bearing

Lexmark 99A2541

Sensor Cover, Stapler bin empty

Lexmark 99A2542

Tray, output

Lexmark 99A2543

Cover, Optical sensor

Lexmark 99A2544

Card Assembly Right Stapler bin level

Lexmark 99A2545

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 99A2546

No Stock, Archived Part Number

Lexmark 99A2547

Pulley, Belt idler

Lexmark 99A2548

Bumper, output Tray

Lexmark 99A2549

Card Assembly Left Stapler bin level

Lexmark 99A2551

Clutch Assembly Stapler Option

Lexmark 99A2552

Bushing, tensioner CBM

Lexmark 99A2554


Lexmark 99A2556

Bracket, attach

Lexmark 99A2557

Clip, static Ground

Lexmark 99A2559

Paper alignment wheel

Lexmark 99A2560

Gear BOX Assy GAMMA Drive

Lexmark 99A2571


Lexmark 99A2572


Lexmark 99A2573

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2574

Card Assembly System Board

Lexmark 99A2575

Stapler Cartridge Holder 321-C

Lexmark 99A2576


Lexmark 99A9505

Rail Right Slide

Lexmark 99F0782


Lexmark 99P1757


Lexmark 9A0008


Lexmark 9A0020

Cover Assembly Lower Front

Lexmark 9A0023

Cover Assembly Lower Front

Lexmark 9A0027


Lexmark 9A0029

Frame Left SIDE

Lexmark 9A0040


Lexmark 9A0042

Frame EP Module

Lexmark 9A0052

SHAFT Assembly Stacker, Lower EXI

Lexmark 9A0067


Lexmark 9A0089

PaperFeed ALIGNMENT Assembly

Lexmark 9A0090


Lexmark 9A0115

Tray Assembly 250 Sheet Option

Lexmark 9A0149

HotRoll 30 MM

Lexmark 9A0171

Card Assembly Fuser, w/THUMPER, LV

Lexmark 9A0176

LAMP Fuser 220V 500W

Lexmark 9A0179

Roll Assembly Transfer

Lexmark 9A0186


Lexmark 9A0231

BAIL Support

Lexmark 9A0284


Lexmark 9A0287


Lexmark 9A0293

Base Dual 500

Lexmark 9A0295


Lexmark 9A0298

Base Assembly Bottom 500 Option

Lexmark 9A0303

Cover Assembly Top FIXED

Lexmark 9A0321

Motor Assembly DUPLEX

Lexmark 9A0345


Lexmark 9A0376

Card Assembly INTERCON

Lexmark 9A0382

Motor Assembly DC Envelope

Lexmark 9A0396


Lexmark 9A0428


Lexmark 9A0445

STUD Assembly 250 Frame

Lexmark 9A0480


Lexmark 9A0542


Lexmark 9A0544

Cover Assembly Optra S 1250 UPPR

Lexmark 9A0562

Roll HotRoll Assembly

Lexmark 9A0563

Roll HotRoll Assembly