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Lexmark Computer Parts - Page 7

Part # Description Price

Lexmark 11G0300

W Gear 21 x 39

Lexmark 11G0301

Idler Gear 38

Lexmark 11G0302

Roller Spring

Lexmark 11G0303

Metal Bushing

Lexmark 11G0304

Paper Feed Unit

Lexmark 11G0305

MPS, Power Supply (P611-MPS) (115 Volt

Lexmark 11G0306

Interlock Rod Lever Bracket

Lexmark 11G0307

Interlock Rod Lever

Lexmark 11G0308

Insulation Sheet, MPS

Lexmark 11G0309

Sealed Plate, MPS

Lexmark 11G0310

Paper Size Board (P611-PSZ

Lexmark 11G0311

Paper Size Board Bracket

Lexmark 11G0312

Paper Size Sensor Plate

Lexmark 11G0313

High Voltage Unit 2 (P614-HVU2

Lexmark 11G0314

Hvt Bracket

Lexmark 11G0315

Plate Holder

Lexmark 11G0316

Plate, Feeder

Lexmark 11G0317

Hv Cable

Lexmark 11G0318

Power Switch

Lexmark 11G0319

Power Switch Cable

Lexmark 11G0320

Switch Holder

Lexmark 11G0321

Transfer Belt Power Connector Holder

Lexmark 11G0322

Fan, Power Supply

Lexmark 11G0323

Fan, Main

Lexmark 11G0324

Printer Controller Board (P614-PRCONT

Lexmark 11G0325

EEPROM, Printer Controller Board

Lexmark 11G0326

High Voltage Unit 1 (P614-HVU1

Lexmark 11G0327

HVU Bracket

Lexmark 11G0328

OPEL Cable

Lexmark 11G0329

HVU2 Harness (P614-HVU2

Lexmark 11G0330

IF Power Cable Assy

Lexmark 11G0331

Power Cable Assy

Lexmark 11G0332

VDOL Wire Harness (115 Volt

Lexmark 11G0334

Second Harness

Lexmark 11G0336

Edging Saddle

Lexmark 11G0338

Paper Size Harness Assy (614-PSZ

Lexmark 11G0339

HV Cable Assy

Lexmark 11G0342

Fuser Cover

Lexmark 11G0345

Fuser Guide

Lexmark 11G0348

614 Heater (115 Volt

Lexmark 11G0349

611 Thermostat Assy

Lexmark 11G0351


Lexmark 11G0352

Cord Retainer

Lexmark 11G0353

614 Thermistor Assy

Lexmark 11G0354

Paper Feed Guide

Lexmark 11G0355

Fuser Lower Cover

Lexmark 11G0356

Discharge Brush

Lexmark 11G0357

Arm, L

Lexmark 11G0358

Bushing, P

Lexmark 11G0359

Press Roller

Lexmark 11G0360

Arm, R

Lexmark 11G0365

Heat Roller

Lexmark 11G0366

Gear 30

Lexmark 11G0367

Fuser Frame

Lexmark 11G0368

Heater Plate, L

Lexmark 11G0369

Bushing Holder

Lexmark 11G0370

Compression Spring

Lexmark 11G0371

Gear Holder

Lexmark 11G0372

Heater Plate, R

Lexmark 11G0373

Idler Gear, 18

Lexmark 11G0374

Stay, Bracket

Lexmark 11G0375

Optra Color 1200 Fuser 115V

Lexmark 11G0376

Tray Plate With Cork

Lexmark 11G0377


Lexmark 11G0378

Side Location, R

Lexmark 11G0379

Click, R

Lexmark 11G0380

Lower Plate Push Lever, R

Lexmark 11G0381

Lever Lock

Lexmark 11G0382

Lock Spring

Lexmark 11G0383

Push Up Spring

Lexmark 11G0387

Rear Location Plate

Lexmark 11G0388

Side Lock

Lexmark 11G0389

Side Location, L

Lexmark 11G0390

Click, L

Lexmark 11G0391

Lower Plate Push Lever, L

Lexmark 11G0392


Lexmark 11G0393

Instruction Label

Lexmark 11G0396

Top Frame, 2

Lexmark 11G0397

Rear Cover, 2

Lexmark 11G0398

Side Cover, L 2

Lexmark 11G0399

Ground Plate

Lexmark 11G0400

Lock, 2

Lexmark 11G0401

Lock Shaft, 2

Lexmark 11G0402

Lock Link

Lexmark 11G0403

Lock Lever

Lexmark 11G0404

Lock Spring, 2

Lexmark 11G0405

Second Photo Interrupter Harness

Lexmark 11G0407

Sub Frame, L 2

Lexmark 11G0408

Front Stay, 2

Lexmark 11G0409

Front Cover, 2

Lexmark 11G0410

Sub Frame, R 2

Lexmark 11G0411

Mini Bushing, B

Lexmark 11G0412

Spring Hook

Lexmark 11G0413

Drive Frame Out, 2

Lexmark 11G0414

Paper Feed Motor (Pm42) Optional F ...

Lexmark 11G0415

Motor Harness

Lexmark 11G0416

Pcb Bracket

Lexmark 11G0417

Paper Feeder Driver Board (P614-2/ ...

Lexmark 11G0418

Side Cover, R 2

Lexmark 11G0419

Second Harness Assy

Part # Description Price Cart

Lexmark 11G0420

Locking Wire Saddle

Lexmark 11G0421

Drive Frame In, 2

Lexmark 11G0422

Gear, Idler

Lexmark 11G0423

Gear, S37xs24

Lexmark 11G0424

Gear, H97xs34

Lexmark 11G0425

Bottom Frame, 2

Lexmark 11G0426

Paper Feed Base, 2

Lexmark 11G0430

Idle Gear 27

Lexmark 11G0431

Carrying Roller, 2

Lexmark 11G0432

Paper Feed Guide, 2

Lexmark 11G0433

Roller Spring

Lexmark 11G0434

Roller Guide, 2

Lexmark 11G0435

Solenoid Spring

Lexmark 11G0501

Bracket Ground Plate

Lexmark 11G0502

Head Spring R

Lexmark 11G0503

Head/Cable (M) 115 V

Lexmark 11G0504

Head/Cable (M) 115 V

Lexmark 11G0505

Paper Face Up/Face Down Sensor Cable

Lexmark 11G0506

Head/Cable (C) 115 V

Lexmark 11G0507

Clutch Lever, Spring

Lexmark 11G0508

Paper Delivery Flap Plate Shaft

Lexmark 11G0509

Head/Cable (C) 115 V

Lexmark 11G0510

Head/Cable (Y) 115 V

Lexmark 11G0512

Head/Cable (K) 115 V

Lexmark 11G0513

Paper Face Up/Face Down Sensor Lever

Lexmark 11G0514

Press Roller Guide

Lexmark 11G0515

Paper Exit Feeder Base 1

Lexmark 11G0516

Torsion Spring

Lexmark 11G0517

Locking Saddle

Lexmark 11G0518

Paper Exit Feeder Base 2

Lexmark 11G0519

Torsion Bearing R

Lexmark 11G0520

Torsion Bearing L

Lexmark 11G0521

Paper Exit Feeder Rod

Lexmark 11G0522

Torsion Bearing Nut

Lexmark 11G0523

Paper Exit Feeder Spring

Lexmark 11G0524

Bracket Rh MPF Tray

Lexmark 11G0525

Bracket Lh MPF Tray

Lexmark 11G0526

Controller Card Mounting Plate

Lexmark 11G0527

Paper Exit Feeder Lever

Lexmark 11G0528

Sensor Cable, Remove Paper

Lexmark 11G0529

Rh Cable

Lexmark 11G0530

Humidity Sensor Housing

Lexmark 11G0531

Interface Card Connector Mounting ...

Lexmark 11G0532

Option Junction Cable

Lexmark 11G0534

Thermistor Cable

Lexmark 11G0535

Face Up/Face Down Solenoid Bracket

Lexmark 11G0536

Face Up/Face Down Solenoid Actuator

Lexmark 11G0537

Face Up/Face Down Solenoid Spring

Lexmark 11G0538

Face Up/Face Down Solenoid

Lexmark 11G0539

Stay, Sub Frame L

Lexmark 11G0541

MPS, Power Supply (P611-MPS-E) (230V

Lexmark 11G0542

Optra Color 1200 Fuser 230V

Lexmark 11G0543

Sub Frame Assembly Rm

Lexmark 11G0544

Sub Frame Assembly Rc

Lexmark 11G0545

Sub Frame Assembly Ry

Lexmark 11G0546

Sub Cover, L R

Lexmark 11G0547

Rear Cover L, (230V

Lexmark 11G0548

Drum Sensor, Color, (A) Assy (614-dss

Lexmark 11G0549

614 Heater (230V

Lexmark 11G0550

Drum Sensor, Black, (A) Assy (614-dss

Lexmark 11G0551

611 Fuse Assy

Lexmark 11G0552

Sub Cover, R

Lexmark 11G0553

MPF Sensor Lever

Lexmark 11G0554

Sub Frame Assembly Lc

Lexmark 11G0555

LED Printhead Controller Board (P6 ...

Lexmark 11G0556

Bracket, Sensor MPT

Lexmark 11G0557

Sub Frame Assembly Ly

Lexmark 11G0558

Photo Interrupter, Paper Detect Sensor

Lexmark 11G0560

Sub Frame Assembly Lk

Lexmark 11G0561

Clutch Lever, Paper Delivery Flap

Lexmark 11G0563

Photo Interrupter

Lexmark 11G0564

Bearing Holder

Lexmark 11G0567

Rating Plate, Low, (115 Volts

Lexmark 11G0568

Rating Plate, High, (230Vs

Lexmark 11G0570

Heat Resist Cable Tie

Lexmark 11G0571

Sensor, Humidity

Lexmark 11G0573

Interface Connector Bracket

Lexmark 11G0575

OHP Sheet Detect Sensor, Also orde ...

Lexmark 11G0576

OHP Sheet Detect Sensor, Also orde ...

Lexmark 11G0581

Drum/Drive Gear Sensor

Lexmark 11G0601

Optra Color 1200 Fuser Maintenance ...

Lexmark 11G0602

Optra Color 1200 Fuser Maintenance ...

Lexmark 11G0605

Riser Card

Lexmark 11G0606


Lexmark 11G0607

16MB Solid State Drive

Lexmark 11G0608


Lexmark 11G0609


Lexmark 11G0610

Cable, Hard Disk

Lexmark 11G0611

Bracket, Riser Card

Lexmark 11G0612

Tray, Controller Card

Lexmark 11G0631

Rear Paper Exit Tray Assy

Lexmark 11G0632

Machine Return Packaging Material

Lexmark 11G0650

Top Cover (230 V

Lexmark 11G0652

Head Cable (M) 230 V

Lexmark 11G0653

Head Cable (C) 230 V

Lexmark 11G0654

Head Cable (C) 230 V

Lexmark 11G0655

Head Cable (Y) 230 V

Lexmark 11G0656

Head Cable (K) 230 V

Lexmark 11G0657

KRCFFC Cable, 115 V

Lexmark 11G0658

KRCFFC Cable, 230 V