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Part # Description Price Cart

Compaq 001250-001

2MB 80ns 32-Bit Single Socket Memory

Compaq 001256-003

1MB Memory Module DeskPro 386s

Compaq 001286-001

2MB 32-Bit Memory Module DeskPro 386/33 386/33L 4

Compaq 001361-001

8MB 80NS Single Socket Memory Module DeskPro 386

Compaq 001364-001

8MB 80NS Dual Socket Memory Module DeskPro 386/33

Compaq 002563-001

Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 002798-001

4MB 80ns Memory Module For Contura 4/25 4/25c 4/2

Compaq 002834-001

Memory Module16MB (70NS

Compaq 002885-001

Memory Module16MB (80NS

Compaq 003005-002

8MB Memory Module For LTE Elite 3.3v

Compaq 003005-003

Memory Module; 4MB (70NS

Compaq 003005-004

8MB 70ns Memory Module For Lte Elite Notebook

Compaq 003296-002

Memory Module4MB 16-BIT

Compaq 003670-001

Memory; Cache 128KB

Compaq 003676-002

Memory Module8MB

Compaq 003678-001

8MB Memory Module For Contura 400 410c 410cx 420

Compaq 004712-011

Processor / Memory Board

Compaq 004712-012

Processor / Memory Board

Compaq 004712-016

Processor Board ( For Processor And Memory

Compaq 004824-001

Memory; Video 1MB

Compaq 004905-001

Memory Board For ProLiant 5000 P300

Compaq 004905-002

ProLiant 5000 Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 004994-001

Memory Module R400

Compaq 005529-001

Memory Expansion Board For ProLiant 6500 P400

Compaq 005592-001

PCB Memory Board

Compaq 006434-001

Memory Expansion Board P300/P400

Compaq 007349-001

PCA Memory Board

Compaq 007382-001

PROSIGNIA 200 System Board ( Motherboard ) ( For Processor And Memory

Compaq 007400-002

Cache 64MB w/ Battery Backup Memory Board Module (for Array

Compaq 007656-001

Video 2MB Memory Module Board For Presario 4000 Series

Compaq 007717-001

PCA Memory-JAV

Compaq 008281-001

Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 009865-002

128MB SDRAM DIMM w/Battery

Compaq 010039-001

Memory Board With Subpan ProLiant DL590/64

Compaq 010369-001

8 RIMM PCA Memory Board For PWS SP750

Compaq 010417-003

Processor Board, Processor Memory Host Board

Compaq 010420-001

DL580 16GB Memory Board

Compaq 010527-001

Smart Array 2CHNL 32MB Upgrade DIMM

Compaq 010566-001

CRIMM Memory(2 PC Kit) For RAMBUS

Compaq 010763-001

DL760R PC Board Processor And Memory Module Without Processor

Compaq 010900-001

ProLiant ML530 G2 Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 011569-001

Memory Expansion Board DL740

Compaq 011665-001

64MB Cache Memory M400

Compaq 011666-001

64MB Cache Memory M400

Compaq 011677-001

64MB U3 BBWC Memory Board w/Battery

Compaq 011773-001

128MB Memory Module For 6400 Array Controller

Compaq 101856-B21

64MB Compact Flash Memory Card For Aero 8000 H/PC

Compaq 102290-001


Compaq 102306-B21

DP EN/EP 256MB 100MHz SDRAM Memory

Compaq 103709-001


Compaq 103989-B21

128MB 45NS RIMM Memory

Compaq 103996-B21

512MB ECC RDRAM 800MHz Memory Module

Compaq 104703-001

20MB Compact Flash Memory Card For Aero 1500, 800

Compaq 104703-004

32MB FLASH Memory Card

Compaq 107375-001

16-Bit Memory/Modem Interface Board For Portable 3

Compaq 107684-001

32-Bit Memory/Modem Interface Board For Portable

Compaq 107685-001

4MB Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 107707-001

32-Bit Memory/Modem Interface Board For Portable

Compaq 108070-001

4MB Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 109861-001

24 MB RAM/ROM Memory Module For Aero 2100 PDA (en

Compaq 11-23-0512

512MB Memory For HP (A3737A)

Compaq 110958-022

256MB SDRAM CL2 100MHz Memory

Compaq 110958-132

256MB Memory

Compaq 110959-031

512MB SDRAM Memory

Compaq 110959-042

Memory - 512 MB - 100 MHz - CL2 - ECC

Compaq 110959-142

512MB PC 100 SD RAM Memory

Compaq 112518-001

1MB 32-bit Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 112519-001

Memory Module1MB

Compaq 112520-001

Memory Module; 4MB

Compaq 112522-001

1MB 16BIT Memory Expansion Board

Compaq 112534-001

Memory Module; 4MB

Compaq 113646-001

Memory Module1MB

Compaq 113911-001

Memory Module; 1MB (70NS

Compaq 113923-001

Memory Module2MB 80NS

Compaq 114202-001

Board; Advanced Graphics Memory (1024)

Compaq 114226-001

64MB 60NS EDO DIMM Memory

Compaq 114226-002

64MB 50NS EDO DIMM Memory M100

Compaq 115144-001

Memory Module; 2MB 32-BIT Single SOCKET (80NS

Compaq 115187-001

2MB 32-Bit Memory Module DeskPro 386/33 386/33L 4

Compaq 115945-142

1GB DIMM Memory ( 100MHz ECC REG SDRAM ) PL DL590

Compaq 116561-001

Memory 8MB SystemPRO MEM 8MB SystemPRO

Compaq 116567-001

Memory Module; 8MB Dual SOCKET (80NS

Compaq 116568-001

32MB Memory

Compaq 116569-001

32-bit 6 Socket Memory Expansion Board For DeskPr

Compaq 116799-001

Memory Board For SYSPRO

Compaq 116800-001

8MB 80NS Single Socket Memory Module DeskPro 386

Compaq 116802-001

32 MEG Dual SOCKET Memory Module

Compaq 116803-001

32-bit 6 Socket Memory Expansion Board For DeskPr

Compaq 116890-001

Memory Module DIMM asy PN

Compaq 118356-001

2MB Memory For SLT

Compaq 118665-002

4MB 80NS SIMM Memory Module DeskPro/I XE DeskPro

Compaq 118667-004

2MB 70NS Simm Memory Module DeskPro/M XE XL Presa

Compaq 118688-001

Memory Module; 1MB (70NS

Compaq 118690-001

4MB Memory

Compaq 118738-001

System Board ( Motherboard ) 286 Without Memory

Compaq 118741-001

4 MB Memory

Compaq 119945-042


Compaq 120144-002

256MB DIMM Memory 100MHz (32Mx72) ECC

Compaq 120247-B21

16MB Memory Module 120247-B21

Compaq 120549-001

Memory Board For DPRO 450L