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Network Adapter

Part # Description Price Cart

Dell 310-7860

AC Adapter 90W D620 D820

Dell 310-7866

LAT 65W AC Adapter & Cord

Dell 310-8814

AUTO-AC Adapter D Series

Dell 3102862

A/C Adapter, Latitude D500/D600/D800

Dell 312-0367

AC Adapter 60W

Dell 31L5289

16/4 Token Ring Management Adapter

Dell 31REP

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC/Sound, Dimension 4100

Dell 3209C


Dell 32500

A/C Adapter, Ext., 18V, 47W, PA1470

Dell 3264C


Dell 3317D

A/C Adapter, Latitude LT

Dell 33EXM

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, NIC, Sound, OptiPlex GX110

Dell 342-0115

Card, Adapter, 39160, PCI/S, U160

Dell 3473B

Card, Network, Dual 10/100, NIC

Dell 34KJH

Card, 16/4, Token Ring, PCI, Adapter

Dell 36WRF

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, NIC/Sound, OptiPlex GX115

Dell 36XMT

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC, No Sound, OptiPlex GX110

Dell 3710T

Card, NIC, 10/100TX Ethernet, PCI

Dell 384WJ

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC, OptiPlex GX110

Dell 38737

Card, NIC

Dell 3874P

Card SI Card Adapter ENET PCI ATEC

Dell 38HRF

System Board ( Motherboard ) 815, NIC/Sound, OptiPlex GX150

Dell 3909T

System Board ( Motherboard ) No NIC, OptiPlex

Dell 39291

Adapter SI CP060 Kit Adapter Auto DC 50W

Dell 3957D


Dell 3970U

Cable, Power, Adapter, SER-Fan, P63

Dell 3983P

Adapter Kit CUS Adapter AC EXT 70W CP SAF 3WI

Dell 3C509

Card, NIC, 3COM 16-BIT

Dell 3C905CX-TXM

Card, NIC, Network

Dell 3C980-TX

Card, NIC, Fast Etherlink, PCI, 10/100, PowerEdge 2300

Dell 3CN3AC1556

Card, NIC, 10/100, 56K Modem, Combo

Dell 3CN3ACX556

Card, NIC, 10/100, 56K Modem, Combo

Dell 3D417

Cable, Adapter, RJ11, HDS, PCH, IRE

Dell 3F546

System Board ( Motherboard ) AGP, NIC, ICH2B4, Dimension 8100

Dell 3J182

System Board ( Motherboard ) AGP, NIC, 2GHz & Faster CPU's ONLY, Dimension 8100

Dell 3J806

Targus Universal Auto/Air Power Adapter PA357U

Dell 3K360

A/C Adapter

Dell 3K689

A/C Adapter, Ext, 20v, 70W, 3W, BA6 V1

Dell 3M082

Card Card CTL Adapter 2200 PCI-FC EMC

Dell 3M083

Card Card CTL Adapter 1GB OPT EMB EMC

Dell 3M537

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC, AUD, GX260

Dell 3M984

Assy Assy DS W FD Adapter BLDE

Dell 3P911

QLogic, QLA1080, Ultra2, SCSI, Host Adapter Card 33MHz PCI

Dell 3X209

Card, NIC, Pro-100, Internal

Dell 3Y694

Card, NIC, PCI, 4X10/100MB

Dell 40182

A/C Adapter, Inspiron 7000

Dell 4023C

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, NIC, OptiPlex GX1

Dell 41160

Card, NIC, Latitude C400

Dell 4128E

Card CP102 Kit Adapter 3COM Modem

Dell 4150V


Dell 4164D

Card, Adapter, PCI, 155MBS

Dell 4177R

QLA2200F, 64BiT, PCI/FC Fibre Adapter

Dell 41WVK

Kit, Adapter, PWR, LIND, DE1930-230

Dell 4214N

A/C Adapter, 1701/2 1900FP

Dell 42282

PWA, Card, Adapter, Ext., FD, 902137

Dell 4278D

Token Ring, PCI, NIC, Olicom, OC-3140

Dell 4360

A/C Adapter

Dell 43XUC

System Board ( Motherboard ) No NIC, OptiPlex GX100

Dell 44JDG

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC, Voltage Regulator Module (VRM), GX1/GX1P

Dell 450-10484

PA-12 AC Adapter

Dell 45134

ADV 3270 Coax Adapter, Attachmate

Dell 4574E

A/C Adapter, (No Power Cord

Dell 4582T

Modem, 56K, Int., DSL, V90, Card, Adapter

Dell 45FHT

Kit, Modem, Card, NIC, MPCI, 3COM

Dell 4629P

Card, Adapter, Ethernet, PRO/100, Intel, PILA8472

Dell 47281

PCA, Adapter, S, withoutut Floppy Control

Dell 48D-9-600

A/C Adapter, 90W

Dell 4983D

A/C Adapter, Ext., 20V, 70W, 3 Wire, CP Series

Dell 49NHJ

A/C Adapter, 20V, 3.5A

Dell 49XMK

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, NIC005, 4, MiniTower, OptiPlex GX1

Dell 4C274

Card, Adapter, 100MBPS, Fibre SC, Fast Ethernet

Dell 4E839

Card (Circuit), Network, Adapter, PCI

Dell 4G889

Card, NIC/Modem Combo

Dell 4H665

System Board ( Motherboard ) ASTRO, NIC, 4RIMM, For 1.9G CPUs And faster (GX400

Dell 4M280

Assembly DS, w/FDD, Adapter

Dell 4P314

Card, Planar, NIC, 100N

Dell 4P766

Serial Port Adapter, FH

Dell 4W921

Adapter Adapter SFP O LW FC2-SWT 20K MDTA

Dell 504MM

Card, Network, NIC

Dell 5057D

Kit, Card, Adapter, PCI/S, UW, Adaptec AHA-2940U2W

Dell 51172

Card, Network, NIC

Dell 51472

Card, Network, NIC, Ethernet PCI Pro/100

Dell 5175R

Bracket, Adapter, Rack-Kit, PowerEdge 6300

Dell 5175U

Latitude LS Port Replicator w/ NIC, USB, Modem

Dell 51MGJ

System Board ( Motherboard ) 810, No NIC, GX100, OptiPlex

Dell 51XGM

System Board ( Motherboard ) NIC, Sound, OptiPlex GX110, 002TR

Dell 52-00057

A/C Adapter, 90W

Dell 5249U

Cable Adapter CPLR RJ-11 Modem AZT AUT

Dell 52TPH

Card Reader, Adapter, PCI, Lucent 848463055

Dell 532GD

Card, Adapter, 39160, PCI/S, U160

Dell 5376U

Card, Network Adapter, PCI, 3COM, HPNA

Dell 53NRN

Card, Adapter, SCSI, 29160, PCI, Adaptec, 1821900

Dell 5527U

System Board ( Motherboard ) SVC, NIC, OptiPlex GX100

Dell 5542D

A/C Adapter, Inspiron 3500

Dell 55522

A/C Adapter, Ext., 19V, 45W

Dell 56534

A/C Adapter

Dell 5662C

Card, NIC, TR, PCI, IBM, 85H3410

Dell 57086

A/C Adapter

Dell 5773D

Card, Adapter, LGC, S, BT-958D, BusLogic, BT-958D

Dell 578TP

Adapter Kit Adapter COMM Modem FLTR GER