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Power Supply

Part # Description Price Cart

HP 506822-201

750W Power Supply ProLiant DL360 G6 ML370 G6

New - $199.95
Refurb - $149.95

HP 5069-5718

External Power Supply (EPS) Cable ASSEMB

HP 5069-5729

RDNT Power Supply (RPS) Cable ASSEM

HP 5081-2774

R-CLASS Power Supply External, Cable P1

HP 5081-2778

P5 Power Supply Cable External, R-CLASS

HP 5081-2779

R-CLASS Power Supply External, Cable P6

HP 508148-001

Power Supply 850-Watt

HP 508149-001

Power Supply 1110-Watt - Rated at 89% efficiency - With Built-In Self-Test (BIST) mode

HP 508151-001

Power Supply (240W)

HP 508152-001

Power Supply, 240W AC Non-Hot-Plug

HP 508153-001

Power Supply, 320W, STD, D5, MT (DPS-320JB A/503377-001)

HP 508154-001

Power Supply, 320W, Non-Hot-Plug

HP 508155-001

Power Supply, 300W, 85 EFF D5

HP 508544-B21


HP 508548-001

Z600 650W Non-Hot-Plug Power Supply

HP 509008-001

DL320 G6 400W Power Supply

HP 509009-001

400W 1U Power Supply Kit

HP 5092-0501

Power Supply 120-240VAC 5VDC 4.0

HP 509362-0100

Power Supply ATX 300W

HP 511777-001

Power Supply, 460W, RDNT, ProLiant DL360 (Gen 6

HP 511778-001

750W High Efficiency Power Supply

HP 511804-001

460W Power Supply, G6 G7

HP 512327-B21

750W High Efficiency Power Supply

HP 515739-B21

DL320 G6 400W Non-Hot-Plug Power Supply

HP 515862-001

DL160 G6 850W NHPLG Power Supply

HP 515915-B21

DL160 G6 500W Non-Hot-Plug Power Supply

HP 51650C

CYAN INK Cartridge For INK DesignJet 650C Power Supply DJ 250C (1N)

HP 5180-6059

Power Supply 4-in 4-POS Extender Cable

HP 5181-2HB1

185W, Power Supply HP VL420

HP 5182-5508

Power Supply

HP 5182-6799

Power Supply Cable Assembly 18 PIN (F) CONNECTOR MARKED BP

HP 5182-6800

Power Supply Cable Assembly 18 PIN (F) CONNECTOR MARKED BP

HP 5183-1809

Power Supply

HP 5183-2744

Power Supply 120W

HP 5183-3519

48V Power Supply

HP 5183-6914

Pavilion 8140 145WATT Power Supply

HP 5183-7640

Power Supply

HP 5183-9042

100-Watt Power Supply atx-100s

HP 5183-9078

ATX100-5 100-Watt Power Supply

HP 51836914

145W ATX Power Supply With P8 AND P9 ConnectorS

HP 5184-0068

Power Supply CONTROL Cable-LH3000/6000

HP 5184-2191

ATX Power Supply

HP 5184-21941

120W Pavilion Power Supply

HP 5184-3691

Power Supply

HP 5184-3961

Power Supply, 185W

HP 5185-2344

Power Supply to Power distribution Board Cable

HP 5185-2917

150-Watt Power Supply

HP 5185-2934

Power Supply

HP 5187-1061

Power Supply, 200W, 100/240AC Pavilion

HP 5187-1098

250-Watt Power Supply

HP 5187-1099

300W Power Supply

HP 5187-1100

250W Power Supply 5187-1100

HP 5187-1664

Power Supply

HP 5187-4874

230-Watt HP Power Supply

Refurb - $69.95

HP 5187-4875

Power Supply, 230W, Everest 3

HP 5187-4910

Power Supply 480W

HP 5187-5008

300-Watt Power Supply

HP 5187-5009

Power Supply, MERLOT 300-Watt PFC

HP 5187-5983

Power Supply, 470-WATT MODEL P8676X

HP 5187-6114

300-Watt Power Supply

HP 5187-6116

Power Supply, 300W, ATX

HP 5187-6134

Power Supply, 400W, PS2 Cabernet Regular

HP 5187-6137

400W Power Supply

HP 5187-7114

Power Supply, 470W

HP 5187-8274

Power Supply, 250W, PFC

HP 5188-0127

Power Supply, 400 W. Bestec ATX 24pins

HP 5188-0129

Power Supply - 300-Watt

HP 5188-0130

Power Supply, 300 W. ATX-300-Z 24pins

HP 5188-0131

300W ATX Power Supply 5188-0131

HP 5188-1098

Power Supply, 250W

HP 5188-1909

Motherboard GYPower SupplyM

HP 5188-2621

Power Supply, 250W, PS2, Circus

New - $179.95
Refurb - $119.95

HP 5188-2622

250-watt Power Supply

New - $99.95
Refurb - $49.95

HP 5188-2623

250W ATX Power Supply

HP 5188-2625

Power Supply - 300W (Merlot C) regulated

HP 5188-2627

300W, Power Supply

HP 5188-2682

Power Supply 460 WATTS

HP 5188-2755

Power Supply (Bryce) 108W

HP 5188-2836

Motherboard (System Board)- GyPower Supplym GL8E

HP 5188-2859

Delta Power supply (Sirah) 350-Watt, DPS-350AB-8

Refurb - $109.95

HP 5188-2860

350W ATX Power Supply 5188-2860

HP 5188-2862

Power Supply, 460 WT DPS-460DB-1A 24pins

HP 5188-2863

Power Supply, 460W, Bordeaux, PFC, 24pin

HP 5188-4388

Power Supply (Bryce) 108W

HP 5188-6249

Power Supply, 250W, Beaujolais

HP 5188-7520

Power Supply, 160W (Ahes

HP 5188-7601

Power Supply, 300W ACTIVPFC 80+ CHAR

HP 5188-7602

Power Supply, 180W, Arches

HP 5189-1695

Power Supply, 650W

HP 532092-B21

400W 1U Power Supply Kit

HP 532478-001

DL320 G6 400W NHPLG Power Supply

HP 535683-B21

FIO G6 750W Power Supply/Backplane

HP 535684-B21

DL360 G6 460W AC HPLG Power Supply

HP 535799-001

Z200 320W NHPLG Power Supply

HP 536317-001

PCI Fan housing Assembly - For 1110-Watt Power Supply configuration

HP 536403-001

Power Supply 400W Power

HP 536404-001

460W Power Supply, G6 G7

HP 5370C

II NO Power Supply

HP 54-23418-001

RAID Array 3000 Power Supply Board

HP 544660-002

BLc7000 2250W DC HPLG Power Supply