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Power Supply

Part # Description Price Cart

IBM 39U2854

InfoPrint 6700 printers Power Supply Assembly, PFC, Advanced E

IBM 39V0669


IBM 39Y5663

xSeries 550W Hot Swap Power Supply

IBM 39Y6953

Power Supply, 585W, RDNT

IBM 39Y6954

585W H/S Power Supply

IBM 39Y7167

Power Supply, 411W, xSeries 326M

IBM 39Y7168

Power Supply, 585W, xSeries 336

IBM 39Y7169

Power Supply, 585W, xSeries 336

New - $99.95
Refurb - $49.95

IBM 39Y7177

Power Supply 775W, xSeries

IBM 39Y7178

Power Supply, 514W, xSeries 226

IBM 39Y7179

Power Supply, 514W, xSeries 226

IBM 39Y7181

Power Supply Cage

IBM 39Y7183

Power Supply Cage

IBM 39Y7188

Power Supply, 670W, xSeries 3550

IBM 39Y7189

Power Supply, 670W, xSeries 3550

IBM 39Y7195

450W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7196

450W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7201

675W H/S Power Supply

New - $199.95
Refurb - $129.95

IBM 39Y7225

RDNT Power Supply, 675 W, AC, 39Y7224

IBM 39Y7227


IBM 39Y7251

Power Supply, PSM VRM 105A, 39Y7252

IBM 39Y7252

Power Supply, PSM VRM 105A

IBM 39Y7253

Power Supply For 1U rack VRM 1U 105 - 39Y7254

IBM 39Y7272

Power Supply, IntelliStation Z Pro

IBM 39Y7275

530W (models 4Cx, 4Dx, 4Fx, 82x, 83x, 84x, 85x) Power Supply

IBM 39Y7277

Power Supply, 530W, eServer, xSeries 226

IBM 39Y7278

Power Supply, 530W, xSeries 226

IBM 39Y7280

Power Supply, 430W, RDNT, xSeries 206M/3200

IBM 39Y7281

Power Supply, 430W, RDNT, xSeries 206M/3200

IBM 39Y7283

xSeries RDNT Power Supply Cage For X206M/X3200

IBM 39Y7288

Power Supply

IBM 39Y7295

x306m 350W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7296

IntelliStation M Pro (Type 9229) 400W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7297

Power Supply, 400W, xSeries 3200

IBM 39Y7321

xSeries Non-Redundant Power Supply 401W For X3200

IBM 39Y7329

Power Supply, 400W, xSeries 3200

New - $199.95
Refurb - $89.95

IBM 39Y7330

Power Supply, 400W, xSeries 3200

IBM 39Y7332

430W Hot Swap RDNT Power Supply

IBM 39Y7333

x346 625W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7334

Power Supply, 625W, xSeries Hot-Swap

IBM 39Y7337

Power Supply Backplane x346

IBM 39Y7338

xSeries AA23260-FLRS5 Power Supply Power Module Filler

IBM 39Y7339

Power Supply FILLER X346

IBM 39Y7340

1300W Hot-Swap Power Supply, x366

IBM 39Y7341

Power Supply, 1300W, xSeries 460

IBM 39Y7343

Power Supply, 670W, RDNT, xSeries 236

IBM 39Y7344C

x236 Power Supply SUB

IBM 39Y7344

Power Supply, 670W, RDNT, xSeries 236

IBM 39Y7348

Power Supply Filler (ALL

IBM 39Y7349

2900W Power Supply Only

IBM 39Y7351

Power Supply, 2000W, HS20 BladeCenter

IBM 39Y7352

Power Supply, 2000W, HS20 BladeCenter

IBM 39Y7358

Power Supply, Power Supply, 2000W

IBM 39Y7359

2000W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7360

2000W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7364

Power Supply, 2900W, HS20 BladeCenter

IBM 39Y7367

Power supply - hot-plug / RDNT ( plug-in module ) - AC 100/240 V For BladeCenter S (Type 7779, 8886)

IBM 39Y7377

835 W Power supply For x3650 - 39Y7378

IBM 39Y7378

Power Supply, Hot-Plug, RDNT

IBM 39Y7379

XServer 3755 Power Supply

IBM 39Y7380

x3755 1500W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7381

Auto-Sensing 1450W Power Supply For BladeCenter S 7779/8886

IBM 39Y7383

X3550 Power Supply

IBM 39Y7385

Power Supply, 1300W, xSeries 366

IBM 39Y7391

Hot-Swap power supply filler panel

IBM 39Y7393

X3500 M2 7839 POWER SUPPLY

IBM 39Y7407

x3755 1500W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7409

Power Supply Unit For Server 2880w With Fans

IBM 39Y8045

xSeries 625W HS Power Supply

IBM 39Y8046

670W Power Supply

IBM 39Y8356

Power Supply Interposer

IBM 39Y8393

ASM Chassis For IBM 6218 Without power supply

IBM 39Y8914

Power Supply - 7 OUTLET PDU

IBM 39Y9989

Power Supply And Filler And Fan

IBM 3P4832

Power Supply

IBM 3SA72-001

Power Supply, 250W

IBM 40071088240

2105 Power Supply 360V HOT SWAP

IBM 40071146880

Power Supply 500W EXP 300 400


9595 Power Supply & 3511(400W)

IBM 40101262

Cable Power Supply TO Riser Card

IBM 4012204

Power Supply MOD1 4245

IBM 4012267

Power Supply, 02

IBM 4012791

Power Supply PS03 4245

IBM 402850

MPLS Power Supply

IBM 4033012

LAN CONNECTOR 10 BASE T Without Power Supply

IBM 40H0876

Optional Power Supply Cable

IBM 40H1564

Power Supply

IBM 40H2112

7024 Power Supply

IBM 40H2115

Power Supply 300W

IBM 40H2638

Power Supply, 385W, 7012-390

Refurb - $499.95

IBM 40H3611

RAN Power Supply UMEC (5v/1a)(12v/.25a)(-12v/.25a)

IBM 40H5021

Power Supply, 380W, AA19710, RS6000

IBM 40H5023

7025 Power Supply

IBM 40H5426

7025-F30 Power Supply

IBM 40H5428

7025-F30 Power Supply

IBM 40H5668

7006 RS6000 Power Supply

IBM 40H6564

Power Supply For 8639

IBM 40H75-64

Power Supply

IBM 40H7561

240W Power Supply

IBM 40H7563

250W Power Supply, Server 325-8639